Unconditional love episode 2

A story by Jochrine Kunda
The results were out and I pas-sed in all the subjects ma-king it to final year which made me happy and I thought of how my father would have been proud of me but I no longer communicated with any of my parents and their lines never throu-gh each time I tried calling them, Jeremiah had made it a habit of seeing Alicia and other more which made me stress, she c@m£ home looking for him the previous night and she said a lot of bad things to me.
I was going to the school canteen to get myself a warm cu-p of coffee as the weather was quite cold because it was just from raining and it was still drizzling, I regretted leaving my jersey behind. I was lost in thoughts thinking of Jeremiah’s behaviour and Alicia “maybe they were meant for each other,” I said to myself because even the pictures they took showed that they were happy together, tears stinger my eyes as I thought of how I put him first before anything in my life and the next thing I found myself on the ground staining my pink dress with mud and my books scattered.
The students had gathered and most of them were laughing at me then Amos, the guy who had always tried to befriend me since my first week in school but gave him a cold shoulder was by my side within a blink of an eye helping me up and picked my books up. The scene was so embarras-sing that I wished I could crawl to the nearest hole and people were taking pictures
Amos: plea-se be careful next time (handing me my books)
Me: ummm….yeah
Amos: let’s get you cleaned and get a new dress
Me: no thank you
***He shook his head***
Amos: not now
He gave me his black biker jacket to wear and I nearly opposed but the way I shivered made me do otherwise, he took my hand and took the lead and the way the girls gave me death stares s£nt shivers down my spine. We got to a dorm which he said was his friend’s room and prepared a h0t bath
Amos: go ahead and get clean while I get you something to wear
Me: I can just go home and change
Amos: it’s a 30minute drive to your house and probably an hour if you use public transport and we’ve got another clas-s
Me: I can still manage
Amos: plea-se take a bath
He left and I locked the door getting in the tub and the water felt so good that one would fall asleep then after the water got cold I got out and dried myself then went to the room where I found a new pair of grey Adidas tracksuits. I got dressed and went out of the room and found him with 2 of his friends outside
Me: ummm…..excuse me
They had their backs faced against me so they immediately turned when I spoke, he gave me an intense look ma-king me feel uncomfortable
Me: I’m done
Amos: alright guys, we’ll meet later
***He turned to face me***
Amos: come with me
I followed him and led me to his car, he opened the door signalling me to go in but I plainly refused
Amos: I’m just taking you for lunch, you seriously nee-d something warm
Me: you’ve outdone yourself and I’m thankful for that, I nee-d to get to the libr@ry
I attem-pted to walk away but he held my hand and I gave him a stern look, he had those pleading eyes that made me to give in
Me: fine just for today
I got in and he went to his side excitedly
Amos: thank you Lord
Me: I might just change my mind (he drove off)
Amos: you’ve got a great s-en-se of humor
We drove to the mall with him asking me about the exams we wrote and the conversation was great. We got to the place and ordered and didn’t realise how hungry I was until I saw the food served
Amos: are you always this quiet?
Me: yeah except when the wrong bu-tton is pressed, I’m louder than a siren then (he laughed)
Amos: remind me not to mess with you
Me: sure
Amos: do you have any friends? I usually see you alone around campus
Me: My books are my friends both at home and school
He asked for my contacts and I said I wouldn’t give him. it he was persistent as I’d never seen before so I finally gave him….
On Friday, I woke up feeling so down and decided to stay home and Amos still hadn’t called since that day. Jeremiah wasn’t in be-d and his side was the way it was the previous night so I knew that he never c@m£ home, I managed to drag myself from be-droom and when I reached the pas-sage I heard laughter coming from the dining room so I went to check what was happening and I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I saw Jeremiah and some girl who looked like Alicia all cosy and I cleared my throat ma-king them both look at me
Jeremiah: morning my dear wife, how was your night?
Me: Jeremiah, what is this?
Jeremiah: let me formally introduce you two Alicia, meet my dear wife Mumba and Mumba, this is Alicia I’m sure you know her and you two will live un-der the same roof with no problems at all
Alicia: I thought you had to chase her out and bring me in
Jeremiah: I can’t chase her out, she’s my wife
I ran to the be-droom and locked the door then cried I couldn’t believe that he was doing that to me and I thought the Alicia chick was beautiful as she looked on her picture but instead her light skin was actually bleached skin, her white twi-nkling eyes were white eyes which showed that she was pale, her round figures were all fake because she was very thin and I asked myself what he saw in her coz the aura around her was a definition of true wickedness and I cried some more for comparing me to her amongst all the people. Jeremiah c@m£ knocking on the door saying he was hungry and nee-ded his breakfast then I slowly stood up and wiped my tears and my phone immediately rang, it was Amos and I ignored it but he was persistent so I switched off my phone and went to the kitchen were I found the stove messed up with a burning pot on it while Alicia did her nails in the kitchen.
I re-moved the burning pot and quic-kly prepared Jeremiah’s breakfast as he was running late then I started cleaning while listening to Don Moen’s Our Father then Jeremiah walked in panicking saying he’d run out of time, I fixed his tie and packed his bag as he had his breakfast, he finished then attem-pted to leave but I st©pped him and cleaned his mouth, perked hisl-ips and wished him the best during the day and shock filled his face then I saw Alicia from the corner of my eye from a distance and she gave me a look like a ghost from a horror movie, no wonder I say she’s wicked.
I continued cleaning and she changed the song pla-ying some ra-p music increasing the volume and she sang along, she had a good voice. I finished cleaning then showered and locked myself in the be-droom to study but I couldn’t because the music was very loud so I switched my phone on and I had several text messages and missed calls from Amos. I didn’t call him back but logged in to my Facebook account and went straight to the school’s page, the post I saw was unbelievable.
It was a picture of when I had fallen, Amos in the middle and some beautiful girl on campus they all call ‘The Queen’ and the caption re-ad “WHO DESERVES HIM???” most comments were about me being called a good for nothing gold digger. I took my phone breathing heavily and called Amos while crying
Me: all the years I’ve been in campus my name has never been in any sort of record but today I’m the news everyone is talking about, STAY AWAY FROM ME AND I DON’T EVER WANT TO SEE YOU
Amos: calm down, what’s going on?
Me: check the school’s page, I really don’t know what I’ve done to her. You’re the kind of guy that every girl throws herself at but I’m not that kind of girl and I refuse to be that kind of girl so let me be
I hang up and cried myself to sleep, I woke up at 11 where I started preparing lunch coz I had to drop it at Jeremiah’s workplace. I went to shower when I was done and wore a maroon, above the knee, stra-pless dress, black ankle boots and a black coat because it was cold, I tied my hair in a neat ponytail and went to get the basket in the kitchen and found Alicia eating the leftover food like her life depended on it, I smiled at that thought because I knew she envied my cooking then I took a taxi driving me to Jeremiah’s workplace….
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