Twin of my heart Episode 3 & 4

[😕She is a psycho😕]
🌻Chapter three🌻
Bro mom said she wants us Home by 8;nick said still focused on his phone.
What she want us home by 8 and you’re just telling now?..the time is 9:30PM you fool;I said gr-abbing my car keys.
Sorry time flies when you’re looking at a good thing;Nick said running behind me.
We ran into the house like mad men because there is one person we fear most in the whole of earth and that my mother.
What the fv¢k kept the both of you?;she said looking pissed.
Sorry mum;Nick and I said at once.
Come with me your dad have an announcement to make.
And someb©dy get Lizzy down here;she screamed at the poor maid who ran to get my sister Lizzy immediately.
We walked behind her until we got to the large sitting room where my father sat drinking a whisky.
Good evening dad;Nick and I ran to him well he is the fun one we prefer him more than our mom.
Oh my babies how are you guys doing my little masked singers;dad tea-sed.
Hun just tell them alre-ady;mom said in a jealous voice.
Mum why are you calling me?;my sis Lizzy said climbing down the stairs,..well Lizzy is 16 and still in highschool while us we are 24 and we are still in college because we decided to pursue our career in singing first before going to college.
Mick?…Nick?;I want to announced to you guys that you’re getting married in 2 days time;my father dropped the bombshell and Nick gulped beside me.
Dad that ain’t gonna be possible because I ain’t getting married; I voiced out angrily.
It’s not a request it’s an order or I will block all your contracts and re-move you from the family will;my mother said more harshly.
OK who are the girls?;I asked.
Nope you guys are getting married to the same lady;my mum said I wanted to laugh but when I saw the seriousness in her face I Zi-pped it.
Is that even legal?; Nick screamed.
🌹Chapter four🌹
Oh don’t give me that $h!t we are the most riches family in the whole of NEWYORK so who gonna arrest us for getting our sons married…pls my babies mummy is begging you guys do this for the family pls;my mum pleaded.
We will get married to her but we will surely make her life miserable;Nick voiced out harshly but my dad and mum bur-st into a sarcastic laughter instead.
Miserable indeed you guys think we will get you married to some spoilt br@t hell no if you mess with her she will turn the tables on you;my dad said still laughing..I couldn’t take it anymore so I just took my car key and stormed out.
Mum this go-wn is too heavy I can’t even breath I don’t want to get married any more;I nagged.
Common baby just wear your shoes they are alre-ady waiting for us at the church;my mum said clearly annoyed with my nagging.
Mum leave her alone and just give me the dress I will gladly wear it;my sis princess said glaring at me I don’t get her she as been behaving strange ever since my mum announced the wedding she behaves like she wants to kill me instantly well that her probs not mine.
[17Mins later]
I walked down the aisle with my hands on my dads until we got to the priest and I was placed at the center of two men.
After all the boring speech and bla bla we all said our I do’s and now we are in a limousine heading to my husband’s house…this is it Emily you’re now Mrs Emily Benson gosh sounds girlish.
Immediately the door of the limousine slides open I pushed one of my husband’s whose at my right and ran into the house.
I glared at Nick for the 8th times because he won’t st©p laughing but wait a min is that girl crazy?..why wound she push me like that?…i almost broke my legs she is definitely crazy.