Unconditional love episode 3

I got to his workplace and as usual his secretary gave me an evil eye but I ignored her and went in, he had his lunch in silence avoiding eye contact with me but I could tell that he enjoyed the food by the way he ate. He finished eating and I packed the plates and left his office then I heard his secretary cli-ck her ton-gue ma-king me st©p on my tracks and turned heading towards her
Me: trying to pick a fight with me each time I visit my husband won’t take you anywhere instead why not work on your attitude and settle for a decent, responsible young man rather than throw yourself at every man you see with money, it’s really a turn off to guys
Her jaw had dropped open and she looked at me in disbelief
Me: close your mouth I’m sure you won’t like swallowing a fly with cheapl-ipstick on yourl-ips
The look on her face was like one who had never had anything to eat for a month and I walked away feeling like I owned the world because I knew that I hit some nerve then I suddenly bu-mped into someone dropping the basket of plates I carried. I tried getting them but the guy beat me to it and I saw that it was Amos with some elderly man around his late 40s
Amos: wow!!! so nice of you to bu-mp into me
***He handed me the basket and I couldn’t help but smile***
Amos: you look amazing, meet my dad and daddy this is Mumba my……
***He cleared his throat***
Me: his friend
***He gave me a bored look***
Amos: you can call him Mr Kabaso
Mr K: my son, I’m glad you’re changing for the better why didn’t you pick such kind of friends all along?
Me: excuse me, I have to run along it’s been nice meeting you Mr Kabaso
Mr K: the plea-sure is mine my daughter
Amos: see you on Monday
***I nodded***
I went to my aunt’s shop in town and she was happy to see me then we went to her office where she made me a h0t cu-p of tea and I enjoyed it
Olivia: so baby girl, how’re you?
Me: good
Olivia: what’s going on? you’ve lost a lot of weight
I just looked down fighting back the tears that threatened to fall
Me: he brou-ght his side chick to our home and we’re living together
Me: I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with him
I cried on her shoulders until I was only left with hiccu-ps
Olivia: just be calm and continue being the strong girl that you are, prove him wrong by treating him well, kill him with kindness and he’ll surely notice his mistakes if he hasn’t yet
Me: I just hope so
Olivia: and don’t forget to be prayerful
Me: yes aunt
I spent time her teaching me new hairstyles because I had nothing to do at home. I decided to go back home in the evening and bid her farewell then got a taxi going home, I was welcomed by loud music at the gate when I got home I went inside and found Alicia lying on the couch with ba-rely nothing on and two empty bottles of Heineken on the table, I greeted her and she just cli-cked her ton-gue then I went to my be-droom and got changed. I got started with supper and when I was halfway throu-gh it Jeremiah returned lookin exhausted and he instantly frowned when he saw what was happening in the living room
Alicia: baby, you’re back I’ve been longing to have you to myself the whole day
He turned off the music and our eyes met
Me: ummmm……good day
Jeremiah: hey
Me: I’ve prepared your bath, I’m almost done with supper
Jeremiah: o…..okay
***He looked down and I could see he felt shameful***
Sunday c@m£ and I prepared myself to go to church even though I’d run out of time, I got to church and found almost all the seats occu-pied so I sat with a certain family I sp©tted mom and my siblings and they all seemed happy. I never saw mom ever since I got married and she never picked my calls when I called her, when the service was over I talked to a few people then went to mom and she immediately spat when she saw me giving me a disgusted look
Me: mo……
Mom: DON’T
She took my siblings and walked away leaving me feeling like a fool, I knew she was against me getting married but I thought she’d forgiven me but her action said otherwise. I felt my entire world come to an end because of mom’s rejection……
I got home and said a silent prayer then got on the be-d and let sleep take over but was disturbe-d by my phone ringing, I checked the caller ID and it was Jeremiah’s mother I ignored it because I couldn’t talk to her in the state I was in but she was persistent so I just picked up
Mom: my daughter, how are you?
Me: I’m okay mom, how are you?
Mom: I’m fine where’s Jeremiah? I’ve trying to call him but he isn’t picking up my calls
Me: he went out with Al…… with a friend
Mom: alright I’ll be coming tomorrow there’s something important I want to discuss with you two, tell him as well
Me: alright mom I will (she hang up)
I stayed in be-d the whole day and got started with supper in the evening, I ate alone while watching TV then I received a call from Amos
Me: Amos
Amos: beautiful soul, life saver, beautiful on the inside and out…….
Me: don’t forget that you’re talking to someb©dy’s wife
Amos: yeah my wife, do you know that you saved me?
Me: you’re getting too big for your shoes now
Amos: really
Me: anyway just out of curiosity what did I save you from?
Amos: from dad, his car developed a gear box failure and it was all my fault, he swore that he’d kill me especially that I took it without his cons£nt but when I introduced you to him he kept praising me saying I was the best son in the whole universe
Me: good for you
Amos: yeah you coming to campus tomorrow, right?
Me: wrong, I’m expecting an important guest tomorrow so I won’t make it
Amos: ohh
***He sounded disappointed***
Amos: its gonna be a long day then
Me: don’t worry, you’ll cope. I’ve got to go, have a good night
I hang up before he could respond I finished eating and turned off the lights then went to my be-droom to study, I woke the following morning and started cleaning the house then Jeremiah’s mother called saying was arriving at 10 so I worked at a fast pace and started ma-king pies since they were her favourite. Alicia walked in the kitchen with a towel wra-pped around her b©dy and attem-pted to get one but I unhesitatingly st©pped her
Me: don’t test me this morning
Alicia: eh!!! so you talk?
Jeremiah: you don’t wanna mess with her coz she rains hailstorms
***He said that walking in***
Alicia: not worse than me I’m sure
Jeremiah: wifey, what’s the special occasion?
Alicia: you won’t call her that in my pres£nce
Jeremiah: hate it or love it but she’s my wife
She attem-pted to walk away but he held her hand
Me: (chuckling) among all the prostitutes in the world you choose to bring this disabled, immature, hunger ridden beggar to our home
I could see Jeremiah trying to hold his laugh but he failed dismally and bur-sted out
Alicia: Jeremiah, you’re laughing at the nons-en-se she has just vomited?
Me: nons-en-se my foot, tell me if you’re not disabled because I do everything for you and you always hire people to do your laundry and feed on take always when I’m not home to cook then you eat like you fasted for a decade no wonder, I say you’re hunger ridden
She was fuming with anger and tears were threatening to fall while Jeremiah held her preventing her from attacking
Me: truth hurts sl@yqueen with cheap nails and make up thanks to your laziness
Me: and to answer your question your mom’s coming
Jeremiah: what? why? where? when?
***I gave him a blank stare***
Jeremiah: don’t tell me you summoned her here
Me: she’s the one who called me, she was calling you but you never picked up
Jeremiah: what time is she coming?
Me: she’s arriving any time from now
Jeremiah: ohhhh no!!!! plea-se be at your best behavior Alicia coz mom doesn’t take nons-en-se
Alicia: you’re such a mama’s boy, don’t worry I’ll put her in her place
***We both looked at her in disbelief***
Jeremiah: you won’t dare now let’s go and get clean
They left and I continued with what I was doing then I heard a knock and went to get it, it was my mother in law and a girl who was a bit older than me with 2 children one was around 5 and the other was on her back. I welcomed them inside and served them drinks then Alicia walked in the living room wearing a black maxi dress and sandals looking like the perfect lady of the house and she looked beautiful, I noticed mother looking at her questioningly then we all took our seats and Jeremiah walked in with a big smile on his face which instantly faded away and froze when he saw the girl…..
To be continued…