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Unattainable perfection episode 7 &8



Episode 7



5th July,2015. 7:00pm.

David leaned against the Porsche, studying the weather as he waited.

For the thousandth time, he runs his hands over his face and sighs.

He checks his time.

It was seven pm already, meaning he had been waiting for close to twenty minutes.

He groans in frustration as thunder rumbles in the sky.

Didn’t she say she was getting late and she needed the car ready by six thirty? So then what on earth was keeping her? Yes, he was the family’s driver but that didn’t mean they could disregard his wants too.

Only God knows where they were going and how long they would be on road.

He too needed some sleep.

Leaning away from the car, he adjusts his shirt and proceeds to walk towards the house.

Maybe she had forgotten.

He should remind her.

Working for other people could be so frustrating.

Sliding the glass door open, David begrudgingly steps into the home.

Which today, was unusually quiet.

Oh right, he recalled, the maidservants were on leave.

Which to him was rather strange.

He steps further into the house and was about to climb the spiral staircase when he heard distinct voices.

It sounded like two people talking.

But then the voices became louder as the owners appeared towards the stairs. They were arguing.


For the third time this week.

Not wanting to be seen, he quickly dashes to hide underneath the staircase.

“You’re such a godamn liar Henry!”

The female voice, which he recognized immediately to belong to the boss’ wife because of her American accent screamed.

“Oh for heavens sake Lorena! This is pure bullsh*t!”


hears his boss scream


. it’s not Henry and you f*cking know it! You know I don’t speak based on assumptions and speculations. I barely talk and when I do, I make sure I know what I’m on about!”

She screams back at her husband.

Henry groans in annoyance.

“Well news flash Lorena, you aren’t God so you can’t be right all the time. You’re just being delusional, face it”

“It won’t do you any good to keep on denying the truth Henry, because I know for a fact that you’ve been cheating on me for more than fifteen years! Wasn’t I enough for you? Huh? What did you want that I couldn’t give you tell me! What? I moved away from my country to stay in Ghana with you, build a life with you and this is how repay Alexandra and I? She’s going to be so disappointed when she finds out her dearest father has other children besides her”

Lorena retorts and Henry’s eyes almost bulge out of it’s sockets at the revelation.


“Listen Lore, its not what you think. I..”

“It’s exactly what I f*cking think it is. You told me you didn’t want anymore children. You told me Alexa was enough. If only I knew. If only knew you were busily taking care of children else where. You let me down Henry. Never in my wildest dreams did I think you’d ever let me down. I don’t know why I didn’t listen to my father. I should have married my own country man,from Chile”

Lorena shakes her head in disappointment, tears trickling down her pale cheeks.

“Lorena,love please..”

Henry moves to touch her but she flinches, moving away like he was fire.

“Don’t even say my name with your filthy mouth.”

She wipes her tears, a look of certainty in her eyes

“It’s over. I can’t stay in a marriage that was a sham from the very beginning. I’m leaving and I’m taking Alexandra with me”

she sidestepped him walking past towards their bedroom when he caught her arm pulling her back harshly.

Startled, she stares up at him.

“What are you doing? Let go off me”

she tries to wiggle out of her grip all to no avail.

“Let go Henry! Let me go!”

“No! You won’t leave me. You can’t leave me Lorena. There’s no way I’m letting you go. You’re staying right here”

“You’re crazy Henry Wallace,if you think I’d stay a minute longer in this house, Never! Let go! Let go off me!”


pushes him harshly till his grip on her loosens.

Forfeiting the idea of packing her belongings, Lorena turns to walk down the staircase.

She could always buy new clothes but she wasnt staying a second longer in that house.

“Lorena! Stop! Don’t you dare walk out on me! Lorena!”

Henry screams but she was having none of it.

She was already making her way downstairs.

His eyes flashes pure red as he fumed in anger.

How dare she walk out on him? How dare she decide the fate of their marriage? Just because he cheated? Pfft! So what? Bullsh*t! Everyone cheats.

He just had a little slip up and he cheated.

It wasn’t like he had brought his lover home to throw his wife out.

Wasn’t that enough proof that his wife meant much more than the lover? She was the one known by everyone as his wife not the lover.

So what the f*ck was her problem? Lunging forward, Henry grabs his wife’s hand which was wrapped around the railing firmly as she descended the stairs.

“Get back here Lorena. Don’t make me angry”

he barks.

“You aren’t even remorseful for cheating and lying to me.”

She shakes her head,clutching her chest as the pain of a heartbreak spreads through her entire system.

“Come on Lor, don’t make things difficult.

. You’re the one everyone knows as my wife not her. Just get back up here” he rolls his eyes.”

“What part of no don’t you understand? I’m leaving this godforsaken house. I didn’t realise I’d been staying with a deceitful person. You’re worse than the devil’s incarnate!”

“For the last time, Lorena let go off the railing and get back up here”

“Screw you! I’m done!”

“Lorena don’t test my patience!”

“F*ck you!”

She seethes and his frown deepens, his entire demeanor changing.

There was no hint of regret as he spoke.

How could she not have realised the kind of man she fell in love with?.

A barbaric monster.


He warns.

“Let. Go. Off. The. railing. Now!”

Ignoring him still, she turns to proceed down the stairs and what happened next was something she was never prepared for.

Henry moved forward, grabbed her hand which was on the railing, supporting her weight and then yanks her hand off the cold metal, pulling her harshly.

Startled by his action,Lorena gasps as she stumbles and loses her grip as well as stamina.

Henry pulls her again.

She stumbles again,fighting to maintain her posture but then,gravity failed her as she slips and tumbles backwards, her high pitched screams muffled by the sounds of her body hitting each step continuously till she fell at the foot of the stairs.

Her arms and legs parted. Her eyes wide open in shock.

Her neck snapped and dislocated at an angle.

Blood seeping from her head,staining the white washed tiles.

Her face tainted with blood flowing from her nostrils and mouth.

And at the other end of the stairs stood Henry, watching lifeless stone cold body of Lorena. Dead.

Episode 8

William stared at David, completely dumbfounded at the revelation.

Who would have thought? The wealthy Henry Wallace was capable of murdering none other than his very own wife.

Who would have thought? Turns out Alexandra’s father was much of a monster and douchebag than his very own father.

He cringes in disgust.

Turns out the entire family was full of dark minded people.

“So deal or no deal?”

David finally asks after his narration.

William stares at him intently.



Alexandra stood in front of the mansion opposite her own home waiting.

Impatiently, she rings the bell again.

The door opens this time and a messy hair appears through the space followed by a tired, sleepy face.

“S..sorry.. Were you asleep?”

Alexa asks as Sophie steps out to join her at the corridor.

She yawns, rubbing her eyes.


. But never mind. Why are you here?”

“Uh. I needed to borrow your phone to place a call through to my dad”

“Ugh.. Sure”

Sophie yawns again reaching into her pocket to retrieve her phone.

Alexa eyes her.

“You’re still in your pyjamas at this time of the day?”

“Shut up and make the call. Can’t a girl sleep in peace?”

She grumbles shoving the phone into her friend’s hand.

Alexa sticks her tongue out playfully as she retrieved the phone.

Dialing her father’s number, she places the phone against her ear, listening to the faint sound.

“Hello? Henry Wallace speaking”

Alexa rolls her eyes at her fathers professional response.

“Dad it’s me”

“Alexa? Who’s phone did you call me with?”

“It’s Sophie’s dad. Umm dad when are you coming back? I heard you left town for an urgent meeting”

He groans at the other end of the line.

“Those idiots! Turns out there was no urgent meeting. I had to head back home.”

“Really dad?”

She squeals

“What time should I be expecting you?”.

“I’m almost home love. Approximately, ten minutes and I’ll reach. Is there any problem?”

“No. I just wanted to tell you something. Please get back fast. Love you dad”

she hangs up and pushes the phone to Sophie.

“Got to go. Bye Sophie”

Alexa steps away, pulling up the scarf to cover her face.

“So much for waking me up”


grumbles shutting the door in her face.

Alexa chuckles and runs out.


She was seated on the corridor floor, impatiently waiting when the huge gate opened and her father drove in.

Quickly, she run towards the car to meet him just as he alighted.

“Dad I need to talk to you.”

“Alexandra, I just got back. Can’t you at least let me rest? Or probably eat something?”

Henry sighs tiredly.

“No dad. This is very important. You have to withdraw the case”

His eyes widen at her request.

“Why? Is someone threatening you? If that’s the case then…”

“No no. No one is threatening me. I’ve been trying to tell you this for days now dad. William is innocent. He was only trying to help me. The real culprits were two men, they left when William arrived dad. He’s innocent”

Henry was quiet for a moment, digesting what he had just heard.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Absolutely dad. It was just a misunderstanding. I tried to speak to you a lot of times but time never favoured me. Dad please, you wouldn’t purposely send an innocent man to jail right?”

Alexa pleads and a look of guilt flashed in Henry’s eyes at her last words but it disappeared as fast as it came.

“Fine. I guess I should have listened to you.

. Let me give my lawyer a call and then were both go to the court to reopen the case yeah?”

“Yes. Thank you dad. I love you”

she beams

“I hope releasing him won’t cause me problems.Let me change my clothes”

he caresses her face affectionately before walking past her towards the house,while he pulled out his phone to place a call to his lawyer.


Alice fumes, clenching her fists as she stood on the balcony watching father and daughter interact.

He didn’t even love the twins the same way he loved Alexa and that alone was enough to fuel her already blazing hatred for them.

An unquenchable hatred.

Turning away, she walks back into her room and descends the stairs as she makes her way towards the kitchen to get some juice for her husband.

After all that’s how a dutiful wife should act right? She smirks.

Time for payback Henry Wallace.


Henry had just finished speaking to his lawyer and was in the middle of stripping his clothes when the door to the master bedroom opened and Alice strolls in, a tray carrying a plate of biscuits and a glass of juice in her hand. Henry smiles.

Such a dutiful wife.

“Hey, just thought I should bring you some cold juice to cool your temperature a bit judging from the harsh scorching sun.”

Alice says as sweetly as she could muster.

“That was so thoughtful of you love.”

Henry grabs two biscuits from the plate, pushes it into his mouth and gulps some juice.

“Hmm. Pineapple juice. it tastes very fresh”

“I made it specifically for you”

Alice replies and he smiles gulping more juice. She grins.

Twirling her braided hair around her fingers.

Karma indeed was a b*tch.

And revenge was always best served cold, just like the pineapple juice he was drinking.

And soon, the drink was going to take it’s effect on him.



Dying slowly.

That was the most painful way to die.

It was like seeing your death right in front of you and waiting for it to come get you.

Fifteen years was too much of a wait to avenge.

The bastard, Henry Wallace had come into her life.

She could still remember vividly how he had come into her life sixteen years ago when she was a senior high school student.

She was just eighteen then.

And in her final year in school, about to write her WASSCE examination.

Back then, she was just a normal girl who didn’t want the luxury of life.

All she wanted was a comfortable life, for both her and her family.

That was until Henry who was in his late twenties by then had come to their school for a particular program.

They met.

He told her he liked her.

As naive as she was, she accepted to be his friend and not lover.

And that was the start of him sending her flowers, food, chocolates, money, clothes, expensive wrist watches and cell phones, name it.

She was just a humble girl from a humble home until she got corrupted by the constant gifts he showered her with.

And soon, she began to like the attention and the gifts.

Soon, she got a taste of how it felt like to be the envy of classmates when they see you wearing a Gucci watch or Versace bag.

She liked it. And she began to want more.

She began to want more and more.

She began to dream of living in a luxurious mansion, surrounded by Maids who obeyed your every command.

And matters got worse when she got admitted into the university.

She liked how Henry would take her to a salon every week to have a new hairstyle.

She liked how he would take her shopping.

And when he bought her a car that fateful day, she had forgotten where she came from.

The night he gave her the car, they gone partying and there, Henry had proposed to her again but she refused yet again.

Why? Because she enjoyed the benefits she got from him and not the person in question.

Henry was enraged that night.

Angry that she took all his gifts and money he had offered and yet she didn’t want to be with him.

That very night, he had drugged her drink and took her virginty.

Alice had gotten pregnant for him.

He had promised to marry her.

Gave her all the promises any lady would die to hear.

But he never did.

He never did.

She remained his mistress, his lover, his side chic.

And soon,one year turned into two, and two had turned into three.

And Henry never married her.

Fed up, she tried to move on.

She got a guy who was ever ready to marry her despite her having kids already.

But a day before their wedding, he had called off the wedding.

The guy mysteriously got missing after that.

She knew Henry was behind it but she never confronted him.

Because she was waiting.

Waiting to strike.

He never married her yet he chased away any man who got near her.

She became the laughing stock of the town.

She was known as the Lady who’s fiancés always disappeared few days to their wedding. She was labelled a witch, a bad lucm.

Soon,the men stopped coming.

They stopped approaching her.

Out of fear of going missing too.

All the while she knew Henry was behind it.

He destroyed her life.

He came into her life purposely to wreck havoc.

But today, after fifteen years she was going to avenge.

For her and her sons.

Today, his karma had caught up with him.

She was his karma, his doom,his havoc.

And so she watched,satisfactorily as the remaining glass of juice slipped from Henry’s hand to the floor,shattering.

She watched as blood began to ooze out of his nose and mouth.. Finally the medicine was working.


“W..what d..did you put In the..j..juice?”

Henry chokes on his own blood.

Alice only smirks as a reply.

He wasn’t going to die so easily.

Oh no.

She was going to make him feel what real pain was.

And then she’ll get her hands on all of his properties.

All of his wealth will be hers.

Hers only.

She watches as Henry falls to the ground,convulsing.. This was just the beginning

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