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Unbelievable episode 5 & 6

(He’s a v!rg!n💦)
🍃 Episode 5 🍃
💬 Oh my… God!” She exclaimed and got up, and wore her nightie, looked at me one more time and left…
Pheww… I heaved a sign of relief..
I felt kinda ashamed..
I went back to sleep, like nothing happened..
I stood outside his door for a few munites…
He’s a fudgen v!rg!n…
Gosh, so they still exist on this earth..
Bianca is so lucky..
I went back to my room, entered my Jacuzzi and relaxed….
Later on, I went to bed…
✏ Next day ✏
I and Vance waited at the living room, for Dean, while Nath dressed him up…
I came down from the stairs like a professional, then started making funny steps..
He still couldn’t get his steps right
💬 What’s that?? That’s not how its done” I said and he went back and walked back perfectly towards me
💬 How’s that?” He asked
💬 Better” Vance said and he Put his face down…
💬 Have you practiced your speech??” I asked
💬 Yea.. All done” he said
💬 Good, now let’s go..” I said and we entered our car outside and zoomed off to the company…
On getting there…
💬 Franka, call all our executives and major investors.. Inform them that there’s a meeting” I said as Dean watched me.. Hope he’s learning…
💬 Yes mam,right away” she said smiling at Dean
💬 Stop staring at my fiancée like that and get to it” I fired, not knowing where it’s from
I’m just bieng professional..
💬 Let’s go guys” I said and we went to the office, Dean sitting besides me, and Vance by my left,Franka by my right..
Investors in thier sit.. All smiling at Dean.. He seems to have charmed them all.. Jeez.
💬 We’re seeing a sweet handsome face..” Mr zerom said to Dean and Dean smilled professionally..
He learnt well over night..
Dean leaned on his chair, palms joined together
💬 Well, your faces aren’t bad.. Y’all look fresh too.. But not as fresh as my fiancé Bianca.. She still out stands you all” he said and we laughed except I and Vance..
I blushed a bit..
💬 Gentlemen.. This Dean, my new fiancée” I introduced
💬 Like fake or real?” Mr Caslon asked, as I was about to answer, Dean put his palm on my slowly s£nding shivers to my spine and indicating me to hold on.. The board glanced at themselves
💬 Real… We’re real.. She said yes to me yesterday.., So enough about us.. Or is there anything you’ll like to add?” Dean asked
💬 Yes.. Well, if this is real.. Then you have a task to show the public that this is true.. And with this, we can continue with our investments..” Mr Sanchez said
💬 Alright, that can be about Wild fox, what’s up?” He asked.. I just relaxed and watched
💬 Well we have a new style,by Miss flora.. She is suggesting that her team pres£nts a new style of heels for the women” Mr Zeo our supervisor said
💬 Okay, set the pres£ntation and get back to us… I think that’s all for now” Dean said and we all stood up, All our Board stood up and shook Dean..
💬 He’s a good one Bianca.. Keep him” mr Caslon said
💬 You got the right person..Good Job” Mr Zerom said and they all left…
I sighted Dean speaking with Franka…
Gush! This guy is the worst..
💬 Bianca.. I told you, he was a good idea, now the last guy on your trash list is the best..” Vance said and I rolled my eye
💬 He’s so cute, everyone is charmed by him, look at Franka, she seems to be enjoying thier conversation.. Look at those l!ps. So cute, like it hasn’t been klzzed before” Vance said and I looked at her
💬 Are you obsessing over my fiancée? What do you mean.. Like he hasn’t klzzed before.. That can’t be,he’s not a v!rg!n Vance.. And stop your funny talks” I said
💬 Oh oh, someone is bieng possessive.. Look at Franka, she’s getting goose bumps…” She was saying when I left her and walked towards Dean and co..
💬 Franka.. Are you through with your work?” I asked slowly but anger in my voice
💬 I’m sorry mam, I’ll get to it” she said and hurried out and I fixed my eyes on Dean giving him angry stares
💬 What? Between me and you, I should be the angry one! I was having a good conversation with Franka,and you just had to ruin it with your jealous authority” he said and I scoffed
💬 Dean.. I’m not jealous!! You’re my fiancée and officially, you should be sticking with me!” I fired
💬 That’s it! You know this is a fake relationship, and you’re already bieng possessive” he said and I got more angry and jealous.. Yeah jealous.. Cos he’s working for me, and disobeying my orders
💬 Really? *Folding my arms* So, I brought you here, so you could find your soul mate Franka right.. Am I not so kind?!” I said with a little hurt in my voice..
His face melted a bit as he sat on the table.. Vance has gone.. Held my palm trying to draw me to him and I was hesitating
💬 Common, just come, stop acting though.. You need to be free with me” he said and I willingly came close, standing in between his legs as he sat down…
He put his hand on my cheek.. But his hands were shivering a bit..
💬 Bianca.. I’m sorry okay.. Look.. To avoid getting on each others nose, let’s try bieng friends.. And, I and Franka were just taking about cool stuffs,so don’t get any idea” he said and I interrupted
💬 I wasn’t..” I was saying with a calm voice, wondering how my voice became calm all over a sudden when he put his index f!ng£r on my l!ps signifying me to keep shut..
💬 See, you’re calm now.. Wow, a little affection can soften a stone heart.. So, are we friends now?” He asked
💬 Whatever💁😒” I said rolling my eyes and left him there..
Gosh. He’s such a handful.
I went to Franka’s desk..
💬 Mam, anything?” She asked innocently
💬 Yeah.. Franka. You’re my PA right?” I asked and she nodded
💬 Good, you’re to @ssist me officially not in taking to my fiancée and crushing on him!!!” I thunderd and she flinched
💬 I’m sorry mam, but we weren’t..” She was saying when
💬 Shut up! Look.. If you still want to be working here, stay off my fiancée…I don’t like pokers! Don’t go anywhere near him.. If the need be don’t spend more than 2munites. Got it?!” I interrupted her and she nodded.. Then Vance came
💬 Hey jealous cat.. Take it easy on her. By the way, it’s time for the press. The paparazzi now” Vance said
💬 And you didn’t inform me, cos you were daydreaming about your boss’s Fiancée! Go get Dean in the board room, and I shouldn’t wait for 3munutes” I said and she left in a hurry…
I breathed out..
💬 Unbelievable” I exclaimed
💬 Really? Already?” Vance asked and I rolled my eyes👀.
📱 Nath.. It worked.. She soften up a bit.. Thanks a lot” I told Nath over the phone
I kinda asked him to help me with Bianca, and teach me how to be a gentleman too yesterday..
📲 Good.. Just keep going like that…its no big deal” he said and hung up.. Just then Franka entered
💬 Hey franka.. What’s up” I asked
💬 Miss Bianca calls you.. Its time to meet the press.. Hurry, she asked me not to stay here for a minute sir” she said and turned
💬 Why?” I asked
💬 She’s jealous.. Pls don’t speak with me again..” She said and left
💬 What??” I exclaimed following her..
(He’s a v!rg!n💦)
🍃 Episode 6 🍃
I and Dean walked to the press area outside…
💬 Time
the drama to begin” Dean said and held my waist…
I don’t know but I felt electricity run through my body… As I tripped about to fall when he caught me and the press ran to us…
We were still in that position as the press began taking pictures…
💬 you shouldn’t be tripping my Queen, are you Alright?”He asked and I nodded my head
💭 Wow.. Looks like Bianca Buenavista has gotten a lover
💭 Yeah.. And he looks so cute
💭 Sir can we get your name
🔦 Dear friends, I’m Dean… Just Dean.. Surname will be later
💭 Sir, how did you get engaged.. Can you tell us a story
💬 Well I don’t think I have to explain anything to you guys.. We are in love and engaged.. Right love?” Dean asked and klzzed my cheeks and the paparazzi awwned.
Just then Dean stared at a particular space, looking kinda scared but covered it up..
🔦Guys,you can interview my pretty fiancée.. I’ll be back in a jiffy.. Pls don’t drool on me too much, my fiancée is very jealous” he said and left…
I blushed a bit and faced the paparazzi..
I hope he’s okay…
💭 Alright Miss Bianca, looks like your unsupporters have lost.. Now Wild fox shoe enterprises is trending
💭 And it’s because of this new guy of yours… His pictures on line are dope
The press kept running thier mouth when I sighted Gabby..
💬 Ma..he’s here to see you” Franka told me, referring to Gabby
💬 Take him to my office and pls get my fiancée” I told her as we excuse ourselves from the inquisitive paparazzi
Dean 😓
💬 What are you guys doing here?” I asked mufus and hampy who were looking at me with deadly glares
💬 Dean.. You’re now a CEO.. See your dressing and all that” mufus mocked
💬 while we.. We’re still in the streets hungry! Our fellow thief…” Hampy snapped
💬 guys..I’m so sorry.. Things happen so fast.. You know what.. Come to my new home tomorrow, dress good.. I don’t know how to s£nd money.. I mean you guys don’t really have an account.. But take this for your lunch and dinner” I said, handling them some cash as a smile appeared on thier faces.
💬 Now, that’s why you’re our leader.. Thanks alright, we’ll be back tomorrow” mufus said as they both gave me a brotherly hug and left
As I just turned I saw Vance.. My heart almost skipped outta its sockets, I thought it was Bianca.
💬 Who are those guys you gave money to?” She asked
💬 They are my friends.. Pls don’t tell Bianca” I begged
💬 uhmm.. Maybe…but I’m not promising you anything” she said and left
Oh gush! This girl has a problem with me…
💬 Mr. Dean” I heared a familiar voice
💬 Franka!! Xup” I said smiling
💬 Miss Bianca calls you.. She’s in trouble.. Gabby is in her office.. She’s always afraid of gabby cos he bullies her”franka said and I fummed!!
I don’t know but I felt like killing the gabby guy.. Even if I don’t know him
Maybe because she saved me, and made my life better
I rushed p@ss Franka heading to Bianca’s office..
💬 I see you’ve found a sugar boy.. You know that guy is nothing close to me.. I know you don’t love him, and I’m gonna prove it to everyone that that thing you both share is fake!!” He snapped to my face
💬 Gabby.. I won’t stand here and watch you insult my fiancée.. You must be crazy! What the hell do you want from me, I have a fiancée now your plans are destroyed! You can do nothing!!!” I snapped back pushing him back a bit.
He pushed me too as I startled back a bit.. My mind was already cutting
I’ve provoked him
💬 I can do nothing right!” He said and pushed me again
💬 Bianca, you belong to me! No one can take you from me” he said holding my arm strongly
💬 I have a great idea” he said and began laughing.. I was already scared to my wits
💬 you look so helpless.. Let me see how you’ll ignore me when you have my child!” He said smirking evily
💬 What do you mean ga..” I was saying when he started klzzing my neck in an attempt to rape me…
I started shouting…
Just then my office flung open as Dean entered removed Gabby from my body and punched him h@rd on the face.. Then again again again he continued with serious punches till Gabby’s face was becoming a mess..
I had to stop him, while gabby was busy laughing
💬 Dean enough, you’ll kill him if you don’t stop!” I said as Dean stoop up…
💬 No one touches my fiancé.. No one” he said about to charge towards Gabby again when I stopped him
Gabby stood up laughing and touching his messed up face with blood
💬 Looks like the new boy has courage.. Good job Bianca.. Guy it’s just a framed set up. Don’t take it too personal.. I and Bianca are always like this!” He lied
💬 You liar.. Dean that’s a lie.. He always bullies me.. We aren’t friends.. Get out of here Gabby” Bianca said as Gabby was about to charge towards me Dean put me behind and stood at my front
💬 You gotta p@ss through me first” Dean said
💬 alright.. Bianca.. I will continue my mission next time” Gabby said
💬 And this…*Referring to his wounds* you’ll pay for it.. Get ready to rot in jail.. Taw taw” he said and left as Dean turned to me
💬 are you alright?” He asked
💬 No Dean… I’m.. Scared” I said and he hugged me so protectively…
I felt safe…
One word for Dean 💖💖
Bianca Superman 😍


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