unconditional love prologue

A story by Jochrine Kunda
My wedding day has finally arrived! I had always dreamed of the perfect wedding with the only man I loved and it was exactly what I was getting, everything was beautifully decorated. I was in my be-droom when my aunt who was my make up artist walked in and started fixing my face then she suddenly frowned
Olivia: he beat you again?
Me: No
Olivia: you don’t nee-d to lie to me Mumba
**I took a de-ep breath**
Me: I went to visit him last week and as we were having dinner he kept texting and smiling at his phone then I kindly asked him who he was talking to and he got off his chair and beat me up. I missed clas-ses this whole week
Olivia: you know, I still wonder why you’re marrying his sorry self, you’re only 21 and a student you should be living your life like other girls your age
Me: not now aunt, I nee-d your support right now
Olivia: I’m sorry (she hvgged me) now let’s fix this scar and get you married (I smiled)
I am Mumba Kunda, a 21-year-old pursuing my degree in a health course at a certain University, I’m the firstborn of four. My husband to be and I had been together since I was 16 and he was 23 ma-king him my first, I noticed a change in him when we were two years old but I’d still tolerated him hoping he’d change because I loved him with my life…