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Unbelievable episode 13 & 14

(He’s a v!rg!n💦)
💎 Episode 13💎
I was still enjoying myself when I heared my name
💬 Bianca!!” Dean called with so much hurt and surprise
He deserves it ….
And what the hell is he still doing here?
Just then he rushed to Lucas,pushed him on the floor and started s£nding rough punches to his face as I tried to separate then Vance stopped
💬 You ain’t know that she was married you trap!” Vance cursed
💬 Nobody fv¢ks my wife in my pres£nce!” Dean said and gave him the last punch…
By now lucas face was disorganized…
He had to run out of the house in a hurry. .
Its good he can still stand
Dean faced me,his eyes puffed like he’s about to cry,right there I felt horrible for getting back at him
💬 Why’d you do this to me!” He thunderd on my face with a solemn voice and stormed out…
💬 That’s it! That’s his problem,he’s not sweet at all! Very annoying..did you see that Vance,he just shouted at me..” I was saying feeling a bit tipsy
💬 Bianca will you shut it! You deserve a slap! How could you do that?I’m so disappointed in you right now! Look you’re even drunk! You’re shameful” Vance said and I felt hurt…
Even my best friend!
💬 Even you too? You think its also my fault? What? Now tell me Vance,what kind of friend disappears almost always huh,you won’t even hear my side of the story!” I said feeling so hurt
💬 Bianca,I’m your friend doesn’t mean I don’t have my life to live..this is your life you have to handle it with wisdom,I understand that he must have betrayed one way or the other,but this way of pay back makes you look stupid,it thinks low of you” Vance said and I sobbed
💬 But Vance nothing came into my mind, I was so hurt, I wanted to get away,I wanted to forget,to have fun! He’s having an affair with Franka, when I confronted him,he defended Franka,and made me feel I was forcing him to love me,he always mention that I’m getting worked up over an arranged marriage,cos this is all fake! So why does he care about me sleeping with Lucas, its all fake so what! He pushed my love to the floor!” I said and Vance came to hug me…
💬 Its okay,B,still that was wrong, you just prove that it was lvst you felt for Dean and since you didn’t get what you want you located someone who could satisfy your s£×ual feelings,you have to apologize to Dean,hear his side of the story,you could be wrong,cos the Dean I know shows everywhere in his actions,he can’t cheat on you,just make things okay with him” she said and I wept the more..
💬 But Vance,I already spoiled things..I told him the arrangements is cut short,he has to leave the house,the only thing he can do is to keep coming to the company till we win the award of our company bieng the best business transaction in the state..that’s what I want..I don’t wanna see him right now! I don’t!” I said and left her to the bathroom and took a bath….
📲 Baby,I’ve been waiting for your call since,what happened?” Gabby asked over the phone
📱 something really happened,I don’t think I should tell you this hun” I said sitting in my room on the bed.
📲 what is it baby?” He asked and I told him everything that happened
📲 Bianca is overreacting,Dean can’t cheat on her,I saw it all over that dude body,he loves her,its just a misunderstanding” Gabby said and I nodded…
📱 I know right,its such a bizzar,they have to separate,I feel so sorry for them” I said sincerely
📲 That’s our door step..we gotta strike now,our plans are gonna work now that Bianca doesn’t want to see Dean” he said and I stood up and walked towards the door,getting a bit angry
📱 No way gabby! My friend just got heart broken and your drama is not really gonna help..don’t you feel sorry for her? Isn’t there an affection in that heart of yours?” I asked
📲 What’s my business with Bianca’s feelings,you gotta stop bieng too emotional” he said and I shook my head in disbelief
📱 Gabby,don’t approach her,at least not now! You don’t want to upset me do you?” I asked and I can s£nse him salut
📲 Copy madam,I’m gonna do nothing” he heaved a sign of relief
📱 that’s good,I gotta go now,I think I hear Dean’s foot steps..I need to have a word with him,see you!” I said and hang up, then open my door and saw Dean with his bags just p@ssed my room,I had to call him…
I felt so ranged and hurt…so hurt!
Why did she have to do that…
Is that how its gonna be?
If we really married then when we have a misunderstanding she sleeps with another guy just to get mad at me!
Who knows if she’s slept with Gabby?
Gosh the thought alone kills me!
I packed my bag and came out of my room and started heading to the car…
I just p@ssed Vance’s room when she came out
💬 Hey Dean,can I talk to you real quick” she (Vance) said
💬 sure,” I said dropping my bag on the floor
💬 You’re leaving?” She asked looking at my bag
💬 obviously” I replied
💬 she told you to leave?” She asked again
💬 yeah,and she said the contract is over,so I ain’t doing nothing here Vance,I feel so hurt right now” I said
💬 No Dean,the contract isn’t over..what she meant was,you’d not be staying with us..its cut short,like some things in the contract is cut short,like accommodation and the rest,but you’ll still have to fake it in the eyes of everyone,and work in the company,hope you understand her,she got hurt,and she needs some space” Vance said and I nodded
💬 Vance,I didn’t cheat on her..I love our friendship..and I have a thing for Bianca..I just feel free around franka,like we’ve known each other before,no feelings attached..if she saw franka smiling while leaving my office its cos I teased her,can’t I tease my workers anymore? She’s too over serious,maybe if she learns to be jovial in the office she could win a lot of love, so she’s gonna be mad at every girl that laughs at my joke?,that’s pathetic” I explained
💬 you’re right Dean,I just knew that you we’re innocent…I’ll talk to her,the problem with you two is not bieng able to control your emotions when hurt that’s for Bianca, and you’re not able to control yours when angry,pls accept her apology,she also has a thing for you,this is the first time I’m seeing her worked up over little things,pls,show her love,treat her special,teach her how to behave at times,trust me,she’s the best” Vance said and I breath out
💬 Alright,Bianca is lucky to have you!you’re such a good friend,I have to go” I said and lifted up my bags
💬 Don’t mistake me Dean,not all roses smell as they look..bye..see ya at work tomorrow” Vance said and entered her room…
I walked to my car and dailed mufus’s number..
Yeah, I bought him a phone recently
📲 Yo Dean” he said over the phone
📱 Xup mufus,how you both been holding up?”I asked
📲 we good,well except for this labouring job thats destroying our health,haven’t eaten yet” he said and I froze
This is 12:48am and the haven’t eaten since yesterday,and they’re working this early morning?
Oh no!
💬 where you at,I’m coming to pick you both,you’re quiting that job and we’re gonna grab a bite,text me your location” I said
💬 thanks Man,you’ll get it in a minute” he replied and hung up..
In a minute,I got the text…
I drove there,took two of them to a restaurant and then took them to the super market I’m working,and gave them jobs,mufus is my managing @ssistant,he’ll take care of things while I’m not around,and hampy In charge of total selling in a day…
I went to my apartment and slept off…
I wept on my bed…
I’m such a fool!
I heared everything Dean and Vance room isn’t far from Vance’s own..
I got everything wrong…
I’m going to apologize tomorrow…
* Next morning*🎊🎊
As I and Vance got set to work,after getting set,as we entered the living room,we saw someone on the hoodie smiling at us
💬 what the hell?!” Vance exclaimed in surprise
💬 Hello ladies” he said
💬 What are you doing here?” I asked….
(He’s a v!rg!n💦)
💎 Episode 14💎
💬 What are you doing here gabby?” I asked giving him an ‘we had an agreement’look!
He’s getting me upset
💬 Let’s go Vance,I’m late for work, you*to gabby* can get out,same in you got in” Bianca said and Gabby rushed to her
💬 I’m sorry,we got on the wrong foot,you mind if we grab a bite something,I want us to be friends” he said and I rolled my eyes
💬 Gabby,cut it out,we aren’t enemies,neither friends,so get out now!gosh you’re such a border” Bianca said and Gabby grabbed her hands strongly
💬 You can’t talk to me like that,you’re gonna come with me,and we’re gonna talk! Got it” he said with gritted teeth…
Gosh! Bianca was already wincing in pain…I gave Gabby a pleading eye…
💬 Gabby,let her be pls,she would have really gone with you,its just we really have something to catch up on…plss,maybe next time” I said and she let her go and breathed in
💬 I’m sorry for hurting you,its just you frustrate me mo…”he was saying when Bianca landed a slap on his face
💬 listen Gabby! This is the last time Gabby,last time you’ll lay your hands on me..if ever you try hurting me,I’ll deal with you!and I mean it when I say it.the only reason you have the free air to hurt me is cos my husband isn’t here! I’ll correct that soon..and you’ll get what’s coming to you @sshole!out of my way!” Bianca said and pushed him and left and I trailed after her,not after giving gabby a 👅 tongue out first like telling him he deserved it.
I went to Dean’s office again and saw franka coming out with one other girl…
💬 Good morning mam,” they both greeted terrified
💬 Its okay,you can go,I’m not mad…get to work I said smiling and they nodded in shock and left
I entered and moved to dean and crossed my arms around his neck from behind his chair…
💬 Mr CEO” I called like a baby as he ignored me and continued going through files
I can’t believe I’m doing this,and to dean for that matter
💬 did you see franka leaving my office?” He asked
💬 Yeah,I did,but I’m not hyped up..I know nothing is going on..I trust you” I said and he chuckled
💬 Now,she trusts me…well I’m not sure I trust you. Wait is that how you sleep with men?have you slept with Gabby too?” He said as I walked to sit down but I froze on his last question
💬 Wow! Hold it right there…I never slept with Gabby or any other guy except Lucas,the guy you saw yesterday,and its once in a while,besides…why do you care?I can do that if I want,this thing between us is fake,so don’t get worked up” I said and he signed
💬 come here..” He said and I came to him
💬 I’m sorry if I made you jealous or horrible,Bianca,my heart shattered into pieces when I saw you on that bed,second,I and franka are just close..she’s like a sister to me,she doesn’t makes me feel like you do…I hate bullies..I’ve been a victim when hearing what you did with franka brought back those memories, I don’t want you to be like those devils,I want you to be kind to your workers,they make you rich,got it!and I’m sure with that,this company is gonna win the award,I’m sorry again” he said and I smilled…
I felt so happy
💬 I’m sorry too,but don’t blame me if I get jealous at times,Dean,I..I like you,I’m suppose to get jealous,this isn’t fake to me,I’m happy I ended up picking the garbage boy,I’ll never sleep with another guy again” I said and he smilled
💬 Alright,now we declare this quarrel officially over” he declared
💬 Yes! So do you wanna come back to the house?” I asked
💬 Nah,I’m staying somewhere safe,okay B,if you don’t mind,I’ve got work to do” he said and pecked me as I stood up from his Laps and went to my office blushing…
Its 5:00pm, today was such a long day,so busy,after the whole meetings and stuff,
I’m becoming more responsible now, who knew that a thief would one day be a CEO?
All thanks to Bianca…
I went to the small supermarket and joined mufus and hampy…
Franka joined too…not long after,she went out with her few girlfriends…
Just then someone,a woman actually,a not so elderly women stopped me,looking so shocked…
💬 Dean? Is that you?your mother has been looking for you long ago come with me!” She said wanting to drag me when I stopped her to process what she said
💬 What the? My biological, like my mom?” I asked and she nodded smiling and I froze
I was in my room,when my window opened as gabby climbed into my room..
💬 Gabby! What the hell!” I said flinching in fear,thinking it was a thief or an intruder
💬 We need to talk! Mum has..” He was saying when
💬 Shut it Gabby,we had an agreement!get out,I’m mad at you!” I said raising my voice a bit
💬 Listen first Vance,my mum just got a text,and she looked so hyped up…
I think…
In think,she’s found him!” He said looking scared and hurt and I froze!
💬 what?” I exclaimed…just then I started hearing footsteps to my room,Gabby quickly hide in my bathroom…
As Bianca entered my room without knocking!
💬 hey,can I talk with you,I’m feeling so bored as Dean isn’t here with us,I hope he comes back tonight” she said and I nodded and faked a smile,meanwhile I was freaking scared right there…
What if she sees Gabby!? Thank God our rooms are sound proofs…
💬 You’ll get use to it..tell you what,if it really bothers you,we’ll go look for him where he’s staying in the next hour,we can always ask franka,” I said
💬 Good idea Vance,can I use your bathroom real quick?” She asked and I g@sp
Oh no!
She was already moving to the bathroom!!
I have to stop her
Wahala day oh 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🤣🤣
Next episode na 🔥🔥🔥


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