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June 18, 2021


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Unconditional love episode 12

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Alicia looked at me like the first time she did when she came into my home but this time I looked straight at her showing her that she meant nothing

Me: Amos, I’ve long been waiting

Amos: I’m sorry I kept you waiting, I wanted to grab you something but found this woman crying and….

I laughed so hard that I even caught people’s attention

Me: wow! so you cry? I guess Jeremiah isn’t treating you well and not giving you money for take aways because you look so thin and wasted with that cheap make up on your face but either way seek comfort elsewhere since you can’t stick to your husband and not from my man

Alicia: your man?

Me: I didn’t stammer, did I?

Alicia: no just that….

Me: excuse me, take me home Amos

I walked away and he followed me behind leaving Alicia look like she just dropped from heaven, I got to the car and ignored Amos who was trying to talk to me and got in then he drove while I looked outside the window. He called me a couple of times but I ignored him until he stopped and drove in silence, we got home and I quickly got out of the car rushing to the house with him on my tail then went

straight to the bedroom and pulled out a suitcase then started removing my clothes from the wardrobe and started packing while Amos kept banging on the door and shouting for me to open since I had locked it. When I was done packing I took my bags and when I opened the door I was welcomed by a frightening Amos, one that I’d never seen before and the look on his face was undescribable and I swallowed hard

Amos: Mumba, re bagolo a kere? (we’re adults right?) so you’ll behave like one

***He had his eyebrow raised and he looked cute and scary at the same time so I found myself nodding my head even though I didn’t understand what he said***

Amos: so we’ll sit and talk about this like adults and not fight about some worthless girl at the supermarket


He raised his hand in the air indicating for me to stop

Amos: firstly you should never raise your voice at me and secondly take that bag back inside then come to the living room

I was exhausted and felt defeated so I did as he told me and went to the living room taking my seat

Amos: who’s that girl?

Me: Alicia

***I told

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him everything about her and I saw him clench his jaws

Amos: so that simply means she wants to play the same loose trick on me

Me: probably if not worse, what happened back there?

***He explained everything that happened and I was shocked***

Me: Alicia never had a baby or baby daddy, I

don’t know about her mom

Amos: she’ll pay

***He approached me and got on his knees***

Amos: I’m sorry I hurt you, that was unintentional and I thought I was consoling someone useful not knowing that she’s just some used up trash who hurt you. I’m really sorry and I promise never to let anything of that sort repeat itself

Me: please don’t fall for her tricks

Amos: I will never especially that I’ve learned my lesson

I got up and helped him up as well then he hugged me tight as I took in his cologne





Alicia felt embarrassed when Mumba and Amos left her at the supermarket, she hoped that Amos would stay behind and keep consoling her but she was disappointed when he left with Mumba without any hesitation and the people nearby kept starring at her, she couldn’t take it and quickly ran out and got a taxi driving her home and went to Jeremiah’s study were she started throwing things around because of her frustration, she broke everything she found then finally sank to the floor “why did Mumba have to get to him first? I’d change my ways just to be with him, I’d kill just to be his one night stand but that thing has to get in my way again. Think Alicia think, you must find a way to get to him,” she said to herself. She got up going to her bedroom as she thought of a solution to her problem…..she took a bottle of alcohol as she couldn’t think of anything then let sleep take over on the couch. She heard a knock on the door waking her up with her head banging and looked at the watch which showed 21:07 and she went to open knowing it was Jeremiah since he hadn’t returned, she opened the door and saw the shock of her life “the mystery guy so God really does exist,” she said to herself. Five guys went in and Alicia got frightened and they kept approaching her while she moved backwards and was pinned against the wall

Amos: listen and listen well

Alicia: wh….what?

Amos: you’ll stay away from Mumba and I for the rest of your life, never should I see your ugly face again otherwise I’ll smash it

Alicia: wh…what…..what if we accidentally meet?

Amos: always pray that you see me first and change a route otherwise you won’t like what will happen, play far from Mumba are we clear?

He looked straight in her eyes with a dark aura around him which sent shivers down her spine and she quickly nodded

Amos: that was just friendly advice and you’ll take it if you’re wise

He left together with his five friends and Alicia just sank to the floor with her mouth open starring into space





It was a Saturday morning and we were preparing to go out, Amogelang would tag along. I was done preparing myself then Amogelang walked in and she looked pretty then we sat waiting for Mumba who came out wearing a grey maxi dress and silver sandals, she looked so beautiful that I wouldn’t stop complimenting her then I took her hand as I led her to the car and the drive was filled with laughter thanks to Amogelang. We did the shopping we abandoned the day we met Alicia and I took my two princesses to a fancy restaurant since Mumba was complaining that she was tired and I noticed that she kept holding her stomach from time to time but pretended to be fine when I looked at her. We ate while holding a light conversation and as we were halfway through the meal Bertha approached us then we all went quiet

Bertha: trying to play happy family with my man you gold digger?

I attempted to get up and squeeze the living daylights out of her but Mumba held me to my seat and rested her head on my shoulder which surprised me

Mumba: babe, Amogelang and I want to start up a dance class

Amo: yeah sis knows some great dance moves and I know we’ll make a great team

Me: wow! best news of the day I never knew my woman can dance

Amo: yeah I loved the idea too

Me: you’ve got beauty and brains and I swear on my late mother’s grave Mumba I love you with every fibre in me


Amo: let me rush to the nearest store and get a ring coz this is just so romantic

Everyone turned their attention to us and Bertha was embarrassed while it took everything in me not to laugh at her

Bertha: this isn’t over if you think it is

***Amogelang chuckled***

Amo: good riddance to bad rubbish

Bertha: shut up little girl

Me: I see you’ve got no conscience so leave before I embarrass you any further

She slowly walked away looking ashamed and I turned to Mumba who had her head on the table holding her stomach

Me: what’s the problem

Mumba: I’ve been having stomach cramps that keep on coming and going and they’re painful

Me: why didn’t you tell me let’s get you to the hospital……..

To be continued…

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