t©pe’s heart tale Episode 1 to 4

p@rt 1
By Amah
NOTE: this is a true life story of a sister, so I will like to see comment and more rate on this story. As I have said, it is a true life story not a fiction. Pls encourage the sister that shared with us her personal life.
I was born into a family of six.
I happen to be the fifth born, with four older brothers and a younger sister.
My mum was not so educated, while my Dad is a standard school certificate holder.
My Parents separated way too early while we were still young and my mum bec@m£ the family bre-adwinner.
All my brothers left secondary school before I even entered secondary school myself, leaving myself and my younger sister at home after they have gone to their different schools…
My mum was very ha-rd -working, she was a caterer in a federal government school and that makes her very busy and she goes for shifts so many times leaving I and my sister at home alone….
We were doing fine and I was a church girl too.
We don’t leave the house except for church or school and of course maybe my mum s£nt me on an errand.
But my story changed when on a p@rticular Sunday I met a new couple in church throu-gh my sister because she was a very bright girl.
This new couple asked about our family and we told them everything they nee-ded to know and they asked if they can meet our mother…
We arranged the meeting and it was later concluded that I should start staying with them since they are newly married and besides, the wife being a teacher and I’m preparing for my s£nior WAEC then she will couch me throu-gh.
This couple appear to be out going, very jovial and Christian like.
so I started staying with them and they were nice to me.
This is where my story took a different route.
p@rt 2.
After about a month of staying with them, the husband starts buying gifts for me on his way back from work because he closes first before his wife.
then me and his wife comes home last from school.
I did not un-derstand why he kept getting me gifts but I was grateful as they comes.
He gives me some of this gifts without his wife’s knowledge.
One fateful night, there was no light and we were all in the sitting room lying on d floor.
the man was lying down in between me and his wife.
It was nothing unusual because we act like family.
Suddenly the man started putting his hand inside my cloth. He was tou-ching my growing bre@st.
I was shocked that I couldn’t utter any word.
At first, I thought it was a mistake because he was an Evangelist in the Church but I later realize that he knew what he was doing.
I quic-kly stood up from there and went into my room to sleep instead.
I couldn’t sleep all throu-gh the night, I was totally disturbe-d.
I wondered if This man was in his right mind and s-en-ses.
I was just tossing up and down the be-d and I was going to have an exam(mock) the following day.
I couldn’t even bring myself to re-ad anything.
During the exam day, I could not write anything in the exam hall because I kept flashing back to last night and wondering why such a respected man will do that.
I was a v!rg!nand do not keep close male friends.
With the fear and the way I kept thinking I felt sick to my stomach.
After my exam, I got home that afternoon and did not meet him at home as usual.
I started packing my clothes re-ady to go back to my house because I couldn’t live there any longer.
I was still in shock at the man’s act.
I have some money with me, so I proceed with my short journey.
but as I got to the gate, he met me right at the gate and took me back inside.
His wife was not home from work.
He asked me why I was leaving, I opened up and told him that I was no more comfortable living with him.
He started begging me that it was the work of the devil that it won’t happen again.
He told me that he didn’t even know how he could do such when he has a beautiful and loving woman as a wife.
He broke down in front of me crying while still begging me not to go because of what happened.
He promised never to allow the devil to rule over him again.
I accepted and decided to stay.
He made me promise not to tell anyone about what happened.
He changed for few weeks but as time goes on he c@m£ back again.
This man would t©uçh my bre@st and will always beg that he will not repeat it again.
And then it will happened again and again.
I got used to it and at a point I started wanting for more and I never told anyone about it…
I kept it all a secret because I was too shy or ashamed to say it out.
p@rt 3.
His wife bec@m£ pregnant and I wanted the whole secret r0m@nç£to st©p.
I felt bad anytime it happens but I couldn’t st©p him again.
I complained to him that since his wife was pregnant that he should focus on her and leave me alone.
He told me that he was going to st©p immediately his wife gives birth to their child.
He said I should be patient with him until his wife gives birth but after the wife delivered their baby he still did not st©p instead it bec@m£ worst.
I follow him everywhere. Anytime he was going for an Evangelism or church fellowsh!p, even crusades we will go together and will still end up smooching and k!ss!ngin his car by the road side.
Before we will drive back home from any church programs, this man will park by the road side with less pas-seby first and mostly at night and will engaged me in the dirty ro-mantic web.
when we get home, nob©dy will suspect anything.
We will pretend and act like nothing was going on.
As time goes, I c@m£ to know all his family and also the wife’s family. They know mine too.
I felt so guilty whenever I see their faces.
His wife was nice to me but she never knew what was going on between me and her husband.
She believes her husband was a man of integrity and a man of God and can not indulge in sin.
This man upgraded from k!ss!ngand tou-ching to something more.
After a year pas-sed, he disvir-gined me.
We would always have s£x and I was becoming add!çted in the act.
He will buy me gifts and give me money sometimes but when he saw I was beginning to enjoy the act he st©ps buying me things.
One of my Aunty visited one day, she looked at me and said that I looked pregnant.
I was so scared and that was when it dawn on me that I could be pregnant for real.
If I happen to be pregnant who will I even say that got me pregnant because this Evangelist was a well respected man both at home and church.
People may not believe me. They will think I was ma-king up the story and trying to stain the so called man of God.
I was scared even though I haven’t bought a pregnancy test to confirm but I was scared and confuse on what to do.
I will bring shame and trouble for my family if they find out.
Many people will blame me for not leaving the house or speaking up.
Time was going and I nee-ded to act fast.
So I decided to wait for my next monthly flow or to get a pregnancy test to know if truly I was pregnant.
p@rt 4
But eventually I wasn’t pregnant.
I felt so relieved and from then I decided to put an end to the act
I told him with a straight face for him to see that this time I was calling it quit and meant it.
after telling him that I don’t want to continue such a dirty lifestyle with him again. He refused and did not agree for me to st©p.
I explained it to him that what if eventually I become pregnant, we will both be doomed because I will not expo-se myself and let him go Scot free because of his glas-sy reputation.
This man said I shouldn’t worry about getting pregnant because that can be avoided.
He later bought me drugs to prevent me from getting pregnant, but I didn’t buy the idea.
I refused to accept the drugs, I was even very angry that he will shamelessly go to a pharmacy to buy a pregnancy preventive drugs for me.
I threw it at him, insulted him.
I decided to go home instead.
When the wife was not home, or traveled I will go back to my house and stay until she comes back.
She will call to inform me that she was back then I will go over to their house.
I refused to stay home alone with the man, I was determined to discontinue the whole act with him.
Instead of staying idle, I decided to go and learn tailoring until I’m re-ady to proceed to the high institution.
After few months of learning I met a guy.
He was nice to me and because I really wanted to be free from the Evangelist I agreed to d@t£ the guy the moment he asked me out.
When the Evangelist heard that I was in a relationsh!pwith a guy, he bec@m£ very angry and asked me to call off the relationsh!pbut I refused and told him that he can’t decide my life for me.
He was very angry with me and went to report me to my Mom and brothers.
My Mom scolded me for being disrespectful and arrogant to a man of God.
She said I should listen to what ever he asked me to do because he was a man with a respectable personality.
I nodded to what my Mom said and left.
When I returned back to the Evangelist house, I bec@m£ very rude to him for having the gut to go and report me to my Mom.
I threatened to tell everyone what he did with me.
He saw that I was no more the same person he has power over and that was how he decided to let me be.
I packed and moved back to my own house finally.
I continued my relationsh!pwith the guy from my work place.
we started slee-ping together but after the first time we sle-pt together, he discovered that I was not a vir-gin.
He asked me who disvir-gined me, I lied to him that I was R@p£d because I couldn’t tell him the real truth.
my b©yfri£ndknows who the Evangelist is and un-derstand he was a man with good reputation.
After telling him lies on how I lost my vir-ginity he loved me still and as-sured me that he will always be there for for me.
we went on with our relationsh!puntil I later got an admission into polytechnic.
I love my b©yfri£ndso much and was very loyal to him.
I can’t even give my number out to any guy or even pay attention to them because my b©yfri£ndoccu-pies my mind at all time both when I’m home or at school.
I was so much in love with him that his educational background did not matter to me because he was only SSCE holder and a tailor.
He was a good tailor and has customers. I took him as my world.
His mum and siblings knew me and I used to come from school to his house to spend weekends at his place without my mum knowing or even going home at all.
This continued for another year until I got pregnant in my second year.