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Unbelievable episode 15 & 16

(He’s a virgin💦)
📍Episode 15📍
Bianca 😼
💬 Stop right there can’t go in,its a mess in there…and,I don’t think you have the right to enter my toilet without my permission,now I think you should get dressed in your room,so we can head to Dean’s place,I’ll call franka,let’s make it more faster” Vance said and she was right…I turned and went to my room,eased myself and dressed up properly,then met Vance at the living room..
💬 let’s go Vance,you know were he is right?” I asked and she nodded
💬 You’re not gonna like this…Dean is working at a supermarket” she said and I felt angry,
💬 What? Well,let’s just go,”I said and we headed out
As I speak right now,I’m in a vehicle,with this strange woman,heading to my so called parents…I think I’ve seen her somewhere before…
💬 Excuse me madam,you look familiar,do I know you anywhere?”I asked
💬 You don’t recognize me boy,do you?” She asked and I got more curious
💬 I really don’t,though you’re in my head” I said and she chuckled
💬 You know the best way to flatter me.. I use to be a worker at the orphanage before I got married,you grew up in my hands” she said and I remembered her…
💬 Miss Ricky,I remember you now,we all cried when you were leaving! My gosh,hampy is gonna be so happy…” I said feeling excited and safe…
No wonder I followed her just like that,my soul felt free with her…
💬 yep! I’ll like to meet them,both hampy and mufus,but first meet your real parents..” She said and stopped at a big mansion
💬 is that necessary?” I asked sincerely
💬 Dean,your mum might not survive if she doesn’t see were kidnapped from birth by her ex boyfriend harry,he died of cancer years back and decided to tell your mum that he dropped you at St. BRI light orphanage…she rushed there,and you and your friends already escaped the orphanage…it was horrible,they adopted a son before your location was revealed,they just had to train and love him. They never stopped stopping by at the orphanage to ask of you,I’m gonna get a huge reward for bringing you here” Miss Ricky said and I was lost in thought…
So my parents were actually rich…
And independence made me loose my opportunity to meet my parents..
If I didn’t leave that orphanage,maybe by now I would have been a different guy,
A full grown successful man,so clearly its not my parents fault,but Mine.
I did well though! I’m still a successful man,I’m living an average life,peaceful,even without my parents…
So we both win..
I can’t wait to see them…
We got into the big compound,two ⛲ fountains of water,one at the right,other at the left,,nice floor,and green cut short trees directing to the main door,
Mrs Ricky opened the door and I entered,
Looked like everyone was ready..the whole servants bowed to me and two kinda aged couples stood from a bit a far looking remorseful and the woman in tears…
I think those are my parents,I look like my mum,and have my dad’s structure,
Even if a prophet didn’t tell me,I felt a connection towards them and me.
💬 welcome Dean! Welcome” my mum said and hugged me as her tears poured on my cloth…
💬 My son…you’re welcome,don’t mind your mum,she just can’t control herself,so emotional” my dad joked.
Well I guess I took my dad’s sense of humor
💬 Its OK mum,I’m here now,no need to cry..I don’t get it,is this tears of joy or..enough already” I said but that didn’t stop her
💬 I’m sorry” she said
💬 No need,I already know the whole story,chill…” I said and she smilled
💬 That’s more like it,” I said and she smiled the more
💬 Okay,let’s have a chat,have a sit. Mrs Ricky,we’ll compasate you greatly!” Dad said as I sat down with mum who won’t leave my side..
💬 Thank you so much Ricky,I owe you one”mum said and Ricky smiled
💬 Sure,you owe me way more than one Rose” Ricky said and that’s when I knew my mum’s name was Rose
💬 Funny you!” Mum said..
💬 Bye everyone” Ricky said
💬 Thanks Aunty,a lot,” I said as she left..
💬 What would you like to eat?” Mum asked,
💬 Rose!” Dad called
💬 What is it Charles?” Mum replied like she was disturbed
So my dad’s name is Charles
💬 easy,let my son breath” dad said
💬 No way,he must be hungry,its getting late,I’m sure he might spend the night” mum said and Dad kept short
💬 Well I haven’t tasted scrambled eggs before,I think I’d like that,with sppagethi,and sure I’m spending the night,here,I’ll just have to let my wife know” I said and my mum smiled in shock
💬 YOU’RE MARRIED?”They both said and I laughed
Long story begins
This is gonna be a long night..this is just’ll soon be dark
We’ve been waiting for Dean here for a while,no one saw him,not even hampy or mufus,all they said was he just disappeared,and franka went on a date..
Gosh!for a while I thought they went out on a date!
But,after our misunderstanding earlier,I knew it couldn’t happen…
Just then my phone was my head servant..I picked it
📱 Malay” I called her name
📲 Mam,your Dad is back,he’s searching for you.he’s at home right now” she said and I froze and hung up and looked at Vance who finally look away from her phone
💬 What happened?” She asked
💬 My father is back,let’s go,I’ll call Dean later,maybe his phone might be reachable by then.” I said and we rushed to my car..
If there’s someone I should be scared of…it should be my Dad!
💬 what is he doing here?” I heared from behind as I was speaking and laughing with my parents,I turned to see….
💬 Gabby?!” I called
💬 Gabby,this is my son Dean” Dad said and we both froze…
Just then a loud bang at the gate interrupted us..
We ran to the gate and saw the person making a scene…
(He’s a virgin💦)
📍Episode 16📍
💬 What’s he doing Here?” I heared Gabby say as I was talking with my parents..
First of all,what’s he doing here?
💬 Gabby,this is my son Dean,and Dean meet my adopted son Gabby” Dad said and I froze
💬 No no no! I’m not letting this happen to me. This is not happening!” Gabby said in frustration since he can’t cry.
💬 I’m sorry dear,I finally found my son,you’re still our son though” mum said and Gabby nodded negatively still rejecting this,but I stole there,dumbfounded…
💬 Wait,mum,dad, I and this crook are suppose to be brothers?” I asked and he made to charge at me but dad stopped him
💬 Your brother is not a crook,how come you guys know and hate each other?”mum asked
💬 Mum,that’s the ass hole that’s taking Bianca from me!the one I told you about!” Gabby said
💬 You should know better than to say ‘taking from me’,you’re talking about my fiancée here! Who’s the wife snatcher?” I fired back
💬 Mum,he’s just a poor thief! he’ll bring Shame to this family 👨👩👦!” Gabby fired
💬 Dude,you’re talking about my family,I’m the real son if someone’s a shame,we both know who it is,you know who the wife snatcher is…” I said and Dad interfered
💬 Enough boys! No need to quarrel,we love you both,regardless of your past,or flaws,and Gabby,let Bianca be…she’s already engaged to your brother..let’s end this shrade!” Dad yelled and Gabby shook his head in disbelief and sorrow…
Just then our guards entered the living room
👮 Sir,a lady is making a scene at the gate,she won’t leave”one of the guards said
👮 She looks drunk too” the other said and my parents glanced at themselves like they knew who was at the gate as they started heading to the gate and I followed..I guess Gabby did too…
Opening the gate I was shocked at who I saw…
( this is the part I removed from the previous episode…now,this episode begins….)
💬 Mr and Mrs Charles!you heartless monsters!how could you do this to me,what kind of parents are you huh! How…*deep tears* I can’t take this!” She said and broke down…
💬 Franka!” I called and went to her and began consoling her..she was suprised to see me but that wasn’t the problem right now,she was emotionally broken…
💬 What the heck is she talking about?” I yelled at my parents and they flinched…
They were in tears…
💬 Tell me franka…what happened? How did you find out?” I asked
💬 The guy I went on a date with,was sent by them*pointing at my parents*, the woman I live with is Mrs Rose’s sister,not my daughter,so they gave me to her cos she couldn’t bear a child…how horrible! And I never knew since I was born,I love my foster mum,I’m just hurt that this happened!” Franka said and broke down again
💬 Go home child, your mum might be looking for you” my mum said and I looked in awe
💬 You should go,one of my jets will take you home..Dean get inside…NOW!” he said authoritatively and for a while I regretted having parents
I left franka and went inside,to my room straight,took my phone and called Bianca…
That’s when I saw 15 missed calls from her…
I and my Dad just yelled at each other earlier..
He doesn’t like Dean…
I went to my room and locked it…
Just then,Dean called
📱 Dean,I’ve been expecting your call!” I said in a frustrating tone.
📲 I have the most unbelievable news ever… Franka and I are siblings!” He said and I yelled a..
📱 WHAT!!” In shock
📲 Gabby’s family are my real families!” He said again and I froze!!
I was on my way home in my car when Gabby called me
📱 Come to my VIP room in my dad’s hotel..I can’t take it anymore…I might die” he said with a crying voice
📲 On my way baby,hold on..” I said,hunged up,rewinded and headed to where gabby was…
On arriving there,I met Gabby throwing bottles around in anger…
Before I could call his name or before he could notice me,one of those bottles hit my head..sending me to the floor uncouncious with blood dripping down my head.
Trouble everywhere 😭😭
Dean and Franka siblings 💖
No wonder they have special connection from day one 💪💪


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