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Unattainable perfection episode 15


Episode 15

For a moment, the receptionist seemed to have lost her tongue as she continued to stare at the frightening woman.

Her legs wobbled, almost giving her away till she clutched onto the edge of the mahogany desk.

“I’m running out of patience young Lady. Cat got your tongue?”

the woman growls making her flinch.

“Ugh.. Y..yes s..sure…

. Follow me”

she steps away from behind the desk and begin to walk down the narrow hall way leading to the doctor’s office.

Stopping in front of the door, she knocks gently.

“Come in”

came the deep baritone voice. Pushing the receptionist aside, she strolls confidently into the office, the doctor flinching instantly at the sight of her bloodied face.

Completely unperturbed, she speaks up

“I’m here for a plastic surgery. Can we start?”

“Ugh with all due respect ma’am as you’re aware,this is a hospital and we go by rules and regulations. For surgeries, you need to book an appointment”

“Same old story. Guess I should apply force”

she replies in a bored tone, dips her hand into her bag and pulls out the cheque book and gun.

The doctor shrieks, backing away from her.

“I won’t repeat myself doc. You gonna take me in there for a surgery or you want a bullet through your skull?”

He looks at the door, hoping security will barge in.

“Don’t worry. No one is gonna come in here. The security cameras have been shut off, for a few minutes of course. Now, shall we? I have all the money to pay”

She frowns talking the cheque book impatiently He gulps hard.


y..yeah… Come with me”

“That’s what I thought”

Alice smirks tucking her items into the bag before following him.




“Come on Wilson! Don’t be a sissy!”

David yells again. I growl in annoyance, scrambling back to my feet, sweat trickling down my face.

Channeling every ounce of anger I could gather, I raise my fist swinging it forward in a quick motion hitting my opponent square in the face sending him flying down to the floor.

He groans.

“Attah boy. Great job!!”

David claps and I smirk, wiping my sweaty face.

If only he knew.

If only he knew during all these training we’ve been doing, I’ve been channeling my anger and hatred towards Alexa to be able to fight.

Every hit, every blow, every upper cut I give, all I can see is Alexa in the form of a male’s bod or a punching back.. I hate her.

I loathe her.

I despise her.

It’s been almost two months in this hell hole and ever since my attack, Alexa hasn’t come to visit neither have I been told she’s come to ask after me, confirming my suspicion.

She really ordered my death.

And she hasn’t come to see me either because she thinks I’m truly dead or she’s too ashamed to come see me.

“That’s enough training for today. Come, it’s almost lunch time”

David says and I cringe.

Thinking about the food I’m about to eat almost has my stomach churning in disgust.

The food I was served when I was still hospitalized tasted much better than what they serve here.

They prepare the food as if they’re feeding a bunch of people without taste buds.

I sigh, following him.

“Why do I have to keep training Dave?”

I ask,curiosity taking over

“Trust me dude, if you get out of here and you still want to go ahead with your quest for revenge like me, then you’ll need to be quite prepared. The Wallace name is really powerful. Itsy dangerous to go down the path of revenge without being fully prepared. So you need to be equipped. Know how to fight like a pro because you’ll need it. By the way, you know how to drive right?”

I nod

“Yes. I used to drive race cars a lot.”

“Good. Come on dude”

he nudges nee as we walk further. I’m definitely getting my revenge.

One day. Some day.



A tear flows.

Another one.

And soon, more tears are cascading down my cheeks.

And for the umpteenth time,I wipe it again.

“I’m sorry for your loss. My condolences”


says for the millionth time and I feel like shutting them up with my f*cking fist.

It’s not like they really mean it or care anyway.

It’s more like a rehearsed line, like a national anthem,ready to roll of the tip of their tongues.

I sniff.

Staring at the closed coffin in which my father was supposed to be in, another tear escapes me as I fight to gain my composure as people file past the coffin paying their last respect.

I shake my head,unable to believe I’m now an orphan.

A f*cking orphan.

I still vividly remember how it happened exactly a month ago.

I had just gone home to try and prepare something for my father and change clothes like the doctor had advised.

It still feels like a dream.

An endless torturous dream.

One moment my father was getting better after being in the hospital for two days and the next moment, I return only for the doctor to look into my eyes and tell me

“I’m really sorry Alexandra, your father didn’t make it.

. We lost him”

I punched him.

I f*cking punched him.

I had screamed, yelled, laughed and cried.

Refusing to accept reality.

It was all too confusing, too immediate.

But the truth was just one.

My father was gone.

He left. He too left me, making me an orphan.

And right now,as I stare at the coffin, I still can’t wrap my head around anything.

How could someone go from getting better one second and the next he’s pronounced dead? No.

Deep down, somewhere in my heart,a part of me still believes my father isn’t gone. Weird and strange as it may sound, I can’t seem to accept this.

No,this has nothing to do with a girl battling with coming to terms with her father’s death.


What I feel is more like instincts.

My instincts are screaming something else yet here I am attending my father’s memorial right before he’s buried.

I stare at it.

The coffin.

Long and hard.

Unable to accept that this wooden structure is housing my father.


Sniffing, I take a step forward, bypassing Marcus and Fraser who stood looking into space.

I still can’t believe Alice’s picture is still circulating on every television station branding her a wanted criminal.

For Murder.

She killed the family doctor.

Eric Brown.

I sigh again, shaking the thoughts away.. Now is not the time to think about Alice.

I’ve always known her to be a crooked person with no dignity whatsoever.

I take another step, again and again until I’m directly In front of the wooden structure I’ve come to hate so much.

I need to confirm.

I need to see my father one last time.

Maybe it’ll help me come to terms with the fact that he’s indeed gone.

For good.

With extremely shaky hands, I wrap my fingers around the thick edge of the wood,ready to lift it when a strong hand grabs mine.

I wince.

“Let go off me!”

I tug at my wrist as I look up at perpetrator.

It was one of my father’s bodyguards.

“I’m sorry ma’am but you can’t”

I fume.

“What do you mean I can’t?”

“You can’t open the casket”

he says What the heck!

“And who the f*ck are you to tell me what I can or can’t do? Are you going to stop me from bidding my father goodbye one last time?!”

“Sorry ma’am but yes. I have to stop you. Orders from above”

Wait what?


I yell incredulously not giving a damn about the scene I’m causing.

Orders from above?

“And who the hell has the audacity to order you to stop me from opening the casket at my own fathers funeral huh? Who?!”

The idiot remains silent and I feel more enraged.

I’m already angry.

Angry that my father had to die without warning.

Angry that he was doing so much better one moment and gone the next.. Angry that the fool wont even let me see my father one last time.

I need to unleash my anger.

All these pent up emotions.

And this idiot is the perfect scapegoat.

Not minding his large build and stature, i reach up and grab his collar, pushing him down till we’re both on eye level.

“Who’s funeral is this?”

I ask, my voice dark and low.

“Your father ma’am”

“Who am I to him?”

“His daughter”

“Since you haven’t lost your memory and you know all that,I’d like to remind you that I have every f*cking right to open the godamn coffin to see my father correct?!”


he nods.


I release his collar and shove him backwards harshly.

I turn, grab the lid one more time only for my hand to be grabbed again.


What the hell?! Annoyed to the Max, I spin around so fast and swing my other hand. Slapping him hard.

He stares at me, unmoving, like he expected me to hit him.

“What the f*ck is wrong with you huh?! Can’t I mourn in peace now?!!”

I scream, my voice cracking as tears fill my eyes once more threatening to spill.

“Please forgive me. I’m just following orders. I’m sorry”

“F*ck you!”

I shove him aside and storm outside the church, wiping my face vigorously. Whoever is behind this,I’ll haunt them down.


f*cking swear.


Behind a three storey building opposite the church stood a man in his early fifties clad in an all black attire and behind his eyes were huge shades covering half of his face.

He stood.

Hiding behind the building as Alexandra storms out of the church premises.

“I’m sorry”

was all he whispers into the wind, disappearing as fast as he came


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