Unattainable perfection episode 39 & 40


Episode 39


“…Make love to me”

the words tumble off myl-ips freely before I could think.

I bite myl-ip, noticing William’s eyes go darker.

He shuts his eyes, inhales de-eply almost like he’s fighting with himself.

“St©p doing that”

he growls.

“Doing what?”

“Telling me to make love to you and b!tt!g yourl-ips like that. St©p”


I bat my eyelashes, looking at him innocently.

I know what he meant but I want to hear him say it.

Never did I think I’d ever be this close to a man and have such er*tic thoughts.

Where I had such confidence from? I have no idea.

I’ve been surprising myself these past few days with my recent behaviour.

And honestly, I couldn’t have felt any better.

“You know why Alexa”

he grips my w@!st ha-rder.

“I don’t

. Tell me”

I whisper se-ductively, standing on ti-ptoe and brushing myl-ips beneath his ear-lobe.

He shudders.

I sm-irk.

It’s satisfying to know that I do have an effect on him too.

I let myl-ips pepper that p@rt of his skin with featherlight k!sses, descending little by little until I reach his collarbone.

His grip on my w@!st ti-ght£ñs even more, if that was even possible.

I smile satisfactorily

“I found it didn’t I? I found your sweet sp©t”

I whisper against his ears.

He pu-lls me back and peers into my face.

“Do not start something you can’t finish Alexa. Because trust me once I start, there’ll be no going back.”

He whispers, his breath fanning my face.

“I’m not planning on st©pping you”

“Do not tempt me woman

. Damn it! I’m holding back as much as I can”

“Oh well. Too bad… Guess you…”

My words get caught in my throat when a sudden g@sp escapes me.

William sm-irks at my reaction.

His hands or should I say f!ngers, were trailing up my th!ghs over the smooth cotton of the dress.

It was a simple action.

Yet I couldn’t help,ti-ght£ñing my grip around his n£¢k,b!tt!g myl-ips to hold in my m0@n s.

“Open your eyes”

it was on order and so I did as told.

Only to find him sm-irking like he just won a lottery.

I narrow my eyes at him.

Was he trying to prove a point?

“See? Just one t©uçh and you’re squirming alre-ady. Imagine what’ll happen when I have you n-ked beneath me”

I blus-h involuntarily. Gosh, this man.


He continues,taking his hands off my th!ghs and tapping my cheeks.

“I won’t. At least not now. You’re too pure for that. Too innocent”

I frown


“No don’t take it the wrong way. As at now, we have no tag. I mean what do we name this thing between us? A relationsh!p, friends or friends with benefits? I can’t just make love to you without ma-king this official, that’s if you want”

he explains

“Well then fv¢king make it official Wilson!”

He stares me for a second and then bur-st our laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

“I had no idea little miss Wallace knows how to cuss”

he wiggles his eyebrows, pinching my cheeks like some child.

I roll my eyes,swatting his hand away.

“Don’t pinch my cheeks like I’m your child. And don’t call me little. In case you haven’t noticed,I’m a fully grown woman”

I turn up my nose.

“Yep! A woman with all the curves in the right places”

His eyes rakes over my b©dy.

I roll my eyes again.

“Leave it to William Wilson to make S-xual innuendos out of every thing you say”

He chuckles.

“So aren’t going to propose?”

I frown

“Do you want me to?”

Arggh,I’m gonna sl@p this man.

Is he that blind?

“Of course, d*ickhead!”

“You want me that bad huh?”

He grins ridiculous. I facepalm.

“Oh my God William! I heard men are egoistic but your ego is taller than Mount Everest! Gosh!”

“Aww sweetheart, if you wanted me to take you to mount Everest you should have said so.”

“Oh my God! You annoying egoistical, pompous, ridiculous, bombolastic…..”

I trail off b!tt!g myl-ips.

Is bombolastic a real word? I think I heard it on TV.

My thinking was interrupted by Williams laughter.

I narrow my eyes at him

“What’s funny Mr Wilson?”

“You….is that all you could up with? Bom..bombo what? Bombolastic?”

He holds his stomach laughing.

I bite myl-ip, deciding whether to punch his handsome face or not? If I punch him it’ll ruin his face.

“You’re so annoying William!”

“okay okay. Sorry. I’ll be back”

he rushes back into the house still chuckling.

He returns later with a covered plate.

St©pping in front of me, he takes a de-ep breath and then goes on one knee.

“Alexandra Wilson? Will you plea-se be my girlfriend?”

I would have felt bu-tterflies in my stomach for sure if not for the fact that he opened the plate and I saw a beautifully decorated grilled big til@pia. My jaw drops.

I look at him incredulously

“You’re proposing to me with a plate of til@pia?”

“Uh well… No…. Just a ti-p to help you say yes to me fas-ter since you loved it the last time. Uhh is it working?”

He grins sheepishly. I stare at the plate of perfectly grilled til@pia and my mouth eaters instantly.

“This must be the strangest, ridiculous proposal ever but… Hell yea! I’ll be your girlfriend!!”

I squeal getting re-ady to lunge myself at him when his phone rings… I gr0@nin annoyance.

“Way to kill the moment”

I grumble..

“Apparently other people nee-d me too baby”

he wi-nks as he presses the phone to his ear.

“Hello? Richa-rd ?”

I watch as the excited expression on his face turns into pure anger.

He suddenly hangs up and pushes the phone into his pocket,frowning de-eply.

Without staring at me, he says throu-gh gritted teeth

“My father, he’s back”

Episode 40


A loud g@sp escapes me when I fly forward in a quic-k, harsh motion almost hitting my head on the dashboard because of the way William suddenly brou-ght the car to a halt.

I grasp the seatbelt ha-rd , thankful that it saved me from flying forward. I glance at William noticing how his jaw was set in a ha-rd -line.

His hands were balled into fists, clenched ti-ghtly around the steering wheel.

I bite myl-ip, wondering what to say to him.

Sure, I have seen him angry before.

Not once, not twice.

And during each of those times, I’d been at a loss of words.

Even now I’m still at a loss of words.

An angry William was almost unapproachable.

He suddenly bec@m£ intimid@t!ng.

Ever since we left the brick house and got into the car, he hadn’t said a single word to me.

He hadn’t so much as spared me a glance.


I swallow my next words when In an instance, he let’s go off the steering wheel, gr-abs the seatbelt and yanks it off, ha-rd .

He pushes his side of the door open, alights and walk towards the small house.

I alight also and follow him.

As we near the house, I begin to hear voices.

Loud enough to know whoever was in there was arguing with someone.

“Oh For heavens sake!”

A de-ep baritone voice yells in frustration followed by a loud crash. Then a loud whimper.

I turn to William and realise his frown had even de-epened.

What he meant by his father was back, I didn’t un-derstand.

But one thing I knew, it was bad news.

The screams continued from inside the house, until William, deciding he had had enough, let out a low growl as he stormed towards the house, pushing the door open.

I stood on the compound still, unsure of what to do.

Another loud defeaning sound of a loud crash makes me instinctively take a step back.

“The fv¢k do you think you are to waltz back into our lives huh?!”

A voice screamed.

It was a voice I knew so well.


There was utter silence for a few seconds, followed by a voice I didn’t recognize
. Perhaps William’s father.

His voice was much calmer, probably trying to pacify his sons for whatever misdeed he caused them.

I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but whatever he said seemed ticklish because the next thing I heard was a loud laughter from William.

It wasn’t a humor filled laughter.


It was a dry laughter, filled with sarcasm.

“So what now? You want a prize for a job well done?!! Well listen to me daddy dearest..”

William sneers.

The rest of his voice muted as he spoke in a deadly low tone I guess… I continued to stand in the middle of the compound for what seemed like fifteen minutes until the door was yanked open harshly.

I jumped in fright, taking a step back.

Two men who looked like the older version of William stormed out.

William soon followed.

There were de-ep frowns on each of their faces as they spoke in hushed tones. Soon, after what seemed liked they’d come to a decision regarding whatever they were discussing, they each nodded their heads and they all strolled back into the house.. I watched in utter confusion as they all walked back out again, this time each carrying a suitcase while William c@m£ out Wheeling his mother towards a red Mercedes which I hadn’t noticed before, parked at the farthest end of the compound.

He helped his mother into the car and then said a few things to the men I presumed were his brothers to which they both turned to stare at me. Then they nodded and William began to walk back towards me, his b©dy moving in a tense manner.

Without acknowledging my pres£nce, he brushes past me and sli-ps into the car. Letting out a sigh, I followed and sli-pped into the sear beside him.


Puffing out a frustrated sigh, I turn to stare at William.

It’s been twenty minutes since we hit the road and he still hasn’t said a word to me.


I call out softly.

He didn’t reply.

The only reaction I got was the tensing of his b©dy the moment I called out his name.


More silence.

Irritation seeped throu-gh me.

“Will you at least acknowledge me?!”

At my outbur-st, he veers of the road, bringing the car to a halt.

He turns to me ru-bbing his temple.

“I’m sorry. I just…”

“It’s okay. I un-derstand”

I reach out to cover his hands with mine.

He flashes me a small smile.

“It just kinda hurts when you ignore me like that”

“I know. I’m sorry. My father’s return got me all riled up”

I nod, b!tt!g my l!pto st©p myself from asking questions he probably isn’t re-ady to answer.

Nevertheless, he answers my unspoken thoughts.

“He left us almost four years ago after my mother’s accident. He didn’t wanna get burdened with a crippled wife, paying her hospital bills and three dons who were still in school”

he shakes his head,letting out a dark chuckle.

I squee-ze his hand as a form of as-surance.

“I un-derstand how you feel. My dad practically did the same with me. Though un-der different circu-mtances”

“Guess we both have sh*tty dads then”

he smiles. I let out a laugh, somewhat finding humor in the coincidence.

“Yea. We do have sh*tty dads.”

I agree. Silence fills the car for several seconds, each of us wallowing in our thoughts until I feel a warm big hand over my face,c@r£ss!ngmy cheeks.. I look up. My eyes meet his.

“This wasn’t how I had planned the day to go. I really wanted to make today a memorable one for you”

he says with remorse

“Every second spent with you us memorable for me Will”

I reply honestly,watching hisl-ips p@rt into a grin.

A smug one that.. I roll my eyes at that knowing he’s going to give a c0cky remark.

“Whatever smug and co-rky remark that is lingering in your br@in, don’t let it come out of your mouth William”

I warn.

He throws his head back laughing.

“I do not always have dirty thoughts miss Wallace”

“Oh yes. And I’m a hermaphrodite”

I say in a flat tone.

“I love it when you’re sarcastic sweetheart. It makes my…”

I don’t let him finish when I cut him off loudly..

“Okay that’s enough. Don’t complete that s£ntence”

He only laughs. Someone finds me funny today

“As you wish sweetheart”

he leans in and places a k!ssto my cheeks.

My eyes wi-den at the unexpected gesture, a blus-h creeping up my cheeks.

“Drive William”

I roll my eyes at his smug expression.

How he changes from angry to happy within seconds still baffles me to the core.

Shooting me one last grin, he turns to spark the engine back to life only for a strong f0rç£ to hit the back of the car.

I let out a yelp,ti-ght£ñing my f!ngersaround the seatbelt, I turn to see a pickup, driving towards our car again with full speed and before my br@in could register anything, the pickup crushes into our car from behind.


William cusses loudly, trying to gain control of the car.

But it was too late.

Our car had alre-ady been pushed completely off the edge of the road and was tumbling down the unruly hill.

Oh my God,oh my God.

I gr!pp£dthe seatbelt ha-rd .

I could feel my blood pulsing wildly throu-gh my veins.

My heart beating ha-rd against my che-st.

We were going to crash. And die.. No doubt.

With the rate at which we were tumbling down without mercy, I could tell.

There was a big rock at the end of the hill where I could see a small pond behind it.

I blink repeatedly.. Fighting back the dark sp©ts claiming my line of vision.


The loud order makes me turn..

“Jump Alexa! Jump out of the car!” William yells, stepping on the br@kes repeatedly while pu-lling on the gears. But it was all useless. It wasn’t going to work either way.

“No William! I’m not leaving you!”

“Dammnit Alexa! The car’s gonna crash, just jump will you!”

“I..I can’t… You’re not going to die while I live William…”

A sob gets stuck in my throat.

A panic rising steadily.

No, our story wasn’t going end here.

It couldn’t.

Not when he had asked me to be his girlfriend a few hours ago.

s-en-sing my hesitation, he reaches over, unbuckles my seatbelt and then care-sses my face, lovingly, softly, carefully.

As if memorizing my face for the last time.

As if he was saying goodbye.

It was all in his eyes.

The fear.

Fear of death.

Fear of losing me.. He was scared too, just as I was..

“One if us has to escape alive. Abd that’ll be you.”

“No William. I’m not leaving you. I.. You… We have to… ”

I bite my trembling myl-ips.. I can’t. He can’t.

. Not when I haven’t told him how much I love him.

Not when… No,no no…

“I love you Alexandra. Always remember that”

he says and before I could reply,William pushes me out of the car. I scream as I fall on the ha-rd ground, rolling until my back hits a tree.. I look up from where I had fallen, just In time to see the car crash into the large rock.

Smoke begins to emit from the open bonnet. And then.

There was a sudden loud ban-g.. An explosion.. And I watched as the car caught fire with William in it,burning.

Burning along with my love.