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unbreak my heart episode 19 & 20

{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.🥀


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“Tina?” They chorused.

“Omg… Tina!! What are you doing here?” Kristina hvgged Valentina ti-ghtly. Valentina hvgged her back too.

“Well I work here, since two weeks now.” Valentina smiled.

“Really? Wow, I’m happy for you. Hope my brother is not ma-king life difficult for you” Kristina said

“Your brother?”

“Oh…forgot to tell you. Don’t you remember Cardo, my big brother! He’s the one” Kristina said.

“Cardo!! He’s the one,,, he changed so much. Never knew that that pla-yboy could change” Valentina said.

“Yeah, he quite it… And he’s also more handsome and muscular too” Kristina win-ked.

“St©p trying to pair us together. You’ve been doing that since we were 14” Valentina sighed.

“But you two look so good together…” Kristina pouted.

“It’s first of all useless… I don’t ever want to fall in love again, it hurts so bad” Valentina said sadly.

“Why? What happened?” Kristina asked.

Kristina sat down beside Valentina and Valentina began narrating what she saw at Ryan’s place and how they broke up.

“I thought he was kidding or maybe he was drun!k. But since yesterday he hasn’t made any efforts to call or text me” Valentina said fighting back her tears.

“Babe… Come here” Kristina hvgged her ti-ghtly, ru-bbing her back.

“Ryan is a j£rk and he’s not worth your tears nor your love. Next time I see him, I’ll make I break his skull with my heels. Come on baby girl…this is life, it isn’t made of honey and milk sometimes you have to taste the bitter [email protected] of it” Kristina cajoled her.

“Your story is a little similar to that of my brother” Kristina said.

“Your brother?”

“Yeah, his ex wife made him fall for her only to steal all his money and elope with it, leaving him with the kids” Kristina said.

“That must be bad” Valentina said, un-derstanding why he’s so cold and distant.

“You see, there are some whose love life was more tragic than yours” Kristina said and Valentina nodded.

Ricardo walked out of his office with Minnie and Myles. They st©pped and looked at Kristina and Valentina hvgging.

“Kris?” Ricardo called.

Kristina looked at him and smiled.

“Oh hi brother. I [email protected]£ to pay you a visit but little did I know that my bestie works for you” Kristina smiled.

“Oh..I see, well I’m leaving now with the kids. Not feeling too well, Miss Williams make sure to s£nd me any [email protected]£s” Ricardo said and left.

“Bye nanny Tina, bye aunt Kris!!” Minnie waved and followed behind them…

“Awwn…she’s so cute” Kristina gushed while Valentina simply smiled.

“fv¢k! Exams are next week. I hate re-ading” Kimberly whined.

“You hate everything about school” Iris chuckled. Well she doesn’t have a problem since she’s been revising during her free hours.

“Hey everyone!! Tomorrow is my birthday [email protected] and you are all invited. There will be a lot of cool games and also cute guys..” A girl who was standing by the stairs announced, her name was Dasha.

Dasha walked to Riley who was sitting by the stairs talking to her followers.

“Riley, plea-se can you come at my [email protected]” Dasha said pleadingly.

Riley looked at her for a while and smiled.

“A little fun won’t hurt” Riley smiled and nodded.

Dasha jubilated, it was obvious that she was among those that worsh!pped Riley.

“For a birthday [email protected]… You’re gonna get it” Riley thought, she was actually planning on how to humiliate Dasha.

Well one of her girls, told her that they caught Dasha confessing her love to Gavin. As expected, he turned her down but Riley won’t let it slide [email protected] her.

Speaking of Gavin, there he was coming downstairs with his hands in his pocket while chatting with his friends.

“So bro, what’s up with you and Riley?” Karl said.

“I alre-ady told you guys, I am never gonna [email protected]£ her. She’s just too cheap for my liking” Gavin said.

Riley win-ked at him, he simply looked away from her.

“But she’s h0t and I’m sure she’s sweet down thete. If you don’t want her, I can go for her” Josh li-cked hisl-ips.

“Suit yourself” Gavin sighed.

Iris folded her fists when she saw him coming downstairs.


Iris jumped for around 2 minutes before getting tired. She looked outside to see Kimberly [email protected] by.

“Kim! Kim!” She whispered.

Kimberly looked at her direction and [email protected]

“What are you doing in your towel?” Kimberly whispered, coming to her.

“Can you climb on me and get my uniform?” Iris pointed at where it was.

Kimberly suddenly bur-sted out in laughter.

“Let me guess. Gavin” Kimberly laughed…

*Flashback ends*

“Girls, give me a sec” Iris said and walked away. The toilet washer was [email protected] by.

“Let me dispose this water for you” Iris carried the bucket with a smile.

She walked to Gavin and before he could turn back, she emptied it on his head.

Josh and Karl [email protected] at the same time. Having re-moved the strands of his hair that got stuck on his face.

He smelled his hand and frowned.

“I smell like sh*t” Gavin muttered.

“Next time I’ll make you drink it. St©p getting on my nerves if you don’t want me to get on yours” Iris win-ked.

She put the bucket on his head and smiled.

“Here, now you look complete. Just like a dumpster” Iris smiled and walked away.

Josh and Karl bur-st out in laughter

“St©p laughing…” Gavin growled in anger.

They even laughed more. Karl brou-ght his phone out and took a pic of him. The others couldn’t dare to laugh since they know what Gavin can do.

Riley folded her fists…

“I’ll make you pay for humiliating my Gavin” Riley thought in anger.

Gavin stormed away in anger.

“Iris you’re crazy!” Kimberly laughed.

“I think you over did it” Charlotte frowned.

“I did nothing. Do you know what he did to me, he took my uniform and hung it on the pole in the basketball room, I was in my towel. What if a guy entered there…” Iris frowned.

Charlotte shrugged

“Let’s see how this fighting will end. But I know alre-ady how it will end” Charlotte smiled

Luca walked to them with a smile on his face.

“Hey girls.” He waved at them.

“Hi Luca” Kimberly replied

“Hi egg face” Charlotte said.

“So Iris, if you’re re-ady I can take you to the club yunno for you job” Luca smiled.

“Sure, let’s go!” Iris smiled.

“Bye girl!” Iris waved and held Luca’s hand.

Charlotte couldn’t get her eyes off their hands.

“Hey Charlotte!” Kimberly called, bringing her back to reality.


“Don’t tell me you’re suspecting them? They are just friends okay? I think you should tell Luca you like him before it’s too late” Kimberly said.

“I don’t like him” Charlotte muttered.

“Well continue deceiving yourself. Bye girl!” Kimberly said and left…


Gavin finished bu-ttoning up his shi-t, good thing he brou-ght a spare clothes from home.

“This girl…” He snarled angrily.

A sm-irk curved up hisl-ips when he thought of a way to get back at her.

“That will do just well ..” He smiled and carried his backpack then left.

“Here it is” Luca said as they got out of the taxi.

“Wow, it’s beautiful” Iris smiled.

Luca led the way in the club…

“Thankfully, my family and Gavin’s parents are friends so if I talk to them maybe they’ll give you a job” Luca said.

“Thanks Luca” Iris smiled.

They walked to the bartender who was busy cleaning the [email protected]

“Oh Luca! Been long I haven’t seen you around here” He smiled

“Hi Mr Peter” Luca smiled.

Peter looked at Iris who curtsied and smiled.

“Who’s this pretty lady! Your girlfriend?” Peter asked.

“Oh nope, she’s my friend” Luca chuckled.

“Uhm Sir, can you give her a job here? I’ll talk to your boss later” Luca asked.

Peter rubbe-d his chin, thinking for a while before nodding.

“Sure, I need a server here.” Peter smiled.

“Thanks so much Mr Peter” Iris smiled.

“Since you’re still a student, you can come hete immediately after your [email protected] and then leave let’s say by 7PM” Peter said.

“Deal…I hope the pay is meaningful” Iris smiled and Peter nodded.

“Alright, we’ll be leaving. Bye Mr peter!” Luca held iris’s hand and waved at Peter before leaving with Iris.

“Let me esc-rt you home” Luca smiled.

They began walking back home…

“How do you know Gavin’s parent?” Iris asked.

“Well my parents are the owner of Twilight High and I practically grew up with Gavin and Kimberly.” Luca said.

“That must be cool, but…”

“Yeah I know, you hate Gavin because he’s a j£rk and blah blah blah” Luca said, mimicking iris’s voice and that resulted to a hit on the head.

“Hey come here!” Luca began chasing her…

{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.🥀


⚠ Don’t Copy Or Repost plea-se ⚠



Valentina got back home, feeling so tired and exhausted.

“Good evening mom” She sighed and went to her room.

She took a quic-k bath and then wore an oversized shi-t before going back downstairs…

“You haven’t still told us why you didn’t come back home yesterday” Peggy said, setting the table.

“Sorry, I was in a hurry…” Valentina said and helped Peggy set the table for dinner.

She began telling her how Ryan was cheating on her and all what happened.

“Goodness, I knew something was off with that Ryan guy. Good thing that good men like your boss still exist. I’m sure if it was another he could have taken advantage of you” Peggy said.

“Let’s not talk about it mom plea-se” Valentina sighed.

“Oh..before I forget, I’ll be going on a business trip to Paris with my boss the day after next. Think we’ll spend two weeks or so there” Valentina said.

“That’s better, it’ll help you forget about that idiot” Peggy smiled.

“Family!!” Iris exclaimed coming in the house.

“I got myself a job!!! My first job!!” Iris jumped happily.

“You shouldn’t be stressing yourself this much Iris.” Peggy said.

“I want to…” Iris smiled and went upstairs to freshen up.

She later joined them for dinner where they discussed about Valentina upcoming trip.

“I heard that there are a lot of cute guys in Paris, maybe you can find one of your taste” Iris win-ked

“I’m not re-ady for love Iris” Valentina said.

“Come on.. Just because of a stupid Ryan, you can’t give up on love…” Iris stuff her face with food.

“Well I just hope you two find responsible men… They must be cute too, I don’t want ugly grandkids” Peggy said ma-king the girls to laugh.

They finished eating, cleaning up the dishes before going to be-d…

“Wake up dad!!” Myles pinched Ricardo’s cheek.

Ricardo chuckled and slowly opened his eyes.

“You sle-pt for so long…” Myles smiled and got down him. He was alre-ady in his uniform.

“Really? I must have been so tired.” Ricardo said climbing down the be-d, wearing his fl!pflops.

He went in the bathroom while Myles sat down on the be-d, swinging his tiny feet.

Ricardo walked out of the bathroom with a towel round his [email protected]!st. He went to his drawer and brou-ght out another set of suit.

He wore it and did his hair before carrying his suitcase.

“Let’s go” Ricardo smiled and held his hand, they both walked out of the room.

Minnie was alre-ady sitting at the dinning table. Ricardo and Myles joined her and they began eating while talking about their trip tomorrow.

Once they were done with their meal, Ricardo ordered the maids to arrange their luggage for tomorrow.

“Dad, can you drop us at school plea-se?” Minnie pouted.

Ricardo smiled and then nodded. He led the way to his car and they drove off.

“Here you go!” Ricardo smiled.

Minnie and Myles waved at Ricardo before going in their school. The kids were still pla-ying outside.

“Hi Myles, Hi Minnie” Leslie waved at them.

“Hi friend” Minnie smiled. She looked at Myles who was busy fixing his shoe lace.

“How are you Myles” Leslie crouched down.

He looked up to her and smiled cutely.

“I’m good, in fact I’m so much happy” Myles smiled.


“We’re traveling to Paris tomorrow” Minnie replied.

“Really? Wow, I once went there with my parents. It’s so beautiful… I wish I went with you guys.” Leslie said.

“Too bad,” Myles replied.

Leslie opened her backpack and brou-ght out a little cooler.

“Mom asked me to give you two this. The soup is really good” Leslie smiled.

“Mm, come let’s eat up” Minnie pu-ll-ed them to sit at the stairs where they began eating.

The door to the elevator opened and Valentina walked out. She knew she was kinda late, well it was because she had to pack her things.

Luckily Ricardo hasn’t arrived, she went to her seat and began work…

Minutes later, Ricardo walked out of the elevator.

“Good morning boss.” Valentina smiled.

“Thanks, morning to you too” He replied which surprise Valentina, he has never replied to any of her greetings so far.

“He’s really in a good mood today” Valentina thought and stood up.

She went to brew his coffee, something she does every morning.

“Here’s your coffee boss” Valentina placed it on the table.

He took it and sipped with his free hands scrolling throu-gh his [email protected]©p.

“What’s the program for today” Ricardo asked.

“Uhm…you have a lunch with the CEO of Asus company at 9 then the inauguration of your newest h0tel at noon and you have to visit Logan at 2 then a meeting which will start by 3” Valentina re-ad it out.

“That’s a lot” Ricardo muttered and looked at her.

“I’ll be so busy today so I need you to pick the kids up from school. Sunshine elementary school is the name. Can you do it?” Ricardo asked.

“Yes boss” Valentina nodded.

He simply nodded and looked back at his [email protected]©p again. Valentina turned and walked out of his office.

“Morning Kristina”

“Morning Kris”

“I love the color of your shi-t”

“You look more pretty today”

Kristina waved at her colleagues as she walked to her work area. She suddenly bu-mped into someone.

“Oh sorry Jade” She smiled and walked away.

Jade glared at her and walked away. Ever since Kristina [email protected]£ here, Logan doesn’t have time for her again…

“Morning beautiful” Logan smiled, he was actually waiting for her at her door.

“Morning boss” Kristina smiled.

“You look more beautiful today…and delicious” Logan sm-irked.

Kristina simply smiled and tapped his cheek.

“Well you can look, but you can’t t©uçh” Kristina sm-irked and made to go in but Logan pu-ll-ed her back and pinned her on the wall.

He k!$$£d her shoulder and then her n£¢k. That made Kristina shiver as her heart began racing.

“Are you sure I can’t t©uçh?” Logan whispered to her ear…

Kristina pushed him away and rushed in, closing the door behind. She placed her hand on her che-st, trying to calm her racing heart down.

“You don’t love him anymore, you don’t love me anymore” She kept repeating in her head, trying to convince herself.

“I don’t give up easily not when I’m interested in the person, that goes to you Kris” Logan said and walked away.

Valentina finished signing some files that Ricardo asked her to sign. She put it in an envelope and handed it to Jace.

Ricardo just left for the inauguration of his h0tel so it’s her who has all the work.

“What do I do now? I’m bored…” Valentina sighed.

When she got so bored of sitting on the same place, she stood up to go and get herself some treats at the store nearby.

Valentina used the elevator and got out of the company. She crossed the road and entered a bakery store.

“I want two chocolate muffins and a pack of gummy bear” Valentina paid him.

“Here’s yout order Miss”

“Thanks” She smiled and walked out of the restaurant.

She was about to cross the road when something or more specifically someone caught her attention.

In a shop just near Thornton Investment, she could see Ryan and his new girlfriend. They were actually shopping for clothes…

“Is this how fast you’ve forgotten about me?” Valentina thought.

A car honk brou-ght her back to reality. She looked to see it was Ricardo who parked in front of her.

“Oh boss, I’m sorry I went out to get myself some treat” Valentina faked a smile. She stylishly looked at Ryan again.

Ricardo followed her line of vision and then looked back at her.

“Is he the Ryan guy?” Ricardo asked and Valentina nodded…

“Come with me” He caught her wrist and pu-ll-ed her to the store.

“Boss… Boss!” Her snacks fell off her hands.

He walked in the store still holding Valentina by the wrist. Ryan and his new girlfriend (Stephanie) looked at their direction.

Ryan was surprised to see Valentina with Ricardo. Well Ricardo is his business rival so it but normal he knows him.

Valentina looked up at him and then looked down again. What was Ricardo planning to do?

“Valentina, go get yourself some dresses. Choose what you want, bills are on me” Ricardo said.


Ricardo looked at her, ma-king her to shut up. She slowly nodded and went to get herself some dresses.

Ricardo looked at Ryan with a disgusted look.

“Not only are you a thief but you’re a man whore. So disgusting” Ricardo thought and went to sit down.

Stephanie couldn’t get her eyes off Ricardo, she was used to seeing him from afar but seeing him this close… He was just more handsome.

“Babe” Ryan called her back to reality.

[email protected] scoffed and sm-irked

“Two bunch of cheating whore [email protected]!ngeach other. How funny” Ricardo thought, looking at them.

“How do I look on this one?” Valentina asked, coming out.

She was wearing an off shoulder navy blue go-wn that hung ti-ghtly to her b©dy and was ending just above her knees ex-posing her fresh legs, cle-avageand smooth shoulders.

Ryan just couldn’t get his eyes off her, she looked so beautiful and…h0t!

“You look good, let’s take this one. Try another one” Ricardo smiled.

Valentina nodded…

“You’ll later explain to me what is going throu-gh your mind” Valentina aaid inwardly.

She tried three other dresses. Ricardo paid for it and then turned to her.

“Let’s go” He held her hand and walked out of the exit.

“Babe!! You were literally staring at her, do you love her?” Stephanie flared.

“No babe, its not what it looks like…”


“What was that?” Valentina asked once they got out of the shop.

Ricardo re-leased her hand and turned to her.

“Well I just did what you should have done. Show him that you can live without him, make him regret ever breaking your heart” Ricardo said.

Valentina nodded. He was right, suffering for someone who’s not worth her love is useless.

“Thanks boss” Valentina smiled.

He simply nodded and began walking in the company.

“Boss…” She called.

Ricardo halted and looked back, waiting for her to talk.

“You should also st©p dwelling in the past, not all women are like your ex wife. St©p comparing each women you meet with her. I know I’m in no position to tell you this but, think about your kids. They’ll love to see you happy, to see you love another woman, to have a new mom… You’ve been suffering for seven good years, why not give love a second chance?” Valentina said.

“That’s all what I have to say boss” Valentina said…

Ricardo looked at her for a while and sighed.

“Thanks” He muttered and walked in…


Logan and Kristina, just looking at you with one eye. It’s the shopping [email protected] for me. E choke Ryan😂

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