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To live forever Episode 16 to 18

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💗 To Live Forever 💗

📘 Chapter 16📘

Written by: Tamara Blair




A week later.

😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍
Everything is back to normal with I and Claribel,she told me everything about Derek,so there is no hard feeling.

After talking with Isaac for a while,i decided to look for Claribel.

I approached her locker and saw her laughing with Derek,he whispered something in her ear and she laughed even harder.

I shouldn’t be feeling like this,i should be happy seeing her laughing but i can’t help feeling like i should be the only one making her laugh like that.

It’s just that I can’t help myself from wanting to drag Claribel away from him so that i can have her all to myself which is so selfish.

“Adrian, you are here” Claribel said.


“Derek was just telling me a hilarious story,he is really funny”

“Am sure he is”

“Um..are you guys going to that party tonight?”Derek asked after a short slience.

“What party?”i asked.

“A party at the Frat house”

“A fraternity house? It sounds risky”

“It’s going to be fun,Come on, let’s go”Derek said looking at Claribel.

“Clary,are you going?” I asked and she smiled.

“Yeah,i mean i haven’t gone to a frat house, Adrian,you should come”

“Okay,i will”

“You want me to…

“No,i will pick her up myself” i said interrupting Derek.

“Okay,see you there”Derek said and walked away,Claribel started looking at me weirdly.


“You still don’t like Derek, don’t you?”

“I just don’t want someone to take my place, that’s all” I said and she giggled.

“You have to pick me up by 7 pm,i have to get the right dress to wear”

“Okay,but i really don’t want to keep waiting for you to put your make up on”

She hit my arm playfully,making me chuckle.
Few hours later.

💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
I was already dressed up for the party,i wore a short body hug gown that brought out my curves,it was a little revealing biy Shannon said i should try something new.

I let my hair fall back to my shoulder, It’s a good thing my dad wasn’t around.

I heard a car horn outside and i knew it was Adrian.
I took my purse and looked at myself one more time before walking out the door.

Adrian was leaning on the car, taking a sip from a soda,he wasn’t looking at my direction.

“Am ready” i said and he looked at meeting, it’s like he froze, then he started coughing.

“Are you okay?” I saod worriedly as he kept coughing.


He looked down at my body, then back to my face.

“How do i look?” I asked as i twirled in front of him.

He didn’t say anything,he just stared at me for a while.

“Is something wrong?” I asked as i looked at myself.

“You look extremely sexy” He said and i giggled.

“Thanks, it’s my first time putting this type of dress on”

“Are you sure you want to go to this party dressed like this?”

“Yeah,is something wrong?”

“Clary, it’s a frat house, meaning a group of boys in the university,i don’t feel safe with you going dressed like this”

“Adrian,i will be fine, you are with let’s go” i said and he sighed.


He opened the door for me and i got in,he came in as well.

I took that time to admire him,he was dressed in all black with a leather jacket on,his ear ring was shinning making him look so handsome.

“I can feel you staring” He said,while i looked away.

“Don’t be shy, I would look at me if i were you,i mean am so handsome” He said and i scoffed

We finally got to the Frat house and it was so huge, it’s a mansion infact.

“Nice house” Adrian said as we got out of the car.

I heard some guys whistling, they were staring at me,Adrian quickly took my hand and we walked inside.

The lustful stares kept coming at me,i think am starting to regret coming to this party.

“Hey,bro” Isaac said as he approached us,he looked at my body.

“Isaac,my eyes are up here”

“Woah,Claribel,you look stunning,so stunning” Isaac said while Adrian hit his arm.


“You have a girlfriend”

“So? It doesn’t make me blind,Claribel,you are looking so beautiful” He said and i giggled.


“You just made me miss Shannon more” He said in a childish tone making me giggle.

“Okay,bro,i and Clary will go take a seat”

They did a bro shake before Adrian took my hand and led me to a seat.

We sat facing each other, i took a cup of fruit juice for Adrian while i took a cup of cherry vodka.

“What are you doing?” Adrian asked as i tried to drink from my cup.

“Taking a sip from my drink, duh”

“That’s Vodka,You will get drunk”

“Don’t worry,i will be fine” i said as i took a sip from my cup.

“So stubborn” he muttered under his breath but i heard and giggled.

😍 Adrian’s P.o.v😍

I was watching Claribel drink from her cup, she was shaking my head to the music.

She looked adorable,as she kept dancing on her seat.

“Claribel?” Derek called out in surprise as he saw Claribel.

He kept looking at her lustfully,he even licked his lips.

“She’s a human not a piece of food, so stop licking your lips like a pervert” i said,he looked at me and smirked.

“Don’t be harsh,Adrian” Claribel said while i rolled my eyes.

“You look stunning” Derek said earning a giggle from Claribel.

“Wanna dance? He asked and she nodded.

“Let’s go”

He took Claribel’s hand and intertwined it.

“I’ll be back” Claribel said and she and Derek went to the dance floor.

I watch how Dererk put his hands around Claribel’s waist.

“Damn!!” I heard someone say at my back,i turned and it was Dylan.

“Claribel has the body of a f*cking goddess”He said with so much lust in his eyes.

“Look at her like that one more time and i will punch your eyes out”

“Calm down,dude,i meant no harm,If you haven’t noticed every guy has eyes on Claribel,just look around” HE said and walked away.

I looked around and truly every guy were looking at her,even some college boys,i told Claribel that it was a bad idea to come here.

I went over to where she was dancing with Derek and pulled her by the arm.

“Whatt?” She slurred out,she tried to take a sip from her drink but i took it from her.

“Claribel, you are drunk, let’s go home

“Am not drunk and am not going home yet, the fun just began”

I was about to say something when a guy walked up to us.

“I came to ask if you wanted to play a game” he said while licking his lips.

“No, she’s not interested”

“Yes,i am.. let’s go” Claribel said and dragged my arm

We got to the other side of the room,So many frat guys with tattoos were seated around the table, Audrey,Dylan,isaac and Derek were also seated.

“An angel just joined us” Ome of the guys said as I and Claribel sat down.

The stupid game started with people doing stupid dare,it was an all dare game.

“I want to ask Adrian” Audrey said with a smirk.


“I dare you to take a shot of vodka”

“That’s easy, Everyone takes alcohol” A guy said.

“Adrian doesn’t take alcohol,like never”

“I don’t like it”

No one except Claribel know about my health issue and why i can’t drink alcohol.

“It’s either you do that or i dare Claribel to kiss Derek”

“What?” Claribel and i asked at the same time.

“Yes,so choose one”Audrey said with an evil grin.

I looked over at Claribel,she was also looking at me,She knew the consequences of me drinking alcohol.

I couldn’t bear to see Claribel kiss Derek,i don’t know bit i really don’t Claribel to kiss that jerk.

“5 seconds more”

“Fine,i will kiss Derek”Claribel said looking at me.

“You sure?” Derek asked with concern but I could see a glint of excitement in his eyes.


They both leaned in to kiss,Derek crashed his lips on Claribel’s lips,he pulled her closer by the waist.

I could tell Claribel was trying to pull away but he held her down but she pulled away immediately

“That was hot”Dylan said making everyone except I and Claribel laugh.

“Am done playing this game” I said and walked away,i could hear footsteps behind me, I knew it was Claribel.

We got outside and she forcefully made me face her.

“Are you angry?”

“No,why would i be angry?”

“Then why did you walk out of the game”

“Because the game is stupid,this party is stupid,that fact we came here is stupid and it was all that stupid Derek’s fault”

“He didn’t know Audrey would ask you to take alcohol”

“But i saw the excitement in his eyes when you agreed to kiss him” i said and she sighed

“I don’t know what to say,Adrian, shouldn’t you be least be happy that i saved you from taking that alcohol”

“Oh,so now ,i should be thanking you for saving my life”

“It’s not that, i just thought that you would prefer me kissing Derek than drinking alcohol and damaging your health”

“I don’t like that Derek,he is too close to drug users and that’s dangerous”

“He’s my friend”

“And am telling you that he is not a good person,Clary,you have to go away from him,he is bad news”

“Adrian,he and i talk alot,he is not bad, he’s just heartbroken and…

“And he is using you to forget, he’s just using you”

“Adrian, don’t be selfish”

“Selfish? What does me telling you to stay away from have to do with being selfish”

“Because you say the same thing for every guy that tries to come close to me,you act like am your property”

“Am trying to protect you”

“From what? Last time i checked,you are the one who needs protection”She said but quickly used her hand to cover her mouth.

She just used my sickness against me.


“You were the last person i expected to say that to me” I said cutting her off.

“Adrian,am sorry,i didn’t…

“Good luck finding your way home”

I walked over to my car and zoomed off.


📘 Chapter 17📘


A week later.

💖 Claribel’s P.o.v💖
It’s been a week since i and Adrian talked,after that night i tried to apologise but we ended up yelling at each other and saying a bunch of horrible things to each other.

Adrian kept his distance and i kept mine, Derek and i hang out alot.

“Babe,did you do your English homework?” Shannon asked as she approached me.

I closed my locker and looked at her in confusion.

“What homework?”

“What do you mean by what homework, didn’t you do it?”

“Gosh, I forgot,i had so much to do last night”

“You went out with Derek on those stupid parties, this is so unlike you,Clary,what are you turning yourself to?”

“Shannon,am still myself and please don’t shout,i have a hangover”

I walked away before she could respond,i walked into the class and saw Adrian laughing with Isaac and some guys over something on his phone.

Our eyes locked for a minute but i quickly looked away.

“Hey,you look gorgeous today” Derek said as he sat beside me.

“Thanks” i said and gave me a little smile.

We kept talking for a while before the teacher walked in.

The class started and i wasn’t even concentrating,my hangover was killing me.

“Claribel Johnson,Are you listening?” The teacher asked making me the center of attention.

“Um..No,ma’am,am not feeling too well”

“Claribel,these days you seem to act differently, you are one of my best student and i didn’t expect this behaviours from you”

“I know and am sorry,i just…

I was interrupted by the presence of the Principal.

“Claribel Johnson?” He called out.


“In my office,now” He said sternly and walked away,i exhaled deeply and i stood up and walked away.

I got to the principal’s office and was asked to sit down.

He dropped some papers in front of me.

“Go through them”

I took it and flipped through all the pages,it was all test scores for this week.

“Claribel,i didn’t expect this from you, yiur grades are going seriously low.

I knew you weren’t so good in History but maths is your favorite subject and you failed the test, what is going on?”

“I am just going through some…

“Parties, drinking?” He asked.

“Sir, it’s not…

“It’s not it looks like,Claribel,i have noticed that you hang out with that Derek guy and someone close to you told me you go to different parties, Parties for college boys and come back drunk

You are ruining your life, your scholarship is on the line,Claribel,think about your future”

After few minutes,i was allowed to leave his office.

English class was already over and students were at the hallway.

I went over to Shannon’s locker,she was holding hands with Isaac.

I walked over to her and grabbed her by the arm.

“What’s your problem,Claribel?” She asked and released herself from my grip.

“You told him, didn’t you?You told him”

“Told you what?”

“You told Principal Terian about my late night party, you told him everything”

“Yes, i did, Claribel,you are ruining your life, you…

“Who gave you the right to decide for me? It’s my life and i do what i want with it”

“Claribel,Derek is turning you into something you are not”

“Leave Derek out of it,i can’t believe you snitched me out,i thought you were my friend”

“I am your friend, that’s why am doing this”

“No,you are not my friend,you are nothing to me other than a b*tch who can’t keep her mouth shut” i said and a few murmuring were heard.

“Claribel,how could say that? She’s your friend”Isaac said.

“No,Isaac,let her say what she wants, She called me a b*tch,fine,at least i have a complete happy family and my mom isn’t a whore like yours” She said and i angrily slapped her hard.

“Claribel!!” Isaac exclaimed in shock, Shannon only held her cheek.

“This just marked the end of our friendship” Shannon said and walked away.

Isaac looked at me while i just leaned on the wall.

“What? Are you say something?” I said to him,he brought out his phone and showed me a picture of a girl.

“Who is that?”

“That’s Marnie, Derek’s girlfriend who died”

I looked closer and she actually looked like me a little except thag i don’t have piercing on my lip,nose and eyebrow.

“That is what Derek is turning you into,Marnie didn’t die of car accident like he said”

“What do you mean?”

“Derek lied to you,Marnie died because of overdose of drugs,Derek is trying to turn you into her and i guess it’s working.

Because of Derek,you lost your best friend and most especially Adrian”

He walked away Leaving me to my own thoughts.



Derek bad influence 😭😭😭

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