Uncle Rufus – episode 9


Episode 9

A black woman short and fat, she walked into Rufus mechanic shop’s compound, “Obinna, what of Iyawo” she asked of her ward. Aunty Iyawo is a woman at her forties, she took Iyawo all the way from Ogun State and brou-ght her to Rivers state. Instead of helping her in school she prefers ma-king her a salesgirl, Obinna who held equipments close to a car that he wants to go un-der “em dey backyard with Rufus” she replied her, the woman nodded and went to the backyard.

“Iyawooooo!” She called out loudly, she got to the backyard and saw Rufus running into one of his sto-reroom, Iyawo was busy arranging plates back into the wheelbarrow “yes, aunty!” Iyawo replied. She sniffed in and smelt that familiar p-ssy scent, she looked around the tree.

“Wey Rufus?” She asked about Rufus as she stare intently at Iyawo who is sweating profusely, “em go s–t” Iyawo lied. She asked Iyawo of the money Rufus paid him, she took it from her and left, Iyawo followed behind smiling that she is five thousand naira richer. Her aunty knew what had just happened, but she isn’t concerned ’cause Iyawo isn’t her daughter. Iyawo is a very bad liar, how can Rufus s–t in his sto-reroom, she Shaked her head and looked back to check if Iyawo is coming from behind.

Rufus peeped from his sto-reroom and saw no one un-der the tree, he c@m£ out. He took a bucket and went to bath, he smells like Iyawo jui-ce.

Later that evening, Rufus was done for work that day. He has s£nt his apprentices home before he was prepared to leave his shop compound, he stepped out of the shop compound and stood on the road, he waited for Keke but none c@m£.

“Hello, brother!” A man who was pas-sing throu-gh that busy route saw Rufus standing, Rufus looked at him and he studied him and saw the Bible with him, he ignored him.

“I was moving towards this direction and the spirit of God ministered to me” he told Rufus who acted like someone that isn’t listening, he kept on peeping towards the sides of the road wondering why the Keke boys are not forth coming, the man ignored his hostility “brother Rufus right? I see an old woman crying beside you, she held two bags and her tears is blood” the man said closing his eyes, Rufus looked around to check if the man is serious. He inhaled sharply when he didn’t see anything, he wondered how the man knows his name but this is Port-Harcourt where people use Bible and prophecies to scam someb©dy.

“Call me, if you nee-d help” the pastor told Rufus and handled a paper his phone number is written on it to him, immediately Rufus received it he saw Keke coming towards him, he st©pped it and went in.


Rufus gave the female children who welcomed him gifts and ignored the male, he went into the yard with the paper containing the phone number of the pastor that met him on the way, Rufus wasn’t even interested in calling him but still he couldn’t fathom why he kept the number.

Immediately he wants to go in, Jimmy wife appeared before him. He looked at her angrily, her eyes were teary. He ignored her and went in keeping the door open for her, she c@m£ in and closed the door behind her.

She knelt before Rufus “Biko Rufus, I beg you, re-lease Jimmy” she said crying profusely, the amount that they were demanding to re-lease her husband from the police net was too much for her to raise all alone, she has tried asking for support but people ignored her. Those were the ones she called friends when things were fine but now they are fiends.

“Miriam, I nodey host begging or crying competition, if you no wan comply. I kneel down beg you, leave me alone!” Rufus shouted at her angrily, she quic-kly stood up in freight. Rufus ignored her and re-moved his shi-t and trou-ser, left with just bo-xer.

Jimmy’s wife thought for awhile “I go give you we-tin you want, but Rufus, i curse your p—k” Miriam said crying and sniffling, she went inside Rufus’s be-droom. Rufus watched in surprise, he grinned triumphantly.

Rufus went inside and saw Jimmy’s wife la-id on the be-d stark n-ked, her palms covering her face. Rufus smiled inwardly, he re-moved his bo-xer and climbe-d the be-d his d—k rock ha-rd .

He quic-kly separate Jimmy’s wife’s legs and la-id betwixt, his d—k positioned in her opening, he gr@bb£d her brea-sts and wanted to s–k her n-pples before Jimmy’s wife sl@pped off his hand “do we-tin you wan do, leave my brea-sts” she warned him angrily, Rufus wasn’t bothered about her resisted.

He quic-kly th—t in, “aaahh….” Jimmy’s wife covered her mouth from m0@n ing in plea-sure, her eyes wi-den in plea-sure. She didn’t expect Rufus to be that big, she didn’t see his size. Rufus immediately resumed his fast thrû-sting, as tears rolled down her cheeks.

She struggled not to show the plea-sure she is getting from Rufus who is busy f–king her ha-rd , Rufus went on and on with missionary style. Her b©dy betrayed her, as her hands left her mouth and gr@bb£d the be-dsheets, her legs curled around Rufus w@!st. Rufus smiled triumphantly, he felt that tingling s-en-sation in his ba-lls, he wanted to pu-ll out but Jimmy’s wife legs curled around his w@!st didn’t let him. His eyes wi-den and his face ti-ght£ñed in plea-sure “ah, ah, ah!” He gro-an ed as he c-m de-ep inside her.

Rufus pu-ll-ed out of her and la-id beside her trying to catch his breathe, Jimmy’s wife la-id beside him tired and crying that she has betrayed her husband.


The next day, all male adults of the yard as-sembled in the centre of the yard in the evening, PHCN light illuminated the compound. Since Jimmy isn’t around, Rufus has bailed him out but he will be re-leased the next day.

The meeting was headed by Frank’s father, Amanikpo. They were discussing how to handle the insecurity that is happening around their neighbouring yards “you too dey fear, Nsirim. Soldier or no soldier for this yard, we nee-d to secure ourselves” Frank’s father countered the man who has earlier said that that they don’t nee-d to do any vigilante ’cause no criminal will enter a yard with a soldier man.

Rufus was quiet throu-gh out the meeting, he was praying inwardly that he should be grouped with the soldier man. “Ehnn.. Rufus, Chidera, Lucky. Na ona three dey secure for this night, ona go come out for 1am start” the soldier man in the compound instructed, Rufus wasn’t happy that he is included for the first day.

Everyb©dy went inside his rooms, after Rufus took his bath and have eaten. He sle-pt off after setting an alarm with his cell phone, he waked up exactly 1am, he took a torch and matchet, then went out of his room.

He on his torchlight and scanned around the yard if he will see those he is grouped with, he didn’t see any of them. He decided to go in, but he felt like using the toilet.

He walked to the toilet unit and heard noise, he was scared at first as he quic-kly switch on his torch and point at the direction. He saw mama Fejiro trying to tie her wra-pper properly, he has been avoiding her.

“Rufus, come come” she whispered to him, he stepped forward. She dragged him into the bathroom, “see my husband no know say I get belle, I no go tell am. Em dey travel tomorrow, em no go come back for Months” she told Rufus who felt relief, she started tou-ching his g—n. Rufus felt uncomfortable “that one never do, you wan born ejima?” Rufus hushed her, shifting backward “em don tay, my toto nee-d am” she replied Rufus and sneaked her hand inside his trou-ser and gr@bb£d it.

She freed his d—k and turned back at Rufus, she held her wra-pper around her w@!st and bent for him to have access to her dripping p–sy. Before Rufus could t—-t in, heavy knocks landed on the bathroom door.


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