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To live forever Episode 28 to 30

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💗 To Live Forever 💗

📘 Chapter 28📘

Written by: Tamara Blair



💖 Claribel’s P.O.V💖
I tried separating Adrian from Niall but it was not working, Adrian kept giving hard punches and Niall didn’t even get a hit on him.

Isaac successfully pulled Adrian away from Niall,his knuckles were all bruised up while Niall’s face was completely busted.

“Why did you punch him? You could have killed him” i said to him, Adrian looked at me then walked away.

I went over to Niall who managed to get up from the floor.

“Am so sorry what Adrian did,i don’t know what came over him”

“It’s okay,it wasn’t your fault,he just came at me like a ferocious animal”

After a few minutes of talking to Niall,i walked over to where Isaac and Shannon were.

“Where is he?” I asked but Isaac sighed.

“Tell me where he is”

“School hallway”

I walked over to the school hallway,i need to give him a piece of my mind.

I walked in and saw him punching yhe wall severally,he stopped when he noticed my presence.

“Why are you punishing yourself?”

“Why are you here? You should be taking care of your new boyfriend”

I noticed his knuckles were seriously bruised and almost bleeding.

“Your knuckles don’t look so good, let’s go to the school infirmary”

“No,leave me the hell alone”

“That’s what i was doing till you

came and punched Niall, why did you do it?”

“Because you are making a dumb mistake,you never learn,Claribel”

“What do you mean?”

“First it was Dylan, then Derek now it’s that dumbass called Niall, it’s like you are a magnet for idiots”

“You are right,i am a magnet for idiots, that’s why you are here.

You have changed so much , Adrian,you are different”

“No,you are different, your hair is different and what are you wearing, it’s so revealing and you never come to the school’s bonfire”

“I never come because back then i had a friend who I would watch movies with but not anymore so i came here to cool off”

“So your way of cooling off is to get yourself drunk,then kiss some random idiot”

“Of what concern is it to you anyway? You were the one avoiding for a week just after we shared a ..

“Whatever you do,do not talk about that kiss,it was ridiculous”

“It wasn’t to me,it was special” i said and he scoffed.

“The same way, Niall’s kiss would also be special if you had kissed him”

“Stop with that already”

“If i didn’t punch him, would you have kissed him?”

“It’s the rules of the game, Adrian” i said and he ran his hands through his

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hair like a mad man.

“Your knuckles are almost bleeding, let’s go..

“Enough,am not going anywhere with you…Claribel,you are so infuriating, provoking and so annoying”

“Same goes to you because i don’t understand why..

I couldn’t finish,he crashed his lips on mine,i should be pushing him away for avoiding me all week and being

a jerk,i should be pushing him away because he punched Niall but no, instead i pulled him closer because i love him.

He has me wrapped between his fingers,his lips went on my neck sending fire to them,he ran his hand up my thighs.

We pulled away to catch our breaths from that intense make out.

“This only confirms everything,”

“Confirms what?”

“That you are too naive,you throw yourself at any guy who treats you special”

“You are such a bastard and egoistic jerk,i don’t want to see you anywhere near me” i said and pushed him away.

“I wasn’t even planning on coming close to you”

He walked away while i slide down the wall and bursted into tears.

“Clary,what did he do to you?” Shannon asked as she rushed to my side.

“He said horrible things to me.. Shannon,help me take the pain away, it’s too much and i can’t take it”

Shannon hugged me tighter, crying with me.

“Don’t worry, everything will be okay, let’s go home now”

After each bonfire the school organizes,every student is given 2 weeks holiday.

Normally, during this time,I and Adrian would have been exploring so many places,he would take me on his powerbike and ride so fast just to scare me,we would go to the water park and come home so wet.

That was before,now everything is different,he is different.

For the past nine days,i have been an emotional wreck, Adrian really messed with my feelings, one minute he is kissing me,the next he condemns me, I have never been in love so I don’t know what to do to stop this heartbreak i feel.

Day one was all about me crying myself to sleep,i didn’t hear from Adrian,he was really serious about not coming close to me,it hurt so much,i love him.

Day two,i tried to forget but it wasn’t easy,i couldn’t get any sleep again because everytime i close my eyes,i dream about the day my mom left me,i didn’t want to remember her so i took a bottle of whiskey, that helped me sleep without dreaming.

Day three,four,five and six were basically the same thing,my hair was a total mess, Shannon tried to console me but i told her i needed to be alone.

Day seven,i nearly cracked,i almost picked up my phone to call him up and tell him to forget everything so that we could be friends again but i ended up throwing my phone at the wall,i don’t want to be friends with him,i want more.

Day eight,Niall somehow managed to get my phone number,he called me up and asked me out on a date,i bluntly refused,i didn’t have the strength to dress up for anything and besides i felt nothing for him.

Day nine is today,i decided to be strong and forget everything that has happened, I called Shannon up so that we could go out because my house was suffocating me,i finally cleaned myself up.

“You look better than before” Shannon said as she saw me descend my stairs.

“Am done sulking over someone who doesn’t care about me”

“You like will meet someone better than him” She said and i smiled.

“Aren’t you gonna wash the dye off your hair?”

“No,i like it this way,we should get going but first we would have to stop at the phone store”

“Phone store? Why?”

“I threw my phone at the wall so the screen has a crack”

“Okay, let’s go”
“Shannon,be fast or we will be late for literature class”


It was school today and I already set my goals straight and one of it is to not let Adrian mess me up again.

If he wants us to stop talking to each other so be it.

We walked into literature and sat in the front,few minutes later,the teacher walked in and the class started.

“Can anyone tell me what love is, Anyone?” The teacher asked, everyone looked among themselves.

Then i raised my hand.


“Love is an overwhelming emotion that starts like a spark on your core, then as you two get closer, the spark gets brighter and warmer until it becomes a flame licking through every part of your body, the flame keeps burning and burning”

“Wow, that was truly amazing,Miss Johnson”

“Does anyone have an opposition to what she said?”


I looked at the back and Adrian’s hands were up.

“Sir,to me,Love is a hand wired emotion,you only feel you love someone when that person is the only close one to you, it’s like a switch,you can turn it on and easily turn it off”

“That’s not true” i said gaining the attention of the teacher.

“Say your mind,Miss Johnson”

“Sir,Love is an amazing feeling,it makes you happy,it heals every wound, it’s not discriminating and it’s timeless”

“It’s also toxic, distracting,full of only pain and heartbreak,it makes one stupid,you don’t think when you are in love, it’s a waste of time whe you love someone who you are not sure will be with you for the rest of your life, it’s bull crap”

“Love is about taking risk, only cowards don’t take risks”

“Only naive and dumb people see the dangers and still go into it”

“Then if am naive,you are just plain heartless”

We started bickering,other students just watched us.

“Okay, enough,class is over”

We stood up and left the class.

“That was some heated argument between you two” Shannon said as we left the class.

“I couldn’t help it,he was being such a d**k”

We watched as he came out of the class,he glared at me then walked away.

“Just over look him”

I was leaving my workplace when i got a phone call from Isaac.


“Claribel,i need your help with something”

“What is it? I hope nothing happened to Shannon”

“No, it’s about.. it’s about Adrian”

“Look,Isaac, Adrian and i are not really…

“Claribel, Adrian is passed out in the front of a bar”

“What? What do you mean by passed out?”

“He’s drunk”


📘 Chapter 29📘


💖 Claribel’s P.O.V💖

I quickly took a cab to the address of the bar that Isaac was.

I can’t believe Adrian got drunk,he knows so well that he isn’t supposed to be drinking,what the hell is wrong with him?

I got to the bar and i saw Isaac with a drunk Adrian,at least he was awake but he kept pouting like a baby.

“Thank Goodness you are here” Isaac said as he saw me.

I went over to Adrian,he looked away the minute he saw me.

“What is wrong with you? Why have you become so stupid and reckless?Why did you drink? Do you suddenly want to die,huh?”

He only scoffed and didn’t spare me a glance.

I walked back to where Isaac was standing.

“What happened exactly?”

“Well,he called me and started saying some gibberish things that i didn’t understand,so i asked where he was but he ended the call,i just managed to track his phone down.

I was told by the security guard that he is banned from this bar because he beat up two guys badly”

It’s so ironic that whenever Adrian gets into a fight,he hardly gets a hit on him.

“He’s not supposed to drink”

“Because of his condition” Isaac said and i looked at him.

“ did you…

“Claribel,am Adrian’s closet friend”

“So he told you?”

“No,i figured it out myself,i noticed that he doesn’t drink or have any food that contains fat so i did my research,he told me himself last week”

I ran my hands through my hair in frustration.

“What do we do now?”

“I will drive him home”

“I will go with you, let’s just get him in the car”

We walked over to where Adrian sat,i tried to hold his hands but he resisted.

“Adrian,let me help you,we need to go home”

“I don’t need your help,Claribel”

“You do,you are so drunk,am surprised you even mentioned my name”

“No,i won’t go with you,i won’t let you hurt me”

“Hurt you? I would never hurt you,so let’s go”

“I SAID NO!!” He yelled so loud making me flinch back in fear.

“Don’t worry,Clary,i will take him to my car,he will stay at the back while you in the front”

“Okay” i said sadly,he really doesn’t want to see me anymore

Isaac suceeded in putting Adrian at the back seat where he fell asleep immediately.

We finally got to his house,i rang the doorbell while isaac brought Adrian out of the car.

The front door opened and Adrian’s mom showed up.

“Hey,Claribel, where is..oh my goodness,did he drink?”She asked with so much worry on her face.

“Y..yeah,he did and i really don’t kmow why”

“Bring him inside”

Isaac dragged him in and laid him on the couch, Adrian’s mom went into the kitchen and came back with a small box.

She squatted in front of Adrian and from the box,she brought out a syringe that had some liquid inside.

“What’s that?”

“Well,his doctor said that if he ever drinks,i should inject him with this,it will flush all the alcohol from his system”

She injected him with it and after a few minutes, Adrian woke up ,he had this expression that he wanted to throw up.
His mom immediately brought out a small bucket where he vomited everything.

After vomiting, he went back to sleep.

“He’s asleep,i never thought he would drink,what happened?”

“I have no idea,Aunt, Adrian has never drank” Isaac said and Adrian’s mom sighed

Why did he drink? Is it because of me?

It can’t be,he is only punishing himself and not me.

“Thanks so much,Isaac, it’s pretty late,i think you should go home”

“Okay,Aunt..Claribel,do you want me to drop you off?”

“,no, I will stay here, thanks anyway”

Isaac left Adrian’s house leaving me with his mom,Adrian has alot of explaining to do,well not to me because he practically hates me but to his mom.

“You and Adrian aren’t really on good terms,are you?”

“..No,Aunt,he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore”

“Why?” She asked and I sighed.

“We..we kissed like two weeks ago and since then he didn’t want to talk to him,we kissed again at the school’s bonfire,that was our final fight”

“Wait..who always kisses first? You or him?”

“Him” i answered, Adrian’s mom smiled widely.

“You love him?” She asked and my eyes widen in shock.


“Claribel,tell me the truth”

“Yes, Aunt,i really do but i don’t think he…

“Adrian is a stubborn and difficult child,he was even worse when he was little,i already lost all hope that he could ever be able to speak to someone without yelling or venting anger.

But when he came to America and changed school,he started opening up to me and it’s all because of you, the first time Adrian told me he loves me,i cried because he has never told me that.

You don’t know how much of a better version you bring out in my son”

“I really don’t know what to do”

“Fight for him, he’s stubborn but show him how much you really love him”

“Thank you”

“No, help me take him to his room”

We managed to take him to his room,we laid him on his bed.

“Let’s go” Adrian’s mom whispered,i tried to walk away but i felt his hand on my wrist.

“Don’t go,Clary, please don’t go” He said with his eyes still closed,i guess he is still sleeping.

I tried to release myself fromhis grip but he held it firmly.

“Just stay with him,he is not going to let go of that hand”

“Are you okay with it?”

“Of course,you are the only girl i trust with my son that wouldn’t try to sleep with him”She said and we both giggled.


She walked out and closed the door behind her.

I laid on Adrian’s massive bed,i stayed on the edge but he pulled me closer making us so closer to each other, I could feel his breath on my face.

His arms went around my waist firmly,how can someone have so much strength when he is asleep.

I looked up at his beautiful face,his lips are pouted and it makes me want to kiss him,his hair is relaxing on his forehead,i used my hand to push it backward.

“I..i won’t give you the chance to hurt me,Claribel” He said in a sleepy manner.

“I would never hurt you, Adrian because i love you so so much”

“You.. you are doing things to me that i don’t understand, you seem to have control over me and i hate it”

What does he mean by that? Control over him?

He didn’t say anything again,i also slept off in his arms.
I woke up before Adrian and carefully slip off his grip on me,i looked at him sleep, he’s so handsome and you are not even trying.

“Maybe just one kiss,he won’t know” i said to myself.

I bent over and placed on kiss on his lips,then his forehead.

Today os Saturday so no school,i went downstairs and Adrian’s mom was making breakfast which smelt so good.

“Good morning, Aunt”

“Morning,Claribel,did you sleep well last night?”

“I sure did” i said making us both laugh.

“Have breakfast with us”


We started eating and talking about girls stuff, Adrian’s mom is so easy to talk to.

We were still talking when we heard footsteps by the stairs,it was Adrian,he changed from what he wore last night to a grey hoodie and black sweatpants with a head band on his head.

“Why does my head hurt so much?” He asked with his head in his hand.

“Because you got drunk, dummy” His mom said,he looked at my direction then shock was written on his face.

“What are you doing here?”

“Isaac and I brought you home after you got drunk”

“So i don’t see Isaac anywhere,why are you still here?”

“Adrian,be nicer to her , she helped you and she would have left if you didn’t beg her to stay”

“What? Then i was really drunk last night,i would never beg her to stay,i don’t need her”

He doesn’t remember that happened yesterday,how he wanted to stay me with him all night,how he held so tight like i was going to disappear any minute.

“I only came to your rescue because you are my friend, Adrian,i really want us to out the last two weeks of our life behind us”

“I don’t want you to be close to me anymore,i don’t”

“And why’s that? What have i done?”

“It’s what you have already done,you are doing this to me that i don’t understand”

“What did i do?”

He paced back and forth and ran his hand through his hair so fast,His mom just watched us like a movie.

“You make me feel vulnerable and willing to do anything for you, it’s like you have full control over me and i hate it, that’s why i need you far away from me”

“That’s the same way you make me feel,i mean look at me,am in your house when just earlier we argued, the only difference is that i love the feeling”

“Oh, please,Claribel,we both know that’s the same way you felt for Dylan and Derek so don’t make it feel special”

“You are wrong,Adrian, let’s just talk about everything”

“No,am not talking,i need you to leave,Stop acting like a clingy b*tch and leave already”

“ADRIAN!” His mom called him out of annoyance.

“Did you just call me a clingy b*tch?”



“THEN STOP ACTING LIKE ONE” He yelled in my face and i slapped him,tge whole room was quiet.

Adrian touched his face and chuckled softly.

“Am such an idiot for falling in love with someone like you” i said and a shock expression on his face.

“What did you say?”

“You heard it,am in love with you, Dummy”

I hit him on his chest and pushed him,he moved back a little bit.

“Am so in love with you but you are just being a jerk”

“Then stop loving me”

“I can’t,i tried but i can’t”

“Well, that’s the problem,we don’t work,we can’t work”

“I know,you are gradually became the last two pieces of a slow grenade, every time we come together,we blow up in each other’s faces,we are to toxic for each other.

I think we should just stay away from each other, forever.. Goodbye”

I took my things and walked out the door,i started running so i wouldn’t cry but it didn’t work.


📘 Chapter 30📘



💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖








I kept replaying that particular song because it somehow related to i and Adrian.

These past few days have been less worse than i imagined, honestly am proud of how strong i have been with the whole thing.

I was expecting myself to be crying and cursing at everyone but I didn’t, although i cried but i regained myself quickly.

Shannon has been an amazing friend, even if she has a boyfriend,she makes out time for me.

Isaac joins us on our outing,Am so happy for Shannon,i actually never thought Isaac could love her this much.

Isaac was a full blown player, every girl knew that and when Shannon started getting involved with him,i was scared even though she told me she loved him,i still felt scared,i really didn’t want her to get her heart broken.

But look how ironic everything is,I was the person shielding her from heartbroken but look at me now,i didn’t only get my heartbroken,i got it ripped out of my chest and stomped on many times.

I ran back to music,it helps me alot,i could have also gone back to reading novels but they all reminded of Adrian and all the shitty love quotes drove me crazy.

The love in the novels and movies felt unrealistic to me and i wasn’t interested.

I was in my room doing my homework with headphones on when i heard a loud crash downstairs.

I left my room and stood at the edge of the stairs,My dad just walked in drunk,he wasn’t been around for a while,he was probably drinking his life out.

It was love that made him like this,he loved my mom so much,she broke him so bad and now he is drunkard,i will forever blame my whore of a mother,i hate her and i hate love.

“What are you looking at,you whore?” My dad’s voice sounded so deep.

“Am not a whore,so stop saying that”

“So where have you been this few days if not whoring yourself out”

“Dad,i have always been at home,you were the one out drinking yourself to stupor as always”

Before i knew it,he slapped me with the back of his palm,i fell and rolled down the stairs.

“That’s for calling me your dad, Stupid sl*t”

He walked away, throwing some things on the floor.

I tried to stand up,i noticed that i bruised my elbow,it was bleeding.

Am supposed to be crying but i don’t have anymore tears to shed,i limped back up to my room to attend to my wounds.
😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
I watched as my mom cleaned up my room that i thrashed again for the umpteenth time these past few days.

I thought everything will be okay if she isn’t close to me but it only became worse,i can’t even f*cking think straight without her.

It’s so messed up,i don’t know how she is able to sneak into my mind, there is not a minute that goes by that I don’t think of her, it’s so creepy.

“For how long will you keep thrashing your room?” My mom asked as she brought first aid box to clean my bruised knuckles.

“Until i get rid of this anger i feel”

“Why do you feel angry?”

“Because i can’t get Claribel out of my head,mom,i think am running mad,i even imagine that she’s with me,am crazy mom”

“You are not crazy,you are in love”

“Mom, don’t start” I groaned in annoyance.

Am being very serious,Adrian, you need to face the fact that you are in love with her and she loves you too,she told you”

My mom rubbed some ointment on my knuckles which made the injury sting.

“Mom,we can’t work,we will never work”

“And why’s that?”

“Because.. because she’s too good for me,she deserves better”

“And are you not the best for her,i have seen you two hanging out in this house,you are both equally stubborn, you both love reading novels and Adrian,you literally draw Claribel all the time”

“Mom, that’s not the point”

“Then what is the point? Cause i don’t get you teenagers”

“Claribel deserves someone who will be with her all through her life and not someone who will die one day” I said and my mom sighed.

“Adrian, everyone is destined to die someday”

“But my time is so soon,you know it,mom,i have a heart disease”

“Thag is being held under control, You still have time, You should accept her in your life”

“I don’t want her to feel the same pain that you felt when Dad died,mom you cried your eyes out,you were in your room for so long,you didn’t want to eat or see anyone,i don’t want that for her”

“And you think she isn’t feeling that oain right now,Adrian,you pushed her away, She’s probably so hurt”

“So what should i do?”

“Be with her,even if you guys don’t end up with each other,the fact that you two were close is enough”

I was Claribel’s locker side waiting for her,she saw me then turned to walk away but i stopped her.

“What?” She asked harshly,i noticed she didn’t wear the bracelet and necklace i got her,she always wore them.

“I..i came to talk to you”

“Mr Coleman,am not going to let you treat me like a fool”


I wanted to say something but then i noticed a huge bruise in her elbow,i immediately held her hand.

“What happened to you? Who did this?”

“None of your business and if you have nothing to say, Goodbye and don’t come close to me”

She walked away angrily.



I pity Adrian 🤦🏽‍♀🤦🏽‍♀🤦🏽‍♀🥵🥵
Should Claribel pay him back (Shakara😂 )🤔🤔😒

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