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To live forever Episode 7 & 8

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💗 To Live Forever 💗

📘 Chapter 7📘

Written by: Tamara Blair



A Month later.

💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖

“Hey,Clary”Shannon said as he approached me.

I was at my locker side trying to get ready for the next class.

“Hey, Shannon”

“Sorry i couldn’t pick you up from your house”

“It’s okay,i know you and Isaac needed a little privacy”i said and she giggled.

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Shannon was about to say something when Adrian Approached us.

“Hey,Nerd”He said to me and i used my thumb to hit his forehead.

“Ouch,that hurts” He said in a childish tone making i and Claribel giggle.

“I told you not to call me a nerd” i said and he stuck out his tongue to me.

“You are such a baby”

“Guys,have you noticed something?”Shannon asked.


“You and Adrian are wearing the same hoodie”

We looked at ourselves then back at each other.

“Why are you wearing my hoodie?”Adrian and i asked at the same time.

“Your hoodie? This is a girl’s hoodie,take it off”

“No, it’s a guy’s hoodie,take it off”

“No, it’s not”

“Yes,it is”

“No, it’s not”

“Is to”

“Is not”

“ENOUGH”Shannon yelled making us both bickering.

“You two always fight like little kids”

“Tell your nerdy friend here to take off the hoodie”

“It’s a unisex hoodie, meaning it’s for a boy and a girl”

“How do you know?”

“It’s black and huge, the designs on it clearly makes it for male and female”

“You two actually look cute together”Shannon added making i and Adrian roll our eyes.

“Am going to class before you two start getting all crazy”Adrian said and walked away.
It was lunch time and everyone was at the cafeteria,i was at my usual spot, with the popular kids.

I sat between Adrian and Dylan, Shannon and Isaac sat together, whispering and stealing kisses from each other.

As for Adrian,he won’t stop taking out of my food,Dylan only concentrated on his phone while Audbrey kept giving me deadly glance.. idiot.

“Adrian,for Pete’s sake,leave my food alone, you have yours”

“It’s just taste better when i take yours”

“Don’t talk with your mouth full..Table manners,geez”

“Babe,are you coming for the sleepover at my place?” Dylan asked me.

“You are having a sleepover?”


“I thought it will be only guys since it’s a guy hosting it”

“Girls will also be there, it’s just like a party but with our pajamas on”

I and Adrian already have plans to hang out today.

“Um.. Dylan,i can’t,i have something to do”

“What about you Adrian?”

“No,sorry, bro,i can’t”

“It seems that Claribel and Adrian are going out together”Audrey said smirking at me.

“Don’t be stupid,Audrey”i said while she rolled her eyes.

“It’s so obvious that claribel and Adrian have gotten closer and..

“And so what?”Adrian asked interrupting her.

“What’s your problem if i and Claribel get closer,you are not my girlfriend so they shouldn’t be any problem, for your information,Claribel is a good person, unlike you”

Audrey didn’t say anything else,she focused on her food,guess she was speechless.

My phone vibrated,it was a text from Shannon.

I looked at her because she was sitting right in front of me.

I checked my phone and the text said “Adrian is so hot when he is trying to defend you”

I rolled my eyes at the text, Shannon has been so over dramatic.
😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
After school,i took Claribel to my favorite restaurant.

Immediately we stopped at the restaurant,she jumped off the bike.

“Careful when you come down the bike or you will hurt yourself”

“How did you know?” She asked smiling widely at me.

“Know what?”

“That this is my favorite restaurant”

“Wait..what? This is your favorite restaurant too?”

“You also love this restaurant, it’s so crazy how we have some things in common”

“It’s annoying too”i said and she rolled her eyes

“Let’s go in”

She dragged my hand and pulled me towards the entrance.

We sat down beside the window,we were facing each other.

“I forgot to thank you”


“For defending me against Audrey”

“It’s nothing, She’s just a b*tch,she has been looking for a way to get in bed with me.

You are different from other girls,you might be really annoying but you are a good person”

The waitress walked up to us,she ignored Claribel and focused on me.

She was smiling like an idiot and her uniform were very revealing.

“Are you a waitress or a sl*t?” I asked earning a giggle from Claribel and a shocked face from the waitress.

“I think it’s both”Claribel said.

“May i have your order now?”She asked coldly.

“Ask the lady first”

She took our orders and left.

💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖

The Sl*tty waitress took our orders and left, Adrian brought out some pills and he took it with water.

The time we have been together, I have noticed that he takes this pills at precise times, sometimes he forgets to take them.

“Adrian,what are those pills for?” I managed to ask.

“What pills?”

“The one you take at 12pm,3pm and 6pm”

“How do you know the exact time?”

“I have watched you take them for a tell me, isn’t anything wrong?”

“If you are implying that am sick, then am not”

“So what are the pills for?” I asked and he sighed.

He tried to say something but our food arrived.

“Let’s just ear,Clary”
😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
After eating at the restaurant with Claribel,i dropped her off at her house.

“Hey,hunnie”My mom said as I walked into the house.


I sat on the couch beside her.

“What’s wrong? You sound sad and you are normally happy wheb you go out with that girl called Claribel”

“Mom,she asked me why i take those pills?”

“And what did you say?”

“Something interrupted us,so I said nothing”

“Why don’t you tell her?”

“I don’t want her to pity me,am just fine treating like am a human”

“Adrian,if she’s really your friend,she won’t do that,you told me that she’s hiding something too”


“You two should open up to each other,you will get to understand each other better”

“Mom,when that time comes,we will do it”
Two days later.

It was already lunch time in school and Claribel didn’t show up to school.

I tried asking Shannon but she has been avoiding me.

Sorry,bro,but i couldn’t get tge information from her” I saac said as he approached me.

I sent Isaac to help me ask Shannon what happened to Claribel.

“But why won’t she say anything to me?”

“I don’t know,when i went over to speak to her,i heard her talking over the phone,she was saying he is already asking too many questions”

“Isaac,i have to sneak out of school to go see Claribel”

“How will you do that without camera seeing you?”

“I will sneak you into the principal’s office,then you will disable the security cameras”

“Let’s do it”
I finally suceeded in sneaking out of school with the help of Isaac.

I took my powerbike to her house,i was so anxious and worried.

I have been calling her phone but she’s not picking.

I got to the front of her house,i have never been inside because she never lets me in.

If i knock,she will know it’s me and won’t want to open,i just have to sneak in.

I climbed in through a window which i think it’s her room window.

I heard slient sobs from a distance, then i saw claribel curled up on the floor,she was crying.

“Claribel” I called out,she looked up but used her hoodie to cover her face.

“What are you doing here?”

To see you”

“How did you enter and i didn’t notice”

“I climbed the window”

I walked closer to he while she moved away.

“Don’t move any closer”

“Why is your face covered and why were you crying?”

“Adrian,just leave, now”

“No,until you tell me what going on”



I came closer to her and removed the hood from her face,i moved back in shock.

“I told you not to come closer”She said in tears.

Her face was covered in bruises,her eye was swollen.

“Who did this to you?”

“No one,just leave”

“Am not leaving until you tell me who did this to you,if it’s Dylan,i swear that i will rip his head off”

“It’s not Dylan, it’s no one”

“Claribel,Stop lying,who did this to you?”

“I said it’s no one,why do you even care?”

“I care because you are my friend,now tell me you did this to you”

“It’s.. it’s my dad”

She fell to the ground and started crying,i stood watching her,how could her own Father beat her up like an animal

She kept on crying.

“Why are you still here?Leave like the rest of them do,Leave”

Am leaving but you are coming with me, let’s go”

“Am mot Leaving this place”

“Claribel,stop being stubborn and let’s go”
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
I was on Adrian’s bike heading to God knows where.

I used my hoodie to cover my face so that no one sees the bruises.

He finally stopped the bike infront of a small bush path.

“Why did you stop?”

“I can’t ride my bike here,we will have to walk”

“But what is this place?”

“You will find out soon”he said and held my hand.

We walked down the bush path,we kept going until we entered a beautiful garden with a small lake.

It was extremely beautiful and there was a bench at the middle.

We sat on the bench facing each other.

“How did you find this place?” I asked looking around.

“I wanted to be away from everything and i just found it, it’s always quiet and i come here to clear my head”

“So why are we here?”

“We are here so that you can tell me everything that is bothering you,i can see it in your eyes that you are hurting”

“No,am not saying anything,when i ask about yourself,you will always ignore me”


“Meaning i won’t say anything if you don’t tell me your story like why do you take those pills,where were your coughing out blood at that party”

He looked up at the sky,then back at me.

“If i tell you,our friendship will never be the same”

“How’s that possible?”

“You will treat me differently,you will treat me with pity”

“I won’t”

“How are you so sure?”

“Try me”

“The reason why i take those pills is because am sick”

“Sick how?”

” I have A.S.D”

“A.S.D? What’s that?”

“A hole in the heart but my kind is severe”

He has a hole in his heart,Oh My Goodness.


Chapter 8📘


😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
She didn’t say anything,she only stared into space.

“I knew it already” I said and she looked at me.

“Knew what?”

“That you would react this way,you would start to see me differently”

“You are right,i would start to see you differently,Now i see you as someone really strong, you had this bottled up but still tried to be happy”

“I have to be because i don’t anyone to treat me like am some kind of disease”

“When did you know about your illness?”

“When i was born,my mom said that i didn’t cry for some minutes and that my heart stopped but the doctors were able to revive me.

I started growing up but i always fell sick,i had this constant pain in my chest,i would faint 3 times in a day.

When i was taken to the hospital,it was confirmed,i was 5 years back then”

“Didn’t your parents consider a heart surgery?”

“They did but the doctor said it would be too risky,my case was so delicate tgat if i try to do a surgery,that i would die.

From that day,i was given pills to take, I would come for check up everday to see if the hole has gotten bigger.

I was restricted from doing strenuous work like running too fast,my classmates would laugh at me and call me a weakling.

I can’t eat too much meat or drink alcohol because it would affect me”

“That’s why you eat vegetables and fruits all the time”


She held my hands,then looked at me.

“Adrian,I have never seen someone as strong as you”

“Sometimes i get tired”

“Tired of what?”

“Of being like this, taking this pills all the time,not being able to leave like a normal child,i get tired but i just have to pull through..for my mom,am the only one she’s got”

“What about your father?”

“He died in a car accident when i was 13,it hurt my mom so so much”

I didn’t know i was crying till I felt Claribel’s thumb on my cheek.

“Am sorry you had to see me cry”

“It’s okay,you have a right to cry”

“So tell me about yourself”I said and She sighed.

“Well for me,i once had a happy family,My dad,mom and me. We were so happy until one night.

That night,i heard my mom and dad scream at each other,i went over and saw them look at each other with hatred.

My dad told my mom to pack her belongings and me out of the house,he called me a bastard child.

My mom told me to go hide under the bed and that she would get me soon,so i ran to my room and did as she said.

I stayed there till i slept off, the next morning i woke up and my mom was gone,she didn’t take me with her like she promised.

My dad was so surprised that i was still in the house,he also thought my mom took with her.

When i asked of my mom,he said she went with her lover who was also his best friend.

He told me my mom cheated on him and that she’s a whore and won’t be surprised if i grow up to be a whore just like her.

I didn’t believe that my mom could cheat on my dad,i called her phone severally until one day,she picked but it was a man’s voice, the voice of my dad’s best friend, that’s when I realized that my dad was telling the truth.

My dad lost his job at the office because his best friend framed him up,from that day,my dad became so bitter,he drank to stupor.

He would beat me up everyday, saying i was the reason for everything”

She was crying profusely,she wiped her tears with the back of her palm.

“So you fend for yourself not because your dad can’t afford but because he doesn’t want to take care of you anymore?”

“Yes,ever since i was little,i took care of myself,i would work at different places just to take care of myself.

I even became suicidal one time in my life”

“What? You tried to kill yourself?”

“Yes,i was 15 and i was tired of living,my dad would beat me up everyday i had bruises on my arm.

I wanted to jump off a bridge, that’s when i met Shannon,she convinced me not to do it,since then we have been friends”

“Wow,you have been through a lot” i said and she chuckled.

“And it’s not over yet,i can’t leave my dad because i know deep down he still loves me”

“What if he beats you to death one day?”

“He won’t”

We stayed quiet for a while and just looked at the sky.

“Adrian, what’s the full meaning of A.S.D?”

“It’s Atrial Septal Defect, it’s a rare heart condition”

“What has been the feedback from all your check ups?”

“The doctor said i should keep taking the pill and i will be fine”

“It’s funny how some people look so happy on the outside but on the inside, they have alot of pain”

“That’s how life is”

“Do you bring other people here?”

“No, you are the first person”

“That’s means that am special”She said and i chuckled.

“In a way, yes,we are people with a troubled mind”


A week later.

💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖

“Okay,what kind of music do you listen to?”Adrian asked as we sat on the couch facing each other.

We were at my house,my dad wasn’t around,i don’t even know where he is.

The beautiful garden has been our secret spot for a week now,we both go there anytime we want to clear our heads.

“Any type of music, anyone that makes me forget”


“Yeah,sometimes i want to drown out the world around me, Music and reading are the only things that do that for me, it’s like a drug am addicted to,am in a whole different place when i listen to music”

“Wow,i listen to music all the time but I don’t feel this way”He said and i chuckled.

“Well,you must have something that makes you feel more alive”

“I will tell you about that in due time”He said and i rolled my eyes.

“You always have to be mysterious”

“I gotta go home now”


“Am going for my regular check-up early tomorrow morning”

“Oh, tommorow is Saturday”

“Well,See ya”He said and ruffled my hair.
The Next Day.

😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍

I was getting ready to go for my check up at the hospital.

“Are you ready,honey?”My mom saod as she came down the stairs.

“Yes,mom,we can..

I was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.

I opened the door and i was shocked.

“Good morning”

“Claribel,what are you doing here?”

“I want to follow you to your check up”

“You can’t..

My mom arrived at the door.

“Good morning,Ma’am,am Claribel, Adrian’s friend” Claribel said and my mom giggled

“Claribel, it’s nice to finally meet you,you are so beautiful”

“Thanks,i came here because i want to follow Adrian to his check up”

“No,Clary,you can’t..

“Of course,you can come”My mom said interrupting me

“Mom, why?”

“It’s nice to see your friends following you to your check ups, let’s go,Clary”

My mom and claribel entered the car giggling at something Claribel said.
“So doctor, how’s he?”My mom asked as i finished the check up.

“He’s fine, his heart rate is normal,he should keep taking those pills and please avoid eating Cholesterol and taking too much alcohol”

“Okay, thanks and Doctor,please tell Adrian that he shouldn’t always forget to take his drugs”

“Mom,it was just three times”

“Three times that could cost you your life”The doctor said.

“I can remind him,you can send the time and days he should be taking his medicine”Claribel said.

“It’s not necessary, Claribel”

“It is, Adrian,i want to help you,am your friend”

“She’s right, Adrian, She can be helping you remember”The doctor said.
Few hours later.

Claribel and I were taking a walk in the late night.

“Wow, Talking a walk at night is fun”Claribel said.

“Yeah,i do this all the time.
I used to walk alone with the stars and the moon at night.
I have walked alone,no one by my side
Now,am walking with you with my head held high,in the darkest night,i feel so alive” i said and we we stared at each other.

The breeze was blowing her hair and the little light that the stars brought made her eyes spark.

“That is the most thoughtful thing someone has said to me”She said as she smiled widely.

Before i couy say anything,she hugged me so tight,i was shocked at first but i hugged her back.

None of us pulled away, it’s like we found comfort in each other’s arms.



I feel for Adrian 😥😥

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