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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

To live forever Episode 9 & 10

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💗 To Live Forever 💗

📘 Chapter 9📘

Written by: Tamara Blair



💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
“You and Adrian have gotten so close,i can see that”Shannon said as we walked down the school hallway.

“Yeah, you are right,i found out that alot more about him, he’s a good person”

I and Adrian decided not to tell anyone about his illness,only isaac knows and we want it that way.

“Hmm,you are blushing”

“Am not blushing,Stop it”

“Clary, it’s so clear that you were blushing when you talked about Adrian”

“I was only smiling, there is a difference”


“Hey”Adrian said as he approached us,we smiled at each other.

“Am going over to Isaac before you two start kissing”Shannon said and walked away.

“She’s so childish”

“I know,am used to her already”

“You look nice today”I said and he gasps in shock.

“”What?” I asked

“You complimented me for the first time”

“Please, this is not the first time”

“Are you done with your maths homework?”He asked and i scrunched my face in confusion.

“”What Maths homework?”

“Yesterday’s homework”

“We had homework yesterday?”

“Yeah,and it has 70% of our score”

“OMG,am so dead,i didn’t do it,am so dead,infact just kill me already” i saod and he started laughing.

“Why are you laughing?You should be helping me”

“Am laughing because your fave right now is so funny, there is no Maths homework,i lied”

I started hitting him with a book,while he kept running


“You are so childish, unbelievable”

Adrian wanted to say something when suddenly everyone’s phone beeped,it was a splash text.

A splash text is a kind of text message that a person send to the whole students.

I checked the message and it was from Aaron,one of the richest kids in our school.

He hardly comes to school but somehow he gets good grades.

“Party at Aaron’s house, Time:7pm”I read out loud.

“It’s honna be fun, Aaron’s house is so huge”Adrian said.

“Yeah,you coming?”

“Of course,are you?”


“The party is going to be lit,so much fun”

“Remember, no alcohol”I said and he groaned

“Now you are sounding like my mom”

“Adrian,am serious,am going to be keeping an eye on you”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever”

Few hours later.

😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
It was night time and i was waiting for Claribel outside her house in my car.

Being close to her makes everything in my life go right, She’s an amazing person and sometimes i don’t want to leave her.

Her front door opened and she came out wearing a tight not so short gown,it hugged her body so tight,she looked amazing.

“Adrian!!”She yelled out jolting me out of my thoughts, that’s when i realized she had already entered the car.

“Hey” i said nervously,Gosh, I have never been this nervous.

“I was calling your name for sometime now, you seem lost,is something wrong?”

“ nothing is wrong”

Gosh,why am i so nervous?

“O..kay,have you taken your medications?”


You look really nice” i said and she smiled


We finally got to Aaron’s mansion,it was so huge,his parents are flithy rich,no wonder he is a spoilt brat.

“This place is

amazing”Claribel said looking around.

“Clary!!!!”Shannon yelled from a distance,she ran over to us and jumped on Claribel.

“Urgh, you are gonna kill me, Shannon”

“Woah,you look so hot,all the guys here are gonna drool over usual” Shannon said making Claribel chuckle,i didn’t really like the fact that other guys will stare at her.

“And Adrian,you look so handsome”

“I know”I said and Claribel rolled her eyes.

“Okay,am going to leave you two,Isaac is waiting for me”

I took a red cup from the tabel, Claribel immediately took it from me.


“You can’t take anything from the red cups,You and I know that it is filled with alcohol”She said and i rolled my eyes.

“The doctor saidi could take a little but not to get drunk,now give me the cup”

“No”She said and lifted the cup above her head,i chuckled because so clear that am taller than and taking that cup from her is so easy”

“Look,Shawty,am going to do a favour by not collecting that drink from your hand because i don’t want to feel bad about how short you are”

“Shut up,you being taller than me doesn’t make any difference”


“Adrian,just promise me you won’t take alcohol” She said with a serious face.

“I promise”

“Okay,now let’s dance”

She pulled my arm before i could reply,we were heading to the dance floor when Audrey approached us.

“Well,well,well,if it isn’t the two love birds?”

“What do you want?”

“Don’t act all tough,bird brain”Audrey said to Claribel.

“Look here, Audrey,we all know what you want from me,you want to sleep with me and you are so angry that you can’t get my attention the way Claribel does”

“So?Am not the only girl who wants to sleep with you, even this bimbo wants some taste”

Claribel wanted to lunge at her but i held her down.

“Audrey,you are nothing but a cheap sl*t, Jake told me your offered to sleep with him if he did your homework.

He said it was the worst s*x ever,he also said your p*$$y was so wide that he thought he would drown”

Audrey had a look of shock on her face while Claribel was laughing.

“Urrgh,i hate you all”She said and walked away.

“That was so hilarious”

“Yeah,i don’t think she will be bothering you again”

💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
The party was really amazing,but you haven’t seen Dylan anywhere.

Am sure he is busy playing Silly games with his bonehead friends.

I was getting a soda for I and Adrian, when i felt someone’s hand on my waist.

“Shh, it’s just me”

A voice whispered,i turned amd it was Aaron.

Aaron used to be the most handsome guy in school until Adrian arrived,he had hazel eyes and a dirty blonde hair.

“Aaron,you scared me”

“Am sorry,you just look so beautiful that i couldn’t stop myself from touching you”

“You look so sexy tonight”he added looking at my body..

One thing i have heard about Aaron is that he is a s*x freak,he sleeps with so many girls.

“Um..thanks,i guess”

He tried to touch my arm but i moved backwards.

“Don’t move away from me,you already gave me a hard on, let’s take it upstairs”

“Aaron,leave me,am not interested”I said and he laughed hysterically.

Shannon told me he does drugs which is of no surprise to me

“Come on,Claribel,i promise i will be quick and easy”

He tried to grab my arm but someone stopped him.

“Adrian,bro,i was just having fun with this chick”

“Her name is Claribel,you probably won’t remember because of the drugs you took”

“Okay,fine,i will leave her alone just don’t tell my parents i do drugs”Aaron said and walked away,i heaved a sigh of relief.

“You okay?”Adrian asked as he moved closer to me,he put his two hands on my cheek.

His eyes are so beautiful and i could stare at them all day.

I saw something else that caught my attention,i looked over Adrian’s shoulder,then i saw them cleary.

“What’s wrong? What are you looking at?”

Adrian turned around and followed my gaze,he immediately understood.

“Claribel, don’t…

Before he could finish talking,i ran away, I could hear Adrian coming after me.


📘 Chapter 10📘


😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
Claribel ran off immediately she saw him,i didn’t know she would get so affected by him.

I ran after her,she suddenly stopped, I went closer to her.

I made her face me,she was crying, something that instantly made me angry.

“I only stopped running because i knew you would run after me and i didn’t want you to because i remembered the doctor said you shouldn’t do strenuous work” She said with tears in her eyes.

There was slience between us,i was still trying to comprehend the fact that she cried all because of that idiot.

“Let’s go talk in a place more quiet”I said and she nodded.

I held her hands and took her to the back of Aaron’s house where i was sure nobody will interrupt us.

We sat on the pavement facing each other,she was still crying.

“Are you really crying because of him?”

“Why are you asking? Are you surprised?”

“I just never thought i would see you cry because of a guy”

She chuckled and looked away,i held her chin and made her face me.

“Do you love him?Do you love Dylan?”

“I..i think so”

“You think so?”

“He made me feel so special,he didn’t treat any girl the way he treated me,and i thought he liked me,that we had something going on”

“Has he ever asked you out?”

“No but i thought he would do it eventually,now i see him kissing another girl,not just any girl, it’s that b*tch called Audrey”

“Do you know the reason why he settled for Audrey?”

“Because she’s a b*tch and she seduced him” She said and i chuckled.

“You are almost right, Audrey is a b*tch but she didn’t seduce him,he wanted it.

I have seen him severally trying to kiss you but you decline,so i think he decided to go for someone who would give everything he wanted”

“Well, that’s really stupid”

“In a way,it is not that stupid, if you say you like him like you say,why didn’t you kiss him?”

“Because.. because..

“Claribel, it’s because you don’t really like him,you only like the feeling of someone treating you special, that’s all”

“I guess so”

“Now wipe those tears off those pretty eyes of yours and let’s get out of here”

“Can we go to that garden? I really want to be there”

“Of course, let’s go”
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
Adrian and I were at the garden,i already texted Shannon that i left and I told her why.

“What are you thinking about?”Adrian asked,he laid his head on my laps while i play with his hair.

“Nothing actually”

“Clary,i don’t want you to think about Dylan anymore,he doesn’t deserve you.
If he can’t see how much of a good person you are, then he’s stupid”

“Thanks, Adrian, you really know how to make me happy”

“I like seeing you happy”

We didn’t say anything else, the garden was so quiet,Adrian closed his eyes and i took that time to admire his face.

I have to admit that he’s so handsome,no wonder girls flock around him but upon all that he’s not a player like the rest of them in school.

“I know am extremely handsome but can you please stop drooling over me?” He said with his eyes still closed,i flushed in embrassment

“How did you know i was staring at you?”

“I could feel your eyes boring holes in my face”

He sat up properly,then looked at the sky, then back at me.

“Come on, it’s late and we should probably get going”

He stood up and brought out his hand,i smiled at him, then i held his hands.

“You know you are the only guy that makes me smile genuinely”

“I know that,Baby girl” he said and my heart fluttered at the way he called me baby girl.

We got to the entrance of my house,i looked at the front door and sighed.

“Are you always scared of entering your house?”

“All the time, it’s like a haunted house in there” i said and we both laughed.

“Do you like ever think of running away from your a day of you not worrying about anything just yourself”

“All the time but i can’t,i have to be strong if i want to accomplish my dreams”

We stayed quiet and just stared at each other.

“I..i need to get going now, it’s late” He said as he stared at me intensely.

I looked away to stop the stupid feeling in my stomach.

“Okay,see you tomorrow” i said and tried to walk away but he held my hand.

“Can i get a hug?”He asked me, i smiled at him.

“Of course”

We hugged each other,my head laid on his chest, it’s like time stopped and none of us pulled away.

“Claribel”He called out


“Do you want to let go?”

“No”I said and he chuckled.

“Me too but we have to”He said and pulled away.


I stood and watched as he drove off.
The Next Day.

I was looking through my locker,i got all my books ,i closed it and Audrey approached me.

“Hey, Claribel”

“What do you want? I don’t have time for your nonsense”

“I just wanted you to know that i and Dylan are now a couple”

“Okay,so? How does that affect me?”

“I know it affects you in a bad way because i saw you scurry off when you saw us kiss” She said and i rolled my eyes.

“It might have affected me last night but now or ever,you can have him,You and i both know you only want him for money,you b*tchy gold digger”

“I swear i will…

“You will what?”Shannon asked as she approached us

“Audrey,if you try anything to hurt my bestie,i will make sure i rip off your fake plastic a*s”Shannon said and Audrey only scoffed and walked away.


“Don’t mention,you are my bestie and i won’t let anyone treat you anyhow even that sick bastard called Dylan”

“Am way over him..infact i don’t think i was ever attracted to him”

“Finally,you realized,i was waiting for to say that for a long time”She said and i giggled.

I was about to say something when i started gasps and murmuring.

💭Oh my gosh,is that Dylan?
💭Why does he look like that?
💭Who beat him up so badly?

“What are they talking about?”Shannon asked,we started looking around,we gasps in shock at what we saw.

Dylan’s face was covered with bruises,he was badly injured,he had a black eye and a bursted lip.

“Woah,what happened to him?”Shannon asked.

He walked through the hallway, Everyone stared at him.

He came to where i and Shannon stood,i walked closer to him but he moved back in fear.

“Dylan, What’s wrong?”

“No, don’t come close to me,i don’t want any trouble, please”He said with fear all over his face.

Why is Dylan scared of me?And why was his face bruised?

He quickly walked away from the crowd.

“I wonder you beat him up”

“Whoever that person is,he did a good job”

“Shannon,i will be right back”

I walked away quickly before she could reply,i walked over to Adrian’s locker.

I saw him taking out his books,his knuckles were all red like he punched someone.

“Hey”i said sternly,he smiled at me.

“Hey,baby girl”

“We need to talk.. right now” i said and dragged his hand before he could respond.

I dragged him to the back of the school.

“Did you beat up Dylan?”

“Um.. I don’t know”

“What do you mean by you don’t know,did you do it or not?”

“Okay,fine,yes,i was the one who beat up Dylan,this morning he asked me why you and i were so close and he told me that i should you to him after am done screwing you”

“So the only thing you could think of was to punch him?”

“Yes, are you defending him?”

“No,am not,am only worried about you,what if he had hurt you?”

“Relax,Clary,Dylan can’t stand up for himself”

“Am serious, Adrian,what if he hit you on the chest and something bad happens to you or you were rushed to the hospital”

“Don’t worry,i will be fine”

“Don’t do that again, please” i said and hugged him so tight.

“I care about you alot,Adrian,i really do”



Good night guys ❤❤

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