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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

To kiss a prince Episode 9 & 10

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🌠To kiss
A Prince 💏

(Just one freaking mistake changed her life, FOREVER)

Chapter 9



😴 Karina 😴

I sat on my bed thinking about what the king and queen had said, can I really bring back joy in George’s heart, can I really change him. Oh geez.

A knock comes on my room door, “Come in.” I said to whoever was behind my door and of course my two best friends who are privileged to be living in the palace walks into my room.

“Hey, so how did it go?. Is he nice, you know, give us details.” Sylvia says anxiously, she’s always ready for gist.

“Well to answer your question, the prince isn’t nice. He is a motherf!cker. Goddamn pompous idiot.” I yelled out exasperated.

“No way. You are joking right.” Angel asks, her smile slowly wiping away from her lips.

“I wish I was.” I huffed.

“Oh my God, this is bad. You can’t get married to an arrogant pompous bitchy prince.” Sylvia utters.

“Aww, I thought the both of you were, get married to the prince and all that. What changed?.” I asks rolling my eyes at them.

“Come on Karina, we only wanted you to marry the prince cause that would be good. We never… I never expected the prince would have such characteristics, ugh.” Sylvia

says her lips twitching into a frown.

“Well he is! He is so rude, so arrogant, so arghh.” I yelled out placing a hand on my head, looking up at the ceiling.

“Wow, this is really serious but how did you know he had all this characteristics in just one meeting.” Angel asked curiously. She should have just simply asks, what happened in the meeting.

I drew in a deep breath then went on to explain to my best friends what happened in the meeting, by the time I was done angel was in tears. She has always been the weak one among the three of us.

“I can’t actually believe that happened to him while he was young, it must have really broken his heart to see his dad marry the other queen.” Angel says wiping away some of the tears on her eye with the back of her palm.

“I guess it must have been.” I whispered, playing candy crush on my phone.

“You have to marry him Karina. If the king and queen think you have a chance at healing his heart then i will say marry him.”Angel says shrugging. Wow, even my friend wants me to marry the prince now.

“Karina, angel is right, you should marry him. I just hope your marriage with him won’t turn into a loveless marriage, just like the king and queens marriage.” Sylvia says breathing out.

“Guys I need to sleep, and I definitely do not want to think about this anymore. Please let me rest.”

“Of course your

Royal Highness, please have some rest.” The both of them did a funny bow and left. Geez.

😤 George😤

I paced around my room in anger, I am more than angry right now. Me a prince, she had the effrontery to kick me on my d!ck.

Now listen to me you pompous, arrogant, rude prince. Her words earlier rings in my mind, she insulted me. Arghhh.

I might be your future wife but guess what I’m not in anyway your plaything. She became my plaything the minute she kissed me.

And I most also let you know. I never knew you were a prince. Just imagine, how can she not know I’m a prince, where the heck is she from that she wouldn’t know who I am. She kissed me on purpose, no matter how she tries to polish it.

I would never in my life choose to marry an ignorant pompous prince like you. Who wouldn’t want to marry me, I’m the prince. Prince of Monaco, every ladies dream, why wouldn’t any girl want to marry me. She must be nuts, to not want to get married to me. Yeah, she is definitely crazy.

Because the next time you do such, I will cut off you damn
d!ck. She threatened me, how dare she threaten me a prince, and to say my parents encouraged her. This is not going to be a marriage, this is war.

👗 Karina 👗

“Wake up, wake up, wake up sleepy head. Have you forgotten what today is, today is your engagement day.” Sylvia and Angel says trying to get me to wake up but what they don’t know is, I’ve been awake since like forever thinking of my future. After the engagement it means I’m closer to a married life, than before.

“Yeah, today is my engagement and I’m so freaking excited about it.” I drawled.

“We know and we are also are excited for you, you should see the gown the queen got for you.” Sylvia says in excitement.

“You can wear it.” I groaned pushing my head into the pillow wishing I would just see myself back at lake City. Everything back to normal, I never went on this damn tour, I never kissed the prince and I’m definitely not getting married to him.

“Hey, come on. You’ve got to wake up, I know this isn’t how you envisioned your engagement or wedding to be, but. Hey everything is gonna be alright.” She can say that cause she’s not the one getting married.

I sighed getting up, it’s my engagement party after all and I can be absent from it or can I?

“Let’s get you dressed up girl, you are gonna be the star of tonight.” Sylvia says with a grin, pushing me towards the bathroom.

🤨George 🤨

Today is my engagement day, and a good day for payback. She thinks she could just go scot free, nope that’s not possible. She wants to get married to me right, today I’m going to ignore her for the night and make sure she feels ashamed and embarrassed.

“Today is you engagement day, please try to drop your arrogant attitude in your room don’t bring it to the party.” King Anderson warns giving me a stern look.

“One more thing, the both of you would walk into the throne room together, hand in hand. The people of Monaco most see their beloved prince enjoying his relationship. So please go get her from her room” He said, eyed me for a minute then walked out of the room.


I stood in front of the door I’m supposed to walk in with my future bride, who I still don’t know her name, hasn’t arrived yet. My dad had told me to go pick her from her room but wait, I’m not her freaking slave so I didn’t.

“And now is time for the newest couple in the whole of Monaco to come, who’s ready to see our beloved prince and his future bride.” I heard the master of ceremony asks, where the heck is she. Where have she gone to. Arghh, I checked my wrist watch and damn it’s already 8pm, why is she not here yet. We have to walk in now, where the hell could she be. I think worriedly. Wait, why am I worried if she doesn’t show up it means no engagement, and no engagement means no marriage, and no marriage means freedom and freedom means, I get to get back my life.

Chapter 10


😒 George 😒

I stood there in front of the door, waiting if she would come she didn’t. I was about rejoicing victoriously when a thought comes in my head. What would people say, if my suppose fiancee doesn’t come tonight. It would be a shame on the royal family, it would be a bigger shame on me the prince.

Damn it. I groaned internally then walked away, heading straight to the unknown girl room.

I knocked on her door twice before it was opened. My eyes nearly fell from their socket on seeing the unknown girl, did I mentioned she looks gorgeous.

“Finally the rude prince charming comes to pick his future wife.” She drawled rolling her eyes at me.

“If you were done a long time, why didn’t you come yourself. Why were you still inside your room.” I asks with a frown.

“Let me think. Uhm, because I was told you were gonna come get me.” She says in a bored tone, walking past me. “And just for the records, you did a really bad job.” What the heck, I never wanted to do a good job or whatever..

“Hey, you should not be speaking to me in such manner.” I yelled angrily hurrying after her.

“What other manner am I suppose to talk you dear future husband.” She says with a click of her tongue. “First of all you should…….”

“Shhhh, I don’t want to hear it.” She placed a finger on my lips, shutting me up but for some reason her finger on my lips made me feel a twist in my stomach. What the heck.

She grins at me then walked away. I ended up watching her ass, till we got to the door. Call me a pervert if you want, I don’t give a damn.

“Stop staring at my a$$ prince George, and come take my hand so we could walk inside as a couple.” Is she ordering me around, like is she actually ordering me around. Ugh.

😉 Karina 😉

I smirked seeing the look of anger flash in his face, that’s what I want. I want to make him angry and then don’t give him the chance to pour it out on me.

We both walked into the throne room where the engagement party is currently holding.

“Stop holding my hand tight, do you want it to break.” I said through gritted teeth. George wouldn’t stop holding my unto my hand gravely tight, I could feel his nail piercing into my hand.

“Wow you are so beautiful my dear, the prince has made the right choice.” A lady who is clearly overdressed says, and I smiled at her.

“Thank you ma’am, thank you sir.” I said politely, shaking hands with the both of them.

“I indeed choose the best girl to get married. I’m really lucky to have her.” Prince George says with a forced smile, his nails digging dip into my hand. “We both know I didn’t choose you, neither do I want to choose you.” He whispered in my ear.

“Well I guess you will have to live with the fact that I kissed you and got married to you, without you choosing me.” I replied him with grin, digging my nails in his hand. His not the only one that can dig into people skin.

“Ouch.” Prince George yells out, the old couple greeting us, stared at him confused wondering why his yelling. Then a pink blush appears on the lady face, I chuckled. The lady thinks George is moaning, wow.

😳 George 😳

I can’t believe this, my plan was to embarrass her but she’s the one embarrassing me. Ugh.

“No ma’am, it’s not what you think.” I said quickly trying to clarify the fact that I’m not moaning.

“Ohh geez, babe how do you know what Mrs Hayley is thinking.” My dear future wife says with a grin, I could tell she wants to laugh.

“The both of you really compliment each other, happy married life.” Mrs Hayley says, then went on to whisper something in Karina eats before leaving with her husband.

“Oh my God, you never told me your people are this funny.” Karina says laughing, it irritates me.

“What did she say.” I ask glaring at her.

“She thinks we should go do a quickie in the bathroom, she thinks I need to satisfy your insatiable urge.” Karina giggles, the people around turns to look. The scene right now looks like I said something funny, and Karina is laughing because of it. Geez.

“Well, what do you think we could go do that, the toilet is just around the corner.” I said with a smirk, she snorts. “Not even in your dreams, that would never come true. I will go get myself some wine, see you later future hubby.” She blows me a kiss then walked away but right now I’ve got to ask why didn’t she just call the nearest waitress around and get that drink. She wants to be away from me, I think my talk about a quickie got to her.


“So son, how are you seeing you engagement party.” King Anderson asks standing next to me.

“It’s not so bad as I thought it would be, I guess even old people do now how to throw a party.” I replied, my eyes solely on one person, the unknown girl. I wanted to be the one parading round the party, ignoring her but she’s the one doing that. Since the last time we talked she hasn’t spared me a single glance, and whenever our eyes meets she looks away immediately.

“She’s a beauty, isn’t she.” My dad asks, I turned to look at him having this confused look on, “Who?.” I ask, though I know who is talking about.

“Don’t play dumb George, I know you know who the who is. I’ve got to go talk with prime minster Nicholas from America, see you later son.” He pats me on the shoulder then walk away. He is right about one thing, my unknown wife is a beauty.

🌻 Karina 🌻

I sighed taking off my high heels, today party was so stressful. Geez, I had to greet a lot of people and smile to a lot of people. My face feels frozen by now.

I feel so tired I would love to go to sleep straight, but guess what I’m not a lazy human being so I’m going to have my bath first. I pulled off my clothes, then had my bath.

I stepped out of the bathroom wiping my hair dry, when I saw George in my room, what the heck is he doing here.

“Hi, future wife.” He greets with a smirk.

“What are you doing in my room, George. Please kindly take your leave.” I said to him, pointing at the door. I cannot believe I left my door open.

“What if I tell you I do not want to leave, huh? ” He asks with a smirk walking towards me, I took a step back when he kept coming closer. He took a step forward, I took a step back. We were at that routine until my back hits the wall.

“No where to run to, wifey.” He grinned.

“Leave my room George.” I glared at him.

“You know I’ve been thinking, what if we have that quickie right here, right now in your bedroom.” He whispered huskily in my ear, his hands travelling to my towel. I gulped down.




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