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Unbelievable episode 17 &18

( He’s a v!rg!n💦)
📍 Episode 17 📍
I barged into my room as mum and dad followed me…
💬 Dean,ask no questions just go to bed!” Dad said
💬 No! What the freaking hell is going on?,franka is your daughter? My sister? And from the previous scene,you guys didn’t deny that fact! But you s£nt her away!.why?” I asked really confused
💬 Enough Dean! You mustn’t know all,just forget that she ever came!” Mum scolded
Wow,I never knew that parents were this annoying!
Well,I’m stubborn too!
💬 Okay,if you’re not going to talk,then I’m leaving this house,I can’t live with heartless people such as yourselves!leave my room” I said
💬 Dean,pls don’t leave..” Mum was saying when
💬 Get out you two!” I said and they both left!
What heartless people!
I parked my things,and headed to Bianca’s…
I turned and there she was- bleeding😳
Oh my God!
I rushed to her immedietly..
💬 Vance! Vance I’m sorry! Plss forgive me..wake up!” I said holding her
What have I done!
I had to call an ambulance that took her to the hospital at once
The doctor came out after a while..I rushed to him…
💬 Doc,how is my Girl?” I asked feeling so restless
💬 Mr Gabriel,she’s having a slight migraine,she’ll have to be admitted,but don’t worry she’ll be fine…” He said and I breathed out a bit..
Migraine isn’t a good thing but thank God,she’s not in a critical condition…
I went to her room and sat on her bed close to her,holding her hands..
💬 I’m so sorry Vance,I didn’t see you enter..forgive me,don’t leave me,you know you’re the only one left for me in this world” I said in tears..
💬 Who the hell are you?” I heared my dad’s voice from downstairs
💬 Oh you’re the thief from the slums! Well I’m back now,so your service is no longer needed with my daughter! Get the freaking hell out!” Dad snapped
Dean is here!
He’s here!
I came downstairs immediately and saw Dean with my dad…
💬 Dad,let him be pls,he’s my fiancee” I said holding dean’s Hand that was shaking
💬 Fake fiancée!” Dad chipped in
💬 I thought you didn’t like this guy!” Dad added
💬 That was before!” I said and he rolled his eyes
💬 Alright,run along…better get some sleep” dad said and I smilled and hugged him before moving upstairs with Dean
💬 You never told me your Dad was back,and that he was this scary!” Dean whispered and I chuckled
We went upstairs to my room,after eating,just relaxing as he was telling me everything that happened in the Charles house…
From when he was at the super market till when franka came by..
I was in total awe,
💬 so,you’re a rich boy aren’t you?” I said and he chuckled and pecked me
💬 You can say that again but,I’ll still keep working” he said and lay down flat on the bed and I lay on top of him…
I was in my nighties, I could feel his body vibrate at the touch of my body on him,especially the b©©bs..
💬 Bianca,I want to do it the right way,after we’re married, you’re a woman and you need to be respected… I love you for real,like not faking it,and I’ll like to marry you for real,let’s wait till then okay” he said and I rolled her eyes
Just then my phone rang…
💬 Gabby!” I said and Dean gave me a go ahead to pick it..
I put it on loud speaker..
📱Gabby,what is…” I was saying when…
📲Vance is in the hospital! Come right now I’m scared..I’ll text you the address!” He said and hung up
💬 Let’s go Dean!” I said dragging dean who had a confused face,I was confused too,but I had to get to Vance first…
Dean drove me to the hospital..
💬 Why will Gabby be worried about Vance? Do they know each other?” Dean asked irritating me
💬 I don’t know Dean, let’s just get there first.
Upon getting there,we found Gabby holding Vance hands crying..
💬 I didn’t mean to hit you with the bottle love,pls forgive me,don’t be angry at me,pls wake up!” He said in tears
💬 What the! You hit her with a bottle?” Dean asked
💬 I swear I didn’t mean to! I didn’t see her come in” Gabby was saying as I gave him a slap..
He can’t do anything to me,Dean is right behind me..
💬 It doesn’t matter!you’re going to jail right now,and nothing is changing that!” I said and started calling the police!
💬 Bianca,Bianca no! I would never hurt Vance,I’m sorry for all I did to you,you can’t s£nd me to jail now! I want to be here when she wakes up! Dean pls convince her plss..Vance is my girlfriend,the love of my life,I would never hurt her on purpose pls” Gabby begged in tears,and for once I saw him in tears…
When did he fall for Vance,I don’t get all this..
Nevertheless,he’s going to jail for hurting Vance…
This is confusing!
Gabby is in love with Vance..
Its so visible in his eyes, he’s even crying and begging…
💬 Bianca,maybe you shouldn’t be jailing him” I said to Bianca
💬 No! The cops are already on thier way” she said holding Vance
💬 man,I don’t get it, you love Vance?” I asked him
💬 Plss help me beg Bianca” Gabby was saying when the cops came and took him away
Just then Vance woke up…
💬 Gabby!” She said waking up
💬 Gabby? Isn’t he the one that did this to you? What you love him now?or you’ve always loved him?”Bianca said and Vance froze..
Like she was keeping something
💬 Where is he? He might have hurt himself from guilt..he can’t do this to me on purpose” Vance said and Bianca froze..
💬 Bianca s£nt him to jail few minutes ago” I said and Vance removed the drip from her body,wanting to get up!
📍 Episode 18📍
I actually guessed Bianca s£nt him to jail, I know what she can do,especially if someone messes with her loved once..
Me in particular!
I know Gabby didn’t mean to…
She have to release him,or else I’ll go myself!
Now things have gotten to a point where we have to tell the truth,our plans,or should I say Gabby’s plans are futile!
I warned him about this earlier on,but he didn’t listen…
💬 Vance! Vance, you can’t stand up for now… Rest” Dean said while Bianca looked in shock…
💬 Vance,I don’t understand, what’s going on? What’s going on between you and Gabby? And since when? Cos this doesn’t look like a yesterday stuff? Explain pls,I’m in the dark” Bianca asked looking confused..
I had to tell her, after all Gabby’s plans can’t work anymore,and if this is the only way for Gabby to get released,then I’ll gladly do it…
💬 I and Gabby have been in a relationship before I began working at his company” I said and Bianca g@sp in shock
💬 That’s a long time ago.. Almost eight years Vance!” Bianca said suprised looking at Dean who shook his head,also in shock..
💬 How did you meet?” Dean asked
💬 At my little computer shop..we fell in love ever since, he introduced me to his dad’s company,since I knew a lot about computers,and business, I started working there,two years after, Mr Charles traveled to a business trip with Gabby,then his @ssistant took over for the mean time…
We were suppose to pres£nt to Bianca’s company, she came with her dad then, Mr Charles @ssistant James was abusing me lightly in the process of the meeting, Bianca saw all that,after the meeting, they left, then James faced me,trying to take advantage of me,when Bianca came in and helped me out,by calling everyone’s attention…
I left Charles cooperation and started working at Buenvisters Realty, that’s Bianca’s company, Gabby came back,I told him about the incident, he met Bianca, they spoke lightly,
Then Gabby told me that he was adopted,that one day,all he has will be gone to some lucky bastered who’s the real son of the alquas,so he needed to deceive a really rich girl, so that he could be wealthy, I asked him to create his own business from the money he has now but he claimed the money he has wasn’t his,he needed to use his h@rd earned money…
He decided to use Bianca, I objected at first, cos Bianca was already like a sister to me, I didn’t want her to get hurt..
But he went on,courting her,but she didn’t give him a chance…
Then he decided to put a scandal online, that she’s a l£sblan,so that,she’ll have no other choice but to accept…
It didn’t work, I made sure Bianca choosed Dean,so at least Gabby still remains mine, or let’s say I didn’t want my best friend to get hurt, so he tried to stop the relationship between you two,cos we both,I and Gabby,knew that you guys were a perfect couple,and you were going to fall for each other.. That didn’t work too, so finally his worst fears came to p@ss,and it turns out,Dean was the lucky bastered,who just took everything from him..he was so devastated, he went to a hotel,and called me to come,that he was loosing it.. On getting there,I met him smashing bottles around in anger,not knowing I was there,the bottle he threw hit my fore head, my scream made him realize I was there,but he had already hit me..I had lost consciousness…
Pls.. Release him,I’m sorry for not telling you ever since, he didn’t want you to know,and I didn’t want you to get hurt, so I kinda made sure his plans didn’t work, so that I wouldn’t offend both parties.. I was just caught in the middle,hope you understand” I said and there was a minute of silence in the room…
The look on thier face expressionless…
💬 So why did you try seducing me that night?” Dean asked
💬 It was just my stupidity,you were too cute, I just wanted to have a taste, I’m sorry for that, I told Gabby about it anyway,we fought bought came back together,maybe that’s why he dislikes you” I explained
💬 Bianca,are you mad at me?” I asked and she smilled and signalled a ‘no’ with her head..
💬 No Vance, I get you, I understand that feeling of bieng caught in the middle,I’m just hurt but amazed at how you handled the situation, nevertheless, Gabby had to pay for hitting you,whether he knew or not.. You have a slight migraine cause of him, and you’ll have to be admitted for a while till you’re well enough, so I’ll release him now” Bianca said and I smilled in an appreciative manner
💬 Thanks Bianca, you’re the best junior sister protective” I said and she smilled and began making a call for Gabby’s release
💬 Okay, we’ll leave now, gabby will join you in a bit.. We have to see franca,my sister” Dean said and I froze
💬 sister?” She asked
💬 yeah..long story, Gabby will fill you in” he said smiling and I nodded
💬 Done, Gabby will be here soon, we need to go” Bianca said and klzzed me on the cheeks and she left with Dean…
The doctor came and gave me some medications…
💬 Wow, that was a bit work out..” I said
💬 Yeah,I myself can’t still believe it..Vance and Gabby! Its shocking,no wonder Vance was so serious in taking you in back then,and practically forcing you to me..she’s such a friend” she said and we laughed…
💬 Bianca,can I ask you something?” I asked as we entered the car…
💬 Okay,” she said closing the car door and facing me
💬 Its been bothering me since, I know we are already acting like couples,but… Bianca, I feel something more towards you.. I’m a naive v!rg!n, you’re my first klzz,and my first organism experience..the woman that made me start thinking like a man, thinking of working,my walking steps changed,my behavior changed.. I became a CEO make me happy Bianca,you’re the best female friend and Partner I ever had, Bianca, I love very much.. I know,we are engaged, I didn’t bring a ring but,I’d like to ask you again,now for real,no faking…WILL YOU MARRY ME?💍” I asked and she froze as a tear dropped from her eye..
I wonder what always make women cry when bieng proposed to…🤔😂
💬 Dean..are you for real..I’m going to be your fiancee for real?
Of course yes! I will marry you Dean..I love you so much” she said pulling me into a hug as I hugged her too
💬 Thanks Mrs Dean aquas to be” I muttered and she chuckled
We klzzed,and, started our drive to Franka’s house…
We got there… Her foster mum was at Franka’s door,weeping…
💬 Mrs leva, what’s wrong?” I asked
💬 Where is franka?” Bianca asked
💬 She’s inside… She hasn’t come out since… I’m scared Dean, she might be harming herself,” Mrs leva said in tears…
💬 Franka… Are you in there? Open up” I shouted
💬 Leave me alone,I want to die!” We heared a weak voice like someone that was choking…
💬 Are you alright, franka,you don’t need to die, you have loved once with you,don’t you think about them?” Bianca asked
My heart was already racing..
💬 No… Nobody..wants me..get ou…” Her faint voice continued then ended suddenly…
💬 Franka! franka” I called…
Everyone was already calling her name but no response…
I went backwards a bit,and with speed I ran towards the door and smashed it open….
There was Franka’s lifeless body hung to a rope on the ceiling…
💬 FRANKA!!!😢😳😰” We all screamed!!
Suicide 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️😥😥
Do you think she will survive 🤔


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