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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

To live forever Episode 3 & 4

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📘 Chapter 3📘

Written by: Tamara Blair



💖 Claribel 💖
“Everyone was so shocked when you didn’t kiss Adrian”Shannon said as she drove us to school.

She has literally been talking about that party for 30 minutes now.

“Why didn’t you want to kiss him? I mean so many girls would jump right on that dare”

“Shannon,he and i don’t see eye to eye, the few times the two of us talk to each other,we were arguing and he is arrogant,he thinks it’s every girl who wants him”

“But you have to admit, he’s super hot,Clary,so hot”

Adrian is handsome,with all his features,he looks like an anime character.

Like the handsome bad boy who every girl is falling for,every girl except me,i don’t have time for that and besides i kinda have feelings for Dylan..i think.

“So..i saw you kissing Isaac” i said and she groaned making me giggle.

“Don’t say another word about that d**khead”

“But you literally sucking faces with the d**ckhead”

“I was drunk and..and he just came on to me”

“Shannon, it’s so obvious that you like him” i said and she sighed in frustration.

“You think am stupid for falling for a playboy,i just couldn’t help it,we literally see each other everyday,he’s my f*cking neighbor”

“Shannon,i don’t think you are stupid,you are human with feelings so it’s bound to

happen,i just want you to be careful, don’t give your whole heart to him”

“I will and thanks.. it’s really weird that you have never been in a relationship and yet you give the best advice”

She’s right,i am the one who gives her advice on every relationship she has and i can’t remember the laat time i had a crush on Someone..oh,wait,i don’t think i had a crush on someone,i was too busy fending for myself.
“See ya later,babe, the gym teacher wants to see me”Shannon said as we entered the school hallway.

I walked over to my locker to get my books for today.

“Hey,Clary”Audbrey said smirking at me.

“What do you want?”

“To tell you not to flatter yourself, don’t think just because you rejected the hottest boy in school doesn’t make you a queen here” She said and i laughed.

“Oh, Audbrey,i have always known you to be really stupid,so you think that you are a queen here?No,you are not, because a queen won’t sleep with almost every male teacher to get what she wants”

The smirk on herself was wiped off,she looked surprised.

“How.. how..

“How did i know that? Shannon and i saw you and the maths teacher in a doggy style,you seemed to be loving it because your eyes were closed that you didn’t see us”

“You little…

“Say something offensive to me and i swear i will tell the whole school about this”

She scoffed and walked away, she’s such an idiot.

I got pulled out of my thoughts by

the sound of a locker beside the closing.

I turned and it was Adrian,he looked normal unlike last night when he was coughing out blood.

I won’t even bother to ask because i know he would only ignore me.

He looked at me, our eyes locked for a few seconds before he looked away.
“So i will be pairing you up for a project on the old American history,your names and the name of your partner is pasted on the notice board outside”The history teacher said.

I hated history,it was so boring.

Class was over and every student crowded the notice board,i had to wait to see my partner.

I could hear people grumble and some giggle,i think they were happy about their partner.

“OMG,I got paired up with Dylan, he’s so hot” a random girl said giggling with her friends.

“This can’t be possible,this definitely can’t be possible”Adrian said after looking at the board.

He looked at me with anger.


“I can’t believe i got paired up with this little Americana”

“What?!” I yelled in shock,i ran over to the notice board and behold it was written boldly “Claribel Johnson and Adrian Coleman”

“This is the worst combination ever”

“Come here”. He said and grabbed my wrist.

“Hey, let me go”

“No, because we are going to tall to the history teacher to give us new partners”he said as we walked over to the history teacher.
“Absolutely not”The history teacher said after basically listening to Adrian and i talk.

“But why?”

“Well, because,Claribel over here is an average in history and you Adrian were literally brought up in England”

“So? it’s just clearly means that he and i can’t work together”

“You two can work together to solve your indifference, that’s my final word”

With that,she walked away.

With all the people in the class,i got paired up with him, I would even like it of i was paired up with Jordan, that druggie with so many tattoos on his body, that would have been better.

“I heard that”Adrian said,wait..did i say that out loud?

“Don’t think you are kinda some special person,i also don’t like you but we have no choice and I don’t want to fail any subject so just like the history teacher said,we will have to work together”

“Okay, fine,so send me the address to your house”

“No,we will do it at your house” He said and i scoffed.

“No, we will do it at your house”





We started bickering like littu children.

“Okay,stop.. Apart from the fact that i don’t want to fail any subject,i also don’t want to be seen bickering like a little kid with you,i have a reputation” He said while i rolled my eyes.

“So where are we meeting up?”

“Let’s meet at library,yeah, everyday after school”


At least i can have more excuse not to go home to my dad.

“And please while we are together, don’t you dare try to seduce me”He said and i laughed.

“Please,i rather seduce a horse than seduce you, Bonehead”

“Whatever, remember, library after school starting from tommorow”

“Yeah, yeah”

I turned and started walking away but i stopped, turned around to face him.

“What?” He asked and i moved closer.

“I forgot something”



I stomped on his feet, making him start limping.

“That is what you deserve for being a jerk”

“You little…

I didn’t hear the rest of what he said because i walked away.

If he is going to be a jerk then am going to put him in his place.💗


📘 Chapter 4📘


💖 Claribel 💖
“OMG,you got paired up with Adrian, it’s nice” Shannon said as we got fell on the bed in my room.

“No, Shannon, it’s not nice, it’s horrible,very horrible”

“Oh, come on,Adrian is like a Greek god, won’t you like to jump on that sexy body of his?”

“No, never, he’s not even attracted to me and i totally don’t like his arrogance”

“You know i watched a movie where a guy and a girl hated each other but started falling in love”Shannon said and i laughed.

“Yeah, right, Adrian and i can never be together,we are like opposite of each other”

“According to law of magnetism, Opposite sides attract”

“Since when did you study physics?”

“Since forever and you should know that rule”

“It won’t in Adrian and i case”

“Did you tell your dad that you will be staying longer in school?”

“Yes, even though be doesn’t care,he only told me to do whatever i want as long as money keeps rolling in”

“This is not right,he is extorting you,you work late at that restaurant and he does nothing”

“He’s my dad, from now on, Adrian and i will study for 2 hours, then i go over to the restaurant”

I was looking at my past drawings,yeah,i love to draw, it’s like a part of me.

“Adrian,am going out for a little while,have you taken your prescription?”My mom asked as she walked into my room.


She walked closer,i closed my art book and faced her.

She hugged me then kissed my forehead.

“You are my prized possession,you know that?”

“Mom,i told you to stop treating me like a baby,am 18 for Pete’s sake”

“Even if you are 100 years old,you will still be mu baby”She said and i rolled my eyes.

“Apart from Isaac, have you made new a girl?”

“Most of the girls just want to jump in my bed,they are so fake”

“All of them?”

“Well, there is this one girl,her name is Claribel, she’s super annoying”

“The one that refused to kiss you?”

“Yeah and she’s the same girl that saw me coughing at that party” i said and my mom sighed.

“Did she ask questions?”

“No,she didn’t act like she saw me,worst part is that we were paired up together for a project”

“You never know, you might just like a friend”
I was at my locker arranging my books, When Daisy,a girl from history class approached me.

“Is it true?”She asked excitedly.

“True that what?”

“That you got paired up with Adrian, the super handsome guy”

“Unfortunately, yes”

“Unfortunately? Shouldn’t you be happy? You get to do the project in his house,his room,infact”

“Daisy, I have to go”

I walked over to maths class,a subject i love.

I waa fully concentrated on the class,when someone threw a paper at me.

I picked the paper and it said “Don’t forget our project,Dweeb”

It only has to be that goofball called Adrian,i turned to look at me and he had a smirk on his face.

I dumped the paper in the wastebin,then focused on the class.
After School.

“Have a nice study time with Mr Hot Stuff”Shannon said and i rolled my eyes.

We hugged each other, then she walked away.

I went over to the library,i was looking around trying to find Adrian.

“Dweeb,over here”He said from a distance,i turned to face him.

“You are such a d**k”I said as i approached him.

“Thanks so much”

“Let’s just start this and get it over with”

“Okay,we need some textbooks about American history”He said and I looked around the shelves of books.

“I found one”I said as i stood up,the book was a little high,i stretched but still couldn’t get it.

“Oh,you are of no use”I heard him say,he stood up and took it without stress.

“Just because you are tall,it doesn’t make you more useful than me, height doesn’t matter,what matters is the brain, something tall people don’t have”

“What are you trying to say?”

“That tall people are stupid”I said and be gasps.

“Take that back”


“Well, short people are.. stupider” he said and i laughed.

“There’s no word like stupider, dummy”

“You are the dummy” he said like a little child.

“Let’s just get back to the project”
“America was first dominated by who?”Adrian asked after an hour of study.

“Um…um…um..i don’t know”

“The red indians, gosh,we talked about this like 10 minutes ago,is your brain leaking that you forget this so easily”

“First of,A human brain can’t leak”I said and he rolled his eyes.

“And secondly,i don’t like history”

“Well,i want to get an A in history”

“And we will, I just need to study more and how come you know alot about American history, you lived in England all your life”

“I study,duh, it’s that obvious”

“Whatever,i have to go”

“Uh..why? We are not true yet”

“I have to go somewhere”

“Is it your boyfriend’s house because if it is,then..

“It’s not,i don’t even have a boyfriend,i just need to go,bye” i said away.




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