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truth or dare episode 10 & 11

🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

💌Episode Ten💌

💭Audrey POV💭

“That fool?” I half yelled and she nodded slowly, taking her eyes away from me.

I huffed.

“Seriously, Kwan?”
“I don’t mean to be rude right now”
“But of all other guys in the [email protected], why that dimwit?” I questioned, not hiding how irritated I am right now.

I don’t like guys, but the hatred I have for this guy in question is extreme.

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“I’ve always liked him since we’re in Grade 9” She replied in a cracked voice and my eyes bulged again.

I hope they don’t fall out soon.

“Grade 9?”

“But Seo Yun never noticed me..”
The school bell interrupted us.

“It’s break over, Audrey” We both stood up, dusting our skirt with our hands.

“Seo Yun and Jin had a relationship when we were in Grade 10” Kwan continues as we walk through the hallway like other students, heading to our [email protected]

“How sure are you?” I glanced at her and asked.

“Well.. I’m not very sure cause I have no proof”
“But I really wish to have one, so all these bully would stop” She said somberly and I stopped walking.

“Either you get a proof or not, promise me you won’t ever let them use that nons£nse shit against you again” I snarled.

“I won’t”
She offered a soft smile and which I returned.

“Now let’s hurry to [email protected]” I said and we hastened our steps.

After a brief moment, the art teacher walked into the [email protected] and the whole [email protected] greeted in chorus.

But we do not have his [email protected] today at all. I thought, checking through the timetable for confirmation.

It’s tomorrow we’re having him next, but why is here this noon?

I just hope it’s not about the @ssignment.

“I have a good news for you all” He started and the [email protected] went silence at once.

Thank goodness.

“There would be an interstate basketball competition between BFS and some other schools in the states” He continues and everybody squealed happily, most especially the boys.

I rolled my eyes.
And what’s the good news therein?

“So I want you’ll to start preparing very [email protected]
“You know if our school won, we’re are going to earn more popularity and together with a huge prize which I won’t like to reveal yet”

“And I believe all the guys in this [email protected] are in a team”

“Yes.. some are in a football team while some are in a basketball team except Min Jun” That fool stood up and talked.

“Who’s Min Jun?” The teacher asked and I watch as the whole [email protected] pointed to him.


“Oh.. it’s you” The teacher raised a brow at him and he nodded.

“Why didn’t you join any of those two?” The teacher asked him and he just smile a little and the next thing I heard was “Awwww” from the girls.

“Min Jun has a cute smile”

“I’ve never seen him smile before”

“Min Jun, you should always smile”

“You’re so cute”

I shook my head sympathetically as I listened to them.
They are not feeling well.

“Will you all keep quiet?” The teacher scolded and they all keep shut immediately, I can still hear some soft murmurs coming from them though.

“Why didn’t you like to join them, Min Jun?”

He slowly stood up.

“I’m not interested” He replied, politely.

I scoffed.
One would think he’s the most humblest whereas, he’s the opposite- so rude.

“You don’t like sport?” The teacher asked him again and he just nodded in response before sitting down.

How would he like sport, when he’s so full of himself.
I thought angrily, gritting my teeth.

‘It’s pointless doing an @ssignment with you’ I shut my eyes as his words replayed in my head, my fist clenched and I bumped it against the desk.

“Are you okay?” I heard the teacher’s voice and I slowly opened my eyes to see everyone’s eyes on me, including Duffer.

Oh my..
I blinked my eyes for some time before shaking my head sideways.

“I’m okay” I replied nervously for the first time in my life.

“Are you sure?” Kwan asked from my back, I turned to her and nodded sharply.

I’m really going to kill you Duffer.

“Min Jun doesn’t like sport, so don’t push him” The teacher continues.
“I believe you guys can do it”

“Yes sir” The boys chorused.

“And don’t forget you’re all submitting your @ssignment tomorrow” The teacher reminded and I felt my heart skip a bit.

I glanced at Duffer but he’s not looking at my direction.

“Yes sir” The whole [email protected] chorused this time.

“Good” The teacher said and left the [email protected]

How do I ask him now?

The teacher was not being nice at all.
Why Duffer of all?

“Hey Duffer!” I ran after him with Kwan beside me.
But he’s not answering.

It’s closing hour, and most students has already left school but I purposely waited so I can talk to Duffer cause I can’t talk to him in the [email protected]

I wonder what he was busy writing down when he was supposed to have left for home.

I blocked his way when he has refused to stop walking and listen to what I have to say.

“If your ears have stopped working already, then go cut them off, they’re just hung to your head like some kind of decoration” I rasped, pointing to his nonfunctioning flat ears but he just stare at me like I am ranting.

“Calm down,Audrey” Kwan pressed a hand to my shoulder.

I exhaled softly.

“Anyways, I’m here to ask about the @ssignment”
“We are submitting it tomorrow, and i don’t want to get punished because of your ignorance” I told him but he just walked out on me.

I felt my heart drop immediately.

I shouts.

This is the second time he’s doing this to me.

“Let him be, Audrey”

“But this is about the @ssignment!” I yelled.
“I don’t give a flying f**k about him, do I?”
Tears formed in my eyes and I quickly marched off.

Why are you crying, Audrey?
Is it because he’s the only guy that appears not to give a damn about you? Or it’s just because of the @ssignment?
My subconscious mind keep asking me a lot of questions but I couldn’t provide an answer.

Tears keep rolling down my cheeks as I stare out from the window of the cab.

I’ve never felt like this my whole life.
I felt humiliated all because of him.

🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

💙Episode Eleven 💙

💦Min Jun POV💦

I dried my hair as I stepped out of the bathroom.

“Who’s she?” I heard dad’s voice and I flinched.
When did he got here?

I looked up to see him standing very close to my study table, raising Psycho sketch to my face with a smirk glimmering on his l!ps.

My jaw tightened as I moved to him.

“It’s no one” I replied simply and snatched the paper from him, squeezing it.

“Uhmm.. let me guess” He placed a f!ng£r on his chin like someone who’s thinking.

“She’s.. psychopath” He drawled.

I gulped, removing my gaze from his figure.

“She’s really psycho?” He asked with a wide smile.
“This is great, son” Dad exclaimed happily and I turned to him swiftly.


“You never sketched out a girl like..”

“It was a mistake, Dad” I cut him short and his face turned to a sour one immediately.

“I seriously don’t know what I was thinking for me to have sketched someone like her” I seethe and stormed out of my room, heading straight to the waste bin in the compound.

I looked at the paper in my hand once again before dumping it.

“Crazy” I mumbled as I headed back inside.


After the mathematics teacher had left the [email protected], everyone started bringing out their drawing, showing it to each other.

I smile to myself in adoration as I stare at some drawings- they’re beautiful. While some really looks so funny, I just chuckle inwardly.

It’s obvious everyone’s really getting impatient.

The teacher should just come in already.

I’m kinda nervous though.
I hope the teacher likes my art cause I really put in my best.

I let my eyes traveled around the whole [email protected] but stopped at Psychopath’s figure.

Her head was placed on her desk and the girl I presumed to be her new friend was standing before her.

Why’s she in that position?

“Good afternoon, [email protected]” I heard the teacher voice and I quickly took my eyes away.

What’s my business with her anyways?

“Afternoon sir” The [email protected] replied.

One thing I like about this school, every student speaks the foreign language so fluent, including the teachers.
You wouldn’t believe we’re in Korea.

Well.. I guess that’s why it’s a foreign high school.

“So sorry for coming late, I was sorting some stuffs” The teacher explained and the [email protected] just hummed in response.

“So without wasting our time, let’s move to today’s activity”

“Paired one and two should step out with their drawings” The teacher instructed and I felt my heart skip a bit.

Don’t be nervous, Aaron.
It’s not even your turn yet.

The whole [email protected] has been laughing at some drawings and even the teacher.

I just laughed silently at the wack drawings- I really can’t help it.

And now it’s my turn, or should I say our turn.
I looked at psycho, but she just maintained a straight face- without moving from where she’s is sitting.

“Now the last paired should step out” The teacher said and I stood up with my art.

“Where’s your partner?” The teacher asked me as I stepped out and I pointed to psychopath on her seat.

“And why aren’t you coming out?” The teacher asked in a high pitch voice.

“I didn’t….”

“Just come out” The teacher butts in.

Our gaze locked as she rose to her feet, she shot me a look before walking out of her seat.


“So let’s see what you have for us” The teacher turned to me and asked immediately psychopath got to where I am standing.

I swallowed before showing it to him, reluctantly.

I handed it to him and brought my face down at once.

I lifted my head.

“Who did this?” He asked with all smiles.

“I did” I replied, fiddling my f!ng£rs at my back.

“Look, [email protected]” He lifted it up to the whole [email protected] and I watch as everyone [email protected] in surprise.

“He drew Busan Foreign High School (BFS) so perfectly, without any mistake” The teacher said with absolute satisfaction and I felt so glad.

“Min Jun, you’re so good”

“Please, I need you to draw me too”

“You’re talented”

I smile inwardly as I listened to the remarks coming from the girls but the looks the guys are giving me is what I don’t understand.

“This is impressive, Min Jun” The teacher smile down at me.
I feel on top of the world right now.

“But how did you come up with this idea?” He asked curiously and I folded my l!ps.

I glanced at Psychopath before speaking up.

“She brought the idea” I answered without thinking twice.

“Whoa.. I knew you would both make a perfect match”
“A round of applause for them,they’ve done a great job ” The [email protected] clapped their hands for a while and stopped.

“You can go back to your seat now”
We walked back to our seat and our eyes met again immediately we sat down.

And it took us some minutes before we finally broke the eyes contact.

Have I done bad?


“You’re happy now right?” Kwan nudge my arm with her arm, smiling sheepishly.

“I was happy, Kwan” I rolled my eyes.

“Then how do you define what happened to you yesterday when Min Jun walked out on you?” she questioned.

I took my eyes to her as we walk towards the school gate, and she’s smirking.

“Something I hate to remember crept into my head at that moment” I lied and she laughed out so [email protected]

“It’s not funny, Kwan”
I walked ahead her.

“I’m sorry Audrey, but your lies s√¢ks” She said beside me as we walk but I just kept quiet.

Why did he say that back there though?
Did he realised he has done wrong?

Cut it Audrey.
I had promised to report him to the teacher, so it’s a good thing his numb skull worked this time.

Kwan pinch my arm and I turned to her.

“Are you thinking about him now?”She winked and quickly ran forward, giggling like a kid.

I just shook my head.

“You’re crazy,Kwan” I told her as we finally walked out of the school.
“Dream about him, okay?” Kwan told me as I settled down in the cab.

I glare at her but she just laugh and waved at me and the driver took off at once.

“Foolish girl” I mumbled and smiled, leaning my back on the seat.

‘She brought the idea’ that line kept replaying in my head.

I closed my eyes briefly and opened them again.

You’re losing it, Audrey.

The cab screeched to an halt and I came to realise I’ve been lost in deep thought.

I paid the cab man and came down from his car.

I wanted to cross to the other side of the road but i slow down for the garbage truck that was fast approaching, honking noisily.

I pressed my both hands to my ears to prevent the noise.

“Fool”I cussed.
“You should activate wings and fly instead” I shouts like the driver would hear me.

I watch as a paper flew out from the truck.


Imagine, they’re even incompetent.
How would a sheet just came out from a garbage truck like that? I hissed softly and finally crossed.

I made to walk towards my house gate but a light breeze blew the same paper to my feet.

I picked it so I can dump it into a nearby recycle bin but I don’t know, I felt so curious to know what was in there.

I looked from my right to left and quickly unfolded the crumpled paper.

And what it revealed really surprises me.


My eyes dilated as I stare at my look alike in the paper.

No, she’s not my look alike cause it’s the same uniform I’m putting on.

Who did this?

I stare at it dumbfounded as I don’t know who could made a sketch of me so perfect like this.

It’s so beautiful.


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