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un-dergrounded demons Episode 46


_______💫😱 The Revenge😱💫________

😈💀Chapter Forty-Six

Brou-ght by Chris Val 💈✨


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

💥⚡💥⚡💥 Jack POV 💥⚡💥⚡💥

Everyone’s life is alre-ady at risk

There was no way to st©p it than to make a great plan

The following morning, I woke up with a new plan which was to ask on how to be a friend with an animal or I would Google it

Anyone that would be helpful because there was no time left

It wasn’t my normal life but I had to comply

Mira [email protected]£ as usual and we headed to the hospital first

The doctor told us that he was still confused about the condition he was seeing

I didn’t expect anything more than that because it wasn’t ordinary
Not too far after the doctor’s view, the A gangs arrived in Aiden’s car


We returned to school
The lecture has alre-ady begun

We took permission and entered
It wasn’t normal for us to come late

So the lecturer had to let us in without hesitation

The A gangs also entered
But they respected themselves by taking properly permission because they didn’t have power like before

As the lecture was going, I used the time to check on the whole students in the hall

I was calculating from their look, how experienced they were

The first guy that I concluded that must have experience was [email protected]

He loves animals
He was the best in animal science

“He might be helpful” I concluded


After the lecture, I watched [email protected] closely

He doesn’t have friends like others but he do chat with anyone who cares

Just as the hall was a little bit clear,
I stood at the school window watching him

“Aren’t you going out?” I heard Mira’s voice asking
I turned to face her

“You supposed to know why” I said

“I un-derstand but I am very sure that he will survive” she replied
If only she knows that Ajax might not survive if I don’t act fast, she wouldn’t be saying that

And I wouldn’t try telling her either

“So how about the trip?” I asked
I needed to know how they were preparing because it would be in the the following day

“The science teacher said that she will give me a feedback” she replied

“That would be concerning on what we will come along with” I said

“Yes” she replied

“So when are we leaving?” I asked

At least I needed to know that as well
In order to create my plan very well

“Probably around 12pm” she replied

“With plane?”

“Yes, but we would be going to somewhere that looks more like a desert”

“I haven’t gotten the full details though” she added

“Mira!” Someone shouted at the door post
We turned to see a female student standing there

“Science teacher s£nt for you” she added while Mira nodded before she left

“I will be back” Mira said referring to me
She walked out while I turned to check on [email protected]

He was sitting in front of a hall with snacks

I rushed out


“Hi” I said stretching out my hand towards him

“Jack” he called smiling
He brou-ght his hand closer for handshake which I took

“Do you care if I join you?” I asked
He looked at his snacks which was almost finished

“Maybe I can get yours” he said

“I wasn’t talking about that” I said

“I just want to sit” I added while we laughed

“Sorry I misun-derstood it” he responded

“Sure, you can”

“How is Ajax doing?” He asked
I remembered that the whole school was alre-ady aware of what happened

That means that Ajax and Axel was no longer safe but I just had to wave it off for the main time

So that I could plan very well

“The doctor said that he is in coma, am just praying he survived” I replied

“I trust Ajax”

“He is a strong guy, so he would surely survive” he added

“I have something to ask about” I said, switching the conversation

“Oh, sure, go on” he responded

“I have observed a lot about you” I said while he smiled, paying full attention

“You like animals” I added

“That’s true but that has been me, you sounds as if you haven’t been aware of it since you [email protected]£ in” he said

“Not really”

“That’s by the way, so what do you want to ask me?” He asked

“I want to know how to be friendly with a snake, as in, is it possible?” I asked

“Snake!!?” He asked with his eyes wi-de open

“Yes” I replied

“Unfortunately, that’s the only animal I hated so much” he said

“I don’t know how to be friendly with it but I will have to check on that for you” he added

It wasn’t fruitful
When there was no time

An idea [email protected]£ into my mind

Stella might be helpful

Her father was a soldier
He might have some of this experience……..

💥⚡💥⚡💥Mira POV 💥⚡💥⚡💥

My little stay at Jack’s former house was too sweet

Jane who I longed to see was really friendly

I enjoyed my stay there


After when
Our science teacher s£nt for me

I had alre-ady knew that it must be about the trip which I couldn’t st©p thinking

I would say that everyone likes adventurous journey

Experience is really the best teacher

I got to her office and knocked

She ordered me in immediately

She wasn’t busy like the other day

“plea-se sit” she gestured me
I sat

“I hope you [email protected] the information I gave you?” She asked while I nodded

“The principal also want to see that group, he also wants to speak with you once he comes” she said

“I wanted to make it in a way that everyone will go but the principal said that he wants t©p ten best science students”

“Can you get it?” She asked

“Yes, I thought as much” I replied

“How will you do that?” She asked

“I will use the performance you called out the other day during the last semester” I replied
I know that it would definitely push Jack out of the line but I will still have to work on that

“That’s smart” she responded

“But there is a request” I said
I wanted to try my luck

“Which request?” She asked

“You know that Jack wasn’t in the school during the last semester” I said

“I un-derstand what you are trying to say” she said cutting me short

“He is good anyway” she added
Her ringing phone has to interrupt us

“A minute” she said picking up the call

She dropped it after some minutes

“The principal want to see you” she said……..

💥⚡💥⚡💥 Stella POV 💥⚡💥⚡💥

I was in the hall re-ading for the next lesson

I wouldn’t say that I was becoming serious but I had to use one thing to [email protected] time

Henry also suggested that
That it might push Jack to like me

“Stella” I heard someone calling
I turned and saw Jack sitting next to me

I doubted at first
I looked around but I couldn’t find Mira

“Jack” I called back

“Are you surprised?” He asked smiling

“Why won’t I be?” I returned the question

“It has been long time we spoke” he said
It sounds like he missed me

“Do you mind going to the school cafeteria with me?” He asked
I wasn’t really hungry but I had to accept that request

That love 😁

“Sure” I responded
I closed my book and we walked out

We got to the school cafeteria and ordered for our meals

“Hope you are doing good?” He asked as we waited for our orders

“Adapting” I replied

Very soon, our orders were served to us by a lady

We began to get it down

“If I can remember, your father is a soldier” he said
That was an indirect question

“Yes” I replied
I felt happy because he was alre-ady caring about my family
That shows that we were getting closer to the point I need

“That could mean that you will be more like a soldier” he said while I smiled

“Not really but my Dad is lovely” I said

“He thought me about their lives both in war front and lots of encounter” I added

“That’s really great” he said

“Do they have encounter with animals?” He asked

“Sure, during their training and trips” I replied

“What about snakes?” He asked

“That is just normal for them, he said that they saw it everyday” I replied

“How do they go with it or do they kill them?” He asked

“Not really, sometimes they will kill them while sometimes they will leave them but will have to use something to deceive them and they would go” I replied


“There’s a food they normally give to them” I replied

“Which food?”

“I have forgotten the name but I have the picture” I said unlocking my phone

“Here” I said showing him the picture in my phone

“He said that the snake like the food really well that you could take them to a far place by placing the food on the way” I added

“Oh but this isn’t food” he said

“I have seen it in a ShopRite before” he added

“Yes, they do sell it there”

“I see”

“You don’t have to cook it again” I said

“That’s amazing” he said

“This one you are showing interest, what happened?” I asked
I needed to hear him say that he was caring

“Hey Jack” I heard someone calling as she walked to our table

It was Mira

“I have been looking for you” she added
By then, she was alre-ady closer to us

“Hi Stella” she said waving at me
But I hissed and stood up

She has spoiled everything

Good that I was almost done with the food

I hissed and walked out…….

💥⚡💥⚡💥Mr Noah POV 💥⚡💥⚡💥

Jack was just becoming a thorn to my skin

Anytime I tried attacking Ajax and Axel’s spirit, I always come across his image

The worst [email protected] was that his spirit was stronger than his physical being

I had to look for a way to get him out of the way

After meeting with Mira, I told her that I would want to meet them in the [email protected]

I don’t normally address them tho but I had known about his plan
So I wanted to make it possible for him to get his mind off what he has known

I got to their [email protected] when the general lesson was going on

They greeted me and I permitted them to sit back

“Sorry to take your period” I said referring to the lecturer
She smiled, nodding

“Am only here to inform you guys about the trip which will be in two days time” I said

“Unfortunately, we can’t go with everyone because of some cir¢vmstances” I added

“We alre-ady make a little organizing which will be that only t©p ten best science in this set”

I looked at Jack for the first time since I walked into the hall

He was seriously looking at me with full concentration

I did a little incantation and invoked it to him but it hits him and threw back at me
But it wasn’t effective to me

“Hahaha” I heard a voice laughing and he appeared
It was Xander my son

Jack also turned to look at him

“Better st©p wasting your time because he is strong both in spirit and in physical” he said

I didn’t know why he chose to be against me when I was only trying to revenge for his death …….

💥⚡💥⚡💥 Henry POV 💥⚡💥⚡💥

I got to my [email protected] after the day lecture

Just as I finished freshening up, my phone began to ring

It was Mr Noah when I checked it

I would never thought of ignoring it like other calls that I do ignore

“I want to see you in my [email protected] now” he said
It was more like a command but I couldn’t get angry

I drove to his [email protected]
I horned and he opened his gate

I wondered why he hasn’t employed a gateman

I drove in and parked at a parking sp©t in his [email protected]

I got down and met him at the usual place with that his normal drink

He served me with it

“You sounds serious when you called” I said trying to start up a conversation with him

“Oh sure” he replied

“That’s because of Jack” he said

“What about him?” I asked

“I will like you to come up with a great plan on how to shift Jack out of my way” he replied

“Your way?” I asked


“I want him dead or otherwise” he replied

That was another big task

How could I plan on that when Jack [email protected] talk to him

He has told me alre-ady that he doesn’t feel comfortable with me

That he wanted to know what I was up to

“How will I do it?” I asked after some minutes of thinking

“I want to use that same method we used on Ajax” he replied
I remembered that we planned on Ajax accident but what I couldn’t tell was how the driver escaped because the driver still goes around freely even though Ajax was still at the hospital……..

💥⚡💥⚡💥 Jack POV 💥⚡💥⚡💥

I went to a nearby ShopRite to get that same thing I saw in Stella’s phone

It would be very [email protected] to get them in any market

“I must st©p you Mr Noah” I said to myself as I waited for evening time which was when to meet the snake

Exactly at 8pm, I walked out with that food

I headed straight to the teacher [email protected]

There was no demon out yet

I re-moved the book as usual and the door opened

Just as it opens, I saw the ghost boy standing there

“Let’s go with this” he said smiling

“Sure” I replied

I had to wake the snake up before I would use that method

I took out some quantity of the food and placed it in a line
I had it really long that I almost got to the entrance door

My plan was to make a noise, so that it would wake up and meet the food

Before I could take up a stick
Planning to hit it on something, the big snake has alre-ady woken up

It started ma-king a perceiving sounds which means that the food actually woke it up

It started sliding out of its place

The snake was really long

I waited until it left where the egg was but to my greatest surprise, the egg were three

“Oh my God” I said looking at them
From the first to the last

“I thought it supposed to be one?” I asked referring to the ghost boy

“Yes but I don’t know what is going on” he said

“I am just confused” I said as I went to take one of the eggs

“Don’t!” The ghost boy shouted and I withdrew

“You might take the wrong one” he said

“How can I know the correct one?” I asked but he didn’t reply

“Jack” he called and I turned to look at him properly

“Look at your head” he added and I looked up only to see the big snake looking at me with a serious face

It wanted to bite me but I dodged it and its mouth hits the ground

I had to rush out of the room, dragging the supposed metal and rushed to the next room

I made up. My mind to st©p her by all means


The following morning, I waited for Mira but she didn’t show up

I remembered that she told me that they would be leaving that afternoon
And she wouldn’t be coming to lecture for that day

“Mira you can’t die” I said to myself and locked the door

I rushed out

I waited so long for a cab but they didn’t show up

Luckily, there was a bike driving by
I had to take it to Mira’s [email protected]

On our way, I saw a heavy vehicle coming before us

I tried telling the bike man that it was dangerous but he didn’t listen

I asked him to st©p but he didn’t

The next thing was the big vehicle to hit us
It was more like an accident that we found ourselves sliding on the road

I felt unconscious immediately that it seems like I would be [email protected] away in no time


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