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unbreak my heart episode 26

{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.🥀


⚠ Don’t Copy Or Repost plea-se ⚠


The drive back home was so silent with Ricardo staring out of the car window and Valentina pressing her phone.

The car drove into the mansion and parked at the garage. The driver opened the door for them to come down.

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Ricardo turned his back and began walking into the house. Valentina stood there, looking at him.

“What’s wrong with him?” Valentina wondered and made a phone call.

“Sis!” Iris exclaimed from the other end of the phone. She was actually heading to her workplace.

“Iris, how are you doing? It’s day two and I miss you so badly” Valentina pouted, heading to the house.

“Me too Tina, but I don’t want you to come back early. You have to enjoy your stay there.” Iris said entering the bar.

“Wow thanks sis. So how is school over there?” Valentina asked heading to her room.

She sp©tted Myles and Minnie at the living room watching a cartoon.

“Well it is cool! I’m beginning to make new and cool friends though some are quite petty like Gavin” Iris sighed.

“Gavin? A guy? Is he handsome?” Valentina sm-irked.

“Don’t even go there” Iris warned.

“What?” Valentina laughed.

“Laugh all you can. By the way, don’t you think you and your boss make a great couple. I saw the picture where you two k!$$£d, men it was great!!” Iris laughed

“Iris!! I was just drun!kbeside that will never happen again” Valentina said, removing her shoes. She la-id down on the be-d.

“Never say never. Gosh! I can alre-ady imagine you two at the beach, k!ss!ngand…”

“Bye!!” Valentina hung up before she could finish speaking.

“This Iris is a psycho!” Valentina thought.

“Looks like mom gave birth to a pair of psycho” Valentina chuckled and ached her brows.

“But why does everyone keeps pairing me and my boss together?! I mean, don’t they see the hvge gap between us? He’s a billionaire almost all the ladies are crushing on him and I’m a nob©dy… How can he leave all those educated ladies who are way more pretty than me just to come and settle down with me…. Pfft, thats nons-en-se” Valentina kept talking to herself.

Valentina stood up and changed to her home wear. She wore a white t©p with a blue pair of jeans before leaving her room.

She got to the living room and saw the twins watching a cartoon titled “small foot”. She sat down in between them and began watching the movie with them.

Ricardo walked out of his room too, he changed to a simply shi-t and black jeans. On his way out, he saw the three of them watching TV while laughing.

He turned and made to leave but st©pped when he heard someone speak.

“Dad, where are you going!!” Myles asked.

“I just wanna tour around Paris” Ricardo smiled.

“Okay, dad. Bye!!” Minnie waved at him.

“Bye” He smiled and looked at Valentina who was also looking at him.

“Be safe boss” Valentina smiled and turned back to the TV.

He looked at her for a brief while before leaving the house.

“Here’s your c0cktail Miss” Iris served a lady and went back to the counter.

She began cleaning the [email protected] with a white piece of clothing. Once she was done, she picked a bottle of wine and turn to keep it back on the counter but halted when she saw Gavin standing behind her.

“What do you want now?” Iris said and rolled her eyes.

“What? My dad owns this place” Gavin shrugged

“I know, but the last time I checked you aren’t working here so what are you doing right here. Thought we had an agreement that we’ll not have nothing to do with each other so as to avoid war” Iris said.

“And you seriously thought I’ll respect that?! Come on! Me not pestering you is like a dog st©p hating a cat” Gavin said.

Iris sighed and pinched her brows. She pushed him out of her way to keep the bottle of wine she was having in her hand.

She made to walk [email protected] him when he held her hand and pu-ll-ed her back. She yanked his hand off her b©dy.

“Easy, I was just kidding okay? I just want us to be friends” Gavin smiled.

“Friends?” Iris crossed her hand and looked at him suspiciously.

“Yeah, promise I won’t pester you….well I’ll try not to” Gavin said.

“The way you’re suddenly nice to me. I’m I safe?” Iris asked.

“Hey Gavin! What are you doing there?!” Maxwell called.

“Coming” Gavin replied. He sp©tted a phone on the counter and then took it.

“Hey! Give back my phone!” Iris made to take it but he raised it up typing something on it.

Once he was done, he gave it back to her. Iris punched him on the stomach which he felt almost nothing.

“Weakling” Gavin win-ked and walked out of the counter.

Iris looked at her phone and then at him.

“I’m sure he’s planning something for me again” Iris mumbled.

“Who’s that cutie?” Maxwell asked, looking at iris.

“Well let’s say she’s my target” Gavin said.

“By target what do you mean?” Maxwell asked.

“Think for yourself” Gavin replied and began walking out of the bar.

“Hey! Wait up!” Maxwell followed behind.

Not quite long after, a car parked in front of the bar. The driver opened the door and Charlotte got down the car.

“Bye dad!” She waved and entered the bar.

Her eyes scanned round, searching for Iris. She smiled when she saw Iris.

At that moment, Iris also looked at her. She ached her brows, what she was doing here. Charlotte began walking to her.

“Charl, what are you-”

Charlotte hvgged her before she could finish speaking.

“I’m so sorry Iris. plea-se forgive me, I didn’t mean all what I said to you last night. It was all out of jealousy, I don’t want us to be enemies… I’m sorry” Charlotte was alre-ady shedding tears.

Iris smiled and hvgged her back too. She helped her clean her tears.

“Come on Charl baby, you’re too emotional. Of course I forgive you, was never mad at you… In fact I’m the one to ask for forgiveness, I broke our sis code. Should have never k!$$£d Luca when I know you like him” Iris said.

“It’s okay, mistakes to happen” Charlotte smiled and hvgged Iris ti-ghtly.

“Friends?” Charlotte muttered.

“Always be friends” Iris hvgged her back.

Two arms [email protected]£ and wra-pped them up…

“You’re doing the group hvg without me. That’s not fair!!” Kimberly pouted while hvgging them.

Iris and Charlotte chuckled.

“C’mon, I prepared a lot of cool stuffs for us today. Let’s go!!” Kimberly said.

“Wait, I’m still working!” Iris said.

Kimberly turned to Mr Peter who was busy with some clients.

“Can we borrow Iris for today. plea-se?” Kimberly pouted

“Sure young miss” Mr Peter replied and smiled.

“You’re too kind. That Mr Pete!” Kimberly pe-cked him and held iris’s hand.

“Done! Now let’s go!” Kimberly dragged her out of the club.
PARIS, 07:40PM**

Ricardo walked into a one of the club in the area. For about 3 hours now he’s been touring the city and now he decided to end his day in the club.

The music was blaring at each corners of the club. He quietly walked to a seat and sat down. With his casual wear it was quite [email protected] to recognize him…

A server walked to him dressed in some skimpy clothes. She smiled s£dûçt!velyat him.

“What can I offer you handsome?” She smiled.

“Whiskey will do” He replied.

The lady left, ma-king sure to shake her bu-tt while leaving. Ricardo’s eyes traveled round the club.

Some where dancing, some were busy k!ss!ngand romancing themselves while some were simply sitting and flir-ting around.

“I’m sure there are married men in this club. Busy fv¢king some useless bit-ches, while their wives are at home worried sick of them. Such a rotten world we live in” Ricardo muttered bitterly.

A lady suddenly [email protected]£ and sat down beside him. Ricardo looked at her and looked away.

The server [email protected]£ and served him his drink then kept the bottle beside. He paid the server who walked away after wi-nking at him…

The lady who was sitting beside him, [email protected]£ more closer to him ma-king sure to press her b00bs on his arm.

“Hey Se-xy , I couldn’t help but notice you’ve been sitting here all by yourself. I’m sure you need some good company” The lady whispered s£dûçt!velyin his ear with her hands slowly crawling to his th!gh.

Ricardo simply stared at her, strangely his b©dy wasn’t reacting to her t©uçhes. Something crossed his mind and then he pu-ll-ed her closer by the head and slammed hisl-ips on her.

The lady wra-pped her hands round his n£¢k, k!ss!nghim hungrily. Ricardo gro-an ed and broke the k!ss, that k!ssalso didn’t make his b©dy react.

“Let’s just go to a room pretty boy. There I’ll-”

“Leave!” Ricardo said.

“C’mon hun”

“Leave now!!” Ricardo raised his tone abit. The lady scoffed and stood up, she walked away looking for another customer.

Ricardo continued his drink. These days he doesn’t un-derstand himself any longer… He didn’t know for how long he stayed there
Valentina switched off the TV. She went upstairs to check up on Myles and Minnie. They were still slee-ping soundly…

He closed back the door and went back downstairs. She looked out of the window and sighed. It’s almost 10 and Ricardo isn’t back…

Valentina sat down on the couch and brou-ght out her phone then began surfing while texting with Kristina.

Few minutes later, she heard the sound of the car drive in the mansion. Valentina di-pped her phone in her pocket and stood up then walked to the entrance.

Ricardo staggered upstairs to the entrance while holding his head.

“I shouldn’t have drink this much…my head hurts!” Ricardo muttered.

Valentina opened the door and Ricardo almost fell on her if not for the fact that he was holding on to the door post.

“Boss..!! You reek of alcohol” Valentina twisted her face.

“Just help me get to my room” Ricardo muttered.

Valentina nodded and placed his arm on her shoulder. She struggled and helped him walk upstairs.

She kicked open the door to his room and they both went in. Valentina placed him on the be-d. She knelt down and helped him re-move his shoes…

Ricardo kept rolling on the be-d while holding his head. Valentina lifted herself up abit arranging the pillow properly un-der his head.

Ricardo st©pped moving and now began starring at her face. He didn’t know whether it was the alcohol or his mind disturbing him but he raised his hand and then cu-mpped her cheek.

That made Valentina look down at him, she looked at his hand on her cheek and tried to pu-ll away but…

Like a flash, Ricardo switched their position such that he was on t©p of her.

“Boss…” Valentina called nervously, she was slowly regretting why she helped him.

“Shh…” Ricardo said with swaying eyes. He slowly began leaning.

Valentina shifted her head away from him more and more so much that the be-d was almost swallowing her.

“Boss, no no no no” Valentina said and made to push him away but he pinned her hands on the be-d and slowly claimed herl-ips.

Valentina’s eyes grew wi-der by the second. She was completely tra-pped un-der him. She could even taste the alcohol

Ricardo kept savoring herl-ips, k!ss!ngher hungrily. He bit herl-ips and su-cked then ni-bbled on it.

Valentina tried as much as possible to resist but he was such a great k!ss£r! She found herself giving in.

Ricardo re-leased her hand when she st©pped struggling. She di-pped her hands in his hair, slowly melting in the k!ss.

Contrary to the madness that Ricardo did earlier this was the real deal! His heart kept hammering against his ribcage…

He slowly broke the k!ssand k!$$£d her shoulder, l!çk!ng and su-cking on it.

“Rick…” Valentina [email protected]

His hands crawled it’s way un-der her shi-t and then ca-ressed her ba-re [email protected]!st and back. That made all the hairs on Valentina’s b©dy to stand.

He trailed his k!sses back up to her ear and then li-cked and su-cked on her ear-lobe. That alone made Valentina shiver.

His hand found it’s way to her jeans and he made to pu-ll it down.

Valentina [email protected]£ back to her s-en-ses and pushed him away with all her f0rç£s. She stood up and ran out of the room, her phone fell on the floor in the process.

Ricardo di-pped his hands in his hair and sighed loudly. His head was still hurting like mad.

“fv¢k!” He muttered and closed his eyes drifting to sleep…


Rick and Tina.. My problem is not the [email protected], my problem is how will they look at each other the next day😏

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