Tochi – Last Batch

Episode 19

[]I was in a daze as I stared at her. Her eyes were red with tears and I was just too dumbfounded to say or do anything. I just stared with my mouth open and my eyes blurred with tears.

“Why, Ada how? ” i asked holding her by her hand.
” I’m getting married to Oscar, he c@m£ back during the holidays and was desperate to have me in his life, he tried his best to fill the void that you bloody cheat had stupidly created” she said and pu-ll-ed her hand away from mine.
“He proposed and since i had no other option, i accepted” she said and sniffed
” Ada i was sorry, you couldn’t even wait for long before jumping into his arms, if you loved me, you would have known it was going to break my heart” i was almost yelling at her, i was getting frustrated and my heart was breaking into a million pieces.
“So what did you expect me to do, come back to you so you can break my heart again and ru-b it in my face, i wasn’t even gone for an hour and you brou-ght another girl in here, and if you fukking loved me, you wouldn’t have looked at any other girl because i broke up with Oscar in the first place because of you lying cheat and now you open your stupid mouth to judge me, i hate you, fukk you” she shouted and left the room ban-ging the door behind her. I fell flat on the be-d and cried to sleep.

Eve had moved into the school hostel, she was probably still devastated and nee-ded to be around her friends. Seeing her was no longer easy as the female hostel was off bound for guys. Tonia soon bec@m£ our mediator, no amount of pleading from me pas-sed throu-gh Tonia was able to get her to meet me. The more i went after her, the more she ran farther from me. I couldn’t see any other girl except her. So one day, i decided i was done with the hide and seek game, i decided i was going to do something stupid for Love. I invaded the girl’s hostel.

Tonia had given me the number to Eve’s room, she stayed on the first floor and her room was in the middle. By 7 pm that fateful day, i had set out for her hostel, i was clad in a black hoodie and black slim jeans, my sneakers were also black and so also was my face cap which i covered with my hood. I had the perfect camouflage for the dark night. I got to the big door that led the way into the hostel and only one guard was there. He had his face to the wall and was on the phone. I snuck in stealthily behind him and moved quic-k throu-gh the corridor. I had merely taken a few steps before i heard him call out to me.

“Hey you, come back here, where do you think you are going?” he was slowly walking up to me. I turned towards him, acted like i was going to walk to him and then dashed up the stairs. He c@m£ after me but i was a bit fas-ter, my sneakers also gave me the advantage. I practically jumped the rails as i ran to the third floor, he was far behind me. I used the opportunity and ran into one of the rooms and shut the door behind me. There were 3 girls in the room and they were about to shout before i saw Stella was among them.

“Tochi what are you doing here” she asked
“Errrm, i c@m£ to see someone ” i said as i breathed ha-rd . They gave me cover as i heard the man’s footsteps run past the room. I waited for some seconds before i gave Stella a big hvg and headed out of the room. I managed to get myself down to Eves room on the first floor, i walked in and she was there with a book in her hand.

“Tochukwu! ” she shouted as she saw me. 2 of her roommates were there with her. I waved at them. They smiled at me and said hi. I turned back to Eve who was still staring at me. I went straight to her and went on my knees.

” I don’t have much time here because your hostel guards are searching for me now, but i hope i can use the little amount of time i have to convince you that i took this great risk to show you how sorry i am and how much i love you. I can well as-sure you that i’m not leaving here unless i acquire your forgiveness. It is very important to me because i’m running mad Eve, i made mistakes, complicated mistakes that you probably would not un-derstand” i st©pped to catch my breath. I looked at her as she looked past me.
“I love you so much Eve. If you ran into hell to avoid me, i would still break in there for you because there is no me without you”
Her friends thought i was cute and i begged them to help me beg her. They helped, by the time i was done, we too were almost crying. Soon the door to door search for me commenced and they were almost getting to Eves room.

“Tochi plea-se go, i will tell you my mind tomorrow” she said as she tried to pu-ll me up.
“No, that is not enough ” i insisted.
” I swear i will come and see you in your lodge” she pu-ll-ed me up from the ground. I hvgged her and she hvgged back. I k!$$£d her forehead..
I covered my head with the cap and hood and left for the door, i walked out and was immediately gr@bb£d by one guard. I struggled with him but he had me by my clothes. I looked around and saw more guards were coming for us. I intensified my struggle and managed to pu-ll myself out, by then the other guards were running towards me, i pushed him down, gr@bb£d the balcony rail and jumped to the ground. I waved at the guards as they watched me, i ran into a nearby bush and disappeared into the night..

I had ran all the way back to my logde that night to meet Tonia waiting there for me. I quic-kly str!pped down to my shorts and sat by her on the be-d.

“So what happened?, did you see her” she asked me as I tried to catch my breath.
“Yea, i did see her but not without some has-sles from the hostel guards”
“So what did she say? ”
” urrm, she said she will come tomorrow and i’m guessing we maybe come back together again” i said and l@ydown on the be-d, Tonia ca-ressed the hairs on my belly which filled me with s-en-sations. She bent low and k!$$£d me while i held her by the nape. She tried to pu-ll down my shorts and i held her hand

“Wait a little, let me rest, you will be slee-ping over right?”
She nodded and sat up again. I too sat up and just then the door fli-pped open and Eve stormed in. She was on a black go-wn which revealed her hour glas-s figure. I quic-kly jumped up from the be-d,she ran to me and gave me a ti-ght hvg, i closed my eyes and held onto her.

“I couldn’t wait till tomorrow to see you” she said as we dis£ngaged and held hands.
“I missed you” she seemed to whispered
“I missed you too “i said, we were oblivious of Tonia’s pres£nce, Tonia coughed and we both looked at her and smiled, she got, t©uçhed us and said Good luck to us before she left the room.
” What was she doing here?” Eve whispered to me
“Erm, she was the one that gave me your room number and was here to know how it all went ”
” Hmm, cool” she said and shrugged, she probably knew how n@ûghty her friend was and wouldn’t like to have her around me. So i put my arms around her w@!st, brou-ght her closer to me and put myl-ips on hers. She hvgged me while we were at it. I was glad she c@m£ back.

I lifted her from the ground and carried her to the be-d where i gently la-id her down, she held me down to her and ourl-ips were on each others again.
“Break me” she said and looked me straight in the eyes
“What? ” i asked looking down at her.
” I said make love to me” it sounded more of a command. I unZi-pped her go-wn from the back and pu-ll-ed it down to reveal her firm b—–s. I put my mouth on them and s—-d at her t–s while she held my head and m0@n ed. I pu-ll-ed up her go-wn and re-moved her p@n-t.

“Are you sure you want this?” i asked her
“Yes, if its not with you, I don’t think i want anyb©dy else to do it”
She said. I k!$$£d her and we continued. It wasn’t so much fun for either of us but the point wasn’t about the fun but the commitment. I swore to her that i wasn’t going anywhere if it’s not with her, i promised to stay true to her and this time around i meant it. It was a promise i held to my heart and no amount of Tonia can make me break it. We prayed together after everything and i prayed God for the strength to love her and only her forever. She soon fell asleep in my arms…

Episode 20 (Finale) 

Our love was the best in town, i have never felt so fulfilled in my entire life. Tochi and Eve, Bonnie and clyde had nothing on us. We spent more time together than we spent anywhere. She was my unofficial wife. All i did was aimed at ma-king her happy and she was happy and that made me happy. She had moved out of the school hostel and gotten another lodge. For the sake of decency, she wasn’t going to move in with me but we spent time together anyways.
I never get to see much of Ada these days and i thought it was a bit better that way. What i had for her never died but i wasn’t going back to who i was. I had made up my mind to stick with Eve and i wasn’t going back on that and after all Ada and I happened by chance and not because i intended it to happen.
But i guess when you love someone, you just love them, maybe i was able to keep to my resolution because Ada had kept her distance and didn’t want anything to do with me again.

It was on a Tuesday afternoon, Eve had gone for her lecture and i was alone in the house watching a movie. Ada walked in looking all cute. I was startled, i had never expected to see her again.

“Hey” she said and sat down.
“Hi, what’s up” i said and faced her
“I’m cool”
We were quiet for sometime and then i talked.
“I’m sorry for yelling at you the last time ” i said and she nodded, then silence again.

“My wedding is next week Saturday” she finally said after a while, i was surprised that the news got to me when i thought i was finally getting over her.
“Are you happy with him?” i found myself asking, i was jealous.
“Tochi, i don’t know, i just c@m£ to tell you as someone i knew” she said and got up, said goodbye to me and left. I realized i still nee-ded her anyways.

I never got to see her again until a day before her wedding. She had traveled down from her hometown where she was supposed to be having the wedding. I had just finished taking my bath when she rushed in. She gr@bb£d me and k!$$£d me like she nee-ded it to survive. I snapped out of my amazement and k!$$£d her back. We k!$$£d our selves out of breath and i realized how much i had missed her.

“Tochi i may be getting married to him tomorrow but my heart and everything is with you, if i have any regrets tomorrow, it would be not getting married to you. I never meant to end it like this but you caused it, i love you so much ” she said with tears in her eyes. I just stared at her, i couldn’t speak. She pu-ll-ed her clothes down and without any words, she engaged me in the process of breaking my second vir-gin. She was all over me by the time we were throu-gh.

” I belong to you and there’s nothing i can do about it” she said as she la-id her head on my che-st.
“I love you Ada and i’m sorry for everything ”
” Do you want me to call off the wedding?” she asked and looked up at me
“I wish its possible but i think its better you go ahead with it, you should know i’m with Eve now but that does not change a thing about how i feel about you” i said. She was silent for a while.
“I wanted you to be the first person inside of me and I’m happy about it. I want you to know that i hold nothing against you and would forever think of you” she said and left the be-d. I watched her dress up and prayed to God that I would be able to leave without her.
“plea-se don’t come to my wedding, i may be f0rç£d to put the ring on your f!nger instead of his’” she said and smiled a weak pretty smile
“I won’t come, i may also be f0rç£d to shoot him for taking you away”.
She k!$$£d me and left me staring at her as she walked out of the door. She called me later in the night and wished me well with Eve. We spent over 2 hours on the phone after which i sulked to sleep.

I woke up late the next day, i had dreamt of my wedding on a hill t©p, a lavish wedding and the funny thing was that Ada was by my side..

The time was 10 am, i sat on my be-d sulking. My boo was getting married to another guy and it wasn’t funny. I may be greedy and selfish wanting two people at the same time but then, the heart wants what it want.
I was still seated on my be-d contemplating on what to do with my self when i heard a car st©p in front of our gate and Ada entered my room clad in her full wedding go-wn, she looked like she just fell out of heaven. She wasn’t smiling.

“I have made up my mind, i can’t give my heart to one man and marry another. It’s you Tochi or no other and its final” she said as i just stared her with my mouth wi-de open. She locked the door, undressed herself and c@m£ to the be-d..
I just knew my DILEMMA was just about to start.


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