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unbreak my heart episode 29

{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.🥀


⚠ Don’t Copy Or Repost plea-se ⚠


Gavin placed the bottle at their middle and spun it. The pointed at Kimberly and it was Gavin to ask.

“Truth or dare?” Gavin asked…

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“Dare” Kimberly sm-irked.

“Okay, I dare you to buy me a new gamepad tomorrow” Gavin said.

“Okay” Kimberly shrugged.

Kimberly spun the bottle and it pointed at Charlotte and it was Maxwell turn to ask the question.

“Truth” Charlotte said.

“What’s your de-epest truth that no one knows about you” Maxwell asked.

“Hmm, I was…adopted” Charlotte muttered.

The girls [email protected] out loud…

“For real? I would have never guessed” Kimberly said, still surprised.

Charlotte simply nodded and spun the bottle and it pointed at Gavin, Iris’s turn to ask.

“Truth or dare?” Iris asked.

“Well you know alre-ady, dare” Gavin sm-irked.

“I dare you to [email protected]£ your WhatsApp status with a pic of your ex saying that ‘I still love you babe’ let it stay for 24 hours” Iris sm-irked.

“What?! That’s brutal!!” Gavin snapped while the others bur-st out in laughter.

“Come on baby, do it” Iris sm-irked, crossing her legs.

Gavin brou-ght out his pics and went to the social media then downloaded his ex ph0to and did what Iris asked him. It hasn’t even been few minutes and he was alre-ady receiving messages, people commenting on it…

Gavin had to switch on his phone in order not to [email protected] at the messages. Gavin glared at Iris who win-ked annoyingly at him.

Gavin spun the bottle and it pointed to Kimberly again. This time it was Charlotte to ask.

“Truth” Kimberly said

“Okay, ever made out with a guy before?” Charlotte.

“No!! I’ve never even had a b©yfri£nd!” Kimberly shrugged.

Kimberly spun the bottle and it pointed at Maxwell, with Kimberly to ask.

“Truth or dare” Kimberly sm-irked, alre-ady planning something for him.

“Dare” Maxwell said.

“I dare you to twerk before us for five minutes” Kimberly said.

Maxwell’s face slowly drained from all it’s color. Gavin and the others bur-st out in laughter, Gavin alre-ady brou-ght out his phone to take a video…

Maxwell slowly stood up and positioned himself then began twerking, j£rking his small bu-tt up and down with very ashamed look on his face.

Iris laughed till she la-id down on the carpet, holding her stomach while laughing.

“Time’s up!!” Kimberly said, checking the time on her phone.

Maxwell sat back down with his face all red from [email protected]

“Man, you’re gonna go viral with this video” Gavin said, watching the video while laughing.

“Dont you dare!!” Maxwell warned…

“We’ll see about that” Gavin muttered.

Maxwell spun the bottle and it pointed at Iris, Gavin’s turn to ask.

Gavin smiled devilishly as he felt two imaginary horns on his head. Iris swallowed re-ady [email protected]

“Truth or dare” Gavin asked.

Iris thought for a while, whether she choose truth or dare he is still gonna make it [email protected] for her so…

“Dare” Iris sighed.

“Well I dare you to come and do a [email protected] dance on me for 10 minutes” Gavin sm-irked.

Iris furrowed her brows greatly.

“No way!!” Iris snapped.

“Then you simply drink the cup of toilet water. Do you think I was enjoying your dare?” Gavin rolled his eyes.

Iris looked at the [email protected], there is no way she’s drinking that so…

Iris stood up and walked to him then glared at him before positioning her self.

Kimberly pla-yed the music “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj on her phone.

“Don’t get [email protected] bro” Maxwell laughed.

“Come on!! Little things like this don’t turn me on” Gavin win-ked.

🎶 By the way, what he say
🎶 He can tell I ain’t missing no meal
🎶 Come throu-gh and fv¢k ’em in my automobile
🎶 Let him eat it with his grills
🎶 He keep telling me to chill
🎶 He keep telling me it’s real
🎶 That he love my s*x appeal
🎶 Coz he don’t want ’em b©dy, he want something he could gr-ab
🎶So I pu-ll up in a jab and I hit him with a jam like dun-dun-dun-dun

Iris [email protected] danced on him and twerked on his a little till the time was up.

“Wow! You’re the real deal, never knew you can whine and move like that” Kimberly laughed.

“Nob©dy should talk to me” Iris snapped angrily.

Maxwell laughed and hung his hand on her.

“C’mon iris, you [email protected]£ up with the idea of truth or dare so you’ll @ssume it” Maxwell laughed.

Iris spun the bottle and it pointed at Kimberly. Maxwell turn to ask…

“Truth or dare?” Maxwell asked.

“Dare” Kimberly said..

“Do same dare Gavin gave to Iris but on me. Wanna feel that b©dy on mine” Maxwell sm-irked.


Kimberly went back to her seat and sat down while frowning, she spun the bottle and it pointed at Charlotte and it was Iris to ask.

“Truth, I’m not courageous for those [email protected]ûghty dares.” Charlotte said.

“Okay, are you still a v?” Iris asked.

Charlotte looked at everyone and slowly shook her head negatively.

“Will never tell anyone how I lost it” Charlotte said rather sadly. Iris rubbe-d her hand on hers.

“I think I un-derstand you” Iris smiled comforting her..

Charlotte spun the bottle and it pointed at Iris again, Kimberly’s turn to ask..

“Truth or dare?” Kimberly asked.

“Dare” Iris said and later regretted it

“I dare you to ca-ress Max’s abs for 5 minutes” Kimberly said.

Maxwell smiled and quic-kly re-moved his shi-t revea-ling his abs..

“I’m re-ady, so long as it’s a h0t girl then no problem” Maxwell said.


“No!!” Gavin cut Iris off…

“She isn’t doing that dare” Gavin said to Kimberly while frowning.

“Why?” Kimberly and Iris chorused. Iris too was wondering why he refused…

“I just don’t want her to” Gavin said stubbornly as usual…

Maxwell smiled secretly..

“Oh I now see what he meant by target. Don’t worry Gavin, I won’t steal her from you. Though she’s too pretty but I respect our bro code” Maxwell said in his mind.

“If you don’t want her then you’ll be the one to drink the water!!” Kimberly sm-irked.

“Okay” He said.

That simply word shocked everyb©dy except Maxwell. Kimberly simply nodded and went and brou-ght the water.

Gavin looked at it disgustingly and swallowed. His stomach even churned at the thought of drinking it.

He took de-ep breaths and picked the [email protected] then raised it to hisl-ips…

Valentina climbe-d downstairs while wearing one of her ear rings. It was alre-ady 10 in the morning.

She met Minnie and Myles having their breakfast while laughing heartily.

“Good morning nanny!” Minnie and Myles chorused

Valentina smiled and k!$$£d Myles and Minnie respectively before taking her seat.

“You look more pretty this morning nanny” Minnie smiled.

“Come on, don’t make me blush this morning” Valentina smiled picking her fork.

“Well that’s the truth” Ricardo said, coming downstairs. He was alre-ady dressed in his suit.

“Morning bo…Ricardo” Valentina said slowly.

Ricardo got downstairs and k!$$£d Minnie and Myles on the cheek then smiled at Valentina before taking his seat.

“Dad!! Hope you haven’t forgotten of our upcoming birthday” Myles asked.

“Of course I didn’t, you guys won’t let me breath if I did.” Ricardo said stuffing his food in his mouth.

“Nanny, in two weeks time we’ll be 7 years old” Minnie smiled.

“Really? That’s so cute!! Don’t worry a big gift awaits you two” Valentina pinched Myles cheek who smiled slightly.

“When is your birthday nanny?” Myles asked chewing on his cake.

“Well it’s 14th of February, that’s why my name is Valentina” Valentina smiled.

Ricardo’s gaze never left her face since they started the discussion. He just doesn’t know why but he just want to stare at her all day long…

Ricardo stood up when he was throu-gh with his meal, he picked up his suitcase and his phone.

“Well I’m leaving, will be waiting for you at the car Val” He said and turned to leave but st©pped.

“Oh and also when I’m back, we’ll go to the beach” Ricardo smiled.

“Yay!! The beach!!” Myles rejoiced with chocolate all over hisl-ips.

Ricardo chuckled and walked away…
KRISTINA’S [email protected]**

Kristina sat up on her be-d and yawned cutely then rubbe-d her eyes. She looked at the clock and it was still 6AM.

Kristina got down the be-d and went in her bathroom. She brushed her teeth and then took a warm shower.

She got out of the bathroom and wore a thick pu-llover with some baggy shorts then brushed her hair.

Well today was her free day so she was planning on spending it at home. Kristina got out of her room and walked to the kitchen in order to make h0t chocolate for herself.

She st©pped on her tracks when she saw a cup of h0t chocolate with a stem of rose beside it.

She slowly carried it and looked around but could see no one.

“Good morning love” Logan smiled, entering the kitchen.

“How did you get in here?” Kristina asked, a little bit surprised but flattered.


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