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To live forever Episode 43 to 45

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💗 To Live Forever 💗

📘 Chapter 43📘

Written by: Tamara Blair



💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
“Adrian,will you just stay still for a minute,stop moving around like a hungry baby” I said to him as i tried to braid his hair.

We are in his room,just relaxing,he is sitting in between my legs while i braid his hair.

“I don’t understand the fun you have from braiding my hair, plus,i look ridiculous”

“No,you don’t,you look so always”

“Am not cute,am handsome,am a man not some 5 year old” I rolled my eyes at his corky remark.

“You are so conceited” i said and pulled his hair a little.

“Do that again”

“What? You mean pull your hair?”

“Yeah,do it again”

“O..kay” i pulled it and he made a sound like he enjoys it.
“Adrian,are you..are you enjoying the fact that am pulling your hair?”

“Yeah,i didn’t know i would enjoy it until you did it”

“You are crazy, honestly.. who enjoys having their hair pulled?”

“I find it.. arousing”

“Arousing?” He smirked at me,then stood up,he went over to his drawer and brought out two pieces of clothes.

“What are these for?”

“Blindfold yourself and I’ll blindfold myself”

“Adrian,what are you planning on doing?”

“It’s a game,you sit on the edge of the bed,then blindfold yourself and spread your legs”

“Spread my legs?”

“Yeah,trust me,you will love it”

In no time,i was already blindfolded and so was Adrian,i spread my legs like he said.

I wonder what he is trying to do,He always does crazy stuff.

Suddenly i felt his hands go up my gown,he gripped my panties and started pulling them down,i tried to close my legs but he held it.

“Relax,babe, it’s just me” I could feel his head up my thighs,he kissed my laps.

“Adrian,what are you..

I kept quiet due to the wave of pleasure i felt,i have never felt like this before.

Adrian’s tongue was going all over my honeyp*t,i pushed my head back and opened my legs wider to give him more access.

“Pull my hair” I pulled it and he started licking faster,i was moaning like crazy.
Where did he learn all this from?

“Pull it harder” i did as he said,his tongue kept going in and out of me.

He stopped,i felt my blindfold removed, Adrian was staring at me.

We both stood up,i removed my dress leaving me in just a bra.

“F*ck me” i said as i claimed his lips,we fell back into his bed.
😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
“Adrian” Claribel called out as we laid n*ked under the duvet cuddling each other.


“That stuff we did today with the blindfold,where did you learn it from?”

“It just came to me, when you pulled my hair..did you like it?” She nodded positively in a really shy way making me laugh.

“Claribel,you don’t know how crazy you drive me, I love you”

“I love you” I kissed my forehead while she hugged me tighter.

“I guess i have know another one of your weakness,so i will pull your hair whenever i want you to do something for me”

“One of my weakness? What other of my weakness do you know?”

“I know that you go some crazy whenever i wear those yoga pants” I chuckled and kissed her hair.

“You are right

We stayed quiet for sometime,She was tracing invisible line up and down my chest while i was caressing her hair.

“What time is it?”

“5pm,why?” She sat upright on the bed.

“I have to go home,like now”

“What? Why?”

“My dad will be home very soon”

She stood up and started putting her clothes on so fast.

“No, don’t leave,just stay here, you can go home tomorrow”

“I can’t,My dad will be back home and he won’t find me”

“He’s probably going to be so drunk that he won’t notice your absence” Her expression changed.

“ sorry i said that,am really sorry”

“It’s okay,just drive me home,will you?” I nodded and stood up to get dressed.

💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
The drive back to my house was quiet,i am not angry at what Adrian said,am just angry at the fact that it’s true,My dad will most definitely come home drunk.

“Bye” i kissed Adrian’s cheek and came out of the car,i heard footsteps behind me, I knew he was following me.

“Babe” He turned me around to face me.

“Am sorry about i said back at my house, please don’t get angry at me”

“Am not angry at you,am angry at the fact at my dad’s situation, it’s all my mom’s fault,She left him and he couldn’t handle it” Adrian hugged me,then kissed my forehead.

“Everything is going to be okay”

I pulled away from the hug,We stared at each other, smiling, Adrian took my hair from my face and tucked it at the back of my hair.

“I love you” we said at the same time making us laugh.

“Well, I have to go”

“Be careful”

I watched him drive off while i entered my house,My dad was sitting in the living room with a bottle of beer in his hand.

“And where has the sl*t of the decade been?”

“I already told you,am not a sl*t,so stop calling me that”

“Then if you are not a sl*t,who was that guy outside with you?”

“That’s Adrian and he is my boyfriend,you could have known that if you weren’t so drunk all the time” He stood up and walked towards me while i backed away.

“So you have a boyfriend now? Interesting” He looked up and down my body.

“Am going to my room” He held my wrist firmly before i stepped on the stairs.

“You are not going anywhere before you satisfy me,i want to see what that boyfriend of yours has been enjoying”

What does he mean by that?

He made me fall down on the ground and came on top, pressing me down, he held my hand above my head.

“Dad..what..what are you trying to do?”

“What i should have done a long time ever since you became a grown woman” He started kissing my neck aggressively.

My dad was going to rape me,My own Father.



📘 Chapter 44📘

Written by: Tamara Blair

💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖

“Dad..stop it, please,am begging you” i tried to free myself but he held me down firmly,he started ripping my dress off.

I can’t believe my Dad wants to rape me,God, please help me.

“Dad, please, don’t do this to me”

“SHUT UP AND DON’T CALL ME DAD” The front door opened and i was so thankful.

“Babe,you forgot your..oh my God” Adrian pushed my dad off me.

“You bastard” He punched my dad and he passed out.
😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍

I was almost home when i noticed Claribel forgot her purse,i turned back to her house.

I got to her front porch,why do i have a bad feeling?

I opened the door and i saw the shock of my life, Claribel’s dad was forcing himself on her.

It took everything in me not to practically kill him.

I punched him once and he passed out,i went over to Claribel,her dress was torn and she was crying.

“He..he..he….” She couldn’t make a complete sentence,i hugged her so tight, she cried in my arms.

Her neck was full of red marks from the way her dad kissed her aggressively,I was boiling with anger.

“You can’t stay here anymore,you are coming with me,am going to pack your things, you will be living with me”
The drive was sad,She couldn’t stop crying and i couldn’t stop hitting the steering wheel with anger.

He’s so lucky that he is her dad,if not i would have murdered him.

“Adrian” My mom called out immediately i stepped out of the car with Claribel,She took in Claribel’s expression.

“What happened?” Claribel ran into my mom’s arms and bursted into more tears.

” I will tell you later” i whispered to my mom,She made herself and Claribel sit on the couch.
“Babe, let’s go upstairs so you need to take a shower” I held her hands and led her to my room.

She hasn’t talked since we got back from her house,She undressed herself and walked into the bathroom.

I started hearing sob sounds from the bathroom,She was crying, Damnit.

I went downstairs and my mom was making dinner.

“What happened?”

“She almost got raped by her own Father” The spoon my mom was holding fell off.


“It’s true,her bastard father almost raped her,now she’s crying in the bathroom and i can’t do anything,i feel so angry,i feel like punching something or someone”

“But why would her own Father do that?”

“And the worst part is that she doesn’t have a mom,her mom left her with that drunkard,Claribel has been so strong about everything for so long and now it’s so scary to see her this way” My mom held my shoulders with the aim to calm me down.

I ran my hands through my hair.

“Mom,i freaking love her and seeing her this way is so frustrating and scary,i don’t know what to do to ease her pain,she hasn’t a said a word since,i wish i could just shield her from all this”

” I will be here for her ,if she needs a mother,i will be here for her”

“Thanks,mom..i need to check up on her”
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
After taking a shower,i wore one of Adrian’s hoodie,i looked at my neck in the mirror and the hideous marks my dad gave me were gone.

I still can’t believe my own dad wanted to rape me,my own Father.

I was still thinking when i felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist.

I turned around to face him,i hugged him so tightly.

“Am sorry I couldn’t shield you from all this,am sorry,babe” He kissed my hair.

“Don’t apologise,you didn’t do anything,i should have listened to you when you said i should stay.

Adrian,my dad almost raped me,i…

“Shh, Don’t say anything, let’s forget it,come on, Dinner is ready”

We held hands as we went downstairs, Adrian’s mom already had the table set.

“Time to eat”

We sat down to eat, Adrian’s mom held my hands and smiled at me.

“Um..Aunt, Adrian said that i could live here but i don’t want to inconvenience you at all”

“Don’t say that, You can stay here as long as you want,I have always wanted a daughter so am excited to have you here.

We could have a girls night,watch movies” I chuckled as i watched her behave like a teenager.


“Call me mom, that’s if you want to”



📘 Chapter 45📘

Written by: Tamara Blair


💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
“Are you almost done yet,am hungryyy” Adrian whined like a little baby.

I forced him to follow me to the mall to get some things.

“Am almost done,Stop whining like a baby” I dragged him with me to another spot.

“Why are we here? Do you want to buy pregnancy test kit.are..are you..

“No,am not pregnant,we always use protection, remember”

“Yeah, but it would be nice not to use them”

“And stand a risk of me getting pregnant,nope”

“So why are we here?”

“Am here to get… tampons” O whispered the last part.

“To get what?”

“Tampons,there i said it” Adrian started to laugh,i rolled my eyes at him.

“Don’t be shy to get yourself some plugs”


“Yeah, that’s what we Englands call Tampons”


“So are bleeding now?”

“No,am getting it for next month and don’t make fun of me”

“I won’t,unless you give me a “bloody” attitude” i swatted his arm.

“Stop it”

“Come on,babe, go with the ‘flow’ ” I walked over to get what i needed leaving Adrian behind.

I was still getting some stuffs wheni heard two girls saying something and giggling.

“He is so handsome” I looked over at the direction they were looking at and i found out it was Adrian.

One of the girls pulled her already short dress down to show her cleavage.

“Am going to talk to him” I watched as she approached Adrian,She tried touching him but he flipped her hands off.

” I don’t care if you have a girlfriend,i still want you” i heard the girl say as i walked over to them.

“Oh,so you don’t care,you little fluzzy”


“Walk away or i swear i will force all these tampons on the shelf down your throat” I heard Adrian chuckle,the girl walked away.

“Okay,babe, let’s go”
😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
I was home sketching on my art book amd waiting for Clary to come home,She went out with Shannon and she isn’t back yet.

I literally enjoy having her here with me,i see her before going to bed and when i wake up, she’s beside me and not to mention we shower together.

These two and a half years of my life has been so amazing.

I was jolted out of my thoughts by the sound of Claribel’s boot on the floor.

“Hey” She kissed my cheeks

“You seem extremely happy”

“Yes,i am and it’s because i have a surprise for you”

“What is it?”

“Wait and going to take a shower” I smacked her a*s as she walked into the bathroom.
💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
After i was done showering,i wore a really short nightie and came out of the bathroom.

Adrian looked up from his phone and his eyes went around my body,he dropped his phone and walked closer to me.

“Is this the surprise?” He pulled me closer to himself anf grabbed my behind.

“Half of it”

“You look so sexy” He claimed my lips, his hands going around my body.

“Wait” i said as i pulled away.


I brought out some pills from my purse.

“What’s that?”

“Morning after pills, meaning we don’t have to use protection,i just have to take this pills after we are done”

“F*ck,i love you” He crashed his lips into mine,i unbuttoned his shirt and threw it across the room.
“That was amazing” We were laying on the bed.

“Yeah, definitely” i sat upright and took the pills with a glass of water.

“What if you forget to take those pills?”

“Then i could get pregnant and you and i are not ready for that”

“True,we can’t possibly be in high school and be pregnant”

“Exactly..that reminds me,i have to go over to my house to get my textbooks”

“You can’t go there”

“I have to,you can go with me,i need those textbooks”


😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
“We will take the text books and we are out of there” Adrian said for the umpteenth time as we arrived at my house.

“Yes,i get it”

“How are we so surr that he isn’t in there?”

“He’s not,now let’s go” We got of the car and started walking to the door.

A black range rover also stopped right in front of the house,a woman came out,she looked alot like Claribel except she was older.

“Clary” She called out with a shocked expression,i looked over at Claribel,she was also shocked.




Claribel mom who abandoned her is back 🥺
Do you think she will forgive her ? 🤔🤔

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