Uncle Rufus – Final Episode


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Jimmy c@m£ out of his room and saw Pamela who greeted and wants to walk pas-s him, “Pamela, your aunty s£nd you message? Help m…” Jimmy didn’t complete what he was saying when Pamela retorted “no”. “Na Uncle Rufus say my come” she replied him and Jimmy let her go.

Rufus? At this hour of the night? Jimmy thought. He wasn’t comfortable with the information he just gathered. He walked to Papa Frank and Franka’s father and told them that he saw one of those thieves that stole from them in the uncompleted building closed to the yard.

The men grieved by what they suffered last time in the hands of the thieves, gingerly followed him. He led them quietly to were Rufus normally sat and saw the chair empty “ah ah, why Rufus no…” Frank’s father said loudly “ssshhh!” Jimmy hushed him.

They ti-ptoed quietly to the other uncompleted building that is inside, overhearing what was happening inside the uncompleted building. They sneak quietly into the building and arrived at the p@rticular room Rufus and Pamela is.

“Chicken nyash don open” Franka’s father said.

“So, na we-tin you dey do?” Frank’s father asked Rufus.

“You go suffer today, Rufus” Jimmy said angrily.

Rufus immediately tucked his flaccid d—k inside his short and jumped throu-gh the window, three of them went after him “thief ooh!” Jimmy shouted in other to get people to run after Rufus. They held their sticks gingerly and ran after Rufus who disappeared in the dark, others who c@m£ to get Rufus couldn’t get him.

Rufus out ran them, he ran to the church the pastor has today him to come see him the other time. The church wasn’t locked so he went inside and sle-pt off.

The next morning he woke up feeling pains all over his b©dy ’cause he has sle-pt on a bench. He stayed inside not wanting to be seen, the pastor c@m£ to the church that day as directed by the Holy spirit.

“Brother Rufus?” He asked surprise by the dejected nature he finds Rufus, “yes, Pastor. plea-se help me!” Rufus begged kneeling down. The pastor helped him up “this isn’t the battle of flesh and blood but as thus says the spirit, you have been held in captive by the devil” the pastor told Rufus who looked around if he could see fetters around him.

“Isn’t a physical captivity, brother Rufus, do you know an old woman in your life that you did something grievous and she cursed you?” He asked Rufus who looks confused. The pastor urged him to think.

“Old woman!”

“Old woman!”


Eighteen years ago, Rufus returned from his shop in the night. young Rufus had work all day, he has sworn never to help any human being ’cause nob©dy helped him when he nee-ded it.

The footpath was bushy at the both sides, “help me!” A voice of old woman aired from the bush as Rufus jumped in freight. Her weak voice kept on calling for help, Rufus ti-ptoed slowly and saw her, he hissed angrily. “H..e..lp me” her trembling voice asked for help again, Rufus laughed loudly.

“Help fire, you don too old, do die. Why thief no kill you sef?” Rufus asked and laughed chanting for the woman to die, “all your money go end for woman both legs, the man-hood wey you get. Go be your greatest curse” the woman cursed and gave up the ghost.

Thun-der started rumbling and it rain ma-king Rufus to run home un-der the crying dome of the sky.


Rufus narrated as tears roll down his cheeks, “I don die!” He exclaimed crying loudly. “Hold yourself brother, Jesus c@m£ for sinners, he has s£nt me to redeem you, you will be free. Let’s pray” the pastor told Rufus who sat on the floor. They held hands and prayed, after sometimes they opened their eyes as they responded “Amen” to their prayer.

“We are ask to pay last respect to the old woman before the curse will be uplifted” the pastor said to Rufus, who agreed. He stood up with his car keys and Rufus followed behind, they entered his car and drove out of the compound.

After several hours of driving and asking for direction from the holy spirit, they arrived in a thatch house that is deserted completely.

Rufus and the pastor stood before the grave side and he instructed Rufus to speak, Rufus went on his kneels and took a handful sand heap on the grave “mama!” He choked in tears.

He pleaded immensely before the ghost of the woman appeared, she walked to Rufus who was crying and tapped him on the shoulder. An ugly spirit left him and followed the ghost of the old woman to the grave as they both disappeared.

The pastor helped remorseful Rufus up and they both went to his car and drove off, they arrived in the church “what should I do next pastor?” Rufus asked impatiently amazed by the current state of affairs he find himself.

“Surrender yourself to the police” the pastor instructed Rufus, who did what he asked him of. Back at the yard, all Rufus properties were burnt that night.

They were planning to burn down his shop when policemen invited them to the station, they all accused him of the crimes he did and the ones he didn’t.

Several appeals were made and Rufus was arranged in the court after crippling his account.

The judge s£ntenced him to prison for four years for indulging in S-xual int£rç0rs£with un-der age.


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