Uncle Rufus – episode 10


Episode 10

Iyawo father rolled on the be-d and notice his wife isn’t there with him on the be-d, he t©uçh around the be-d side she sle-pt on and still didn’t find her.
He gr@bb£d the torchlight beside the lamp stand and left the be-droom occu-pied by him and his wife.

He stood on his doorpost as the cold early morning breeze hit him and he shivered in cold, he turned on the torchlight and moved it around to see if those people that were tasked to secure the compound are alert. “Kai! This people no do we-tin we s£nd them” he said angrily gnashing his teeth, he walked to the restrooms unit but halt on the corridor when he heard murmuring. The murmuring st©pped before he could decode what is happening, he heard movements.

He didn’t have the patience to wait as he slammed on the door, Rufus j£rk immediately as his ha-rd d—k become flaccid immediately “my husband” mama Fejiro said in a low scared voice, Rufus eyes almost left it socket and his d—k sl!pinto his trou-ser on it own accord.

“Mama Fejiro! Open this door before I break it” papa Fejiro thun-dered with his baritone voice, Rufus scanned the whole room to check an escape route, the only way out is the window. Papa Fejiro kick the down “thief oh!” Mama Fejiro screamed immediately, Rufus heaped on the window re-ady to jump out, the door flung open as papa Fejiro surge towards him and caught his short that tear off from the bu-ttocks side and Rufus jump down and ran into a cas-sava farm close to the yard.

“Thief oh!” Mama Fejiro cried out loudly, “shut up” papa Fejiro hushed her and went out of the bathroom, he took the other exit and open the gate. He stepped out of the yard and moved his torchlight around the dark, Rufus la-id inside the farm shaking with fear.

Papa Fejiro went inside locking the gate, he took his weeping wife inside without knowing what happened. That night armed robbers attacked the rooms except Papa Fejiro own, Rufus door was empty when they entered. Rufus stayed in the bush hearing all the scream, he laughed inwardly.

After the armed robbers left, he went inside his room throu-gh the window that he had kept open in case of emergency. The next morning, people cried in the yard but Rufus was asleep.
They blamed those who were asked to watch out for the night, and some frown at the soldier man in the yard who refused to come out and help them.


A Week Later

Rufus rolled on his be-d, he kept on rolling as he dreamt. He find himself standing before a grave that is written boldly Rufus Elijah 2017, he shivered. An old woman with a short broom and matchet appeared on the grave, she started dancing as money appeared on the surface of the grave. Rufus was horrified as he watched from were he stood. He j£rked up immediately from sleep, his b©dy drenched with sweat.

Early that morning, Franka was re-ady for school. She and her younger brother, she felt dizzy all of a sudden. Rufus was watching from his doorpost, he was boiling water for tea when Franka vomited right at there doorpost. Rufus eyes wi-den, as realization dawn on him. He quic-kly disappeared inside not wanting to be seen, Franka mother saw Franka vomiting as she watch her intently.

After she was done, she walked to her and felt her impulse “Franka, who give you belle?” She asked her daughter angrily, she Shaked her head negatively. Rufus heard the commotion outside and started sweating, what kind of problems is this? He thought. He felt relief when Franka ‘s mother said they will go for a test when she returns from school.

Rufus left the yard that day with the mindset of not coming back until everything is settled.


Two Months Later.

Rufus returned back to the yard, after Franka’s mother have ab-orted the pregnancy after her daughter alleged that Rufus who is nowhere to be found is the owner, she later pointed another rascal who had get-down with her that has nothing to offer. Her mother had no choice but to ab-ort the pregnancy.

That morning, Rufus set his footsteps in the yard early Monday morning that everyone has left for his or her respective workplace or school. Jimmy was the only one left behind with his wife showing signs of pregnancy, immediately he sighted Rufus “prodigal Rufus” he said and laughed. Rufus glared at him angrily as he shut-up immediately when the police ordeal flash his mind.

“Honey, who be that?” Jimmy’s wife asked and walked to the doorpost, she glared at Rufus who was surprised to see her stomach size increa-sed. Rufus quietly disappeared thinking this is the work of his enemies.

Rufus didn’t go to work that day, he decided to go the next day. Nob©dy dared question Rufus of Franka’s pregnancy because of the fear of police officers

Rufus was about changing up into his normal work uniform when one of his new apprentice Odinaka walked up to him “oga, good morning oh” he greeted Rufus who mumbled response, “Iyawo and her aunty come here, come fine you” he told Rufus who wasn’t surprised, it seems like pregnancy is the new trend in his life.

“Anytime them come, tell them say I don travel go Mediuguri, tell them say Boko Haram fit kill me sef. Say make them forget about me kpatakpata!” Rufus replied him and instructed him to tell his fellow too.

Aunty Iyawo and Iyawo c@m£ to Rufus shop that day, Rufus hid himself inside his sto-reroom as his apprentices carried out his instructions “sheyi you wan born pikin, you go born that pikin today!” Iyawo aunty shouted at her and sl@pping her as she led her home.


After several weeks Iyawo and his aunty with her household moved out of Port-Harcourt, Rufus celebr@ted it ’cause he won’t be bothered about pregnancy anymore. But he wasn’t comfortable with Jimmy’s wife pregnancy and Mama Fejiro is about to give birth to his son.

Rufus was busy thinking in the place he normally stays when he wants to relax, he saw Pamela who c@m£ from the village to as-sist Fejiro ‘s mother. Pamela is a very dark skin girl, not facially beautiful but endowed more than the normal girls, Rufus has be stealing looks on her bu-ttocks. He alre-ady planned on how to have her, Palma is just fourteen years.

She c@m£ out of the yard to get something for her aunty when Rufus saw her “Pamela, come!” He called her, she ran to him. The girls in the yard are very fond of Rufus ’cause of the gifts he offers them.

“You wan go message?” He asked her, she nodded. “Ehem, when you return come meet me here, no tell anyb©dy oh” Rufus told Pamela who was naive nodded and thanked Rufus profusely when gave he her some money.

Rufus waited patiently for her, when he saw her coming he stood up and walked into one of the uncompleted building close to the yard, Pamela grinned and thought that uncle Rufus wants to pl@y“you can’t catch me” as she fondly called it.

She enters too, Rufus started groping her bo-ob s and tou-ching all over her b©dy “aaahh.. em dey sweet me, st©p na” she said giggling, Rufus de-ep hand inside her Sk-irt and stimulated her cl-t before he de-ep two f!ngersinside her we-t p–sy “ahh… Em dey do me somehow, st©p ehnn” she said m0@n ing amidst, Rufus re-moved her p@n-t slowly from her w@!st as he unZi-p his trou-ser Zi-p.

He bent her over and started ru-bbing his big d—k on her opening, before he could enter inside her h0ñ£yp0t.

Jimmy and other men of the yard bur-st in.

“Eheeemm.. chicken nyash don open” one of them said.

“So, na we-tin you dey do?” One of them said.

“You go suffer today, Rufus” Jimmy said.

Rufus ran and jumped the window as they ran after him with sticks and matchet.


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