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unbreak my heart finale

{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.🥀


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“OMG!!! It’s Valentina!! How come!!” Peggy exclaimed as she watched Valentina on the TV keenly.

“Sis” Iris muttered and smiled.

Gavin hugged her, feeling happy for them.

“I want to go see her” Peggy said, rushing out of the house.

“Wait for us’s dangerous to go alone” Iris said, running behind her.


“Time for big sis to teach you a lesson” Valentina said, staring boringly at Evelyn.

“ are you alive?” Evelyn asked.

“Surprised? Well you shouldn’t be.. We’ve met before just that I couldn’t recognize it was you.. Remember the lady with the burnt face whom beat you at the supermarket?”

“It was you…” Evelyn [email protected]

“Well yeah..who else?” Valentina smirked.

“Enough of talking, fight me! Show me what your father thought you before dying” Valentina said.

Evelyn folded her fists tightly and then launched at Valentina.

“He’s also your father too!!” Evelyn said throwing a punch at Valentina who did a back fl!p.

“Nope!! His sperm was used to make me but he ain’t my father.. I can’t believe the fact that I’m related to someone as ruthless as you” Valentina said and kicked her on the face.

Evelyn staggered back, wiping the blood coming from her l!ps. She frowned and then gave a punch at Valentina on the stomach, making her [email protected]

She made to kick Valentina on the stomach but Valentina held her leg and then pulled it, making her laugh heavily on her back.

Valentina raised her fist to punch her but she rolled away on the floor, standing up afterwards.

They kept fighting like that with no one wanting to back down..
Peggy got down the car and rushed in the house. A huge sigh of relief escaped her mouth when she saw Minnie, Myles, Pearl and Gael standing outside..

“Thank goodness you all are safe. Minnie, Myles..” Peggy hugged the twins tightly.

She then stood up and hugged Gael really tight.

“I’m glad nothing happened to you..” Peggy muttered.

“I promised you right?” Gael whispered to her.

“Where are the Harpers..” Iris asked.

“I think they’re all,, death” Michael replied.

Peggy turned to see a little girl clinging onto Myles.

“Who’s she?” Peggy asked.

“Meet Pearl, my baby sis.. Pearl that’s your grandma” Myles said.

“Grandma,, don’t tell me she’s…oh gosh!!!” Peggy exclaimed..

Almost immediately, the sirens could be hear as the police arrived the area.
Valentina gave her again one last hit on the face, making her l!ps burst again.

Valentina released Evelyn who immediately crumpled on the floor. She looked so weak and tired..

Valentina heard the sirens of the police cars.

“Just give up Evelyn.. Surrender and turn your self in, change your ways.. You don’t need to be this cruel” Valentina said.

Evelyn glared at Valentina and immediately stood up.

“Never!” She screamed and made to push Valentina off the rooftop but Valentina was fast.

Valentina caught her hand and switched position with her, grabbing her by the shirt..

If Valentina releases her right now, death awaits her..

“Surrender sis, let’s create that bond we weren’t able to create for all these years.. Come on” Valentina said softly..

Evelyn stared at her for awhile and her hand slowly dropped to side. She looked down as tears formed in her eyes.

Valentina smiled and pulled her back up. Evelyn knelt down on the floor, tearing up.

Valentina knelt in front of her and held her shoulder, smiling @ssuringly at her.

“It will be alright” Valentina said and hugged her.

Evelyn hugged her back while crying. She suddenly smirked and brought out something from her pocket. A knife.

“Valentina watch out!!” Ricardo said and made to stand from where he was..

Evelyn lowered it to Valentina’s back. As she was almost there to pierce through her, she suddenly paused and [email protected]

“Too bad you threw away the chance I gave you to change, I’m sorry but I had to do it… Dont worry I’ll not forget you” Valentina said coldly, bringing out the knife she dug into her stomach..

Evelyn held her bleeding stomach and stared at Valentina. She made to stand but sl!pped and began falling from the building.


Evelyn landed heavily on the ground with her eyes still opened, void of any life.. Her head cracked opened.

One of the police rushed to her and felt her vitals he faced the rest.

“She’s dead..”

The police immediately rushed in the building to make sure that there’s no more Harper remaining.

Pearl finally smiled when she saw Valentina coming out while helping Ricardo out too.

“Mom! Dad!” Pearl ran to them and hugged them.

“Careful baby girl, dad is wounded” Valentina smiled.

They dis£ngaged from the hug and Ricardo was taken to stretcher for proper treatment.

Valentina finally turned to Peggy and Iris who were staring at her like they’ve seen a ghost.

“Sis… that really you?” Iris asked.

Valentina simply smiled and ran to them hugging them in the process.

“I missed you two so much!!” Valentina said, fighting back her tears.

“You have no idea of how happy I am..” Peggy smiled.

They broke the hug and smiled at each other.

“Ricardo told me about’re the real Emerald and Mr Baxter is your father” Valentina said.

“He’s also the one that raised you as his own daughter. Not minding the fact that you were the daughter of his enemy” Peggy said.

Valentina turned and faced Gael who was smiling, watching their reunion. Valentina stretched her hand to him.

“Thanks so always being there for me..for my mother and for my sister” Valentina said..

Gael accepted her handshake and then suddenly pulled her in for a hug.

“You’re welcome, I’ll do more if necessary” Gael said.

Valentina smiled and hugged him back..

Peace atlast…


“Are you ready my love?” Valentina asked, wearing her earrings.

“Almost..” Ricardo smiled

Once Valentina was through, she faced Ricardo and then helped him fix his tie before klzzing him.

“Just look at how handsome my hubby is” Valentina said making Ricardo smiled more.

He held her wa-ist and pulled her closer.

“Why do I feel like undressing you right now?” Ricardo klzzed her shoulder…

“naug-hty, let’s go… The night is ours” Valentina said.

Ricardo klzzed her forehead before releasing her. They held hands and walked out of their room.

A black shiny car packed in front of the company. The door opened and Ricardo came out, he removed his shades as the wind blew lightly on his hair.

He stretched his hand and helped Valentina out. All eyes turned to her coz this is the first time they’ll be seeing after the incident.

Valentina hugged Ricardo’s arm and like that they walked in the company.

Ricardo guided Valentina to her office. She smiled when she got was just like Ricardo’s..

“Welcome back to business.. Mrs Deputy CEO” Ricardo said.

“I love my office. Thanks love” Valentina gushed…

Ricardo hugged her from behind, resting his head on her shoulder.

“Let’s grow this company more than it is now..together”

Valentina smiled.

“Together” She muttered.

One of the royal guards opened the door of a car and Charlotte stepped out with a smile.

She walked happily to the interior. The maids and other personalities greeted her as she walked [email protected] them. She smiled in return.

“Excuse me.. Where’s Kaden?” Charlotte asked.

“In his room ma’am” A maid replied.

She nodded and walked to his room. She opened the door and met him buckling his trouser..

“Awn..just look at those abs, cute just like a baby’s own” Charlotte gushed.

“Babies have abs. You’re so intelligent” Kaden said sarcastically.

“Hey!” Charlotte hit his chest. He caught her hand and pulled her closer, holding her wa-ist.

“How’s my favorite candy doing?” Kaden said.

Charlotte snak-ed her arms round his neck with a smile

“I’m doing just fine.. Came to tell you that I’ll be traveling back to my hometown, its just for a week” Charlotte said.

“Really? I’ll miss you” Kaden pouted

“C’mon, we’ve been dating just for three days. You’ll survive don’t worry”

“I don’t care… I want to follow you” Kaden said.

“You know you can’t, you’re a king now” Charlotte said.

Kaden just pouted.

“C’mon..don’t be sad” Charlotte cupp-ed his cheek and klzzed him all round his face.

Kaden finally chuckled.

“Let’s spend the whole day together” Kaden said

“That’s why I’m here” Charlotte said.

Kaden pushed Charlotte on the bed and covered them with the bed sheets.

“Stop.. Stop tickling me!” Charlotte laughed out loud.

“And that’s how you solve a problem using the BODMAS method.” Myles said.

“Wow! Thanks Myles..” Leslie smiled.

“Anything for my future girl..” Myles winked.

“Stop it…” Leslie blushed, looking down.

“Why? Don’t you want it?” Myles asked.

“I… I..” Leslie bit her l!ps and closed her eyes.

She stood and quickly pecked Myles on the l!ps before running away.

Myles blinked twice and smiled, touching his l!ps..

“Is that a yes?” He wondered.

He smiled widely and faced back his books.

Valentina walked into the graveyard. She slowly walked to a particular direction with the wind b!0wing gently.

She stopped in front of a grave and bent down in front of it. It was Evelyn’s..

Valentina placed the bouquet of flowers that she came with, tugging her hair behind her ears.

“I should be mad at you but I’m not,, strangely I don’t hate.. I just did what I did to protect my family, you must be much more happy than the life you lived before.. Just hope in your next life, you won’t choose this path. Anyways, all things have a reason why they are the way they are.” Valentina said and sighed.

“I would love to stay with you but I have a lot of work to do.. That’s what deputy CEOs do” Valentina smiled slightly.

She stood up and looked one last time at her name which was engaged on the stone before leaving the area.

Her phone suddenly began ringing. She picked it up with a smile.

“What’s up mentor” Valentina said.

“Val, you sound happy” Michael said.

“Of course I that things are back to the way they were” Valentina said, entering her car.

“Too bad I won’t be with you to [email protected] your birthday which is next week” Michael said.

(Michael went back to Germany)

“Wait a sec…Valentine’s day is next week?!” Valentina exclaimed.

“Well yeah! Don’t tell me you forgot, Ricardo would have been so mad if you did” Michael said.

“Gosh!, things happened a lot lately and it completely escaped my mind..anyways we’ll talk later, gotta go to work. Bye!” Valentina smiled and hung up..

“My birthday… That will make it four years that Ricardo proposed to me, how time flies” Valentina chuckled and drove off..

“Girls!!!” Charlotte rushed out of the plane, running to the girls.

They hugged each other tightly. Riley came back too with Luca.

Kaden smiled as he slowly walked down the plane. Well he insisted of following her, Charlotte had no choice but to give in.

Iris looked back and ached her brows.

“Charlotte? Who’s he?” Iris asked.

“Oh, girls meet my boyfriend…Kaden and Kaden meet my friends and here’s my big sis” Charlotte said.

“He’s not bad.. Hope you won’t use her heart as an experiment” Iris said.

“Trust me when I say she’s my life. I can’t live a single day without seeing her.. I even left my kingdom for her” Kaden said, snaking his hand round her wa-ist.

“He’s a king?… Awn that’s cute!” Riley gushed.

“Babe” Luca called, coming out of the car with the boys.

“Finally they’ll stop oppressing baby is here too” Kimberly said and went to Maxwell.

Gavin came and pecked Iris before turning to Kaden. He furrowed his brows when he saw Kaden.

“Kaden? What are you doing here?” Gavin asked.

“You know him?” Iris asked.

“Of course” Gavin smiled.

“It’s a long story..just know that Gavin is my cousin” Kaden said.

“Last time I came here was to see him. That’s when I bumped into you Charlotte” Kaden said.

“Really? That’s so cool and surprising.” Charlotte smiled.

“C’mon, we can’t let this beautiful day go to waste. Let’s take pictures!” Luca said, bringing out his phone.

“Everybody say cheese!” Luca said.



Valentina finished wearing one of Ricardo’s shirt. Something she’ll be never get tired of doing.

Ricardo hugged her from behind and klzzed her cheek.

“Won’t you get tired of stealing my things? First was my heart, then you stole my first name and now my clothes” Ricardo said.

“It’s my favorite habit” Valentina smiled.

She turned to Ricardo and klzzed him before klzzing his nose.

“Thanks for everything you’ve done for me. From a nobody to a somebody” Valentina said.

“I should be the one thanking you. Thanks for melting by cold heart, thanks for what you’ve done for our kids, thanks for giving a daughter like Pearl, thanks for your love” Ricardo said, rubbing her cheek.

“I love you” Valentina said.

“I love you too” Ricardo smiled.

They rested their head on each other for a while before reconnecting their l!ps, klzzing each other tenderly.

They broke the klzz afterwards..

“Let’s go..tonight is movie night I’m sure the kids are waiting for us” Valentina held his hand and led him to the living room.

“Finally! I thought you’ll never come!” Pearl said.


Valentina and Ricardo sat down and they all cuddled each other and they switched on the TV.

They began watching the movie. A happy family at long last..



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