t©pe’s heart tale Episode 5 to 7

p@rt 5
By Amah
After telling him that I was pregnant he started ma-king arrangements on how we will get married.
Since a baby was on the way and we are planning to settle down together I did not see the nee-d to continue with secrets.
I love him dearly and I believed he loves me too. I decided to open up to him on how I lost my vir-ginity.
I decided to tell him the truth about my vir-ginity because I trusted him, loved him and care so much about him.
I felt I should be more transparent now that I’m pregnant and will be getting married to him soon.
So I called him on that fateful day n told him half truth about it.
I couldn’t get myself to tell him that I fell for the Evangelist and we got entangled, instead I told him that I was R@p£d and threatened by the Evangelist and that it wasn’t with my cons£nt.
I thought he will pity me and everything will just go like that, since he knows who disvir-gined me but alas my trouble just started.
He just said “OK” and asked me why I didn’t tell him from the beginning that it was the Evangelist that took my vir-ginity? He asked me why I lied to him before?
I just replied him that I was scared.
He did not act or show any sign of anger.
The following day he told me that he was going out that morning.
I did not know that he went to see the Evangelist.
My b©yfri£ndwent over to see the Evangelist and to ask him directly why a respected man like him will r@p£ me and disvir-gined me in the process.
I was at home that day and did not go out after my b©yfri£ndLeft to where he was going to.
Towards evening I received a call from him, he asked me to take transport and meet him at a certain place
I dressed up and went to meet him but as I got to the place, I saw the Evangelist car parked.
My heart skipped, I walked up to it and there my b©yfri£ndwas seated calmly inside with the Evangelist.
He asked me to come in and sit down, I did.
My b©yfri£ndasked me to repeat the story I told him on how the Evangelist R@p£d me and took my vir-ginity.
I was shocked. I didn’t expect him to go and meet the man.
I couldn’t say anything and my guy began to call me a liar in the Evangelist pres£nce.
the Evangelist told him the whole truth. He told my guy how I was also enjoying it and did not reject him.
He said it was all the works of the devil because he did not even know what he was doing.
The devil c@m£ throu-gh me just to destroy him and it was after he realized his mistake and how he has fallen short of God’s glory he quic-kly put a st©p to it and retraced his steps.
I told my b©yfri£ndthat the man was lying. I was the person that refused to continue the act with him and decided to pack and leave his place but my b©yfri£nddid not believe me instead he believed the Evangelist.
I felt betrayed and I left without saying anything.
My guy broke up with me after then.
He said he doesn’t want a liar as a wife.
I begged and begged to no avail.
I went back to school and told a friend about the pregnancy that my mum and brothers must not know.
I was still planning on how to tell my family about the pregnancy and my guy’s plans to marry me after I put to birth but I haven’t told them yet before my b©yfri£ndfinally end the relationsh!p.
Since the relationsh!pended, he said he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me or the child that I carried.
He called me names and said I should never call his number again.
I was heart broken and couldn’t concentrate on school anymore.
Since my relationsh!pended and he doesn’t want the child, who will care for me.
My Mom and brothers will be so dissappointed
I try calling him and begging him again to atleast accept the pregnancy but he refused and called me more foul names.
I ended up ab-orting the pregnancy.
Two weeks after I did the ab-ortion, my b©yfri£ndc@m£ to meet me in school.
He said he has thought about everything and has forgiven me that we should continue the relationsh!psince I’m pregnant.
That after my last plea and how I was begging to be forgiven for the baby sake, he decided to do that.
And he has forgiven because of the innocent child forming in my wo-mb.
I was speechless and did not know how to tell him that there was no more baby.
How do I even tell him I did an ab-ortion because he refused to accept the child and I was too ashamed to bear the consequences alone.
I couldn’t utter a word as he kept speaking
p@rt 6.
He continued talking about how he changed his mind and want the relationsh!pto continue because a baby involved.
I remain speechless not knowing how to tell him that there was no more baby.
I ended up lying again to him that I had a miscarriage.
My guy flared up, he was very angry.
He went on calling me a liar that I ab-orted the baby.
He said I did an ab-ortion and termed it as miscarriage because I’m capable of anything evil.
I did not reply him.
He later left in anger. I called him and try to explain things to him.
I told him he broke up with me after i told him about my past and who disvir-gined me and he knew I was pregnant then but he chose to punish me and left me when I nee-ded him most.
He was calm and gradually we started again.
Our relationsh!pcontinued and I began to visit him from school.
It was going on cold and fine until I got pregnant for the second time.
His love for me wasn’t as it used to be.
Sometimes he will throw cold attitude at me.
I love him dearly, so I stayed and continue with the whole thing.
I did not even think of ab-ortion this time, because I was afraid to do it for the second time.
My mum got to know about the pregnancy after I was 4 months gone.
Meanwhile, my mum and brothers have warned me severally about my choice of a b©yfri£ndbecause he doesn’t have more than an SSCE and just an ordinary tailor.
It bec@m£ a very big issue when my parents heard about me being pregnant and they suggested I ab-ort it.
I was alre-ady four months gone, my Dad who has seperated from my mum long time ago was very angry and asked me to get rid of it, even my brothers supported.
I refused.
I stood on my ground and told them “NO. I won’t because I did not want to do it the second time and I couldn’t bring myself to tell them I did it once before.
My guy and his mother suggested that they will go and see my parents just to officially let them know that the pregnancy was his and he will also want to marry me afterward.
My guy’s mother and her friend with my guy went to see my father at his own place but he still did not agree on the union.
My Dad bluntly refused to accept them or consider the fact that I was pregnant.
I wasn’t there with them when they went to see my Dad but I was later told that my dad called him an ordinary tailor to his mothers face.
My Dad told them clearly that he wants his daughter to marry an educated person, either a lawyer or a doctor.
My Dad went futher to say that I can’t be educated, went throu-gh high institution and then settle for less, with an ordinary tailor.
My eldest brother wasn’t left out as they supported my Dad.
The baby in me was growing bigger and I had no choice but to let it grow.
After sometime my b©yfri£ndchanged towards me totally.
he doesn’t want to see me, he doesn’t want me to come to his house. He wouldn’t call or pick my calls. He will only reply to text messages that pertain to my ante natal care and s£nd someone to give me money.
I told his mother about her son’s ill attitude towards me.
she called us both to ask what really is wrong and my guy said that he was angry because of what my family said about him and how my people, including my mum wanted me to ab-ort his child.
He said they called him an ordinary tailor and wanted their “over educated daughter” to marry her kind and not someone like him.
After his angry rant, his mother began to laugh and later said to him “what do u expect when you impregnated someone daughter”?
He concluded he nee-ded time to get over everything that he will call me when he is re-ady.
I left their house and as days turned into week my b©yfri£nddid not call like he said he will.
It took him time to finally call.
And before everything went sour, there were two girls that c@m£ to do their internsh!pat his shop from a technical school.
He called me one day to inform me. he asked me if he should take them or not and I said he should go ahead and take them since I know that will help his business.
In my mind I was helping my to be husband to become successful.
I later discovered that something was going on between my guy and one of the girls.
She will cook for him and buy him clothes.
She even went as far as rearranging his room from how it used to be.
One weekend, I c@m£ from school and met them together.
I asked him why he was hurting me and doesn’t care to know how I feel with him and his apprentice cu-mddled up in his room.
He insulted life out of me and even called me a who-re in the pres£nce of the girl.
I cried my eyes out, I wanted to die.
I was hurt beyond repair and I decided to take my own life.
I went to soa-ked garri with hypo and drank it not minding what will happen.
He saw what I was about to do but said nothing and did not show care.
He was there still chatting and laughing with the girl when I started rolling on the floor while going throu-gh the effect of the hypo that I took.
He didn’t stand up to help even when I screamed and the pain was becoming unbearable.
I was pregnant but my guy didn’t care.
he thought I was just being dramatic as I rolled on the floor in severe pain screaming for help.
It was until I started vomiting and he perceived the smell of the hypo that was when he stood up to help.
he rushed and gave me palm oil to drink first so that it will neutralize the poison.
I vomitted everything in me and I bec@m£ weak.
We got to the hospital and the hypo poison was flu-shed out of my system.
They said I was lucky and the child I carried was equally lucky because even my baby wasn’t affected a bit.
I wanted to die for real but I ended up not dying.
We got back home and he told me to pack everything that pertain to me in that house and leave.
He doesn’t want to ever see me near his house again.
I didn’t plead this time.
I did not beg him like I used to do before. I packed my things and moved back to my house.
I later wrote my OND final exam.
So I was home not doing anything.
But his mother makes sure he gives me money for upkeep every week.
I stayed back and left him alone with his apprentice.
I was at least glad that the hypo poison did not kill me or my unborn child.
I realized he doesn’t worth it. He will not even mourn me if I die, maybe he will feel relieved of my burden.
I decided to stay with my mom until my due d@t£ comes.
p@rt 7
My due d@t£ c@m£ in the midnight, I called his mother and she informed him.
They s£nt a taxi to come and pick me to get me to the hospital in another town because I registered my ante natal in a teaching hospital.
We were to pick him up at a p@rticular junction close to his own house.
We picked him and continued on our way to the hospital.
The labour pain was excruciating. It went on and on from 12am till I gave birth on d second day at 2:30pm.
I prayed for death during childbirth because I thought there’s nothing more to life. But as God will have it, I didn’t die still.
Until I c@m£ out of the ward, I didn’t know it was just my mum that waited behind.
My mum told me my b©yfri£ndleft since 5am and his mother showed up briefly in the morning and she also left claiming that they have a p@rty to attend.
They both c@m£ back in the evening to see the baby and also brou-ght food.
They left after sometime leaving my mum to stay with me.
My mum sle-pt un-der a shed in the rain on a spre-ad of carton.
I cried when I c@m£ out of the ward seeing her lying down on a carton which she spre-ad on the Cold ground outside because there was no accomodations where she can stay.
I cried because I know that I brou-ght this trouble upon her.
Meanwhile she has retired from her job then and things were not as they used to be because the money wasn’t fort coming anymore.
I wasn’t discharged until the fourth day, but all throu-gh the period I was there, my b©yfri£ndand his Mom never c@m£ back to check on me.
They s£nt a car when I got discharged that took us home. My mum left me in their care that she has tried and she nee-ded to get a proper rest.
That night I got to his house, he didn’t sleep at home. It was just Myself and his mother.
I was taken good care of, I wasn’t even allowed to do anything aside eating, slee-ping and bre@stfeeding the baby until after 41days.
All throu-gh those times, my b©yfri£ndnever spoke to me nor does he eat in the house.
On a p@rticular day, that year happens to be my 20th birthday. I marked my 20th birthday silently with myself and my little son because my b©yfri£nddoesn’t even know if I exist or not.
One day, I went to the hospital for checkup, and on my way back I went to his mums shop to let her know that I was back only for her to ask me if anything happened between myself and my b©yfri£ndand I told her nothing happened.
She followed me home because her shop was not far from the house.
I was told that it has been decided by my b©yfri£ndthat he can no longer sleep outside the house because of me, so I have to excuse him in that room and take another room upstairs.
So I started staying in a seperate room with my child.
it got to a point the mother said she can’t continue feeding me that I should ask my guy for food and any other thing I nee-d.
My guy took responsibility of me and my baby for a month and st©pped.
If I ask him money to make food or buy something, he would tell me to get the hell out of his sight.
He does as he plea-ses and hate a mare sight of me.
I don’t know what he told his mother and the woman decided to call me one day.
She asked me to sit down and when I was seated she began to ask me about my vir-ginity which was meant to be a secret between me and my b©yfri£ndbecause he promised me back then to keep my secrets safe.
I was shock when his mother started questioning me over my vir-ginity and who disvir-gined me.
She said she knows is not her son that disvir-gined me because her son told her.
I didn’t reply her questions or say anything.
I know her son must have told her everything and there was no nee-d of trying to defend myself.
The woman suddenly began to abuse me, calling me all sort of names Just like her son usually do.
she said her son told her how I lose my vir-ginity to a Evangelist.
She said I was posses with evil spirit and I was a pr©st!tût£from my tender age.
I could not say anything, I was just crying.
She decided right then and there that her son can never marry someone like me.
That I was spoilt, corrupt and fill with lies.
That her son revealed all my secrets to her and there is no way her son will get married to me and I deserve whatever he was doing to me.
She said I can not pin her son down with pregnancy or with a baby that it will never work. That I was only 20 to 21 years and there was nothing good left in my life or b©dy because right from my teenager i was selling off myself to men after the Evangelist took his first Share out of me.
All I did was to cry as she pour more insult, curses on my head.
After she was done I quietly stood and walk back to my room and continue the cry as I looked at my child who can not un-derstand my pain.
I can’t go back to my Mom because things are not easy with her.
I had no choice than to continue staying in my b©yfri£ndhouse as him and his mother kept on ganging up against.
They both made life unbearable for me with each pas-sing day.
But I endured because I had nowhere else to go.
I regretted for ever opening up my past to my b©yfri£nd.
Maybe everything happening to me was a punishment from God for my past sins.
I wish I can find an escape out of my b©yfri£nd’s house.