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Unbelievable episode 1 & 2

( He’s a v!rg!n💦)
🍃 episode 1🍃
😳 Bianca’s pov 😳
💬 Miss Bianca, miss Bianca. You have an early morning meeting right now in office 203,
With major investors” my personal @ssistant franka said and I nodded as we walked to the office.
Its just 7am and I already have a meeting
💬 Franka, fill me in.. What’s my schedule for today, and where is Vance, hope she’s already in that office” I demanded coldly
💬 Yes mam, she’s there, after this meeting you’ll have an interview with the press after that no more appointments for now” franka replied
💬 That’s good, so how is the company’s ratings to the public so far? Any new shoe designs, what’s up” I asked as we entered the elevator
💬 It’s going really high, but according to rumors I heared, Mr Caslon, and zerom our major investors are threatening on backing out, because of that rumor on the website that your business is illegal” she said shocking me
💬 what rumor is that, and why didn’t you take care of it? Why didn’t you see it coming! Are you doing your job right at all?” I scolded and entered the office for the meeting
💬 and she’s here..” Vance said and I rolled my eyes
💬 Sorry for keeping you’ll waiting, let’s get straight to business.. What’s the latest?” I asked taking a sit as the CEO of Wild Fox Shoes Enterprises.
💬 Well.. We all know the media is a great medium to knowing the view of our customers, and without customers, we’re lost.” Mr Caslon started
💬 And we all invest in this company cos we believe we get our wages right. And properly, not really intruding in your personal life, You alone can’t handle this company.. You’re a woman. We need a man.. A man by your side who can @ssist you. Right guys” Mr zerom said and they all nodded excluding Vance and I who just stared in total confusion
💬 What are you saying Mr Zerom? I can’t handle the task? I’m a full grown woman, and I don’t think you guys have the right to tell me when to get attached to someone” I said politely in self defence
💬 And, you’ll know Bianca.. She’s icy, and bossy, its wrong to order her to start having a boyfriend” Vance said
💬 No, no.. We don’t want a boyfriend, we want a fiancée, someone she’s serious with.. Just to distract the rumors of her bieng a l£sblan! The media is crazy” Mr Sanchez said
I know who put that rumor on the media..
I’m gonna deal with gabby later
💬 Miss Bianca, when you’re a row model or a star,you don’t live for yourself anymore, you live for your fans.. For the people, For the public. They made you that star!” Mr Caslon said
My Dad said that before!
💬 So when am I suppose to get this partner of mine?” I asked
💬 Before this week runs out, our ratings will drop if the public don’t see a proof of you bieng a l£sblan a lie” Mr zerom said and I spaced out
💬 That’s just a few days!” I said
💬 That’s why you need to hurry.. Fine then, we’ll be on our way..” Mr Sanchez said and they all stood up and left, leaving I and Vance.
💬 Gosh.. Busted. You’re gonna get engaged by force😂” Vance laughed annoying me
💬 You better shut up before I decend on you..” I thundered
💬 Fine let’s get started” she said
And just as we went out of the office here is franka
💬 Your meeting with the press is right now!” She said and I weakened
💬 Wait for me in the car, I won’t waste time.. I know it was Gabby. I’ll meet you” I said to Vance and she nodded and left..
💬 Let’s go” I said to franka
As I entered to interview office, press gather around me asking questions like
💭 Is it true that you’re a l£sblan
💭 fans say they will unfollow if you don’t get a fiancée, what do you have to say
💭 do you hate guys
💭 have ever had a crush or boyfriend
💭 Miss Bianca leave a comment
I just got sick of it!
💬 listen everyone, I’m not a l£sblan.. Neither am I a lover Girl. I am simply Bianca. And as for my fiancée, I do have one.. You’ll see him soon. And for now, no other comment” I said and left them even though they were following and disturbing
I entered the car and left with Vance heading to Gabby’s.. Vance drove
Just as we reached a rough road, we noticed a young man was bieng beaten up.. He began to run..
We were watching the scene from afar
💬 Vance let’s go, we’re not spending our time watching neighbours beat each other!” I said and she started driving
I don’t freaky care..
We were driving when we noticed the young man they were beating up was running towards our car trying to loose the mug that was after him…
We waited as the traffic light turned red…
Just as it was about turning green, our back door flung open as the street criminal entered my freaking car!!!
I and Vance froze
💬 Young man, what are you doing in..” I was saying when
💬 Plss just drive! I need to get out of here, I’ll explain later” the muddy guy said clutching his hands on the chair looking back, so scared
💬 Will you get out of my fv¢king car you jerk!!!” I fired.. I really didn’t have time for this!
💬 Mam, I’m not leaving this place, so if you want me out, drive! If I get out, they will kill me” he insisted
💬 How dare you.. This is my freaking car you stupid…” I was saying when
💬 Bianca, let’s hear him out, let’s drop him at our safe house then we’ll be free of him” Vance said and I relaxed back on my chair in disgust and frustration as Vance drove away
I turned back and took a glance at him!!!
So dirty!!!!
(He’s a v!rg!n💦)
🍃Episode 2🍃
The whole car was smelling.. I glanced at Vance.. She gave me a nervous smile..
It’s obvious the car was smelling to her too..
I stared at the smelling human again, then back at the road…
Finally we arrived at one of my resort
We took him into a room as he sat..
💬 Can I have my bath pls.. If you don’t mind” he requested and I starred at him in disgust!
💬 You’ve got guts!” I said not really sure of how I can take the whole thing..
💬 Yes you can…it’s at the right.. After the kitchen.. Everything you need is there.. Pls come out smelling nice.. Go on” Vance said and he simply nodded and walked to the bathroom
I looked at Vance wondering why she’s helping him..
💬 Vance, why are you helping him? You know we would have dropped him somewhere on the streets. If not that you insisted” I said with grinted teeth’s trying to keep my voice low
💬 Common Bianca, now don’t be too rude.. He’s helpless, let’s help him.. We might need him in future” she simply replied rolling her eyes
💬 Yeah that’s the last person on my garbage list Vance, I can never need him.. What I need now is to go to Gabby and teach him a lesson.. Why are you bent on helping him?” I said normally this time
She was about saying something when the thing came out from the bathroom in just towels…a long one that is..
💬 Excuse me ladies, I need a cloth.. The previous one is bad” he demanded and I clenched my fist
💬 I odered some cloths for you, they will be here soon.. I and Bianca aren’t staying here long anyway” Vance said smiling
💬 Thank you.. Look ladies, I’m sorry for the disrespect.. I know I can’t pay you back, but whenever you need me, if you can find me, I’ll help you.. I’ll leave once I take my bath.. Thanks a lot..” He said and Vance smiled
💬 That’s good.. When you’re done, get the hell out of here.. I don’t want to see your face again!” I thunderd but he just smilled and left
💬 He’s cute” Vance said and I stared at her in awe
💬 Vance! Really??” I said in total disgust
💬 What?? If you disgust him so much, why didn’t you stop me from helping him?” She asked and it hit me.. She’s right
💬 I was still shocked at his guts okay” I defended
💬 Girl, whatever💁😒, let’s go to Gabby’s” Vance said and dragged me out…
At Gabby’s house
I took his priceless gl@ss and splashed it on the floor making it sound as it broke
💬 BIANCA!!” I heared and I flinched.
Its Gabby.. I’m always scared of him..
Vance chuckled
💬 Are you sure you’re ready for this?” She asked and I nodded
💬 Bianca… My love, why are you destroying my living room?” He asked coming close to me as I gave him a h@rd slap and he froze.. I froze as well, I knew I was done for..
💬 How dare you..” He said raising his hands to beat me and I flinched then he burst out laughing
He was just pretending to hit me…
💬 You know how happy I feel seeing you scared and defenseless like this” he said carresing my cheeks..
I kicked his balls and he squibbed.
💬 I’m not playing games with you fool.. What was that for.. You know very well that I’m not a l£sblan, and I’m a female not a guy with b©©bs.. What the hell were you thinking you pervert!” I said and slapped him again and he pushed me.. s£nding me to the floor..
💬 Because I fv¢ken love you Bianca! I’ll do anything to be your fiancée! Get out of my house, you’re getting me mad.. Out!” He fired and we swueedled away
That’s how it always is.. I’m always scared of Gabby, and he keeps bullying me..
I wonder what dad saw in him that made him give Gabby the right to monitor me…
I drove angrily to my house..
💬 Vance, help me out.. I need to find a guy to cover me up from Gabby” I begged her.
It was still mid day..
💬 Bianca.. I have a stupid idea.. Let’s make that guy your fiancée..
At least as payback for saving him..” She said and I flared up
💬 No way Vance,enough of that Guy’s name.. He’s the last on my trash list” I said annoyed
💬 Then let’s hire boys then” she said and I relaxed
💬That’s more better.. Put it online privately” I said and she got busy with her tablet
💬 Done.. Your interview is tomorrow morning” she said and I went to hug her..
💬 Thanks Vance, you’re the best” I said and she smiled…
💬Let’s have lunch and head back to the company” I said and she smilled
At the company…
I was in my office with Vance when franka entered with her phone
💬 Mam, fans are asking if what Gabby Mallan said is true” she said confusing us
💬 What do you mean franka?” I asked
💬 Well Gabby announced that he is your fiancée.. You guyz just got engaged!!” She said and I and Vance froze
💬 WHAT??!!” I and Vance shouted making Franka flinched
That monster can’t be with me on this game..
I’ll rather choose dirty dude over Gabby, I know the trash guy is trash but Gabby has trash in him…
So desperate..


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