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unbreak my heart episode 28

{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.🥀


⚠ Don’t Copy Or Repost plea-se ⚠


“I’m sorry for ma-king you feel bad, sorry for getting you angry. I’m sorry” Ricardo said and looked straight into her eyes.

Valentina stared at him, wondering if he’s still the one. She was expecting him to fire her and s£nd her back to New York but he was doing the opposite.

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Ricardo held her left hand and k!$$£d the back of it before looking back at her.

“I’m I forgiven?” Ricardo asked.

Valentina was taken aback from what he did. She looked at him and looked elsewhere, feeling uncomfortable.

“Yeah, sure boss” Valentina replied awkwardly and rushed away.

Ricardo watched as Valentina walk away, well literally running away. He leaned on the wall and closed his eyes then smiled, placing a hand on his che-st.

“Finally, I’m free” He muttered and smiled then walked away…

Ricardo went downstairs to take his dinner. He met Valentina downstairs, dressing the dining table while the twins were alre-ady seated with their spoon and fork in their hand waiting for the food.

Valentina served Minnie and k!$$£d her hair.

“Sorry I snubbe-d you earlier baby” Valentina smiled and went to Myles then served him and k!$$£d his hair too.

She served some food on her plate too and then on Ricardo’s.

“Don’t I deserve a k!sson the hair too?” Ricardo sm-irked, coming downstairs.

The kids laughed and Valentina laughed along, thinking that it was a joke…

They all sat down and ate dinner with the twins animating the dinner as always.

“Make sure you behave, don’t spoil anything there and also go to be-d early okay?” Peggy’s voice could be hears from the phone.

“Yes mom, I know all of those rules. Bye mom, sweet dreams!!” Iris blew k!sses at Peggy before hanging up.

She entered the white house fully with her bag.

“I wonder what mom will say and react when she finds out I’m friends with the president’s daughter.” Iris thought, walking in the house.

The maids greeted her and [email protected] their way. Iris sp©tted Kimberly coming towards her, she was alre-ady in her pajamas.

“What were you doing? We were waiting for you. Come! Go change to your nightie, quic-k!!” Kimberly pu-ll-ed her to her room.

Iris [email protected] at her room. It was so spacious and so luxurious. Well what was she expecting from the president’s daughter.

Charlotte jumped down the be-d and kept her phone aside, she was in a bunny pajamas. Iris kept her things aside and brou-ght out her pajamas then wore it. It was a light blue oversized shi-t.

“Cool! Let’s go get some snacks.” Kimberly said and rushed out of the room.

Iris and Charlotte followed behind. They got themselves some snacks and also desserts, all the junk food they could see.

Iris looked round the hall as they walked to their room.

“Kim?.” Someone called from behind them.

They turned to see it was Kimberly’s mother. Kimberly rushed and hvgged her mom with one hand.

“Good morning ma’am” Iris and Charlotte chorused.

“Good morning girls, how are you doing. I’ve seen Charlotte some times in this house. That means you must be iris.” Mrs Robinson smiled.

“Yes ma’am” Iris smiled.

“Call me aunt, enjoy your sleepover today” Mrs Robinson smiled and left.

“Wow, your mom is so cool! I thought she’ll be like those first lady who treat people like trash” Iris said.

“Well that’s my mom, always humble and down to earth. She once told me that she was once poor so she knows the feeling” Kimberly said as they walked in her room.



“I’m winning!!” Charlotte exclaimed.

Kimberly concentrated really [email protected] on the TV. They were pla-ying a naruto game using the PS5.

Iris was busy munching on the ch!ps while watching them eargely. Suddenly a knock [email protected]£ up.

“Iris go see who’s at the door” Charlotte and Kimberly chorused.

Iris gro-an ed and stood up then went and opened the door. She ached a brow when she saw Gavin.

“What are you doing here?” Iris asked.

Gavin laughed for a short while…

“You’re seriously asking me why I’m in my house” Gavin sm-irked.

He stylishly glanced throu-gh her b©dy and looked back at her.

“What are you doing here?” Gavin asked.

“Well we’re having a pajamas [email protected] here” Iris replied.

“That’s not even my concern. My concern is you Kim!?” Gavin said, entering Kimberly’s room.

“How dare you carry my PS box with my gamepad” Gavin frowned.

“Oh, come on!! Just this night” Kimberly said, with her eyes glued on the screen.

“Max is slee-ping over, we need something to distract ourselves” Gavin said and went to her side.

“What?? That idiot is here? That gives me more reason not…”

Before she could finish her phrase, Gavin has alre-ady disconnected it from the TV.

Kimberly frowned and took the gamepad from Charlotte.

“Though luck on pla-ying without gamepads.” Kimberly sm-irked..

“Give me back that!!” Gavin began chasing her round the room.

Charlotte and Iris stood now, watching them run round the room.

“Never in my dreams will I say that Gavin is lively as this” Iris muttered.

Gavin finally caught Kimberly but that made her fall on the be-d, landing on the gamepad. The ‘crack’ sound was enough for them.

“Good!! Now you see?, you broke my gamepad!!” Gavin frowned.

“If you agreed to leave it here and carry your st*pid b©dy out of this room, this won’t have happened ” Kimberly frowned.

“What do we do now, I’m bored” Charlotte pouted.

“Let’s go and [email protected] or dare” Iris suggested.

“Not bad! I’m in…” Charlotte said

“Fine,,,,I’ll [email protected]” Kimberly sighed.

“Let it be clear to everyone here, I’m not k!ss!nganyone okay?” Iris sais with a serious look on her face.

“Oh okay” Gavin shrugged and walked to the exit.

“Let’s [email protected] in my room” Gavin said.

They all followed him behind till they entered another room. The room was quite similar to that of Kimberly but was boyish in looks.

Iris saw a guy pressing his phone while laying on the be-d. The guy sat up and smiled at them.

“I’m seeing three h0t and and cute chicks in front of me, any occasion?” Maxwell smiled.

“Just shut up!” Kimberly snapped and walked to the be-d then sat down.

“Alright, i got the bottle here. We’re set!” Gavin said.

“Truth or dare? I like it!! What will be the punishment for the person who won’t be able to do it?” Maxwell asked.

“He or she will have to finish a cup of water fetch from the toilet” Kimberly said.

“Sounds nice” Iris said.

They all sat down such that they formed a circle. Gavin placed the bottle at their middle and spun it.
PARIS, 11:19PM**

Valentina finished watching the film she was watching and stood up. She stood up and switched off the TV and went upstairs.

She [email protected] and headed at the balcony. A smile grazed up herl-ips as she stares at the moon.

She chuckled as the music titled ‘Talking to the moon’ began singing in her head.

“You too, you can’t sleep?” A voice spoke beside her.

She looked at her side to see it was Ricardo.

“Boss…” She muttered.

Ricardo stood beside her and smiled, something was quite different about him. He seemed more free and happy!!

Valentina smiled and looked front.

“I’m happy you listened to my advice and changed” Valentina said.

“Yeah, thank you!”

“I’m glad to see you’re re-ady to move on boss” Valentina smiled.

“What if I’m re-ady to move on with you” Ricardo muttered.

“Huh?” Valentina exclaimed

“You’ll see…” Ricardo sm-irked and looked at her…

“Guess I’ll have to leave you now. Have a meeting to go to a meeting.” Ricardo said.

“Alright, goodnight boss!!” Valentina smiled.

Ricardo furrowed his brows. He hailed the rails of the balcony and stared at her…

“Call me by my name” Ricardo said.

“No I can’t, that sounds unprofessional and unethical to call my boss his name” Valentina said.

“I still remember you screaming my name at the t©p of your voice. ‘Ricardo I’m talking to you!!!'” Ricardo said, mimicking her voice at the end.

“Hey, don’t mock at me” Valentina frowned.

“Call my name then” Ricardo sm-irked.

“But boss…”

“Next time you call me boss, Sir or Mr, I’ll k!ssyou” Ricardo sm-irked.

Valentina [email protected]

“Boss, how can you…”

“You are quite stubborn are you? Well I am quite a billy goat… Stubborn as hell too” Ricardo said.

“For a goat, you are a goat. Ignoring me because of a k!ss…pfft!” Valentina mentally rolled her eyes..

“Call my name then” Ricardo sm-irked.

“I’m sorry boss but…”

Ricardo held her chin and brou-ght her face closer to his. Valentina placed her hands on his che-st to push him away but he didn’t even bulge.

She closed her eyes nervously when hisl-ips was just inches away from hers. Ricardo chuckled seeing her expression.

He lifted his head and then placed a k!sson her forehead.

“Just look at how nervous you are just because of a k!ss, makes me wonder if you really were Ryan’s girlfriend. Goodnight Val” Ricardo re-leased her chin and walked away.

Valentina t©uçhed her forehead and looked at him. She tried as much to hide the blush on her face but it wouldn’t go away…


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