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un-dergrounded demons Episode 48


_______💫😱 The Revenge😱💫________

😈💀Chapter Forty-Eight

Brou-ght by Chris Val 💈✨


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

💥⚡💥⚡💥 Ruth POV 💥⚡💥⚡💥

We couldn’t believe how Peter was taken

We screamed without knowing where to go next

“Let’s go back, am getting scared alre-ady” I said because I couldn’t continue

That place seems to be dangerous

“We can’t go back now” our teacher said

“Why?” Mira asked
She was also scared

“Can’t you see that Peter actually went back, I mean that was where we have [email protected] alre-ady”

“So I think that going back will be more dangerous” she added
That seems to be true

“I don’t believe such” George said

“If this place is this dangerous, that means that the other places ahead will be more dangerous” George added
It was ma-king s-en-se

“Then we have to be working together” Mira suggested

“I can’t wait here any further” George said and took his bag

“Am going back” he added and began to walk back

We were shouting his name but he didn’t listen

We watched him walk far and nothing happened to him

“I think I should follow him” I said as I meant to take my own bag

“Oh no!!!!” That was the next thing I heard

I raised up my head to see trees eating up his b©dy

He was shouting for help but who could be

The next thing was the ground to open and swallow him up……

💥⚡💥⚡💥 Jack POV 💥⚡💥⚡💥

The following day, I have had made up my mind to try everything possible to get the solution because things were alre-ady getting out of hand

I dressed up for school and began to walk down to the school

I met with different students, greeting them unlike before

I got to the parking sp©t and st©pped

I looked at where Mira normally park her car

I remembered when Ajax first introduced me to her

I looked at where Ajax do park his bike

Everywhere was empty

“I miss you guys” I said as tears was alre-ady forming in my eyes

“I can’t loose you Mira” I said

“I must do anything possible to get you back safe” I heard
The sound of a car drew my attention

I turned towards the gate and saw Mr Noah driving in

I shifted from the way before he would intentionally hit me but I didn’t st©p looking at him

Instead of him to [email protected], he st©pped and looked at me throu-gh his window

There was no students closer to us

“You are really something else” he said smiling

“Others are still in their position but you are here looking at me”

“But don’t get it on your head because you only have power in spirit, and not in physical” he added

“Catch you later” he concluded and drove off

I exhaled without taking off my eyes on him

“Let’s see how it goes then” I said before heading to the hall


After the first lecture, I had to look for [email protected]

He said that he would help me to get on my request
Since Stella’s option wasn’t helpful, I had to look for another way

I met him at the same place where I met him the other time

“You are really lucky” he said when he saw me

“What?” I asked and sat beside him

“You have experienced this thing twice and still survive it” he added

“So, you are aware of the accident?” I asked looking at him with so much surprise
That means the news went really far

“Everyone did” he replied

“Why then did I woke up alone at the hospital?”

“Am sorry for that”

“No problem, how Are you doing?” I asked switching the t©pic

“Am good”

“Why didn’t you go with them, I thought you are among the best science students?” I asked

“I just don’t like scary stuff, that’s why” he replied while I nodded

“I have something to show you” I said bringing out my phone

“When I asked you about snake, even if you don’t like them, you should at least know something like this” I said showing him the picture of that same thing Stella suggested for me

“You asked on how to be friendly with it but this is just a deceit food for them” he replied

“Okay fine, have you seen any result?”

“Am actually working on it” he replied…….

💥⚡💥⚡💥Mira POV 💥⚡💥⚡💥

The misfortune was what we never thought that would happen

We ran away when George was taken

We were alre-ady left with eight with our science teacher

We got somewhere to sleep for the night and woke up the following day only to discover that one of us was gone

It was Gabriel

He was nowhere to be found

“Gabriel is gone” I said because others seems not to be aware of it

“How possible?” Andrew asked looking around

We couldn’t find him and we had to start shouting his name to know if he would answer

“Am not re-ady to die” Ruth cried

No one was re-ady to die

“But I think since Gabriel wasn’t yet confirmed dead, he could possibly be living” Anthony said

“Why don’t we go around in search of him?” Dan suggested

That was another risk
Can we do that

Just then, there was a drop of blood that landed on a paper that was in between us

Our eyes wi-de-ned when we saw it

We had to trace it back to the t©p where it [email protected]£ from

Unbelievable, it was Gabriel
Hanging there, alre-ady dead

“OMG” I shouted
I couldn’t believe how he was hung by the tree

He must have died instantly

“Am tired of this trip” I complained
I was really tired of it

“It will be better if we inform others, maybe they could come to our rescue because am alre-ady scared” I added

Our science teacher brou-ght out her phone
Likewise me

Unfortunately, there was no network

Everything and everywhere was blank…….

💥⚡💥⚡💥 Jack POV 💥⚡💥⚡💥

At night, exactly at 8pm

I walked out of my room after locking up my door

The worst [email protected] was that I was unable to contact Mira nor any of those that embark on the journey with them


I got to the teacher [email protected] and entered

As usual, I took out the usual book and the door automatically opened by itself

I walked in and met with three new bodies lying at same place where Kate and the rest was

Those students were among those that went on a trip with Mira

“They are alre-ady dead” I said with my hand on my mouth

I wondered who would be the next

I was just around the room when I heard those demons

Their voice shows that they were outside

It was a relief

“What is the plan now” I heard the ghost boy asking as he appeared

“I want to try another trick” I replied
I wasn’t fully prepared

[email protected] @ssured me that he will look into that
And he wouldn’t fail me this time around

“Can you tell me how they are doing over there because am alre-ady scared?”

“We only need to act fast” he said instead
I was really worried

I got to the main room

The big snake was in its position

I began to sing for it

I was singing and it was ma-king a little move

I didn’t know if it was enjoying it or not

“What are you doing?” The ghost boy asked

I signalled him to keep calm

I kept singing until it raised up his head

I didn’t get discouraged

I didn’t st©p singing

The next thing was for it to turn properly towards me

I closed my eyes, only to open it and see it right on t©p my head

It roared like a lion and meant to bite me for the second time

I dodged it and it mouth hits on the ground

I had to take to my hill

💥⚡💥⚡💥Mira POV 💥⚡💥⚡💥

The following day, we were alre-ady left with seven out of ten

I couldn’t believe it
How everything turned out to be another thing

We got to a sp©t

It was a big ocean
Three canoes was beside the river

We were alre-ady stocked up, so we had to keep moving

“Should we try crossing the river?” Ruth asked

“We have no other options because going back is not advisable” our science teacher responded
She was also dumbfounded

Only the principal knows the place

No one else

“Are you sure that the river will be safe?” I asked

“It looks like” Dennis replied

After some minutes, we decided to go with it

Our science teacher and Ruth was on one canoe
Andrew, Dan and Freda was in one canoe
While me, Dennis and Stella was in one

“Stella I hope you will make it alive for me?” Dennis asked on the way

“Because am sure that I will get out of here alive” he added

Just as I was about to say something,
One heavy thing hits our canoe from un-der and I fell into the river……

💥⚡💥⚡💥 Stella POV 💥⚡💥⚡💥

I was watching Mira as she managed to hold the canoe and meant to climb up but unfortunately, a shark with a great speed, dragged her back

It was planning to drag her far before it would kill her

“Oh no!!!!” Mira shouts as it keeps dragging her

I wanted to ignore her but I had a change of mind

There was no need to hate her

I un-derstand that love wasn’t by f0rç£

Maybe I wasn’t meant to be with Jack

“Mira am coming!!!” I shouted checking out the canoe
I remembered what my Dad told me on how to deal with it

There must be something in the canoe

“plea-se control this to her side” I said referring to Dennis
He nodded and began to do so but the shark was alre-ady far and I could see bloods coming up

That would be dangerous

I took their gun
It could work un-der water

I left the canoe and jumped into the ocean

I swim as fast as I could

I got to a sp©t and st©pped

I went down inside the river and pointed the gun at the shark

I didn’t hesitate to pu-ll it and it left Mira immediately
Struggling for its life

Mira managed to get closer to me

I helped her to our canoe and Dennis helped me to drag her up

Just as I was about to go in, another shark dragged me down immediately

I thought I was still lucky because I was still having the gun

I pu-ll-ed it but it was empty
I couldn’t believe that it was my end

I couldn’t hear Mira shouting my name as the shark teared me into pieces with her children


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