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truth or dare episode 12 & 13

🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

💘Episode Twelve💘

💦 Jin POV💦

“Are you okay?” Soo asked with concerned laced in her voice.

“Yeah.. you look disturbed” Ryan added but I just stare on.

“Jin” They both chorused when I am not saying anything.
I sighed deeply and spoke up.

“I thought I’m the prettiest in the whole [email protected]” I said soberly.
“I used to believe no guy could ever resist me”

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Their faces held sympathy instantly, they both knew where I am arriving at already.

“Jin, I guess it’s high time you let your feelings known to Min Jun” Soo suggested and I raised my head to look at her.

“I agree with her, Jin”
“Don’t you notice how he stole glances at Audrey?” Ryan asked and my fist clenched on the table as rage built up in my body.

“Yes Ryan, since those two have been paired up, they kept exchanging some looks in the [email protected]
“Only heaven knows if they’ve started seeing each other already” Soo said and that got me wild.

“Enough!” I yelled, banging the table in the cafeteria.
Soo and Ryan flinched on their seats while everywhere became silent, some people are already staring at me in the cafeteria but I do not care.

“You should stop talking about her, you both know how much I dislike that girl” I gritted out lowly and they both nodded.

“You need to be calming down”

“Don’t tell me to calm down Soo, this is about Min Jun”
“The only guy I’ve ever love with my whole life” My voice breaks as I talk.

“It’s okay, Jin” Ryan strokes my back.

“Uhmm.. I have an idea” Soo said and I turned to her sharply.

“What idea?”

“We should find out if those two are really seeing each other” Soo said and I rolled my eyes.

“What are you saying, Soo?” Ryan questioned.
“How can we even do that when we don’t talk to Audrey?”

“But we have Audrey’s puppy wrapped around our f!ng£rs, isn’t it?” I stare at her and she winks.

“You’re a genius, Soo!” Ryan exclaimed but I just smiled as I think about it.

This is really a good idea.

“High-five girls!” Soo squealed on her seat.

°Kwan POV°

“And what did you tell him?” Audrey asked after we stopped laughing.

“You’re not my type boo” I snapped f!ng£rs and we both erupted in laughter again.

“That was quiet harsh, Kwan” Audrey grimaced but I just chuckled.

“How could someone like him approach me?” I rolled my eyes.

“Was he not handsome?” She smirks and it was my turn to grimaced.

“He’s ugly as f**k, I told you he live next to my house so I see him almost everyday” I said silently.
We’re in the [email protected] and we are just few.
Everyone has gone for short break.

Audrey [email protected] and I raised my brows.

“You just swear, Kwan” She reminded like it’s a big deal.

“You thought me how to, sweetheart” I winked and she hit my forehead with her palm since I was sitting adjacent her.

I just laughed as I tucked my hair behind my ear.

“Hi Audrey” we both looked up to see a young beautiful girl standing before us.

“Hey sweetheart” Audrey replied cheerfully as she sprang on her feet to hug the girl.

Who’s she?

“Come sit” she offered her seat to her.
I just watch them with my hand on my cheek.

“How have you been, Kwa Young?” Audrey asked the girl as she sat on her desk.

“And why are just coming to my [email protected] since then?” Audrey asked before the girl could even reply to her first question.

The girl just smile, pushing back her long silky black hair.

“My bad” Audrey grins as she turned to me.
“Kwan meet Kwa Young, a friend from Grade 9”
I thought as much, she looks younger.

“Kwa Young meet Kwan, my new best friend” Audrey introduces and I felt joy in my heart.

I feel this kind of happiness whenever she calls me her friend- oh Kwan, you’re in love with a girl now?

“Hi Kwan” Kwa Young waved at me with a smile on her l!ps and which I reciprocated sweetly.

“Have you had lunch?” Audrey asked her after the little pleasantries and she nodded curtly.

“And how are your parents too?”
I watch as the girl breathe out heavily.


“Come over here, Kwan” I looked to the [email protected] entrance and saw Soo and Ryan.

“What’s it?” I asked them, not making a move.

“Come see for yourself” Ryan answered.

“She’s going nowhere” Audrey turned around and told them bluntly.

I just sighed as I watch them walking up to us.

“If you know what’s best for you crazy, just stay out of this” Soo warned sternly.

“And what if I don’t?” Audrey crossed her arms on her chest.

“Then you’re going to regret it”

“It’s okay guys” I said to them, standing on my feet.

“I’ll be right back Audrey”
“Let me go see what it is” Audrey stare [email protected] at me but I just pleaded with my eyes before walking out with them.

“And where are we going?” I asked them for the second them but they just kept mute.

This is really not making s£nse.

“Here we are”
I looked up and it’s the female toilet.

“Toilet?” I squeezed my face.

“Just come in” They ignored my question and walked in.
I shook my head before walking in after them.

“How’re you pumpkin?” Jin asked with a smirk immediately I stepped in.

“What’s this about, Jin?” I asked in a cold voice.
Her eyes widened as she watches my figure from head to toe.

“You’ve really got some nerves, huh?” She raised her brows.

“Audrey is the one teaching her” Soo said behind me but I just scoffed.

“I guess you guys doesn’t have something important to say, I better be going” I told them and turned to the door to walk out.

“What’s the relationship between Audrey and Min Jun?” Jin asked and I stopped on tracks as I slowly turned to them again.


“Cut the pretence Kwan, those two are really up to something”
“So tell us what it is” Soo half yelled.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying” I said and turned around to walk out again.

“You’re her friend, so you must know something”

I had enough.
Their sight even annoys me.

“Just shut up, will you?”
“If you’re really curious about it, then walk up too one of them and leave me out of it” I yelled to their faces and I watch as their expression grew in surprise.

“You just yelled?” Jin asked surprisingly.

“Yeah.. and I will do it again and again”

I bent the toilet doorknob to walk out but stopped again.

“And don’t even think I’m afraid of you guys anymore”
“I await any shit from you” I said with so much confidence and their eyes widened the more.

And with one more glance, I hissed loudly and marched out.

I got outside and breathe out slowly.
Where did you got such confidence from, Kwan?

“That’s my girl” I heard and I flinched.
I looked up and saw Audrey smiling really [email protected] and before I could utter a word, she jumped on me.

I’m confused.
When did she got here?

She stood right and stare into my eyes.
“I heard everything, Kwan” She said, smile not leaving her face.
“And I’m really proud of you” She hugged me again.

🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

🌛Episode Thirteen🌜

💗Audrey POV💗

“But I’m getting scared already” Kwan said nervously as we both headed to [email protected]

I stopped walking and turned to her with a frown.

“They can’t do anything, Kwan” I @ssured.
“They’d thought they would have you around their f!ng£rs for the rest of their lives”
“But to their surprise, my baby shocked them with a blast!” I roared jokingly.
Kwan laughs and I did the same.

“But how could they have that kind of thought between you and Min Jun?” Kwan asks as we continue our walk.

“They’re just stupid, I’m telling you” I answered, not looking at her.

She cleared her throat and I turned to her.

“What’s it?”

“Nothing” She replied sharply.

“Just spit out, will you?” I rolled my eyes and I watch as she hastened her steps forward.

“You like him, Audrey” She teases, grinning very [email protected]

I ¢0¢ked my brows.

“Yeah… You like Min Jun” She drawled.
“Isn’t it?” She raised her brows with a smirk glimmering on her l!ps.

My jaw clenched in annoyance as I counted my steps towards her and she also move faster, laughing in a silly manner.
We ended up running, yet I couldn’t get her.

What a long legs!

“You’re foolish, Kwan” I told her as I stopped running to catch my breath.

She laughs.

“But it’s the truth, dear” She sneered.

“Enough of the joke, Kwan” I stir up in anger.

“I was only jok..” She was saying but I cut her short before she would complete her words.

“I don’t like guys and I can never ever like one, got that?!” I went ballistic and stormed off.

|•Jin POV•|

“I told you that girl deserves no mercy” I grunt as I walked ahead them, going back to the [email protected]

“Look at it now..”
“She even had the gut to yelled to my face”
“What a nerve?” I huffed, bringing my arms to my chest.

“It’s never too late, Jin” Soo said behind me and I could feel her smirking already.

“What do you mean?” I turned to her and asked.

“C’mon Jin” They moved closer to me.

“Don’t tell me you already lost the letter?” Soo asked.
I took my eyes to somewhere else, staring blankly- trying to remember if I still have the goddamn letter.

“I’m not sure if I still have it” I took my eyes back to Soo and told them.

“It’s been long, isn’t it?”

“Uhmm.. you just need to try and look for it”
“The letter is the only weapon we have against her now” Soo blurted with a frown face.

“But is it needed anymore” Ryan butts in and we both turned to look at her.
“It’s been long this issue occured, so how can we raise it again?”

“If you don’t have anything to add to this matter on floor, kindly walk out cause you’ve started to annoy me already” Soo grinded her teeth.

She’s truly annoyed.

“Calm down, Soo” I told her.

“It’s not her first time Jin, pretending to be good” Soo gawked at Ryan.

“I’m always good Soo, you’re the bad person here and you know it!” Ryan shot at Soo fiercely.

I sighed, coming between them.

“The idea of you bringing up that letter issue is what I don’t approve, we’ll share one little secret or the other”
“Let the letter go and think of something else to do if you truly want Min Jun” She said plainly and walked out on us before we could even say something.

We both exchange a glance with our mouth agape.
I’ve never seen Ryan like that before.

“Now I get it”
“She doesn’t want to be friends us anymore, she just don’t know how to say it” Soo said, still watching Ryan’s back.

I scoffed.
Does that even make any s£nse.

“Don’t forget the plan, Jin”
“You’re going to look for the letter, and we are ending Kwan” Soo said but I just nodded.

I’m disoriented right now.
I don’t know what to do.
One part of me wants to follow Ryan’s advise and the other wants me to teach Kwan a bitter lesson.


I purposely alighted from cab some distances to my house, I just needed some lengthy walk.

I know I’ve wronged Kwan by shouting on her earlier, like she was the reason behind my predicament.

I better apologized to her tomorrow.

A blue sport car drove slowly past me disrupting my thought.
And if I’m being honest, I felt like Duffer was the one in the car.

I stood rooted as I watch the car till it disappears.

I inhaled and exhaled loudly.
You’re really losing it, Audrey.

I sat on my bed with my legs folded, staring at the sketch above my bed.

I already plastered it on the wall just above my bed.

Don’t mind me, I can stare at it the whole day without getting tired- it’s just so beautiful.

‘Yeah… You like Min Jun’ Kwan words reeled through my mind and I cussed loudly.


What am I thinking again?

“Audrey can’t like a guy right?” I asked myself in the picture but I just stare on, with my [email protected] face.

I kneed on the bed, trailing a f!ng£r on the picture.

The person that did this sure knows me well.
Perhaps we attend the same school.

But who?
Who the f**k had a sketch of me so perfect without my pres£nce neither a picture of me.. I thought, still staring at it.

My eyes caught with a little writing at the tip of the paper.

“Aaron’s art” I read out.

Who could that be?

Does he live in the neighborhood?

Oh my..
My eyes bulged.
He might be my [email protected]

But I don’t think there’s anyone who goes by that name in the [email protected]

I sat down on the bed again, letting out a little sigh.

I’ll try to find out in the neighborhood then.
I’m sure the person lives around.



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