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June 15, 2021


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Unconditional love episode 5

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A story by Jochrine Kunda


Jeremiah gave me money to do Sekela’s shopping since she only had the clothes she wore and a pack of diapers, I grabbed my bag and we walked out and found Alicia watching TV in the living room


Jeremiah: Alicia, make sure you clean the house and buy Sekela a packet of porridge or prepare her something soft to eat, the diapers are in the spare bedroom and she takes her bath in the morning. Mumba and I are running late


Me: please take care of her for me, I’ll be back before my usual time


She gave us disgusted looks all along


Alicia: stop the act already coz me being your house help ended the moment that woman left




He was really scary that I didn’t want to get in his way and we drove in silence, I grabbed myself an energy drink on the way and when he dropped me at school I wished him the best during the day but he didn’t respond and drove away in speed. I headed to the lecture hall when I bumped into Amos and I

could tell he was happy upon seeing me


Amos: beautiful soul, you’re finally here


Me: hey you


He offered to help me with my books then we chatted before lessons began, lessons went perfectly well and had to wait for another one which would start in the afternoon. I packed my belongings with plans of going to the library but Amos stopped me


Amos: where are you going to?


Me: the library


Amos: let’s go out for lunch


Me: ummmmm…no I’m fine



***My stomach rumbled and we both laughed***


Amos: that has sold you out now let’s go


Me: alright let’s go, guess I can also do my baby’s shopping using this time


Amos: when did you have a baby?


***I looked at him and he had a shocked expression on his face which made me to almost laugh***


Me: duh, let’s go before I change my mind


He carried my books and as we were approaching his car, three girls walked towards us


Girl: well, well, well if it’s not the gold digger


I then remembered she was the one who had the post on the school’s page asking who deserved Amos and she looked more beautiful than she was on the picture


Amos: Bertha not now, I’m seriously not in the mood for your nonsense


Bertha: come on babe don’t tell me you’re seriously planning on replacing me with thissssss little piece of trash (she measured me with her eyes)


Her friends laughed and I felt embarrassed because people had gathered watching the scene and I knew it would be a trending topic something which I hated



okay now listen, these two puppets you’re with are pieces of trash because they don’t know what they’re here for and you use them to do nonsense and throw them away like used toilet paper but they still come chasing after you (they gasped) and Bertha you’re thee biggest piece of trash because you’ve got no morals, values, respect, you’ve got no goals in life and you run your life like a plane on auto flight once it crashes it turns into trash but since you’re already trash just imagine when your life crashes, awe mwandi you’ll be garbage


Bertha: Amos, don’t talk to me like that, I’ll report this matter to your parents especially your mom


Amos: yeah coz you’re birds of the same feathers, chowing another woman’s hard earned money and this so called relationship of ours was slowly killing dad, he even looks younger his age ever since I told him I’m done with you. Now get your worthless selves out of here coz you’re suffocating my lady


She was crying with embarrassment written all over her face and the students were cheering Amos’ speech and some taking pictures, he opened the door for means I quickly got in trying to avoid the cameras then he went to his side and drove off


Me: why did you talk about your mother like that?


Amos: she’s a step mother who does nothing but spend dad’s money like she worked for it, I think she even cheats on him


Me: enough about that, you were wrong to address me as your lady because I’ve told you time without number that I’m married we’re just friends or this friendship ends right this moment


Amos: in dreamland…






We had lunch and there was tension between us Amos tried to crack jokes from time to time but my mind was all over the place, he settled the bill when we were finished and we went to do Sekela’s shopping with him asking if I had a baby every now and then. I withdrew some money from my savings account and bought her hair accessories and other things I envied then called Lydia, her mother asking her what kind of toys she liked and she told me that she was a fan of Barbie then I knew right then that she’d be my little princess. Amos helped me with carrying the bags to the car when I was done and drove back to campus in silence, I attended my last class and avoided him at all costs then went straight home when the lesson was over. I got home and was welcomed by Sekela’s cry and found Alicia feeding on take always while Sekela was in the kitchen and it was messed up, the entire house wasn’t swept and even found the previous night’s dishes in the sink making me lose my cool


Me: what’s wrong with you Alicia?



***She got up annoyed***


Alicia: hold it right there “Miss goody shoes” who accepted the baby? was it you or me? I’m not going to pay the consequences of a foolish decision you took just to impress the old hag. Now let me have my peace


She continued eating making that annoying sound, I picked Sekela up and her diaper was dripping wet and was messed up I could tell that she never had anything to eat or took a bath


Me: where’s her packet of porridge?


Alicia: I used the money to buy the food I’m eating since you two didn’t leave me any food


Me: but there’s plenty of food in the house an…….


Alicia: is it cooked?


Me: no but you can co……


Alicia: I’m too pretty to be wasting my beauty in the kitchen when there’s even money available


I saw that talking to that fool was just a waste of time so I left her and went to prepare Sekela a bath and got her clean then prepared her something to eat while I cleaned the house, I was exhausted by the end of the day then sat to start feeding her when I received an anonymous call I hesitated a bit to pick it up


Me: he…..hello


Voice: the battle line has been drawn b***h


Me: who………


The call had already dropped dead and tried to figure out who it could have been but had no idea so I continued feeding Sekela then put her on my back where she fell asleep as I was preparing supper, Jeremiah returned and looked at both Alicia and I then went to the bedroom he shared with Alicia without saying anything and she followed him then I later heard voices


Jeremiah: can’t you at least help out with the child since you can’t cook?


Alicia: that’s not my baby and if I were your wife I wouldn’t even accept it no wonder you married a village chicken


Jeremiah: Alicia behave like a woman for once an…..


I interrupted their conversation with a knock on the door and was allowed in then summoned them for supper and went to put Sekela to bed, we had supper in silence so I decided to break the ice by asking Jeremiah about his day and the conversation kept on flowing while Alicia just looked at us


Me: Jeremiah, I think we should get a babysitter for Sekela


Jeremiah: we already have Alicia




He attempted to slap her but I stopped him and she wasn’t fazed at all


Me: I can take over from the babysitter when I don’t have classes and when I knock off




She clicked her tongue and took her plate then went to eat in the living room and Jeremiah left after some time too and walked back with his wallet and car keys


Jeremiah: don’t wait up, I won’t be back


I tried to speak but Alicia beat me to it, she was blocking his way with her plate of food in her hands


Alicia: where the hell do you think you’re going to?


Jeremiah: out of my way


Alicia: you’ll have to force me out because I won’t allow you to spend the night out while I’m here


Jeremiah: alright Mrs Kadarshian wannabe


He pushed her away and she hit the wall before landing on the floor, he didn’t have any regret and walked away. I locked the door after I heard him drive away and went to my bedroom leaving Alicia on the floor still groaning in pain holding her head which hit against the wall, I started studying and was disturbed by Amos’ call so I put my phone on flight mode because I knew he wouldn’t stop. I finally felt the need to sleep after two hours of studying then got into the blankets and sleep deserted me when I thought of the anonymous call I’d received, I felt a hand touch my cheek and turned only to find Sekela seated with her twinkling eyes then she called me “mama” which made my heart melt and I took her into my arms and imagined how great it would have been with Jeremiah around then she disturbed me from my imagination when she said she wanted milk with a babyish tone. I went to warm it for her and found her playing with her dolls when I returned, she finished the bottle and i cuddled her with her snuggling closer to me and we both fell asleep….




To be continued…

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