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Unbelievable episode 3 & 4

( He’s a v!rg!n💦)
🍃Episode 3🍃
Bianca’s pov😤
I stood up and went outside the company, because I’m sure the paparazzi will be outside waiting for my reply.. Vance and Franka followed me..
💭 Mam, its nice to know Gabby is your fiancé
💭 We demand to know when you guys started dating
💭 Is it even true that he’s your fiancé
💭 we want to know what you think about Gabby
🔦 Gabby is garbage! A cheap liar and a desperate maniac. We are not engaged.. And I can never be engaged to him. I’d rather choose some guy on the streets. We never dated and will never will.. Hear this matter how h@rd you try, you’ll never get what you want.. You better give up!” I said
💭 Okay, so when are we meeting your fiancé
💭 People are starting to believe that the rumour of you bieng a l£sblan is true
💭 That could terminate your business aren’t you doing something about it
💭 We need to see your fiancée as soon as possible
💭 state of business and group of unsupporters threatens to destroy your licence if you don’t do something about this
💭 Miss Bianca leave a comment
Jeez this is really serious…
🔦 Alright. Alright.. By this time tomorrow, I’ll get a fiancée.. I promise.. My business is important to me, I’ll do anything to make sure its okay” I said and went back inside…
💬 Really?? By this time tomorrow? Is that possible?” Vance asked
💬 no, but with your help you’ll make it possible.. That interview, will be this evening, I want you to get the most educated men in an hour time” I told her and went to my office.. I was feeling dizzy..
💬 Did you hear that? Follow me, we’ve got work to do” Vance told franka as they left
I went to my office and drifted to sleep..
Dean’s pov 😜
💬 this is the shop, you’ll pretend to be buying something then you’ll be courting the sales girl, then I’ll get our food for tonight” I said pointing at the map of our targeted shop for tonight’s robbery that I drew…
Yeah.. I’m a thief!
💬 Dean! No way.. The last time we stole, you took the food, and we didn’t get any” mufus said and I ran my hands through my hair
💬 Mufus, I barely escaped from that beating you’ve forgotten?? Even I didn’t get any food” I said
💬 Yeah, but you came back with good cloths, isn’t that good luck!” Hampy said smirking
💬 Yeah.. It was my luck.. Alright, we all got the plan.. Let’s all do according to plan.. No screewing up got it?? Tonight” I said
💬 Tonight” they both said too…
Well, I’m Dean… Uhmm no surname..
I grew up on the streets, I escaped from the orphanage when I was three…
I wanted to be my own boss..
I met Mufus and hampy on the streets.. That’s when we started fending for ourselves anyhow, till now…
💬 ahh!” I g@sp and woke up with fear from the nightmare I just got…
💬 Bianca.. Hope everything is okay..” Vance asked when she entered my office and saw my horrific face
💬 I just had a nightmare Vance.. Fancy things were hurting me.. An SUV almost killed me, but then a plastic trash can that had eyes nose and all that came and knocked them all out, and I found myself inside it.. Inside the trash can as it sped off” I said and she started laughing
💬 This is hilarious… All these fancy stuff had eyes nose and body parts?” Vance asked and I nodded still scared, making her laugh again
💬 Vance it sounds funny but its really scary… I was in a trash can Vance!” I said still scared
💬 Bianca, this only means, no fancy guy or neat rich guy is going to help you out, they’re just gonna hurt and make life a living help for you, but someone you call trash is the one that will help you and take you away, with him by force.. That’s the trash guy on the streets we saw this morning” Vance said making s£nse
💬 No! I won’t believe that… Are the guys here?” I asked
💬 Yeah, I was coming to tell you that.. Unfortunately, only three is available.. But they are rich, educated and fancy” Vance said and I nodded
She left and called one person as two of them walked in.. A cute guy came in..
💬 This is Xander..” Vance said as the guy sat down
💬 Introduce yourself” I said and he cleared his throat..
💬 I’m Xander, I’m 27.. Educated in the arms of accounting.. I know how to handle someone’s money… Take care of the public and expenses” he stated calmly with a smile
💬 That’s good… But young man, you’re not here to handle my money. Leave my office” I said and he left
💬 This is Lespor” Vance introduced
💬 Hi.. I’m…” He was saying when his phone rang…
After answering the phone
💬 Yes.. As I was saying.. I’m Lespor, I’m very trained in what you want me for.. I can act as fake..” He was saying when his phone rang again…
This one must be busy…
💬 I’m sorry for that, back to what..” He was saying when his phone rang again
Okay.. I can’t continue
💬 Leave, go attend to whoever is calling you” I said and he thanked me and left
Third one entered…
💬 I’m Gerrard.. I’m specialized in cooking, a nice cooking from me can change everyone’s mind” he said and I smilled
💬 Gerrard, I’m a business woman and not a glutton.. Leave my office before I cook you!” I said and he left…
💬 So what now?” I asked cos all these guys ain’t good enough
💬 Just one thing left… Let’s go find that trash guy.. Remember.. If you can find me, I’ll help you… That only means he’s not easy to find, and if we start on time, we’ll find him and force him to come with us” Vance said and I gave up
💬 Fine let’s go find Trash guy.. I’ve arrived at the last guy on my trash list” I said and she chuckled and we went out of the office driving towards the road we saw him the other time…
💬 Excuse me, I’m looking for that guy that was bieng beaten this morning.. Do you perhaps know where he stays??” I asked
💬 oh you mean the hot thief?? Are the police men? I don’t know where he is, he goes about stealing.. He’s a professional thief.. You can’t find him easily.. Just check any big stall they sell food stuffs, you might find him” he said and we froze
💬 Okay.. Thanks for the tip.. Here..” I said and gave him few cash…
We went back to our car…
💬 Oh My Gosh” Vance said and burst out laughing
💬 He’s not just a garbage boy… He’s a THIEF!!!!!!”I said
(He’s a v!rg!n💦)
🍃 Episode 4 🍃
Bianca 🙎
💬 Alright I give up… I’m not doing this.. A thief cannot become a co-CEO of Wild fox shoe Enterprises.. No! He doesn’t even has a name!” I said to Vance
💬 now don’t be ridiculous… If we don’t find him,by tomorrow, your licence is over, and so with Wild fox shoe Enterprises.. So? Are you still giving up?” Vance asked
And I began driving…
💬 Damn no! Looks like we’ve got no other choice.. Let’s find this fool, before things get spoilt.” I said and we drove through the direction we were told
*Hours later*
💬 Uhggh! Vance I’m really tired… Its over five hours we’ve been driving around… Just were is this guy??! We don’t even have a picture!!” I said in total frustration
💬 Me too, I’m also tired.. But if this is what it takes to save Wild fox, then I’m all in.. Bianca, remember our trainings.. We both grew up with this company.. Its our lively hood. If it takes us the whole night, then fine” Vance said and I smiled at her.. That’s why she’s my friend…
She encourages me even if I’m older than her.. Even back then when my Dad was training us to run the company…
My stomach grumbled..
💬 I’m hungry,” I said
💬 Me too, I can see a smell provision store there, let’s get something to eat and continue our search… Let’s exchange.. I’ll drive, you’ve been driving for too long” she said and we exchanged, she drove to the provision store .
We bought our food from the sales girl… Then drove a stone throw from the shop and began eating…still watching the shop…
💬 Bianca take a look.. Boys these days try thier luck so they can eat. See how that guy over there is tryna ask the sales girl out.. Its so obvious why he’s doing that” Vance said and I chuckled looking at the shop…
💬 But the other guy is buying some things.. I’m not sure its because of food, Vance don’t accuse mere people” I said still looking, then suddenly we heared the sales girl shout..
💬 Thief! Thief!” She shouted as a guy ran past us in furry, the two guys who were buying something suddenly rushed after him…Before we knew it people started following him..
Wait.. Only one person can do this
He’s the only thief that causes this kind of commotion…
💬 IT’S HIM!!!” I and Vance shouted and threw our food aside as Vance sped off
💬 Vance make sure you run past the people.. Pls Hurry” I said and she drove fast. We were catching up to him…
We finally got to him..
💬 Get in!!” Vance told him and he looked back at the two boys that were catching up to us and he threw the things he stole to them and entered our car.. The boys he gave the food dashed into the Bush, and we sped off with him in our car!!!
💬 Seriously? Are you guys stalking me? Or you live in this area?” He said
💬 Something like that” Vance said giving a sign of relief
💬 This is the moron we’ve been searching for.. And you’re a thief..!” I said and he laughed
💬 you’ve been searching for me? I thought you didn’t want to set your eyes on me again!” He said annoying me..
💬 Shut up” I snapped
💬 Why did you throw the stolen goods to those boys” Vance asked him
💬 oh! That was the plan, they are my partner in crime..I gave them that, cos I know since I saw you guys, eating is going to be sure😋” he said and I shook my head in disbelief
💬 Unbelievable!” I exclaimed with disgust…
The drive to the house was long, but finally, we got there…
💬Vance pls sleep here for the night will you?” I asked and she nodded in agreement
💬 Young man, what’s your name?” I asked the trash guy
💬 Dean” he said still admiring my living room…
Let me admit.. He’s really cute.
Maybe I want this after all, or maybe not..
No I don’t want him..
I just need him for the company…
💬 Good… Marisol!!” I called the servant girl.
💬 Call Nathan for me, now!” I said and she left and returned with Nathan the garden boy slash servant
💬 Mam…” He answered bowing
💬 This is Dean.. From now on, you’ll be his servant, his @ssistant, and stylist.. He’s now your boss! Got it!” I said and he nodded
💬 Now take him to any of the rooms, let him take his bath, dress him up this night, and bring him down stairs to me.. I want you to make him look like a boss” I odered as Dean kept looking at me in awe, and confusion, Nathan took him away …
Vance was at the drinking bar.. Taking a few shots, I went to join her when my phone rang… It was Dad..
💬 Daddy” I said like a small girl smiling
💬 How are you Bianca?” He asked in him old voice
💬 I’m good Dad” I said
💬 Really? I heared the commotion you’re going through there.. Hope you’ve handled the situation,” he asked
💬 Yes Dad, I now have a fiancée” I said the fiancée part in a bad tone
💬 Why, you don’t like the guy?” He asked
I wanted to say he’s a thief but not wanting Dad to scold me I just said
💬 He’s not just my kind of guy.. And you know I never wanted to get married…” I said and he chuckled
💬 You’ll get the hang of it.. I’m proud of you Bianca, good night.. I love you” he said and hung up.. I went to join Vance
💬 okay, what do we do next?” She asked me
💬 Well, we’ll teach him how to handle the press, and how to address our workers.. But most especially, how to walk, smile and address the paparazzi.. They will be seeing him tomorrow” I said and she nodded..
💬 Are you okay?” I asked her, cos she looked sad..
💬 I’m fine B, I’m good.. Let’s get to it” she said and we walked to the living room waiting for Dean, as we arranged files and stuff…
Finally he’s out..
💬 Here he is..” Nathan said and we looked up..
He’s hot,
In his nightie..
Shaved beard to a nice style, clean body and nice shaped hair that smelt so good…
Now he’s ready for tomorrow’s event..
💬 You did a nice job Nathan,now after I finish speaking with him, you’ll teach him how to walk like a big boss, and how to address the public, smile and stuff” I told Nathan and he nodded
💬 Wait, wait… What is going on? Since I got here, you have been arranging my life like I’m not even here? What’s all this. Do you realise I’m a man?” Dean asked
💬 Excuse us Nathan,go prepare dinner” I said and he left
💬 Sit down!” I odered
💬 You don’t command me” he refused still standing hands in pockets.. Wow, I guess Nathan thought him that too
He’s a fast learner..
💬 pls sit” I said once in my life and he sat…
I looked at Vance, and she started talking..
💬 Dean.. Remember we saved your life once… And you told us, if we needed anything, as long as we can find you, you’ll help us.. Now on finding you, we saved you you owe us two. Me one, and Bianca one. And you know nothing goes for free..” She said
💬 Yes… I suspected that..” He said
💬 Good, so we need your help.. We need you to become Bianca’s fiancée till further notice, because…” Vance explained the reason why and everyone was silent
💬 Will you help us?” Vance asked and my heart began pounding… But I put up a straight face… He better agree to this…
💬 I’m sorry I can’t.. I’m leaving now” he said and stood up going to his room, when rushed up to him, stopping him with my hands on his chest…
💬 Pls, Dean.. I know I’ve been so h@rd on you. But pls consider me.. I need this, help me out pls. I promise I’ll be paying you for this, pls help me.. My License is at stake” I begged sincerely. I had no other choice…
He breath in deeply..
💬 Alright.. I’ll do it.. I just wanted you to beg yourself” he said and I froze and bent my head in Shame, he smiled while Vance laughed at me…
We began teaching him few things, Nathan came back and taught him how to walk, at the dining table, Nathan still taught him how to use cutleries.
He learned fast, like he had it in his blood.. Few mistakes that would be corrected soon..
We all ate and went to bed, in our separate rooms..
I was about to sleep, when I heared a knock on my door..
I went to open it, waking in the style nath taught me.. I’m getting so good at this…
I opened the door to find Vance.. She was dressed in s£×y skinny nightie..
💬 Can I come in..” She asked cat walking inside already and closing the door..
Oh oh…
I don’t know what to do..
I felt a bulge in my trousers..
What the.. What’s going on..
Vance used a f!ng£r to push me to the bed without any strength, a single index f!ng£r pushed me down to the bed as I fell flat on the bed..
I couldn’t understand what’s going on.. How is all this possible..
She climbed on me and began doing magic on my chest
💬 Vance, I’m your friends… Your friends fiancée… Wh..what are you.. Doing” I stammered.. Suprised of myself
💬 I know,but you’re just so cute!” She said and grabbed my🍆..
💬 Omg!! What are” I was saying trying to get away from her..
My whole body was vibrating ..
And I don’t know what to do.. She kept smirking at me, like she’s expecting me to do something
💬 Common, start already..” She demanded klzzing my chest up to my neck..
💬 What do you want me to do?” I asked, because I really didn’t know
💬 make love to me” she said after she chuckled
💬 How exactly is that done?” I said .I was already sweating..
💬 Wait.. You don’t know.. Are you a v!rg!n???!!” She asked suprised!
She sat up…
💬 YOU’RE A v!rg!n!!!” she exclaimed..
WAIT 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️
Dean is a v!rg!n 🤔🤔
But why Vance seducing him knowing fully well that he’s Bianca’s future fiance 🤔🤔🥴🥴


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