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Truth of the heart episode 22 & 23

Naomi watched as Mwamba slept on her chest. She smiled lightly as she replayed their hot lovemaking session. She could not believe that they did it three times. Ok if she was honest with herself the first one didn’t really count because he had blown off earlier than normal. She couldn’t blame him though.
Taking another look at him she gently moved from his grip, laying his head onto the pillow. She needed to bath quickly and go out in search of Peter. Mwamba would be asleep for the rest of the morning knowing he was exhausted from the funeral. The sex was to ensure he relaxed enough to sleep for longer.
Within minutes she was out of the house. Peter had to be back home before Mwamba woke up otherwise she would have to find a plausible explanation as to where he was.
“Bana Milda can I get a lift?” Dorica rushed out to her when she heard the car engine.
“Hurry up I’m already late.”
Dorica run into the house returning with her handbag in one hand and shoes in the other. “You’ve left early today.” She said putting on her seat belt.
“Yes I have a meeting.”
“What time is Peter coming?”
“And why the questions about Peter?” Naomi snapped.
“I’m just asking.” Dorica responded in a quiet voice. “Sorry.”
They sat in silence the rest of the way. Naomi dropped her off at her work before proceeding to Kasiwe’s home. There was no way she would manage to work with Peter not yet home.
At Kasiwe’s, she was ushered into the living room where she waited for close to an hour before her friend emerged. During her wait Naomi tried Lwipa’s number getting the same unanswered result.
“Sorry about that.” Kasiwe blushed. “You know how mornings are.”
“Ahuh..” Naomi nudged her mischievously.
“What?” She laughed. “I had to help my husband get ready for work.”
“Yeah right.” Naomi laughed.
“So, what’s the lastest?”
“He’s still not picking my calls. And to make matters worse, Mwamba is back home.”
“No! When? How did he take the news?”
“I havent told him! He arrived just before 6 this morning. He got a lift from someone.”
Kasiwe watched her friend talk. She noticed her trying to suppress a smile as she explained how the morning started out.
“You’re blushing and glowing! What did you do?”
“No I’m not!” Naomi giggled.
“You had sex with him didnt you?”
Naomi stood and paced the room. “What would give you that idea?”
Kasiwe laughed. “Oh my, was it that good?”
“Oh please!” Naomi rolled her eyes. “It was only to keep him from enquiring about the boy. And also to make sure he stays asleep for the rest of the morning.”
“If you say so.” Kasiwe winked at her. “Though you should know its perfectly ok for you to enjoy sex with your husband right..”
“Anyway, back to the issue. How do I find Lwipa? Can Derek help track his phone with that contact of his at Zamtel?”
“I told you not to trust him. You should have taken Peter to his house.”
“Well I didnt know he would disappear on me now did I?”
“Have you tried his office?”
Naomi looked at Kasiwe tilting her head slightly. “Not yet. I’m hoping you can go with me. I dont want to embarrass myself though.”
“You are not serious? Worried about embarrassing yourself? Come on. Let’s go.”
Within half an hour they were at shoprite headquarters where Lwipa had said his office was. They spoke to his secretary who told them he was out on vacation for a month. They managed to get his home address from HR department and immediately drove to the location.
“Yes?” A woman answered the door.
“Hi. I’m looking for Lwipa”
The woman shook her head. “I’m sorry. There’s no one by that name here.”
Naomi seemed irritated by her response. “Look. I know he should be there hiding. I have seen his car parked. Just ask him to come out immediately. I dont want any more problems.”
“Who do you think you are coming her with an attitude! I have told you theres no one by that name here. Unless you mean my father whose car you are seeing parked in the yard.”
“Call your so called father! Very useless man! Really! He thinks he can hide from me.”
The woman became upset at her tone, raising her own voice I retaliation. “How dare you call my father a useless man in my own house!” Sue opened the door widely stepping out into the yard.
“Marjo, what’s the matter? Why are you shouting?” A older man with greying hair came to the door.
“This woman here just called you useless!” Marjo said ready to pounce on their intruder.
“Madam, do we know each other?”
“Eh, is that your car parked under that tree?”
“Yes! Can I help you?” The man asked.
“We’re looking for a man named Lwipa. He happens to drive a car the same as yours and at his office we were given this address.” Kasiwe explained seeing her friend get tongue tied.
“I’m sorry but you seem to have the wrong address. I have lived here for the past 2 years and theres no one by that name.” He explained.
“And the car?” Naomi asked.
“You do realise that the model is a common? Have you compared the number plate?” He asked.
Naomi shook her head realising he was right. How many white Hilux were around the city? “Well I assumed it was his seeing that the address we were given was the same one we found the car.”
“Never assume without confirming the facts young lady. That is very dangerous. Now of you can excuse us, we were in the middle of something when you arrived. I suggest you get hold of that man and ask him for his correct address.”
Naomi and Kasiwe went back to Naomi’s car. They sat for a while trying to plan their next move.
“Let’s go back to his office and make them tell us his real address.” Kasiwe suggested.
“He must have told them to lie to me.” Noami repeatedly tapped the steering wheel as she spoke. “Why is he even doing this?”
“Didnt you say his wife cant have children?”
“So, that’s the answer. He must desperately been wanting a child and now that’s he’s found his long lost son he wants to keep him.” Kasiwe explained.
“He just cant keep him without my permission. Besides that’s not what we discussed.” Naomi shook her head. “What do I do now? Mwamba will be so upset to know I allowed Lwipa to take Peter when he had warned me to stop all communication with him.”
“Maybe just tell him. He may help to bring Peter back!”
Naomi turned to face her friend. “Are you insane? You have no idea how Mwamba gets when he’s very upset. It doesn’t occur often but the rare occasions that it does, you wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end. I just have to find him today come what may!”
Kasiwe rubbed her temples. “Well we cant just stay parked here. Let’s go back to my place as we figure out what next.”
“What about Derek? That connection of his at zicta. Cant he help us to get Lwipa’s location?”
Kasiwe did not want to involve her husband with Naomi’s drama. She knew he would not even approve of it but she smiled instead of telling Naomi the truth. “I’ll ask him and hear what he says when we get home.”
# ~Truths_of_the_Heart~
Mwamba yawned deeply as he stretched in bed. Not wanting to wake up just yet, he covered his head hoping to drown the sound of his phone ringing somewhere in the bedroom. Eventually it stopped, allowing Mwamba to drift back to sleep. Unfortunately for him the phone flared up again causing to startle.
Reluctantly, he strolled out of bed towards the bathroom where the ringing phone. He seemed to have left it on the counter. He frowned seeing that the caller was one of his uncles from the funeral. He quickly took the call knowing well it was about money. After making the same promises he had made before leaving that morning, he cut the call deciding to take a quick bath seeing that he was awake.
Mwamba smiled to himself as the hot water hit his body. Whatever had gotten over Naomi, he hoped would continue. He bit his lip thinking of how steamy and passionate their morning was. She was still as beautiful as ever, if not more. He had never desired anomy women other than his wife from the moment he met her. Having not being able to touch her past months had been torture for him. So today felt like a dream.
Mwamba looked at the time as he walked to the bedroom. It was only 11. If not for the phone call he would have most likely slept through lunch. He put on shorts and a vest then went to look for his children.
“Milda? Peter?” He called entering the corridor.
“Uncle.” Viki responded coming into the corridor from the kitchen. “Welcome home.”
“Thank you. Where are the kids?”
“Milda is with Mrs Banda and Peter went to his friends place.”
“Oh, ok.” Mwamba answered feeling disappointed. He thought of calling them home but decided against it. They would surely be home for lunch which he guessed was about an hour away. He decided to use that time to watch some tv and get some more rest. He would be back at work the next day.
An hour later he saw Viki go out the yard and return minutes later with Milda. He waited at the window waiting to see Peter come in behind them but he never did.
“Hey baby girl. I missed you.”
“I missed you too daddy. Are we going to the mall?”
“Definitely. But you have to finish all your lunch first.”
“Ok.” Milda said excited.
“Viki, where is Peter?” Mwamba called from the living room.
Viki came in from the kitchen and knelt down at the door “He went to his friends place.”
“Yeah, you told me that already. So why havent you called him back to have lunch?”
“Uncle, I don’t know where it is.” Viki explained.
Mwamba looked at her creasing his brow. “How can you let him go out without knowing Where’s hes going?” He asked his voice slightly raised.
“He was taken on Friday by aunty.”
“He was taken by his mother?”
“Ok Viki. Thanks. Give Milda her food.”
“Lunch is set on the table uncle.” Viki told him before following Milda to the kitchen.
Mwansa picked up his phone from the coffee table and called Naomi. It rung with no response. On his second attempt he received a message saying she was in a meeting and would call him back.


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