Twin of my heart Episode 13 to 16

13 to 16
I dragged Nicky and Micky to the cafeteria so we could have some lunch since we missed breakfast.
After being served Nick said he wanted to use the restroom so I directed him there.
Mick and I continued munching on our meals when o sighted Lilian leaving the cafeteria hmm I wonder what she is up to? But who cares? Well not me.
After a lot of effort I finally found the boys restroom feeling so pressed I rush inside only to hear the door being jammed behind I turned just to get a shocker.
It was Lilian she was standing n-ked in front of me, being a pla-yboy I would have gotten an erection instead nothing happened maybe because she is shapeless.
Do you like what you see? It could be all yours right here and now only if you would agree; I didn’t even let her complete her statement I just entered into one of the available toilet and eased myself.
When I was done I simply walked to see Lilian still standing there n-ked so I brou-ght out my phone snapped her place the phone my pocket back.
After washing my hands I left her there so she could get over the shock I just gave her.
I went back to meet the others and Emily was alre-ady looking all worried.
Where have you been? You got us worried; Emily nagged but ignored her and showed her the picture I took of Lilian.
That was what I was dealing with she tried to s£dûç£me; I said and Mick abs her g@sped in disbelief.
Gosh is she this shameless well I don’t really care if she tries this ru-bbish with me I would have really embarras-sed her but I have an idea; Mick said with an evil sm-irk.
Oh no what is he up to now? He collected the phone from me and started typing something on it and after a while he st©pped and handed me my phone back.
We started hearing some binging sounds around the cafeteria as everyone brou-ght out their phones and started laughing.
I was still confused why everyb©dy are laughing until Emily’s phone made a bing sound as well, I quic-kly snatch the phone from her only to see my brother as uploaded the ph0to on the school page Facebook instagram and wattsApp.
Oh my God mick this is AWESOME; I shouted on t©p of my voice call me crazy but I like stuff like this we where still laughing when Lilian marched into the cafeteria like a mad woman.
Nick I’m do going to kill you; She screamed and started running towards me with full f0rç£ immediately she got close to me she raised her hands and was about to hit me.
When Emily held it and pushed her back before we could blink twice two loud sounds filled the whole cafeteria and everyone g@sped.
Yeah Emily just sl@pped Lilian.
You this shameless she devil how dare you try to s£dûç£my husband? Huh? Do you think this public thing you call a b©dy can attra-ct them of course not.
If I ever see you close to any of them again consider yourself a dead being cheap who-re; Emily spat and c@m£ to sat down with us and continued her food like nothing happened but I could see she was angry.
Lilian ran out of the cafeteria in tears as some of the students threw stuff at her awn poor girl but she deserved it
Mom I want to visit Emily maybe spend some days with her can I? Pls?; I pleaded.
Yeah yeah you can go just don’t disturb them OK?; She said strictly and I scoff seriously?.
Yeah I won’t disturb them I just missed my sister; I lied before running up stairs to start packing my things I will make sure I never leave that house I’m going to be their new wife.
Just two days we all will be mourning the death of Emily hmm I can’t wait I will make sure I’m there to give the twins a shoulder to cry on and then I pretend to be a good choice of wife for them and then their parents will recommend me for them.
Then I will get married to the both of them yeah you heard me right I want both of them and everything will fall to place just the way I want it to isn’t that great?.
I laughed with satisfaction and fell on my be-d imagining how life will be so sweet with me being the wife of nick and mick Benson ah so so sweet.
Oh my God it’s morning ah I’m so excited I guess mom might have informed Emily of my visit.
I hurriedly took my bath dressed up into very S-xy short handless opened back go-wn I’m sure they are gonna trip when they see me and realised I’m more better than Emily.
I took my luggage and rolled it down the stairs mom and dad stared at me in surprise.
Princess I thought you’re going there to spend some days so why the luggage; mom asked and rolled my eyes in irritation.
Mom I want to spend some time with my lil sis us that a crime? See I’m running late bye; I hastened my steps to avoid more questions.
I entered one of my car and zoomed off to the masked twins mansion.
I got there in less than 20mins and the gate automatically opened for me oh my so wealthy.
I saw some maids standing outside oh they are waiting for me, yes since I’m here to stay you all are going to bow for me..I said inwardly.
I stepped down from the car like a queen and threw my car keys on one of the maids.
I walked inside the house and was amazed at interior designs wow so fancy I was still admiring the house when I saw Emily running down the stairs with just p@n-t and br@ on and the masked twins chasing after her.
Why are they wearing their masks at home or is it because they are aware of my arrival, I watched with envy and anger as they chased her when they finally caught up with her they both hvgged her and rained k!sses all over her face.
Ah those k!sses belong to me I should be the one there laughing and giggling not this bastard ah I hate her so much well all that is going to change after I execute my plans.
Hmm hmm lover birds go get a room; I tea-sed and they dis£ngaged immediately and stared at me in surprise for awhile before the twins climbe-d the stairs leaving me stunned didn’t they notice me?.
Ah my best sis in the world; Emily cooed and I smiled and embr@ced her but de-ep down I felt like choking her to death.
I don’t like that princess of a girl her appearance creeps me up did you see her dressing it was so expo-se like was she trying s£dûç£us or what?; I said.
I think so bro that girl looks like she here for a mission and I can see she is fully prepared; Nick said and I hit him on his head yeah I know we are celebrities and we are supposed to like girls with expo-sed bodies but truth to be told we don’t.
Well I don’t but Nick does.
Nick don’t you dare try to l@ywith her or I kill you; I warned and he began to laugh. You can hi Story Admin on+2348137438356 to be added to story headquarters whatsapp room to re-ad and get more stories from there.
That girl looks scary I can’t l@ywith her; He said and I smiled I really don’t want Emily getting hurt because of nick stupidity.
Erm princess can you make me one of your delicious coffee I have missed them real bad; I said and her face brightened up immediately.
I will go get it re-ady for you and I will be sure to male it extra creamy; She said and hurried up to the kitchen.
Hmm let see who how it goes.
That fool thinks she can order me around well she just dug her own grave.
I immediately brou-ght out the poison I bought earlier and mixed it with her coffee, well thus poison won’t be detected in her system unless she drinks some lemon water that the only remedy.
But since the poison is rare she won’t know and that will be the end of her ah I’m so happy.
I took the coffee to her and she gulped the whole thing down wow easy dear don’t be too eager to die.
She took the mug and went to the kitchen maybe to watch it.
Well the poison only take five mins before it react so I will just sit down and enjoy the show.
She c@m£ back later and turned on the home speaker and started dancing one of the masked twins songs [#Wicked_Heart] oh my favourite.
I joined her in dancing when suddenly she held her stomach and started gro-an ing in pain oh oh it’s time alre-ady.