Twin of my heart Episode 7 to 12

7 to 12
[😕She Is a psycho]
I was watching the show of our crazy wife when I heard her saying if she was asked to point her husband she will point at Nick I felt pained immediately but was replace by jealousy when she called me horse band.
What; I screamed gaining her attention.
Oh it’s just you horse band I thought a dog was barging; She said with a sm-irk.
I dare you one more time to call me that and I will show you who you are married to; I threatened.
Horse band horse band horse band; She sang and I felt like exploding.
Imma kill you this girl; I said and began chasing her.
I chase her round the whole house with both of us laughing on t©p of our voice geez she is fun to be with I was just the one giving her a ha-rd time.
She finally st©pped running and stood in front of the pool.
I got you; I said immediately I caught up with her.
You think so?; She asked with a sly smile and gulped what is she up to this time?.
I wanted to move back when she gr@bb£d me and jumped inside the pool.
Gosh I’m fv¢king we-t; I said laughing.
You know I thought I’m going to hate this marriage especially with the way you behaved with me but I was wrong I think you will be a very good hus man; She said.
Common Hus man seriously you haven’t even known Nick for long and he is alre-ady your husband while me Hus man like seriously; I said pouting like a baby gosh I can’t believe I’m alre-ady bonding with her.
Don’t worry handsome when the time comes you will earn the title husband; She said and crashed herl-ips on mine.
I was still surprise by her actions before re-ciprocating the k!ssgosh herl-ips tasted like chocolate and I don’t think she has ever k!$$£d before because she is terrible at it.
Hey you guys has gotten to the smooching what about me she is my wife as well; We heard Nick said and she broke the k!ssand started laughing.
OK come on board husband number 1; She said.
Nick jumped inside the pool immediately splashing water on us.
Hey take it easy sweety I have lost my appetite for k!ss!nglet’s go and eat dinner I’m hungry; She said pouting like a baby.
Hey that not fair I’m also your husband; Nick nagged while I laughed my eyes out.
OK come; She said and Nick went to her, immediately he got to her he crashed hisl-ips on hers.
Normally I would have felt jealous but surprisingly I wasn’t.
OK that enough I’m hungry; I said trying to get on Nick’s nerves.
Joy killer; He said un-der his breath while wifey and I laughed at him.
I woke up with a beautiful smile on my face as I remembered all the memories of last night.
I wanted to get down from the be-d when I felt two large hands weighing me down.
Hey wake up big heads I want to get re-ady for college; I shouted.
Give us five mins; the one i presume is Nick said or is it Mick?….gosh they are too identical how do I identify them.
Hey both of you get up; I shouted again this time hitting them both.
Hey enough we are awake; They yelled holding their alre-ady radish hands.
I want to give you guys nicknames that only I can call you guys because I’m confused I can’t even identify Nick or mick; I said pouting and they started laughing.
OK what the names let’s hear it and by the way Mick is the one speaking; One of them said.
Well Nick yours will be hmmmmm Bunny while Mick yours is gummy bear; I said and they both stared at me in surprise.
I beg you with everything precious to you pls change it; One of them said.
OK OK OK I will change it what about Nicky and Micky?; I suggested and they both sighed in relieve.
Much better; One of them said.
OK let me confirm it Micky?; I called and he chuckled raising up his hands.
Nicky?; I called again and He raised up his hands as well chuckling.
Now that I have settled that I want the both of you to get out of this room I want to undress; She said glaring at the both of us.
Why should we leave and besides I want to see what behind those baggy clothes; Nick said in a flir-ty tone and I g@sped in fright.
I’m not interested count me out; I said and was about running out of the room when she said something that made my mouth dropped.
I don’t mind to show you Nick come with me; She said leading him to the bathroom and I felt stupid immediately.
I was still feeling like a loser when I heard Nick screamed and I ran to the bathroom only to see him standing with his head inside the jacuzzi.
Next time when I say get out you get out; She said and pushed him out.
I couldn’t hold myself any longer so I started laughing him while he glared at me.
I wanted to mock him the more when I heard one of my phones ringing I went to where I kept it and looked into the screen to see it’s was mom.
📱Good morning mum📱I greeted after picking up the phone.
📱Hey son how are you doing?📱
📱I’m doing great mum and you?📱
📱Same I just wanted to inform you guys that you’re both starting the same college as your wife because young girls of today prefer college boys than their husbands so I registered Nick and you in her college📱
Immediately she said that I felt like jumping inside the phone and shower k!sses at her, she is definitely the best.
📱Thanks mum you’re the best📱I said and she ended the call.
Yes yes Nick we are going to be attending the same college with wifey; I announced and Nick jumped up immediately and started dancing.
Why are you guys dancing?; I heard her asked geez I can’t believe I still don’t know her name.
Huh? Wifey what your name I’m tired of saying she she and she; I asked feeling a little bit embarras-sed I know Nick knows her name alre-ady.
Yeah I don’t know your name as well; Nick said to my surprise.
Well it’s Emily Daniel oh sorry it’s Mrs Emily bla bla bla; She said and walked into the closet.
We all dressed up re-ady to get into the car.
Wait; Emily said.
Why are the both of you following me to college with your masks and why are you even following me in the first place?; She said looking confused oh we are haven’t told her we are going to be attending the same college.
Well we just got admitted in the same college; Nick said trying to hide his excitement.
What?..oh my God I’m going to be more popular I can’t believe it and I’m going to make that stupid President’s daughter that keeps saying she is d@t!ngyou jealous.
Who? I asked.
Well she is the President’s daughter but she lies a lot she said Nicky is her b©yfri£ndand you guys are getting married next week; She said and Nick bur-st into laughter.
President’s daughter my foot I have seen her before and she is always trying to s£dûç£me but I never gave in but me d@t!ngher or even planing of marrying her geez that a big fat lie; Nick said and we all started laughing.
I drove inside the college and parked my car at the parking lot and c@m£ out with Emily and Nick by my side.
The college is hvge and it’s painted white yeah it’s fit my standard if not I’m getting my wife outta here.
Immediately the students saw us they began screaming and cheering our names.
👥Oh my God the masked twins is at my school oh God pls make this day last longer👥
👥pls re-move the masks we want to see how handsome you’re pls👥
👥And why is Emily standing so close to them masked twins chase that trouble maker away before she curse you harm👥
👥Just marry me👥
The students kept saying and screaming that our security men had to build a wall around us so we could pas-s throu-gh the crowd.
After so many do¢v-ment signing and everything we finally got to our dep@rtment yeah my mom made sure we are in the same dep@rtment and also have the same time table.
Immediately we go inside all eyes turn to us and Emily immediately left us and went to stand in front of blonde girl who wouldn’t st©p drooling at us I guess she must be the President’s daughter.
Hey Mrs masked twin I brou-ght your husband to school for you since you wouldn’t let me breath you’re br@gging you’re getting married to Nick one of the masked twins so I decided to help you by inviting him to school.
Emily said and immediately she dragged Nick with her and they both stand in front of the girl who looks like she would faint any mins from now.
I know you’re wondering how Emily is able to identify us quic-kly now well she made us wore different clothes the one she picked for use and made us wore different masks as well.
Hi b©yfri£ndyou didn’t tell me you’re coming to see me in school today; The girl said and started ma-king eye contact with Nick so he could pl@yalong but I know my twin he is definitely going to embarras-s her
And eye are you trying to bribe me with your eyes? And pls st©p calling me baby I have never seen you In my life not to talk more of d@t!ngyou; Nick snapped and the whole clas-s bur-sted into laughter while some where busy capturing the moment I’m their phones.
Tears ran down her cheeks freely but as if remembering something she cleaned her eyes and sm-irked at Emily.
OK what if he is not mine at least he isn’t yours either so neither of have him; She said and I shake my head at her in pity.
Oh is like you didn’t notice the ring on my f!nger sweetheart?; Emily said waving her hands hat face.
Wait I don’t un-derstand; She said with confusion in her tone.
What my wife mean to say is she is married; I spoke up for the first time and all the girls g@sp.
Yeah I’m married; She said and k!$$£d Nick in front of everyone but they all focused their attention on me.
Oh they don’t know she is married to the both of us they expecting me to react.
Immediately I walked to where Emily was and crashed myl-ips on hers and everyb©dy g@sp in shock and confusion.
After we break from the k!ssEmily glared at the President’s so called daughter.
Well Lilian I’m married to both of them so back off; She said and dragged Nick and I to a sit at the back so the President’s daughter name is Lilian well it’s suit her.
How could this be possible I thought daddy said he is working with the Benson’s and also planning on getting me married to Nick so how come Emily is married to both of them?.
Oh God I’m so confused right now his do I cope? She publicly embarras-sed me that that little thing no way.
Since the twins are going to be attending this college I’m definitely make one of them mine.
And I know what to do.
Hmm that pest of a sister of mine thinks she can take my dream away from me never.
Maybe it’s high time I kill her even if she is my blood I never loved her because she us always stealing everything that belongs to me.
My parents love and affection the b©dy shape I have always dream of all the popularity and fame and now the masked twins never.
Is either she dies or I die they are mine and mine alone.
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