“You are screwing her aren’t you?” Naomi asked Mwamba after he finally agreed to enter the yard.

“So what if I am?” Mwamba hiccuped, as he staggered towards the house.

“And you dare bring her to my house?”

“MY House!” Mwamba corrected her. “You no longer live here.”

“So this is how you choose to punish me? By going to another woman?” Naomi wailed. “I’m going to kill her! I’ll teach her a lesson”

“Naomi calm down. She was just helping your husband..”

“Shut up chi Dorica eh!” Naomi screamed at her. “Busy trying to gain points from Mwamba instead of supporting me your sister.”

“Support what exactly? You are an embarrassment Naomi!” Dorica spoke back. She went to Mwamba’s side and helped him up the two stairs of the veranda to the front door.

Naomi followed as Dorica helped Mwamba to the corridor.

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“Help him to the bedroom.” Dorica motioned to Naomi.

“Do Not Touch Me!” Mwamba snapped when she tried to hold his hand.

Mwamba supported himself using the wall to get to his bedroom. He shut the door behind him and locked it.

“Mwamba, baby, please open the door.” Naomi stood begging at the door until she heard Mwamba snoring on the otherside.

Feeling the anger burning inside, she decided to confront Tamara to keep her away from her husband. She was most likely the one influencing Mwamba to be so cold to her.

So at 01am Naomi pounded loudly on Tamara’s front door, geared to defend her marriage from the clutches of another woman.

“What happened?” Tamara’s eyes widened with worry at seeing Naomi at her door at that hour.

“You are very shameless! How dare you try to steal my man!”

Tamara went from worry, to shock, then anger realizing Naomi’s motive for her visit. “You mean you woke me up for this?” She clicked her tongue and made to close the door. Naomi placed her foot in between the door and the frame to block it from closing.

“Do not try me small girl! I will mess you up badly. Stay away from my man!”

Tamara laughed loudly, clapping her hands. “Chai, you are really something else. Whatever issues you are having with Mwamba, leave me out! This is not your premises mind you, so be careful with your threats.”

Naomi snickered. “You are a cheeky one hey, but you messed with the wrong marriage, husband snatcher.”

“You are really irritating me. Leave before you find yourself locked up for trespassing.” Tamara tried to close the door but Naomi blocked it yet again.

“I’m serious, stay away from Mwamba!”
“Naomi I had no interest in your husband other than him being a friend. That’s the problem with women like you, realizing that you have a good man when it’s too late. I’m not the reason he wants to divorce you. But from the state he was in today, I’m betting you did something unforgivable.” She smiled mischievously. “You know what, seeing that I’m being accused of sleeping with him, has now sparked my interest of what he’s really like in bed. Thank you for nudging me in that direction. Once I do get to have him, feel free to visit for a chat hey. We can compare notes and the like. Now if you can excuse me, this small girl needs her beauty sleep to remain looking fresh.”

Tamara pushed Naomi’s foot off the door and closed it.

“You are a liar! Mwamba and I are not getting divorced. You witch. You whore! Husband snatcher!” Naomi screamed.

Mwamba woke up with a headache. His body ached, with general weakness. Forcing himself out of bed, he went straight for the shower and let the cold water cover his body. He wished he was buried under a rock, away from the reality of the pain he felt.

Naomi sat at the door where she had fallen asleep at some point in the night. The opening of the door almost dropped her to the ground. Looking up, Mwamba passed her without a word.

“You are going to work?” Naomi asked, shocked to see him in uniform. She followed him as he entered the kitchen.

“Good morning Bashi Milda.” Dorica smiled at seeing him. “You’re just in time. I’ve just finished cooking some nshima for you.”

Mwamba smiled at her, thankful for her gesture. “You are too kind Dorica.” He thanked her as he sat at the kitchen table.

Dorica quickly set up the food in front of him. She then placed a water container from the fridge. “Enjoy your meal.” She told him before leaving the kitchen.

Naomi sat opposite him at the table and watched him eat. Her body ached from sleeping on the corridor floor. Her eyes were swollen and bloodshot from all the crying. Mwamba glanced up at her then continued to eat his food in silence. The sight of her did not move him one bit.

The hot meal made him feel better and instantly more energetic.
Mwamba washed his hands, drunk half the water In the container, then walked out the house leaving Naomi in fresh set of tears. Receiving the silent treatment was harsh. Throughout their relationship, Naomi was fond of doing it to Mwamba. She loved the attention she received from him in an attempt to get her to start talking to him. Mwamba always told her silence never solved anything. But talking through the issue is what yielded results. Naomi knew this ofcourse, but she continued with the silent treatment anyway as a form of punishment which she felt he deserved. To receive the same treatment she had given him countless times hurt her to the core.

“Naomi, go and sleep. You need to rest. You have be in court at 14hours and you can’t go looking like that.” Dorica said to her as she cleared the table.

“Why is this happening to me.” Naomi cried.

“Nothing is happening to you. You did this to yourself!” Mrs Kunda replied at the kitchen door. “There are consequences for all our actions.”

“He won’t even to talk to me. He just walked past me like I’m invisible.” Naomi complained. “I made a mistake I know. But I have apologized a thousand times. Besides I’m hurting more from Peter’s absence because I’m his mother.”

“That’s where the problem has been and you still continue with it. Naomi what makes you think you are the one more affected than he is? Mwamba has been Peter’s father for almost as long as you’ve been his mother. He has taken care of that boy from the time he was less than a year. Even before you two married he. Took care of Peter. How many men out there do you think can do that? Huh? You are a very selfish girl! I just never realized how much until now.” Mrs Kunda started to pace around the kitchen. “Right now I suggest you keep your distance from your husband. He is very upset and needs time to calm down. Stop nagging him.”

“I’m not nagging mum. I just want him to know that I’m sorry for all I did. I don’t want him to divorce me mum.”

“He has already heard you. Now you need to show it. And to start, stop badgering him. Just perform all your duties as his wife as you give him his space.”


Mwamba arrived at the court straight after his shift. Naomi and the Kunda’s were already seated when he entered the court room. The session was set to start at 14 hours and Mwamba was 10 minutes late. To his surprise the session had not commenced. Mwamba was anxious for today’s session. Lwipa had been ordered to bring Peter to court. The judge would then appoint a guardian for him until custody was granted to one of the petitioning parents.

“Sorry I’m late.” Mwamba whispered to Mr Kunda who sat in the row behind Naomi and her mother.

“No need to apologize son.”

“What has happened so far?”

Mr Kunda shifted in his seat. “The lawyers were called to the chamber and have not come out yet.”

An unsettling feeling sat in Mwamba’s gut. His heart skipped a beat as his palms began to sweat. Something was not right, he could feel it. He stood up and called the officer that manned the door to the side.

“Bwana, how are you big man!” He greeted.

“Best best boss.” The police officer responded.

“Eh Bwana. I know you are the only one I can trust here. I need your help. I’m wondering what is happening with the current case. The lawyers have been gone for a long time with no word.”

“Sorry boss. You just have to wait.”

Mwamba dipped his hand into his pockets. “Yaba. Anyway, thanks for you time Bwana. Eh, please take this for a drink. It’s very hot and I’m sure you must be thirsty.”

Mwamba took out a k50 note and placed it discreetly into the officers palm, then went back and took his seat. Another 10 minutes went by with no word on what was causing the delay.

“Boss.” The officer signaled to Mwamba, who followed him out of the court.

“Yes Bwana?”

“Eh, it seems one of the lawyers who needs to give the whereabouts of the child is being summoned by the judge has he is withholding some information. But in a few minutes the judge will be coming to adjourn the case.”

Mwamba’s heart sank. Another delay into getting Peter home.

“Thank you Bwana.” Mwamba took out a k20 and give the officer.

“Ah, no boss. There is no need.”

Mwamba insisted, leaving the money with the officer and resuming his seat next to his father In law.

“Lwipa has not brought Peter as ordered.” He explained in hush tones.

“What? Why would he do that? It will just place him in contempt of the court.”

“All Stand for the Judge!” The court orderly announced.

The judge entered followed by Mwamba’s lawyer and another man they had not seen before.

“Mr and Mrs Chiti kindly rise and stand in the center.” The judge said.

Mwamba and Naomi did as they were asked. Mwamba made sure to observe a substantial distance between them.

“Can everyone not attached to this case leave the room.” The court orderly said. She then instructed the officer to ensure only close family members remained in the court room.

“Mr Nyembezi, kindly address the court as you did in the chamber.” The Judge said.

“Yes you Worship. I’m Nyembezi, counsel to Kalunga.” He cleared his throat. “My client could not attend today’s session as an unfortunate event has occurred. He has received a funeral of which he urgently had to travel for out of town. He therefore cannot present the boy in question. We are hereby requesting for an adjournment to a later date.”

“No!” Mwamba said instinctively. His lawyers gestured for him to remain silent.

“Due to this unforeseen situation, I have analyzed the defendant’s petition and granted an adjournment of the case to next week ]]p]9 Wednesday. But the boy in question I need to be brought to the court for his statement and assessment by our psychologist on Monday, in readiness of my judgement on Wednesday.” He looked directly at Mwamba and Naomi. “I know this must be a difficult situation for you. But I ask that you exercise patience and try not to act rashly. Cases involving children are delicate, therefore we ask that all parties involved trade carefully and not act on emotions.”

“Yes sir” Mwamba responded. “But I ask your Worship if we can be allowed to visit him before the next court date as we have already gone a over a week without seeing him and are worried about his well being.”

“Your request is granted. Nyembezi, facilitate for the Chiti’s to see their son no later than Sunday.”

After court, Nyembezi promised to get hold of their lawyer to arrange for the visitation.

Lwipa rubbed this temple, hoping the headache he had would disappear. It had been two days of searching for Peter with no leads as to where he had gone. Join us on our WhatsApp and telegram page to read and enjoy more of these through omeano on+23354. Initially Lwipa was sure he would turn up back with Naomi. Having missed the court session, his plans for ensuring Peter’s custody were threatened.


“What?” Lwipa snapped at Wezi.

“Nyembezi is here.” She told him.

Lwipa found Nyembezi seated in the living room.

“Any luck?” Nyembezi asked.

“Nope. I can’t believe the stupid boy run away.”

“Eish.” Nyembezi shook his head. “The Chiti’s are supposed to see him tomorrow, then there’s the interview with the him on monday. We cannot push for more time, you know that.”

“Ah, let me figure something out. But tomorrow’s meeting is out.”

“Are you sure he hasnt gone back and they are just hiding him?”

“Mwamba’s not the type that plays such games.” Lwipa chuckled. “The guy is a wuss.”

“Well, I suggest you come clean with the judge. The parents might know where he could have run to.”

“I agree. They would know better where he could be hiding!” Wezi added.

“Shut up! Who asked for your opinion?” He scolded Wezi. “And you, do as I tell you to do! You’re not getting paid to do anything else!” He said to Nyembezi.

“Lwipa you don’t have to be rude to Wezi!”

“Bezi, don’t start getting smug! She maybe your twin sister but remember your place.” He stood up, still rubbing his temple. “I’m going out.”

“You should leave him!” Nyembezi said after Lwipa had driven out.

“And go where? Besides if I do, you will have to pay up the debt we’ve acquired for your school.”

“Don’t worry about me, I can handle my business. It’s you I worry about.”

Wezi waved her hand. “He’s my husband. For better or worse.”

“He’s a jerk!” Nyembezi told her.

“Well, he’s not so bad.” Wezi defended.

“If you say so.” Nyembezi knew better than to continue this tone of conversation. He had always thought Lwipa to be arrogant from day one. But if there was one person on earth you could not advise is a person in love, more especially a woman. Noting his controlling tendencies, Nyembezi had tried to give his opinion on his sister’s new found love but they had ended up fighting and not talking to each other for months. From then on, he decided not to push her on anything that concerned Lwipa.

“Bezi, you should stop worrying so much about me. Besides, right now we have to find that poor boy.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about him?”

Wezi smiled sadly. “I don’t know. I guess I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Peter’s presence confirms my barrenness.”

“Wezi!” Nyembezi went to her, embracing her. “Dont do this to yourself. It confirms nothing!”

“Anyway, let’s go eat. Lwipa will be calling you soon.”




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