Twin of my heart Episode 29 to 32

Twin of my heart
[😕She is a psycho😕]

Nick pls wake up pls, I don’t fv¢king mind getting married to two men at least I’m happy, pls wake up pls; I cried out shaking his pale b©dy.
Ma’am we have to take him away; One of the nurses said but my glares alone made her step back.
Nick pls wake up pls pls; I cried, slowly I started feeling somehow my eye lids where becoming heavy and I dropped to the ground.
Mick also dropped to the ground and that was the last thing I saw.
I really don’t know where I’m everywhere is just so whitish and there are lot of people forming a line it’s seems I’m at the back of the line.
I was still wondering when I saw a girl she was wearing a white garment.
Pls what are you doing here?; She asked.
I don’t know miss I just woke up and found myself here; I replied.
No it’s not yet your time go back to your family if not you will be cutting life’s of your twin of wife short; She said but I was damn confuse.
I don’t un-derstand you miss; I voiced out.
When you get back home ask your parents ask them; She said and disappeared.
😭Mrs Benson😭
What do you mean their dead? Are you out of your mind?”
I just lost one son and you’re here busy saying trash how can two twins die on the same day and their wife as well you must be mad; I lash at the doctor.
He was about saying something when a nurse interrupted us.
Doc they are all breathing; She said and I felt a mighty leap inside of me.
Huh? What do you mean their breathing?; The stupid doc ask and I felt like sl@pping him isn’t he happy?.
Hey you take me to them and leave this incompatible fool to ask himself stupid questions; I ordered and she nodded and led me to their room,”
My heart beat with happiness and joy when I saw the three of them hvgging their selves so pas-sionately.
I joined in the hvg as tears of joy ran down my cheeks”
$h!t I can’t believe Nick is still alive, after all the drugs I’ve been adding to his food and drinks when we where together and he still survived the disease.
This so frustrating, well Nick is my only target he made fun of me long time ago that why I want him dead and as for Mick I’m gonna make him mine.
I know he still loves me, I’m like his add!çtion I’m one of the reason he hate girls and I’m also his first at everything he can’t just forget those feelings”
I watched them with pure hatred as they giggled and pla-yed around, well this is the right time to get rid of Nick and Emily before they spoil my whole plan.
I sneak into Lillian’s room and pressed the pillow against her nose preventing her from breathing until she st©pped moving her legs.
I took one of Nick and Emily’s hand glove and printed it on her n£¢k.. Perfect.
I took out my phone and dialed the cops number.
This is so gonna be fun.
You guys are behaving like kids common nick st©p chasing her, what if she falls?; I yelled at Nick but he only ignored me and continued chasing Emily until the door bell interrupted their fun moment.
Saved by the bell” Nick said and ran to the door only to cone back with the police.
What the problem inspector hope we’re save; I joked.. Thank goodness we were putting on our masks.
Well we’ve a search warrant to search your house sirs; He replied with a serious face.
Hmm I don’t un-derstand what you’re saying?” Search our house why?; I asked but he ignored me and started heading upstairs with his boys.
We waited for about twenty mins and they later c@m£ back with a corpse.
Jesus what is that?; Emily asked with a frightened voice.
And the police opened the corpse’s face and it was Lilian the President’s daughter oh no.
Sir what is this corpse doing your house?; The inspected lash but I was too shocked to answer.
Sir sir there are hand prints on her n£¢k it’s seems she was strangled, we just have to identify the f!nger prints; One of the officers said and the inspector glared at us before going to the b©dy of Lilian
One of come here and fix your hands on her n£¢k let see who it fits; He ordered if not for the fact that the b©dy was found in my house this inspector would have been loosing his job.
I went to home and fixed my hands on her n£¢k but it didn’t fit, Nick did same and it fit perfectly Emily also did and it fit the second f!nger print.
Inspector this is not right Emily and Nick as been with me since early today, and besides we never knew Lilian was in our house we don’t even know when she entered; I tried to defend them but he only ignored me and hand cuffed Emily and Nick dragging them like Criminals to their van.
Immediately they left I ran upstairs heading to Gloria’s room and I saw her dancing and celebr@ting looking out the window.
You bit-ch; I yelled and bounced on her strangling her n£¢k.
Pl-l-l-s le-t m-e g-o; She struggle to say and I left her n£¢k immediately and pushed her to the ground.
So those ladies you brou-ght here was Lilian and princess huh?; I yelled.
But she only smiled and walked s£dûçt!velyto me and started ru-bbing my che-st.
Common Mick even if I killed those two br@ts they where still threat to you so I helped you get rid of them; She said l!çk!ng herl-ips like a slut..
I’m going to hand you over to the cops and I will make sure you rut in jail; I threatened and she started laughing.
What proof do you’ve nigga? They won’t even listen to you cus I alre-ady bribe-d their cheap as-s so shut it; She yelled and cl@pped her hands and three men c@m£ out they look though.
Tie him up and make sure he doesn’t get out of your sight because if he does you’re all dead; She ordered and the three idiots dragged me out.
I can’t believe my plan worked I’ve Mick all to myself now haha I can’t wait to devour him; I said dancing round the room.
I was still dancing when the door bur-st open revea-ling police men with their guns pointing at me and my men all tied up.
What the hell is happening here?; I asked with anger clearly written on my face.
Mrs you are un-der arrest for the murder of miss princess Daniels and the President’s daughter and kidnapping; He said and one of the officer’s c@m£ and hand cuffed my hands.
But I’m innocent I did nothing wrong Nick and Emily where the one who killed the President’s daughter and who the hell is princess?” I don’t know anyone with that name; I yelled straggling with them.
Immediately we got to the living room I saw Nick, Emily and Mick staring at me with disgust immediately Emily rushed me dragging me by my hair before I could react she sl@pped me.
You this witch you killed my sister his dare you kill my sister?; She yelled hitting me and crying at the same time.
Leave me alone bit-ch? I yelled and spat out the blood in my mouth.
You think I just woke up one morning and bec@m£ evil?” Why don’t you ask your stupid husband Nick; I yelled and she left my hair and stated at Nick who looked surprised as well.
She is lying I don’t remember doing anything wrong to her; He said.
I woke up feeling so good and lively I can’t believe I was going to have an opportunity to save my sister, I just nee-d to beg them they will surely help me.