Tochi – Batch 4

Episode 14

Our math101 study kicked off the next day. I arrived at her lodge at exactly 2pm. I couldn’t wait any longer. I nee-ded to be with her.
Her lodge had more female inmates than male. It was a bungalow and had 7 rooms. Each room had 2 people living in them except Ada’s. She lived alone. Obviously she was from a well to do family. There were a total of 13 students in the lodge and 3 were guys. One of the guys was cohab!tt!g with a girl.
I knocked on the door and and went in.
Ada was asleep on her be-d. I took a quic-k glance around the room and it was dope. An lg 25″ tv hung on the wall facing the be-d, beneath it was an lg dvd which sat on a fancy stool surrounded by two tall speakers belonging to a home theater sitting un-der the fancy table. The floor of the room were covered with stylishly designed tiles and in the middle was a round rug on which a glas-s center table stood. A jar of flower was placed on the table.
At the foot of the be-d stood a mini fridge.

She was slee-ping in a short Sk-irt which revealed her fair sumptuous l@ps and a white singlet, i could see the t©p of her bo-ob s over the n£¢k of the singlet. I felt lovesick as i wanted so ha-rd to walk over to her and k!ssher on thel-ips. I quietly went over to the be-d, sat down on it and ru-bbe-d her gently on her arms, i expected her to jump or freak out but she just opened her eyes, looked up at me and gave me the most beautiful smile i had ever seen. She was beautiful even as she sle-pt with no make up.

“Hey” she said as she smiled.
“Hi, i hope i’m not disturbing you”
“No, you are not, shebi i was d one that called you ” she said and got up from the be-d.
I pu-ll-ed my math101 textbook from my bag and kept it on the center table. She drew the table closer to us on the be-d, brou-ght out an exercise book and a pen, then our mini lecture started.
Just like she said, she knew next to nothing. It made it easy for me not to embarras-s myself. I just focused on teaching her the ones i knew well enough. I was a good teacher and she was a fairly good learner. My flows were so fluid as she ru-bbe-d her smooth skin against mine, consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously i didn’t know, all i know was it felt good and helped ease the tension between us as i pla-yed her maths teacher and she pla-yed the good student.
We did our thing for over two hours before she excused herself and went into her kitchen. I watched her h!ps sway from left to right as she moved and i wished i was teaching her biology.
She c@m£ back and we continued for another one hour during which she rested her head on my shoulder, my p—k stood at attention all those while as i tired not to look focus.

“Are you tired” I asked her.
“A little, are you” she asked and sat up on the be-d.
“A little too, maybe we should continue tomorrow”
“Okay, just wait for me” she said and went back into her kitchen. She soon reappeared with a big bowl of delicious looking indomie which was decorated with fried egg. I was tem-pted to pl@ythe gentleman and decline but heck, the food looked good and my tummy looked empty.
We both ate from the same bowl, i decided not to show her my eating prowess as it wasn’t gentlemanly to start devouring food like a starved beggar in front of a damsel such as Ada and it was also our first time together. She too ate slowly like any other girl. We soon finished and she walked me out to the gate, as we stood outside the gate, i saw my brother walking into our logde with Tonia, he waved at us and Tonia followed suit.

“Hmmm, Ada and Tochi” martins shouted and Tonia laughed holding him by the w@!st. We smiled at them and waved back.
“Take good care of my last born for me o” Martins said and they both walked into our lodge. I bade Ada goodbye and went home.
I got to our door and martins was standing there deliberately blocking me.

“I don’t nee-d you here, you know I will be leaving for my I. T next week and i nee-d to spend some time with my bae here, so don’t come and disturb us”

“Ah ah, how will I be disturbing you naa, i will just sit and be looking ” i said

” Looking at what? We dy act blue film?”

“so where do i go now?” i asked

“Go back to Ada’s room and look at her” he said, went inside and shut the door. I smiled and left the house for a nearby restaurant. I intended eating two plates of rice on my brothers account, he always ate there and would have to pay for the ones I ate whenever he comes….

Our studies the next day was just fine and so was the day after the next day. Something told me we both looked forward to seeing each other everyday more than we looked forward to solving our maths textbook. I had the feeling that something i never expected was about to happen to me and i wasn’t prepared for it. Ada had been the last person i had expected to even come close to me talk less of spending time with me. A lot of people had often called her a snub and i liked it very much that i was close to a girl whom a lot of guys fantasied about.

On the fourth day, i c@m£ as usual and met her watching a movie. She sat on the be-d with her back to the wall.
She wore a faded blue jean bu-mshort which revealed her th!gh and an extra large t shi-t which looked good on her with her big bo-ob .

I went and sat beside her on the be-d,, we had really gotten close since our lesson started and had grown carefree around each other..

“what’s the name of the movie” i asked her
“Shameless” she said.
“Hmm, what’s shameless about it”
“just watch and you will find out” she said and la-id her head on my shoulder. I didn’t want to waste that chance so i slid my hand round her very robust w@!st, she adjusted so we could be very comfortable in that position.

I soon discovered that the film had many adult contents and as they c@m£, we snuggled closer to each other until we could no longer take it. She jumped up from the be-d like her pot of soap was on burning and sat on my l@ps facing me, she then hung her arm round my n£¢k and i held her on her h!ps, we k!$$£d like we just discovered that we were into each other she pu-ll-ed herl-ips from my mouth and put her che-st against my face. My p—k ha-rd ened as i felt the big, robust and firm bo-ob , i quic-kly put my mouth on one and squee-zed the other with my hand, she closed her eyes and bit herl-ips. While i worked on her bo-ob s, I gr@bb£d the Zi-p to her short, drew it open and pu-ll-ed the short down a little, i gently la-id her down on the be-d and spre-ad her legs, her eyes were still closed. I put my f!nger into her we-t v—a and she m0@n ed softly, my f!nger had a little difficulty going in so i made it two f!ngersand she gr@bb£d my hand.

“Use one f!nger” she said.
“sorry dear ” i said, bent and k!$$£d her, i got up and the door to the room opened, Tonia walked in dragging my brother by the arm and behind them was Eve.

Ada had quic-kly pu-ll-ed up her short while i pu-ll-ed away from her. My brother had blocked the door in a way that Eve couldn’t come in quic-k enough to see what was happening but Tonia and martins would have been fools not to notice that something was going on, even a fool would know.

“Ada and Tochi” Tonia shouted with laughter in her face.
“Teacher and student” my brother too shouted. Eve walked in and we smiled at each other, apparently she hadn’t seen us.
Ada got up and my brother gave her a hvg. I couldn’t get up or risk getting my attention seen by everyone, i didn’t want to ruin whatever Chance i had with Eve.

“It’s enough naa, ah ah” Tonia said and pu-ll-ed martins and Ada ap@rt while we all laughed. I eventually managed to get up from the be-d and went straight to Eve. I gave her a hvg and she smiled.
We all sat on the be-d while Ada and Tonia went into the kitchen. Soon they were frying stew and cooking rice. Martin kept himself busy with the film which he had changed to Sp@rtacus. He eyed me as it started, nodded towards Eve and give me a n@ûghty smile.
I edged closer to Eve and held her soft hands in mine.
“This film is x rated, i hope you are up to 18” i whispered to her, she smiled and squee-zed my hand. We talked as we watched the film, for every n@ûghty p@rt that pla-yed, Martins would eye us and laugh and Eve would giggle.
Soon Tonia and Ada appeared with 3 steaming plates of Jollof rice. They handed one over to Eve while Tonia shared one with Martins and I with Ada. The food was delicious and we had fun. I downpla-yed mine in a way not to displea-se Ada and also not to lose Eve. Polygamy isn’t easy.

We packed up by 6pm, martins left for Tonia’s room with her, he intended slee-ping there since her roomie traveled, probably to visit her guy. Ada saw me and Eve off to the gate,while Eve walked away, i turned and gave Ada a pas-sionate k!ssand we said goodbye.

I decided to walk Eve home, she was quiet as we walked, not that she talked a lot though.
“Are you happy?” I asked her
“About what”.
“oh, it was fun”
I hung my hand around her shoulder, i would have gone for her w@!st but i wanted to appear more decent.
“I hope you know there is nothing between me and Ada”
“How would i know?”
“I don’t know, its just that we both study together and that’s all” i said
“So why are you telling me, did i even ask?”
“No, i just wanted you to know”
“why would you want me to know?”
“Because i like you a lot Eve” i said trying to convey the emotion in my voice
“Hmmm, because you like me a lot ”
” Ok, i will approximate it, i love you Eva, ever since the first day i set my eyes on you, i have always loved you and wanted you to be mine” i couldn’t hold it in anymore, i made her face me, i bent my head and started to k!ssher. She responded and hvgged me while we were at it not minding who or what was around us.
“Eve, would you be my girl? ” i asked her as we pu-ll-ed ap@rt.
” Hmm, i don’t know ”
” plea-se? ” i begged going down on my knees. She pu-ll-ed me up.
” Okay, yes” she said. The joy in my heart knew no definition. I hvgged her and lifted her up. I left her in front of her gate, forgetting to take her number, I got home only to see Ada waiting in front of my door..

Episode 15

“Ermm, i noticed your brother was with Tonia in my lodge so i thought you will be slee-ping alone tonight” Ada said as i approached her.
“most likely”
“Errm, well, mind if i sleep over” she was asking and i couldn’t believe it.
“Yes, why not”

I picked her hand and led her inside. Lucky enough, we had light otherwise i was getting confused on what to do with her. We decided to watch a movie of her choosing. We cu-mddled up as we watched.

“So what do you think? ” she asked me after some moments of silence.
” Think about what?”
“About me, about us” she asked adjusting to face me. I was really confused on what to say, i fell in love with Eve ever since the first day i set my eyes on her but i have always crushed on Ada right from time, only difference was that i had always thought Ada was far from my reach and i was just okay watching her from afar but Eve was someone i nee-ded to be closer to, i can’t bear to stand aside and just watch, but now, here is Ada seemingly falling for me and me loving every p@rt of it and catching feelings for her too. Nothing was more perfect than having the two people you nee-d most in your life nee-ding you back and i wasn’t going to waste that chance of being happy, even if it meant d@t!ngtwo of them ap@rt.

“Do you see me as cheap?” she asked jostling me back to reality.
“why would i do that”
“I don’t know, maybe because it seems like i’m the one running after you”
“No, i don’t think you are cheap, you are too perfect to be cheap, if only you knew how high i placed you”
She fell dee-per into my arms and closed her eyes, the t©uçh of her skin and the smell of her hair made me weak, i was sure i was in love with her but how can i possibly love two people at a time. The connection between the three of us scared the life out of me as the thoughts that my dangerous game could make me lose both of them drove me crazy.
“Tochukwu I love you” she whispered like she couldn’t help it anymore.
“I love you too Ada” i said and held her ti-ghter.
“Are you sure? ”
” Yes I am and i will always love you”
“So you won’t break my heart?”
“I swear to you i won’t” i said that but within me, i was getting really scared, like a lot of guys, commitment scares the cra-p out of me and here i was ma-king promises that i don’t even know how to keep.
She hvgged me and k!$$£d me pas-sionately. I undressed her down to her p@n-ts. Ada was really endowed and i couldn’t wait to feel all of it. I gr@bb£d her hand and tried pu-lling down her p@n-ts but she held my hands.
“Wait, i haven’t done this before” she said looking me de-ep in the eyes and i saw her eyes were a bit watery.
“You haven’t done what?” i asked really shocked.
“I’m still a vir-gin” she said as i fell on the be-d surprised.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, but i love you and i’m willing to do it for you” she said and dropped her head on my che-st while c@r£ss!ngmy ñ@v£l.
“No, not this night” i said and helped her to dress up and we both cu-mddled each other to sleep…..

My love adventure with Ada and Eve moved on smoothly. Ada was the possessive type and didn’t waste any opportunity in showing me how much she cared. Eve on her p@rt was a bit reserved to herself but she did try her best to show me the love we had often pledged to each other. I loved them both to a fault. Ada was always there to dote and fuss all over me while Eve always kept me on my toes, learning new ways to express myself to the one i love and this made it all fun.

Martins had earlier left for Port Harcourt for his Industrial training in an oil company. So i had the room all to myself, at first, i wasn’t so interested in cooking and going to eateries was off the hook for me as Martins that normally took me there was no more around. I usually depended on Lucy atimes for food and she had always been more than happy to help out. Everyone liked me. Ada soon found out that i don’t like cooking for myself so she decided to take it over. Her reasons, i shouldn’t be going to her friend to eat while she, my bae, is close by. Throu-gh the influence of my brother, i had gotten really close to Tonia who was quite a flir-t and had always tried to make it obvious anytime i was around, even when Ada was there, she would often do it covertly. She sure enough knew what Ada would do to her should she find out that She had an eye on me.

On a Saturday, two days before our exams commenced, i had just finished my revision with Ada and she had gone back to her lodge to bath and change before coming back, the time was 6pm. About 5 minutes after she was gone, i heard a knock on my door, i was sure it wasn’t Ada because she ha-rd ly knocked, she would just push the door open.
I went and opened the door and Tonia was there. She was on a black skimpy dress which revealed her cle-avageand heavy th!ghs. Tonia was a very S-xy girl whom every guy would love to un-package, and she has this smile that would make you wish for many n@ûghty things.

“Tonia, what are you doing here? ” i asked folding my hand and leaning on the door.
” I c@m£ to see you”
“Hmmm, i hope you have not come to s£dûç£me?” i asked smiling. She pushed me out of the door and walked in, went directly to the be-d and sat there.

“So how are your babes? ” she asked me
“Which one is my babes? ”
“You think i don’t know you are also d@t!ngmy friend Eve?” she stood up, walked to me and held my hand.
“Hmmm, you know and so what?” i said praying in my heart that she was not a snitch but knowing girls like Tonia, she doesn’t care about other people’s affairs as long as it does not interfere with hers.
“Nothing shaa, lets forget about it for now” she said and la-id herl-ips on mine, i obliged her as we started k!ss!ngand fondling each other, i stooped low, lifted her go-wn and pu-ll-ed down her p@n-ts, she climbe-d out of them and pu-ll-ed me to the be-d, she sat there and pu-ll-ed down my shorts while i stood. She gr@bb£d my alre-ady £r£¢tdikk and shove it inside her mouth. I breathed ha-rd as she gave me a mesmerizing headjob, d–n she was good. When i decided i have had enough, i pu-ll-ed myself out and l@yher on the be-d, spre-ad her legs and went into her….
For like 15 minutes we were on each other like wild animals until we both c@m£. She quic-kly got up and dressed up.

“So now I’m your side chic or S-x toy, which?” she asked after putting on her p@n-ts.
“it’s your choice, give your self any name you want ” i told her as i got up and k!$$£d her while ru-bbing every p@rt of her as-set with my hands. She m0@n ed lightly as we k!$$£d, Tonia was too much of a sauce for one outfit and everyone who’ve been with her knows this. She soon bade me goodbye and left. My phone rang and i picked, Ada was on the line.

“Did i leave my jotter there? “she sang out, i looked around and saw it all rou-ghed up on the be-d where i had been with Tonia.
” Yea its here” i said picking it up.
“Okay, i’m on my way”
We dropped the call and i arranged the room as fast as i could.
2 minutes later, i heard a knock at the door. I opened it and standing there, looking all charming and S-xy was my Evelyn.

Episode 16

She rushed at me and gave me a ti-ght hvg. I pe-cked her, lifted her and carried her in. Even though i had shown her where we lived, it was her first time of crossing our gate not minding that she did so at the wrong time. I dropped her on the be-d gently as we both laughed. In my mind, i was contemplating on how to avert the disaster that was looming. I sat beside her, pu-ll-ed her closer and k!$$£d her, she put her hands around my n£¢k as we engaged each other. We felt very relaxed, the chemistry was there and i wasn’t going to let anything destroy it. I jumped up from her as an idea struck me.

“Baby what?” she asked looking up at me with concerns written all over her face.
“Nothing sweet, i just nee-ded to buy something outside before the shops closes.” i said and dressed up. She said ok and l@ydown on the be-d, i secretly gr@bb£d my Bible and ran outside. I headed straight for Ada’s lodge and into her room, i met her ru-bbing powder on her face.

“Boo what are you doing here with a bible?” she asked on seeing me.
“Errm, something just c@m£ up” i said scratching my head.
“What? ”
” i just remembered that our church would be holding a midnight crusade today and my friends are waiting for me at the junction”
“Ok, wait for me, we’ll go together” she said and my eyes wi-de-ned.
“Okay, errm, i mean NO Sweetheart ” i started explaining
” No what? “she asked and faced me with this look that made my legs shake. I walked up to her and held her.
” See, its a guys fellowsh!pkind of thing, i would have taken you along since if girls were allowed” i explained praying she believed me, being simple minded, she bought my excuse, hvgged me and asked that i prayed for us.
“I will boo” i said and hvgged her ti-ght.
“So what will be your prayer point? ” she asked
” That our wedding will take place at the Burj Khalifa” i said and smiled. She laughed and k!ssme, she saw me off to her gate and made sure she watched me as i walked towards the junction looking back to make sure she had gone in but she stood there waving. I had to follow another shortcut back to my lodge throu-gh the back. I had bought two cu-ps of ice cream for me and Eve as i walked back. I nee-ded proof of what i went to buy.

Eve was a sweetheart despite being a bit of an introvert which made a lot of people see her as a snub and proud, being very beautiful didn’t help her much. She tried her best that night at being n@ûghty. We fell in love over and over again that night, we made promises to each other that we swore never to break. I was so scared that i was going to disappoint her, i felt feverish with emotions as we held onto each other in the darkness. Everything about her made me come to like her the more. I k!$$£d and practically li-cked her b©dy clean, i wanted to do more but i was running out of ideas. She was so sweet and delicate and i could swear i have never been so in love before.
I discovered to my utter Joy and p@rtial dismay that she too was a vir-gin. I c@m£ to respect, trust and cherish her the more.

I had made my decision to love them both without ma-king any unnecessary demands on them. It wasn’t easy being with two sweethearts who were still vir-gins and not be getting inti-mate with them considering that a look at them would make you want to take them straight to be-d. Tonia seemed to be taking care of that p@rt of my life, we never nee-ded each other, we just wanted what we both want, our bodies. She was good in be-d and i wasn’t bad either and we do try our best not to get emotionally attached. Tonia was a kind of girl that when she wants a thing, she goes an extra mile for it. She wanted me and she got me, i hoped and prayed she wouldn’t want my heart because she wasn’t going to get it and she could do stupid things just for it.

Our exams kicked off on a good footing. I was doing fine and it was all thanks to my search for Eve which had led me to the libr@ry many a times and my lessons with Ada which were more than just educational. My after revisions were spent in the libr@ry with my Eve and she was quite a good study companion, i had often imagined how she managed to study with me being all over her, i just couldn’t keep myself away from her as we studied and she didn’t mind, she also did a p@rt of the flir-ting herself. My night and mid night studies were spent in my room with Ada, she had often said she hated the school libr@ry because of the pres£nce of many over serious students. We k!$$£d and flir-ted more than we re-ad, but at least we re-ad something. My life could never have been better.

We wrote our math101 on a Thursday, the almighty math101 that brou-ght me and Ada together. The exam wasn’t bad, i was a bit prepared for it. Ada was in the same hall with me and made sure she stayed right next to me. We wrote the ones we could and she sourced answers to the rest herself, all the guys around were more than willing to help her out. The powers of a beautiful damsel can never be un-derestimated. Her first and foremost concern was with me, she made sure i wrote well. We were throu-gh in 3 hours and we all left the hall. Ada made sure she gr@bb£d me like someone was going to steal me away from her. Everyone stared at us like we were aliens.

“I hope you finished all” she asked me as we sat un-der a shade outside the hall.
“Yeaa, you nko?” i asked hanging my hands on her shoulder
“Trust me naa” she smiled and leaned her head on my shoulder. I was glad Eve’s hall wasn’t anywhere around ours. Ada got up, dropped her phone with me and left for the school canteen. Her Facebook mas-sager binged and i decided to take a peek. We shared everything including her phone pas-sword even though i’m still yet to give her mine and she wasn’t asking. The message was from a mike and she was asking why she ignored him, i prodded further and what i saw shook me….


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