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unbreak my heart episode 23 & 24

{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.🥀


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“Myles… Come and see how dad looks like a w€t chicken” Minnie who was standing by the door laughed.

Myles ran up to them twisted his face.

“Eww…” Myles said.

Ricardo’s gaze traveled back up to her face. She held a very sorry look on her face.

Valentina turned to the counter and brou-ght out a towel, she soa-ked it with water and turned to him then began wiping the eggs of his face.

“So sorry boss, you should have signal me that you were in the kitchen” Valentina pouted.

Ricardo simply looked down at her with an expression one could [email protected] un-derstand.

Ricardo then caught her wrist ma-king her to st©p.

“It’s okay. Accidents do occur but just make sure it won’t happen next time” Ricardo said.

He took the towel from her and walked out of the kitchen. On his way out of the kitchen, he glared really [email protected] at Minnie before leaving.

Iris finished cleaning the last [email protected] and then wiped it before keeping it down.

She looked at the time and it was 7PM, time to leave. She re-moved the apron she was wearing and then kept it before walking out of the club

“Goodbye Mr Peter” She waved before leaving.

“Bye Iris” He smiled, arranging the drinks at the counter.

Iris began walking back home, she suddenly remembered what Gavin told her. That made her face fall again.

“I should have given you two or three [email protected] instead of just one” Iris mumbled.

Suddenly her phone began ringing. She brou-ght it out to see it was Charlotte.

“Yup girl?” Iris said.

“Where are you girl? The [email protected] has started but I’m not seeing you here” Charlotte said. Iris could hear the music blaring throu-gh the phone.

“Oh…” Iris said, she completely forgot that today is Dasha’s birthday.

“Well I don’t really feel like coming Charl” Iris said.

“Come on babe… Kim and I are waiting for you” Charlotte said.

“But…” Charlotte hung up on her.

Iris hissed loudly. She hailed a cab which took her home.

They alre-ady have finished dinner and right now Valentina was watching a movie with Myles and Minnie snuggling on her and a blanket placed on them.

Ricardo who was done working on his [email protected]©p walked downstairs to get himself a [email protected] of water paused and looked at them.

“It’s midnight, what are you still doing awake?” Ricardo asked.

Valentina, Myles and Minnie looked at Ricardo at the same time. They looked at him for a while before looking back at the TV, not uttering a single word.

Ricardo raised his brows.

“That’s weird…” He said and entered tge kitchen.

Minutes later, the film was over. Valentina stretched her b©dy.

“I love this film” Myles said, raising his head from Valentina th!gh.

“I love cudd-ling nanny Tina” Minnie hvgged Valentina.

“Awwn…” Valentina hvgged her back too and k!$$£d her forehead.

She turned to Myles who quic-kly looked away. Valentina pu-ll-ed him in for a hvg and also k!$$£d his forehead too.

“I know de-ep down you wanted it” Valentina whispered to his ears.

Myles simply blu-shed and looked away from her. Valentina re-leased him and stood up.

“Come on, let’s go to be-d before your daddy comes back here. Who knows maybe he’ll fire me this time” Valentina said.

“I’ll never allow that…” Minnie said.

“Goodnight nanny” Minnie stood on the couch and pe-cked her. She got down and headed to her room.

“Night nanny” Myles said and followed her behind.

Valentina yawned and switched off the TV before going upstairs, heading to her room.

Iris got down the cab and looked up at the mansion in front of her. It was quite big and luxurious.

She slowly began climbing the stairs leading to the interior, just from where she was she could alre-ady hear the music pla-ying…

She was wearing a purple cropped t©p with a black mini Sk-irt. She let her hair fall freely behind her back and she applied a little gloss on herl-ips.

A maid guided her to where the [email protected] was going on. All eyes turned to her as she walked round the room, searching for Kim and Charl… She was just too Se-xy to ignore.

“Iris?” A voice called her behind.

She turned to see it was Luca. A smile crept up herl-ips.

“Luca,,, you’re here too” Iris smiled.

“Allow me to say that you look so…so… h0t tonight!!” Luca said, staring at her from head to toe.

“Awn thanks Luca… By the way have you seen Kim and Charl?” Iris asked.

“Yeah, they’re over there” Luca pointed at where they were sitting.

Iris walked to them with a smile on herl-ips. A frown immediately settled on her face when she saw Gavin and his friends sharing the same table with her friends.

Kimberly who discussing with Gavin looked at Iris and smiled.

“Wow Iris, you made it!! And you look omg…” Kimberly said.

“Thanks” She smiled and glared at Gavin who couldn’t get his eyes off her b©dy.

“But seriously Iris, you look so h0t! Never knew that uniforms could hide a lot of things” Karl smiled

Iris smiled back at Karl in appreciation.

“I need to use the bathroom, excuse me” Iris said and left.

“Gavin,,,, I’m sure you troubled her again. I saw the way she looked at you, looks like she’s really mad at you” Charlotte said and hit his head.

“Hey watch it!! You might be Kim’s friend but I can still hit you back” Gavin said but Kimberly hit him too on the head.

“Ouch…” He winced and looked at Kimberly. Charlotte hit him again on the head. He turned to her and then Kimberly hit her again…

Gavin stood up ru-bbing his head, he glared at them and then left…


Iris finished cleaning her hands and then walked out of the restroom. On her way to the [email protected] hall, she saw Gavin coming her way.

She made to walk [email protected] him but he caught her by the forearm and pu-ll-ed her back to him.

“What do you want? You wanna pu-ll me to a room where they’ll [email protected] me?” Iris spatted.

“I’m… I’m sorry” Gavin said, this is a word he has never said to anyone.

“Just let me be okay… I’ll st©p pestering you from now on, let’s act like we don’t know each other” Iris said and made to go but he pu-ll-ed her back.

“I said I’m sorry Iris! I’m sorry for what I did earlier, I know I acted like a fôol, a j£rk, an idiót… I know and I’m sorry” Gavin said.

“So you think a little sorry will help to forget what you said earlier? Gavin you don’t even know me and what I’ve went throu-gh in my former school. You don’t know the trauma, the hell I went throu-gh in my former school. You don’t know what he did to me,,, how he humiliated me! How he [email protected]£d…”

Gavin slammed her back on the wall and k!$$£d her in order to shut her up. Iris’s eyes grew wi-de. She quic-kly pushed him off and her hands flew to his cheek.

“How dare you steal my first k!ss…idiot!! Just stay away from me and I’ll st©p pestering you!” Iris yelled and stormed out of the way, wiping her tears.

Each time she remembers about what she went throu-gh in that school, she always cries…

“Her first k!ss? [email protected]??” Gavin muttered and ran his hands throu-gh his long hairs.


Iris stepped into the dance floor and picked a [email protected] of water, she gulped it down and wiped off herl-ips.

“Iris?” Luca called coming to her…

“You look pale and sad, what’s the problem” Luca asked.

“Nothing” Iris said and looked away.

Luca raised his hands to her face and wiped off the drop of water that was bear herl-ips.

“Come let’s go and dance, I’m sure it will relief you” Luca smiled and pu-ll-ed her to the dance floor.

They began dancing to the rhythm of the music.

“This feels so great!!” Iris exclaimed, dancing off her sadness…

The music suddenly st©pped and Dasha [email protected]£ upstage, looking more pretty than usual. She was holding the mic on her hand.

“So as the MC and also as the birthday girl, a have a little game we could pla-y. On the count of three, each and everyone of you will have to k!sshis or dance [email protected] for 5 minutes!” Dasha said and some people [email protected] and hailed.

Charlotte who has been looking at Luca and iris felt her heart fall…

Iris looked at Luca and laughed nervously. Luca held her [email protected]!st and gulped down too…

“3, 2…1!!!” Dasha called.

Everyone began k!ss!ngeach of their [email protected] Luca lowered his face and brou-ght his face closer to iris’s.

Iris gulped down, feeling kinda nervous. She slowly [email protected] herl-ips and then hisl-ips landed on hers.

Luca k!$$£d her slowly, he didn’t even know when he pu-ll-ed her closer.

“And it’s over!!” Dasha [email protected]

Charlotte couldn’t take it any longer, she rushed out of the area.

“Charlotte!!” Iris ran after her.

Luca t©uçhed hisl-ips and smiled…

{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.🥀


⚠ Don’t Copy Or Repost plea-se ⚠


Charlotte ran out of the club heading to the backyard.

“Charlotte!!” Iris called.

Charlotte st©pped running and wiped off her tears, she sniffed in and turned to Iris with red eyes…

Iris felt even more bad when she saw her face. She slowly took slow steps to her.

“Why are you suffering yourself for nothing, simply tell him that he likes you” Iris said softly.

“So that he should mock at me! He should see me as a cheap girl?!” Charlotte snapped…

“Being honest with how you feel about him won’t make you a cheap girl, instead it will…”

“Why are you here, I’m sure he alre-ady likes you. What’s the point of telling him about my feelings” Charlotte cut her short.

“I’m I dreaming or you’re jealous of me? Come on Charlotte that was just a harmless k!ss” Iris frowned.

“A harmless k!ss? I saw in his eyes how he looked at you and that’s not how people look at their friends…” Charlotte said.

“Okay let’s say he’s into me. What do you want me to do? Should I ignore him, shun him away? I can’t! He’s my friend… All you have to do is win his heart over” Iris said.

“St©p acting like you don’t want to be with him. Ever since you [email protected]£ into this school, everything has always revolved round you.” Charlotte rolled her eyes.

“See jealousy in all its form! Charlotte!, its so disheartening to see you think of me this way. I thought we were friends!!” Iris said

“I thought too, maybe I don’t wanna be your friend anymore” Charlotte said and marched away

“So this is how it is now?? Fine, go away! Stay with that damn jealousy of yours!!” Iris snapped and walked to the entrance of the house.

“Can’t believe Charlotte just said all these things to me!!” Iris mumbled angrily.

She st©pped on her track when she heard some people laughing. She ached her brows and slowly walked to where the voices where coming from.

She peeped in and saw Riley laughing with her followers.

“So hope you a have gotten the plan. You Ella you’ll make sure to drop this in Dasha’s drink. It will suddenly make her h*rny. You take her to this room and my b©dyguards will do the job, make sure you take all of it in video. She’ll regret ever setting eyes on my Gavin” Riley sm-irked

Iris almost [email protected] but covered herl-ips so that her voice won’t be heard. She slowly moved away from the door and marched to the dance floor.

“Can’t believe someone can be this cruel. If someone ask me I’ll say she’s Xander sister!” Iris thought angrily.

Her thoughts were cut short when an arm pu-ll-ed her into a corridor. She looked up to see it was Gavin.

“You again?! What do you want from me now!!” Iris snapped.

“Your forgiveness” Gavin simply said.

Iris stroke her chin, in de-ep thoughts. Their clos£ness made Gavin to have a clear look of her face.

“She’s not as ugly as I thought” He thought with his gaze landing on herl-ips.

“Voila!! I’ll forgive you only on one condition. If you help me teach Riley a lesson she’ll never forget… I know you’re the master of revenge” Iris sm-irked.

“Deal!!” Gavin said.

“Okay, but I want it to be clear… I want to have nothing to do with you, you respect you lane and I do mine too are we clear?” Iris said and Gavin simply nodded.

“Okay, so here it goes…” Iris began explaining what she heard Riley saying.

Gavin’s face immediately fell, he punched the wall behind iris in anger.

“How can someone be this cruel and heartless” Gavin said.

Iris simply looked at him with a funny look. With a look that says ‘you two are bird of the same feather’

“I know just the right punishment for her, come!!” Gavin pu-ll-ed her by the hand…


Dasha was busy dancing and twerking on Karl who was enjoying the [email protected] The people kept cheering and [email protected] for them till the music was over.

“Men Dasha you got some killer h!ps!!” A boy commented.

Dasha win-ked and went to sit down. Suddenly, Ella walked to Dasha and sat beside her with two drinks in her hand.

“Happy birthday Dasha girl” Ella smiled and handed the drink to Dasha.

“Thanks Ella, where’s Riley?” Dasha asked collecting the drink from her.

“Well she went to the restroom” Ella replied and made a toast with Dasha.

Dasha brou-ght her drink to herl-ips when suddenly, Iris ‘mistakenly’ bu-mped into her ma-king the drink spill on her dress.

Dasha [email protected] but Ella [email protected] even more.

“Iris!! Look what you did to my birthday go-wn” Dasha flared up.

“I’m so sorry Dasha” Iris said with a sorry look on her face…

Dasha hissed and rolled her eyes then marched to the bathroom.


Gavin carried Riley who was tied up and placed her on the be-d in the room. She tied her hands and legs up on the four poles on the be-d.

“Let’s see if you’ll love it, getting the taste of your own medicine” Gavin sm-irked at her then stood up.


Riley walked out of the room where she told her girls what to do. A wi-de smile could be seen on herl-ips as she walked.

Suddenly an arm closed her mouth and before she knew it, she [email protected] out.

Riley only woke up after 30 minutes to see herself in one of the rooms in the house. She made to stand up from the chair but couldn’t.

“Who’s here!! Let me go!!” She screamed and tried to free herself.

Gavin walked in with a syringe in his hand, his b©dyguards were standing behind him.

“Gavin…?” She said, drooling on his face.

Gavin turned the mirror to Riley and she [email protected] Some makeup and re look were done on her face and right now, she looked so much like Dasha. Her face, her dress…everything!!

“Thanks to some maids in this house, you look so much like Dasha. Now, are you re-ady to experience what you are planning for others?” Gavin brou-ght out the syringe.

“What are you talking about?” Riley asked, feeling so scared. Gavin held her arm and injected her.

“Don’t worry, you’ll see. And remember, its your word against that of the president’s son” Gavin said.

Riley opened her mouth but nothing could come out. She opened it again but still nothing…

Gavin sm-irked, he just injected her with a drug that will make her loose her voice for half an hour.

His b©dyguard [email protected]£ and carried Riley away…


“I alre-ady told, I don’t love you and I’ll never love you. All these you do un-der the name of loving me will just make me hate you the more” Gavin said and left.

Riley opened her mouth, but nothing could come out of it. h0t tears began dropping down her cheek.

He stood by a pillar and he saw how two men entered the same room he just left. He smiled and brou-ght out his phone.

“Hello, I need you guys here right now” He said and hung up. Gavin walked and stood by the door while whistling a music.

Iris ran to him and st©pped, breathing heavily.

“How’s the plan?” Iris asked.

“Well it’s going perfectly, she’s in here” Gavin said to her.

Iris chuckled and laughed then leaned on the wall too.

“I swear, if you were a criminal you could have been so wicked!” Iris chuckled.

“Well I just hate hearing sh*t like this and I’m quite vengeful” Gavin replied.

Luca who was going back st©pped when he saw them talking. He furrowed his brows…

“I thought they hated each other?” Luca thought.

Strangely, Luca doesn’t feel happy seeing them discuss. He was kinda…jealous. His mind suddenly went to the k!ss.

He shook his head while leaving. .

“I need to get rid of that memory” Luca muttered.


Riley began trembling more when those men began approaching her. She wanted to scream out for help but nothing could come out of their mouth.

All what was coming out was h0t tears. Her b©dyguards li-cked theirl-ips with one of them slowly grazing his hands up her th!gh.

She tried to run away but couldn’t, she was tired up so badly. So this is how it feels? And she almost did it to someone!!

The other one pressed her b00bs and slowly began unZi-pping her go-wn while k!ss!ngher shoulder… Riley’s heart was pounding so [email protected] in her ribcage. She felt like any minute from now, she will [email protected] out!

Suddenly the door swung open and five robust men walked in the room. Gavin and Iris followed behind them.

“Take these men to the my torture room and give them 30 lashes on their back then make sure they fill those 40 pages book with the word ‘ra-ping is not good” Gavin said.

“Yes Sir” His b©dyguard said and pu-ll-ed him away…

Iris walked to Riley who was still shocked by what happened. What landed on her cheek was a [email protected] from Iris.

“Next time you think twice before trying to make two men [email protected] a girl. You’re even lucky our plan wasn’t to get you [email protected]” Iris spatted on her face before untieing her.

Riley [email protected] loudly, finally her voice was back..

“I…I…” Was all she could say.

“Just look at how you’re trembling and you weren’t even [email protected] But you wanted the same thing to happen to someone who idols you. I feel like beating you up but I’ll kept it for next time” Iris said.

Gavin leaned by the door watching both of them.

“She’s bold, fierce…and kind at the same time, I like it” Gavin smiled.


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