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July 24, 2021


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Ulinma (my village bride) Episode 9 & 10

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My village wife💍
💕My pretty lunatic👝

Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
A Nigerian story…

💗Episode 09💗
(Am married bitch😇)


🤩Chioma’s Pov🤩
After the whole drama that happened today, the woman that sells food later came out.

And I bought food for Papa nnenna and I, my sister nneka has already eaten another round of food.

It made me wish I know how to cook but at the second thought no.

Am going to get married to a very rich man and that rich man is gonna be Fred.

Yes you heard Mr Fred ulinma’s husband, I have not lost hope on him yet.

We were eating our food or will I say poison when nneka came to join us carrying a plate of porridge yam.

I felt like crying.
why is nneka doing this to us ehh.

When did she even learn how to cook.
I can’t wait for Fred to come and marry me so this suffering will be over.


I guess nnenna couldn’t take it anymore so she begged her for some food.

‘Nneka please am hungry and this thing am eating is not good food please can I share with you?…’ she said and I shot her look.

‘Oh my dear twin sister you’re the only person am pitying in all of you, I will alow you share my food on one condition…’

‘Anything at all as long as I eat good food…’ she replied making my eyes widened in shock.

‘Tell papa what you do with the lecturer in school…’ she said and I saw fear on nnenna’s face.

‘Ehhhnnn Papa I…i mean I use to sleep with ehmm lecturers for good grades…’ she concluded in tears.


‘Nnenna my lovely sister, you just have to stop doing that and read to pass…’ nneka said.

‘I promise from now on I will start read, I will even learn how to cook if you are willing to teach me…’ she replied and that was what provoked me.


‘Nnenna you are not learning how to cook we are going to marry rich husbands so what’s the need of cooking…’ I said and she burst into laughter.

‘Papa once told us if we learn how to cook we’re going to get married to poor husbands right?…’ nnenna asked me.

‘Yes and Papa is very correct…’ I replied and papa just left us and went inside.

‘Ulinma was the only one then who knows how to cook and who those all the rich men come asking for her hand in marriage?…’ nneka added.

‘Chioma if you want to die a spinster then go ahead for me I want to get married, be it rich poor or average I don’t mind…’ nneka said making me wanna cry.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I left them and went inside.

They will soon see me with a rich man, I thought nnenna was by my side but I guess I only have Papa.

On my way inside I saw nneka’s phone and immediately an idea came into my head.

I can just take ulinma’s number and make her get scared.

I might even be lucky to get to speak with my prince charming.


I went outside only to see nneka and nnenna busy with there food.

I went inside and took nneka’s phone and search for ulinma’s contact and in no time I saw it.

I quickly copied her number into my phone and let.

I smiled inside me.
can’t wait for her to come back to this village.

while I go to Lagos not as a spinster but as Mrs chioma Fred uchemba.

I think I will call her tomorrow morning, no I don’t think I can wait until tomorrow I will have to call her tonight.
💖Fred’s Pov💖
I was trying my best to hold myself, I just felt like bending her on this couch and f*ck the day light out of her.

But she’s too fragile to me handled that way.

she should be handled like and eye, because she’s way too pretty.

She is wearing a nightwear.
the nightwear wasn’t transparent or reveling but she still looks hot in it.

i have always prayed to God for a sexy and beautiful wife but not the one as sexy and beautiful as ulinma.


Why does God always give you more than what you ask for huh?

Am feeling so so insecure right now.
I don’t even think I can go to work and concentrate.

my mind will surely be at home.
she was already feeling sleepy so I lean towards her and placed her head on my laps.

At first she wasn’t comfortable but in few minutes she relax and sleeped off.

I was just looking at her pretty face wondering how long god took in creating her.

How can someone be as pretty as a goddess and at the same time have such killer curves.

I took my hands to her hips to see if it’s truely her natural curves and immediately i did that I felt her soft flawless skin on my hand.

oh heavens I can’t wait to f*ck her.

I felt something vibrate beside her and I saw it was an old Nokia phone.

Actually the one I bought for my mom long time ago.

Don’t tell me this is what my own queen is using huh?

I have to get her a new phone tomorrow morning.

I saw it was a call from an unknown number so I picked it up.

📱’Hello is this ulinma…’ a lady’s voice said and the voice sounds like that her duckling cousin sister.

📱’No it’s not her it’s her husband any problem?…’

📱’Oh my God Fred , do you Still remember me it’s chioma ulinma’s cousin sister…’

📱’Okay why are you calling her?…’

📱’I actually called to hear from you, you know i love you so much…’

📱’I can see you have gone mad official, I will advice you to visit a mental hospital…’

📱’What yes and don’t you ever call this line ever in your life that if it will be available.

I said and hung up.

Next morning……🌥️🌥️
I woke up and noticed we sleeped off at the living room.

I tapped beautiful on her shoulder and she murmured some words under her breath.

Making me smile.

I tapped her again and she woke up and slowly opened her eyes.

‘Good morning…’ she greeted sleepingly and I smiled sweetly.

‘Morning beauty, how was your night?…’ I asked and she just smiled.

‘It was fine and yours?…’

‘Same love, now go to your room and clean yourself up…’ I said and she nodded and stood up and started walking towards her room.


I also went to my room to freshen up, today is Sunday and it’s always a boring day to me.

I guess I have to take my wife out in the evening.

Am not regretting getting married to ulinma not one bit.

imagine I haven’t f*cked a bitch since she came here and I haven’t f*cked get too.

I guess that’s a miracle.

I striped off my clothes and went to the bathroom.

And brushed my teeth and took my bath, after that i left the bathroom with a towel around my waist.

I went to my dressing mirror and applied my body lotion.

After that i dressed up in a crucial wear.
a white sport short and a top.

And walked downstairs.
I started to hear sounds from the kitchen.

I guess my pretty wife is preparing brakefast.

I heard the door bell ring so I went to get the door.

‘Oga there is one lady here to see you…’ my security said.

‘Okay what did she say her name is?…’

‘She said her name is Simi…’

‘I don’t know any Simi but let her in…’ I said and he left.

Few minutes later……💗💗
The door bell rang again and when I opened the door a familiar looking lady wearing a skimpy outfits came in.

‘Hey Fred and Simi we mate at the club…’


what type of nonsense is this.

😧Simi’s pov😧
When I got to the Man my mouth dropped.

This guy is so fucking rich, of course I can’t miss this catch.

I knocked at the big gate and after a while a man wearing a security uniform opened the gate for me.

‘How may I help you young lady?…’ he asked calmly.

‘Am looking for Fred…’ I replied.

‘You mean sir Fred?…’ he asked is this man deaf or something.


‘Okay what your name?…’

‘I’m Simi…’

‘Just give me few minutes…’ he said and left.

After few minutes he came back and told me to come in my mouth dropped when I saw the number of cars at his place.

I rang the doorbell and he opened the door.

‘Hey Fred I’m Simi we mate at the club…’ I said I he looked at me disgustingly.

‘And what are you doing in my house?…’ he asked looking pissed.


I was about replying him when a very beautiful lady wearing a sexy white bum short with a black crop top, cane out of the kitchen.


‘Huni what’s going on…’ she asked and Fred walked up to her and gave her a kiss on the lip.

‘Nothing my love she about leaving…’ she said and she smiled and went back to the kitchen.

don’t tell me his married.

‘Simi or what ever you name is am a married man and that pretty damsel you saw now is my wife so just fuck off…’ he said living me in shock.

‘You’re kidding right?…’ I asked.

‘I said am married bitch so get the fuck out of my house before I call the security to throw you out…’ he yelled angrily and I ran out of the house.

Oh God.

why must he be married huh?


💗Episode 10💗

💖Fred’s Pov💖
After the encounter with the Simi of a girl everything went on as usual.

Ulinma prepared breakfast and we ate in silence.

And after that we decided to play some fun games before afternoon.

Because i’m going to take her out on a date and I think a park will do.

she needs to see things she haven’t seen before.

I think she needs to enjoy her life because she haven’t done that since her many years on earth.

We decided to play a game of TRUTH and DARE she didn’t know how to play the game so I thought her.

‘I will start first now truth or dare?…’ I asked.

‘Ehhh truth…’ she replied and I started looking for a good question.

‘How old are you?…’


‘Yes mom told me you’re 22 years old but I don’t believe her, and remember you must say the truth…’

‘And if I lie what will happen?…’ she asked with a smile.

‘I have a truth dictating machine so I will know you lied…’ I replied.

‘Okay I am 19 year old although 20 by next month…’ she said and my eyes widened in shock.

‘You’re lieing right?…’

‘No am not…’ she replied.


‘Your turn truth or dare?…’ she asked.


‘Hmmm Fred how did you feel when you first saw me at the village?…’

Her question made me chuckle on my drink.

And immediately i became nervous.
How am I gonna tell her she made me get a hard on.

‘Will I say it was love at first sight…’ I said and she blushed making her look even more beautiful.

‘Truth or dare?…’ I asked.

‘Ehhh truth…’ she replied.

‘When did you get your first kiss and with who?…’ I asked her with a sexy smirk on my face.

‘Few hours ago and with you…’ she said shyly.

I’m so happy am her first kiss and am going to make sure her first night with me is gonna be a memorable night.

A small smile appeared on my face at the thought of that.

‘Truth or dare?…’ she asked.

‘Truth…’ I replied immediately.

‘How does having sex feel like?…’ she asked making me look at her in shock.

‘For a first timer it’s always very painful but after that it’s sweet I swear…’ I replied and she smiled.

‘So truth or dare?…’ I asked.

‘Dare…’ she replied immediately.

‘Ulinma are you aware you have to do anything i ask you to do?…’ I asked and she nodded.

‘Okay stripe off every cloth you’re wearing living only your bra and pantie…’ I said with a wicked smirk plastered on my face.


She shouted and I nodded.

She stood up from her sit and started taking off her clothes.

my sinful eye never left her body.
She removed the crop top she was putting on living her on her pink lace bra.

She too her hand to the white bum short she was wearing and pulled it down.

Living her with only a pink G-string pant that brought out her smooth flawless big ass.

And a pink lace bra.

My eye traveled to her well shaved pu*sy it looked so juicy.

I felt like throwing her on the couch and eat her pu*sy until she can no longer breathe.

She cleared her throat bringing me back from my wet dream.

‘Truth or dare?…’ she asked.

‘Dare…’ I replied and she smiled.

‘I dare you to go to the kitchen and prepare me a mushroom soup?…’ she said and I nearly fainted.

‘come on ulinma I don’t know how to cook…’ I replied almost in tears.

‘As if I care run along …’ she said dramatically.

Oh god save me🥺

👩‍🦰Simi’s Pov👩‍🦰
After Fred threw me out of his house I felt so angry.

How dare him, who gave him that liver to do such thing to me.

Immediately i left his mansion I ordered my cab and in few minutes time the rider arrive.

I went into the cab and the diver drove off to my address.

I know you guys may not no me so let me introduce myself.

My name is Simisola and am 26 years old.

Am a striper and also a high class prostitute.

I called myself a high class prostitute because I don’t fu*k with small boy but big rich guys and of course sugar daddies.

I don’t have my own apartment nor a car but I live in a girls apartment.

We are about ten girls in a room, a very classic room at that and we pay ₦10,000 daily.

I can beat my chest and say that everyone, I mean every girl in that room are all prostitute.

There is one of the girls her name is Stella she’s from Delta state.

She’s the reason why I want Fred at all cost, she has a zaddy that spends on her.

Everyday she comes back with different expensive things.

And yesterday she bought a 30 inches bone straight human hair, not one ooo but two.

Last week her zaddy bought her an iPhone 12 and am still here.

I most say Fred’s wife is so pretty, how can I even measure myself with her.

But I need his money even if I have to be his side chick I don’t care.

December is around the corner and I can’t even boast of a tangible thing I can use to flex this Christmas.

I need to change my wardrobe and buy at least one or two bone straight human hair.

And an iPhone 12 if I get does things am okay for now.

When the driver got to the gate of our apartment, I got down and paid him.

I opened the gate and got in and to my surprise I saw Stella packing her things.

‘Stella this one you’re packing your things hope everything is fine?…’ I asked and she smiled.

‘Yes babe everything is okay, my zaddy bought me a new apartment so am moving out…’ I felt so jealous but I just covered everything with a smile.

‘Oh congratulations girl…’ I said faking a smile.

‘Thank you…’ she replied and i walked inside.

Is this girl using charm or something, she was the last girl that moved into this apartment.

And she was as poor as a church rat, back then she said she ran out of an orphanage due to hunger.

We were the one that introduced her into this business.

And she was a virgin then.
it didn’t reach two months after she followed us to the club.

And this rich divorce man in his early fifties meet her and that was it.

in less than two weeks he opened a boutique for her and she stopped doing the business.

Not only that she started bringing in expensive things to the house.

And now she has her own apartment.

I want to be sure if Fred is truly married am going to the club today and if he doesn’t come I will sleep with one of his friends to get information from them.

I don’t really believe his married.
maybe she’s just his girlfriend.

Yes that what am going to do.
I can’t wait to visit Stella driving my own car.

Fred has more than ten experience cars.

I better start dressing up.

👴Uncle mbakwe’s Pov👴
I think am an idiot and a bad father to my children.

Sometimes I wonder what my late sister did to me.

I asked her to go to the stream that faithful day because i already paid some guys to rape her.

But along the line she got pregnant and I asked her to abort the baby but she refused.

And she gave birth to ulinma and died and yet my only sister’s death did not hurt me instead I was happy.

And after her death i took every hatred I had for my late sister to her daughter.

I know how many times I asked some boys to rape her but instead they come back to ask for her hand in marriage instead.

Ulinma’s father is very rich and after two years after he raped oluchi my sister he came back to marry her.

but she was already dead.
I didn’t tell him about his daughter because I didn’t want ulinma to go into a better hand.

But it still happened.
And now my two daughters dislike me so much.

Is this how karma works.
without knowing I gave all the good wife qualities to ulinma.

oh poor chioma.




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