Uncle Rufus – episode 1


-Episode 1

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Number 24 Ika road, a yard that has four exits. Two exits at the front and two exits at the sides close to the rooms at the end.
The two exits at the front are hallways, rooms faced side by side.

Rufus moved into this yard newly, he is short and looks younger than his age, Rufus could be mistaken as a man at his 20s whereas he is almost forty of age.

Early Morning Rufus c@m£ out of his room and stood on his doorpost, he stretched himself and yawned noisily, he lives closed to the restrooms so Rufus c@m£ in contact with everyone who is headed to the restrooms everyday.

He went inside his room and c@m£ out with an MP, he switched it on and a loud music pla-yed out of the speakers. Rufus isn’t a man who pla-ys those new trending songs he prefers old songs with traditional rhythms. He started dancing and singing along “uwapopo…” He sang.

A woman who is wi-dely called Mama Emeka in the yard, carried a bowl filled with water c@m£ out of the kitchen. The kitchen hall is demarcated by Rufus two rooms merged together from the restrooms unit. She paused and glared at Rufus, Rufus st©pped dancing and chewed his chewing stick grudgingly “Rufus, you dey disturb this compound, useless man!” She said to Rufus and hissed loudly.

“Bia! mama Emekus, na so you dey greet your papa and your husband, no transfer your madness come my side oh!” Rufus replied with a warning tone and spits on the floor. Mama Emeka dropped the bowl of the dirty water she carried from the kitchen on the cemented floor and cl@pped her hands “so Rufus, you get mind call my husband, you nodey fear again oh” Mama Emeka said knotting her wra-pper properly above her br–sts.

“I no get time for you, carry your big nyash and that dirty water disappear abeg” he said and went inside his room, “Rufus your p—k go rotten, go and marry. Useless man” Mama Emeka kept on ranting for awhile and carried the bowl and left throu-gh the exit close to the restrooms unit, she poured the water on a heap of dust bin close to su-ckaway.

Rufus has a shop in the market, he isn’t in a hurry to go to his shop because he had many apprentices who c@m£ to learn his trade from him in his shop. He stayed in the room till everyb©dy has left for work, he c@m£ out of his room and went to the tap built in the centre of the compound.

He dropped his bucket on the base and switched on the tap two to three drops of water fell into his bucket “these mad people no pulp this water, now light no dey, oohh.. which kind yard be this” he complained to no one, he stood for sometimes before he took his bucket and walked to the well closed to the tap to fetch some water from.

He took a bucket dropped by the side of the well, a rope tied at the handle and dropped it into the well. He filled it with water and fetched it out and poured it into his own bucket, he repeated the same actions till he filled his bucket “no be small work oh” he exhaled and wiped the beads of sweats forming on his forehead.

He carried the bucket into the restrooms unit, he pushed open the only bathroom that has tiled floor and dropped the bucket inside. He closed it, he still re-open and walked to his room and gets his towel with a shaving stick. He went into the bathroom and re-moved his towel around his w@!st then spre-ad it on the bathroom door, he locked it. And re-moved his short since he isn’t wearing any shi-t, he was completely unclad as his long and thick c—k stood gingerly betwixt his legs.

Rufus re-moved the shaving stick blade cover and used it to scru-b his armpit removing the hairs there, he repeated the same actions on the hairs in his pvb!c p@rts.


Mama Fejiro stirred up from her be-d, her husband is a soldier who has travelled out of the state for duty. She waked up and saw that the day has far gone, she covered her wra-pper hurriedly. “Ewooo… This children no wake me” she said un-der her breathe, she took the bucket in her room’s verandah and ran to the tap to fetch water. But there is no water in the tank, she hurriedly fetched from the well and carried it to the restrooms unit.

She heard sounds of water splashes on someone’s b©dy “who dey inside here?” She asked knocking at the door “na me Rufus” he replied her and continued whistling as he scru-bbe-d his b©dy with the soaped bath sponge “baf quic-k, I wan go shop” she told him and kept her bucket properly by the side “to go shop never hungry you, if not you for don use that dirty bathroom baf” Rufus replied her sharply, and continued whistling.

“I never get your time, my come back see you there” Mama Fejiro threatened him and went into the main compound, then entered her room and took her towel and soap she forgot at first ’cause she is in a hurry. She c@m£ back to the restrooms unit and still find Rufus in the bathroom whistling without any sound of water “Rufus come out before I go break this door” she threatened but Rufus ignored her completely and continued bathing, she pushed the door and the door gave way due to it weak lock, “mama, Fejiro, you dey mad!” Rufus thun-dered angrily, as he tried to cover his long d—k that has gained attention alre-ady with his both hands.

“Rufus, we-tin be that big and long thing you dey hide between your legs?” She asked Rufus and clamped her both legs, Rufus didn’t reply his d—k fully at his full length “you Sabi use am?” She asked him. Her eyes twi-nkled with lvst as she stared abs£ntmindedly at his e—ted d—k, “lock the door enter na” Rufus said with desperation, she walked inside and the bathroom door slammed shut.

She re-moved her wra-pper and turned pushed her a-s backward at Rufus, Rufus spitted on his d–k and ru-bbe-d it on his length, she placed her both hands on the door and spre-ad her legs to give him access to her p—sy dripping w-t.

He separated her bu-ms and positioned his ha-rd d—k betwixt her opening, he gave a sharp t—-t and fed her up but not fully inside her “ewooo! Rufus oh” she m0@n ed loudly. Rufus thrû-sted in and out ha-rder gr-abbing and squee-zing her fallen br—st “my toto oh, fire fire on, Rufus” she m0@n ed loudly.

Franka who walked into the yard with her uniform, she normally returns home in break time on labour days avoiding labour period. She heard the loud shout coming from the restrooms unit, she wondered why someone should be shouting at this kind of time and decided to find out.


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