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unbreak my heart episode 25

{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.🥀


⚠ Don’t Copy Or Repost plea-se ⚠



Valentina rose up to the alarm she set on her phone. She yawned and stretched her arms for a while before ru-bbing her eyes.

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She smiled when she remembered that she was in Paris. Valentina got down her be-d and went to the window.

She could see the beautiful landscape with the sun peeking behind it, was so beautiful.

Valentina smiled and closed back her window then went to the bathroom. She tuned one of her music and placed her phone on the stool…

🎼 I need someb©dy who can love me at my worst
🎼 Know I’m not perfect but I hope you see my worth
🎼 Coz only you, nob©dy new I’ll put you first…
🎼 And for you girl I swear I’ll do the worst.
🎼 Oh oh oh ohhh oh..

Valentina sang while taking her bath, once she was done she walked out of the bathroom with a towel tied round her b©dy.

A knock [email protected]£ up on her door.

“Yes?” She said.

“Nanny, it’s me!!” Minnie’s voice [email protected]£ up.

Valentina furrowed her brows and chuckled, it’s still 7AM and she was alre-ady awake?

Valentina opened the door for her to enter. Minnie entered with a bright smile on herl-ips.

“Morning nanny!” Minnie smiled and sat down on her be-d.

“Morning princess, how was your sleep?” Valentina asked, ru-bbing her cream on her legs and hand.

“Well it was cool! Though Myles snores kept waking me up!” Minnie pouted.

Valentina chuckled and went to her wardrobe. She took out one of her dress and wore it…

“Nanny!! Will you cook breakfast for us again! Your cooking are so good!!” Minnie smiled.

“Awn… You’re a darling Minnie but that’ll wait till dinner, I and your dad have some meetings to attend to today” Valentina replied while wearing her shoes.

She sat down in front of the vanity table and picked a brush then slowly began brushing her hair.

“Nanny!! I love your long hairs!” Minnie said.

Valentina chuckled, it’s surprising how Minnie grew fond of her the first day they met.

“Thanks cutie!” Valentina replied and stood up. She picked up her handbag and walked to Minnie.

She held her hand and they walked out of the room together, heading downstairs.

“Morning daddy!!” Minnie rushed to Ricardo who was sitting at the dining table with Myles. She hvgged him and pe-cked him before going to sit on her place.

“Morning boss” Valentina smiled and sat down beside Myles.

The maids served them breakfast and they began eating. Myles kept picking his food with a sad face.

Valentina looked at him and cut her piece of meat then extended it to Mylesl-ips.

“Here eat up! I know you miss Leslie, don’t worry these two weeks will [email protected] real quic-k” Valentina win-ked.

“Nanny!!” Myles snapped while Ricardo laughed.

“What?! You wanna tell me that I’m wrong. Just eat up or else…” Valentina said giving him that warning look of hers.

Myles frowned and opened up. She fed him and he chewed on it while frowning…

Ricardo stood up once he was done with his food. He picked up his suitcase and k!$$£d Myles and Minnie respectively.

“You two behave okay? Whatever thing you need, just ask the maids…okay?” Ricardo smiled.

“Okay dad” They chorused.

Valentina stood up and walked to Ricardo, she raised her hand to his tie and then fixed it properly.

“Here, all good boss” Valentina smiled to him. He just stared at her smile without saying anything.

“Goodbye my M twins. Behave okay? Especially you Myles” Valentina blew a k!ssat them and walked out of the dining, Ricardo followed behind her.

All throu-gh Valentina was holding a smile on her face.

“It looks like you so much love Paris?” Ricardo spoke.

“Well yeah, you can’t imagine how much I’ve dreamt of this place. Especially when Kristina will be telling me of how their vacation was I’ll be like ‘oh when will I go there?!” Valentina chuckled.

“So you know Kristina?” Ricardo asked, looking front.

“Well yeah! She’s been like my twin sister ever since we were a kid!” Valentina said.

“So you must be the Tina she kept pestering me to [email protected]£” Ricardo said and Valentina chuckled.

“Well Kristina can be quite pushy at times” Valentina said.

They got to the car and a driver opened the door for them. Ricardo gestured for Valentina to enter before he did.

The driver roared the engine to life and then drove off…

Kimberly walked out of her bathroom then picked a dress to wear. She finally decided to settle in some pink jeans with white t©p. Once she was done dressing, she walked out of her room. It was still 9AM and Sunday so no school…

She heard some noise going on in the living room. When she got there, she saw Gavin discussing with a guy and laughing.

Her gaze got glued on him, his smile was so cute. His black hairs with some blue str!pes on it added more to his cuteness. The guy looked at Kimberly and her heart seem to skip some beats.

“Who’s that pretty babe” The guy said, ma-king Kimberly blush.

Gavin turned to Kimberly and smiled. She held Kimberly’s hand and pu-ll-ed her closer.

“Oh this is my kid sis Kimberly! Remember the one who was 13 when you knew her.” Gavin turned to Kimberly.

“Kim, remember Maxwell??” Gavin said.

Kimberly raised her brows immediately. She instantly regretted why she complimented him.

Maxwell Jones is one of Gavin’s oldest friends. Both of them are of the same age (18 going to 19).

Maxwell is like Kimberly’s arch enemy, she can still remember when she was 13 and him 14…how he always disturbs her and tease her. They almost fought if not for Gavin.

“Oh it’s you Kim!! You’ve become more beautiful and more curvy!!” Maxwell smiled.

“Don’t smile at me!” Kimberly snapped.

“Come on Kim Kim!! The past is in the past, you know we were still kids at that time!!” Maxwell held her shoulders.

Kimberly [email protected] his hands off and walked out of the house. Maxwell chuckled and sat down.

“She’s still mad at me” Maxwell smiled.

“Well what were you expecting! After you emptied a bucket of chocolate on her hair the day of her birthday” Gavin sat down beside him.

Maxwell laughed, remembering that moment.

“Good memories!” Maxwell smiled.

“So how was Korea?” Gavin asked as a maid [email protected]£ and served them some tea.

Well Maxwell traveled out of the county when he turned 15 till [email protected]£.

“Well it was not bad, [email protected]£d and fv¢ked lot of cute chicks!” Maxwell win-ked.

“Still the same as always!!” Gavin smiled..

“You know the song” Maxwell win-ked.

As they where talking, the president and his wife walked down the stairs with their hands together.

“Mom! Dad! Good morning!” Gavin smiled.

“Aunt! Uncle!! I missed you two so much!” Maxwell gushed and went to hvg them.

“Omg!! Is this little Max!! You’ve grown so handsome and beautiful!” Mrs Robinson complimented.

“Thanks aunt” Maxwell smiled.

“Where’s Kim?” The president asked.

“Well she left not quite long ago. Think she’s with her two friends” Gavin said.

“Really? Well I think I’ll ask her to invite them over.” Mr Robinson said.

Gavin stood and picked up his car keys.

“Well mom, dad we’ll be leaving. Have to catch up with all the lost time” Gavin said.

“Alright baby” Mrs Robinson said.

“Mom…I’m not a baby” Gavin pouted, walking to the exit.

“You’ll still remain my baby!” She replied.
PAIRS, 1:35PM**

Valentina and Ricardo walked out of the fashion company they [email protected]£ to make an collaboration with.

“Boss, so you said the show will he next week Friday right?” Valentina asked, tapping something on the tablet she was holding.

“Yeah” Ricardo replied, walking in front. His gaze landed on a man who were staring at Valentina while l!çk!ng hisl-ips.

The man’s gaze landed on Ricardo and Ricardo [email protected] him a chilly glare. He quic-kly adverted his gaze from her since he knows who Ricardo is.

“Why did I do that, not like I own her” Ricardo wondered

As Ricardo got to his car, he was welcomed by reporters and ph0togra-phers who kept taking his pictures.

His b©dyguards cleared the way for them and they entered the car.

“Where is our next location boss” the driver asked.

Ricardo suddenly remember something. He looked at Valentina and back at the driver.

“To the Eiffel tower” Ricardo said.

Valentina immediately looked up at him with a surprised look on her face.

“Thanks boss” She muttered.

The driver drove off, heading to the Eiffel tower. Once they got there, the driver opened the for them.

They got down and Valentina looked up, the tower was so so tall that Valentina couldn’t help but gape.

Ricardo looked up too at the tower. He’s seen it so many times but today it was different. Was it because of the fact that it doesn’t longer remind him of Evelyn? or was it because of Valentina?…that was what he couldn’t pinpoint.

Valentina kept her gaze focused at the tower. So much that she couldn’t see where stepped.

She mistakenly stepped on a stone and that made her loose balance. She found herself falling when suddenly, someone caught her by the [email protected]!st and pu-ll-ed her up ma-king her crash on his che-st.

She [email protected] when she opened her eyes to realize it was Ricardo.

“So sorry boss” She said and bit herl-ips, why do st*pid accident like this keeps happening to her?

Ricardo wasn’t even listening to what she was saying. He instead had his gaze focused on her face. The way she bit herl-ips made him wonder how thosel-ips would taste again on his.

He quic-kly shook those thoughts off his mind and re-leased her then turned his back on her. Since when do he start thinking like this?

It was because of his love for Evelyn that he couldn’t see any other women. Now that he has turned the page and has moved on…things just get more complicated in his mind especially when he’s with her.

Ricardo turned and looked at Valentina. At first, all what she did reminded him so much of Evelyn now it’s different.

Was he perhaps trying to compare them? All that just provoked his headache again.

“Let’s go home Valentina” Ricardo entered the car and di-pped his hands in his hair.

“He called me by my name” Valentina thought

Valentina stood there, wondering what could be going on in his mind. Nevertheless she went in too, the driver roared the engine to life and drove off…


A new character has come to disturb Kimberly, Maxwell!! Ricardo, welcome to the second stage in moving on…the fear to love again!!

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