Twin of my heart final episode

😕She is a psycho😕
I happily went to their show cus the masked twins was my favourite artist, but that wasn’t the reason why I’m attending their show this time.
When the show finally ended I sneaked pas-sed their guards and security and entered their changing room.
What the fv¢k are you doing here young lady?; Mick asked calmly.
Um pls sirs I really nee-d your help pls, my sister is in between life and death she has cancer and nee-ds urgent treatment but I don’t have the money for it.
Pls can you help me?”
Young lady do we look like a charity home?” Leave here this minute before I call the security to chase you out; Nick threatened and I fell to my kneels instantly pleading with him but he turned deft ears.
Common Nick why don’t we just help the young girl common; Mick suggested.
Don’t you dare Mick she must be one of those girls on drugs looking for money to pay their dept, where these stupid securities; He called and the men ran inside room.
Why did you let this thing inside?” In fact you’re all fired take the girl and get out; He ordered and dragged Mick outta the room.
Hey bit-ch look what you’ve cause” we just loss our jobs cus of you now we’re gonna give you your reward; One of them said and bounced on me tearing my clothes and giving me the beating of my life as well.
They all ganged R@p£d and that is how I lost my dignity to those men all because of Nick.
After crying my eyes out I finally left the room and went to the hospital just to meet another tragedy my sister was gone.
She died because I couldn’t afford her hospital bills” we where just orphans trying to survive but what did we get?”
After that day I loath the masked twins with all my heart, I did illegal jobs just to get rich and I started d@t!ngMick but he couldn’t recognize me cus I was rich and look more beautiful.
I made sure the both of them fell for me, all I ever wanted was to ruin Nick so I can have mick to my self.
And you expect me to be good?”
fv¢k being good I love myself just the way I’m, if I get re-leased I will still come back for you Nick; I yelled and hit the police man on his di-ck and tried running when I heard gun sh0ts.
I fell on my kneels as my eye lids bec@m£ heavy..
Common Lisa, Seven come back here; I yelled chasing those two rascals…. Life as been a bit-ch to me and my family but everything is all in the past.
No matter what life throws at you always find a way to bounce back.
Tho I thought of giving up at some stage but look at me.
I’ve two wonderful children, Lisa who looks exactly like me but she is Mick’s child and Seven Nick’s child.
Lisa is five years old while Seven is three years old.
Isn’t life great?”
At first getting married to two men was my worst nightmare but everything turns out to be my happily ever after.
I don’t know what I would have become if I didn’t meet these two men I love them equally and nothing can change that its all like a dream come true.
If you think your life is imperfect just drop your worries and keep calm it might just turn out to be your blessing in disguise cus nothing comes easily in this world of ours.
The End.