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April 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

To kiss a prince Episode 7 & 8

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🌠To kiss
A Prince 💏

(Just one freaking mistake changed her life, FOREVER)

Written by Author Jedi

Chapter 7



🌹 Karina 🌹

“So, what do you think he would look like.” Sylvia asks, helping me wear my dress.

“She already knows what he looks like, Sylvia. Remember she saw his face when she kissed him, and also his picture is in the internet, we saw them when we searched for his photos, In the internet.” Angel drawled, with an eye roll.

“Oh, yeah. I forgot.” Sylvia says.

“Anyway, what you’re supposed to be asking is, what would his character be like.” Angel says.

“Hopefully not rude or arrogant.” I whispered loud enough for them to hear.

“Come on Karina, don’t be negative. I’m sure the Prince, would be charming, polite and most of all handsome.” Angel says with a look of delight on her face, one would think she’s the one getting engaged to the prince. Yep, tomorrow is my engagement and the day after tomorrow is my wedding. Like, what the heck. I don’t even understand why the king and queen, wants us to get married so quick.

“Why should I care if he’s handsome. I just want a guy who would love and cherish me, that’s all.” I said with a shrug, both my best friend let out

a small gasp.

“Karina!, Your husband have to be handsome, if he is ugly then your kids would be just as ugly as him.” Sylvia uttered.

“I can never marry a man who is not handsome, I don’t want my kids looking like monkeys.” Angel concurs. I sighed looking at the both of them, I shouldn’t be surprised but here am I still being surprised.

“Well I do not have the time to argue with the both of you, let’s go.” I said already walking towards the door of my room.

“Karina! Wait.” Sylvia yelled, I jumped in fright holding unto my chest.

“Yes.” I turned around slowly, my hand was still on my chest. I get frightened easily.

“Your shoes, you didn’t wear shoes and also makeup. You did not put on make up.” I stared at her in shock. She yelled my name all because of a freaking shoe and makeup. This is so unbelievable, but then again everything going on in my life since yesterday has been nothing but unbelievable.

“For the shoe I will wear but the make up, I’m not putting make up on.” I said simply, taking the shoes from her.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, you’re meeting your future husband today, you should put on some make up. Come here, come sit.” Sylvia gestured to the stool next to my bed. I ignored her, went on to wear the high heels shoes, I walked only a few steps then decides I’m sticking with my low slippers. I’m seeing my future

husband, not God. If he doesn’t love me without high heels or makeup, that means he would never love me.

“You are not seriously going to wear that, right?.” Sylvia asks staring at my low slippers in disgust.

“Yep, I’m totally wearing it. Bye.” I blew the both of them a kiss and walked out of the room, ready to face the king, the queen, and finally their son. God please help me.


“Good evening, my king. Good evening, my queen.” I bowed a little greeting the king and queen.

“You may raise. You look so gorgeous my dear, come sit.” I forced a smile then went on to sit next to the queen.

“My son would not be able take his eyes off you, you are so beautiful my darling.” The queen praised.

“Yes, indeed she is pretty.” The king concurs. Ugh, where the heck is the damn prince.

“Don’t worry darling, he would soon be here.” The queen says with a reassuring smile. Wait, I hope she’s not thinking I’m so anxious to see the prince, cause I’m not in anyway anxious to see him. I just want this whole nightmare to be over.

“Do you love my son.” The queen asks, all of a sudden after some minutes of silence. Okay… why is she asking me that.

“No, no my queen. I do not love your son, like. I kissed him because of a dare, I don’t even really know who your son is. Is this answer enough for you to maybe call of the wedding.” I asks with a nervous smile.

“No it’s not.” Ouch, that hurts.

“Your answer, actually gave me more reason on why you should be queen after me. Other girls in your shoes, would say yes they love my son even without knowing him but you didn’t, you said no. And that’s why I know you kissing my son wasn’t a mistake.” She says smiling at me. I should have said I love the prince. Ouch.

“The prince is here, can we get this over with. I’m a very busy person.” A certain young man says walking into the sitting room, like as if he owns it, actually he kinds of owns it because he is the prince of Monaco. Wow, I can’t believe my future husband, is a pompous frog. Just, wow.

“George show some respect, to us your parents and most importantly your future wife.” The king growled at his son. From merely looking at them, I can tell they do not get along that much.

“My wife, what wife. Oh there you are my pretty wife to be.” Prince George says in a song song manner, walking over to where I’m currently sitting.

He took me by surprise when he dragged me by my hand and made me stand in front of him, “Wow, not only are you pretty but you are also sexy. I’m gonna love spanking this a$$ of yours.” He whispers huskily in my ear.

“What the…” I yelled out when the prince hit my a$$. Now, this is the height of this madness. I was so damn angry by what he did, I didn’t even know when i kicked him on, where the sun doesn’t shine. He falls to the floor groaning really hard, holding his d!ck.

“Now listen to me your pompous, arrogant, rude prince. I might be your future wife but trust me I’m not in anyway your plaything. If not for the fact I kissed you due to a stupid dare I made with my friends, and I must also let you know. I never knew you were a prince. Anyway, if not because of that stupid dare, I would never in my life chose to marry and ignorant pompous prince like you. So don’t you ever, try that nonsense you just did. Because the next time you do such, I will make sure I cut off your damn
d!ck.” I glared at the prince one more time before walking away. Oh my goodness, the king and the queen were actually in there.


Chapter 8



😤 George 😤

I groaned heavily on the floor, damn that girl can kick really hard. What the f!ck.

“I guess, finally our son has seen his match or what do you think my queen.” King Anderson asks in a mocking tone.

“I think, you’re right my king.” Queen Ann replies, are they really making fun of me, like right now. While I’m here, ugh.

“I’m sorry my king and queen, I shouldn’t have walked out like that. I’m so sorry, please forgive me your highnesses.” The unknown girl who kissed me, who is responsible for my marriage and finally who just kicked me on where the *sun doesn’t shine* apologise walking back into the room, she glared at me and goes to sit next to the queen.

“You, you, how dare you kick me on my freaking d!ck.” I yelled at the girl getting up from the floor.

“Watch your words, George.” Glorious queen Ann, yells at me. PS, note the sarcasm.

“Why don’t you tell her to watch were she throws her leg instead.” I retorts, glaring holes at the annoying girl. Can you believe she is actually glaring back at me. Ugh, what a disrespectful future wife.

“Why should we tell her that son, she has every right to throw her leg whichever way, she likes.” The king says with a grin. The unknown girl place a hand above her mouth, trying to stop herself from laughing.

“Can you please have your sit, prince George, so the discussion can start, I’m also a very busy person.” The annoying girl said with a click of her tongue. The king and queen laughed out. Argh.

“You know what, I will no longer stay for any damn meeting, I’m out of here.” I said angrily getting up from the floor, then walked out of the sitting room. Damn those people, arghhhhhhh.

🤭 Karina 🤭

“You my dear, is the right woman for my son.” The queen says in delight, her hand under my jaw. The minute prince George walked out of the sitting room angrily. What can I say, the king and queen really did made fun of him. I think I like them.

“Why do you say that ma’am. You don’t even know me, I’m a tourist in your country. I’m a stranger here.” I uttered confused. Why are they so hell-bent on getting me to marry the prince.

“Well, you are no longer a stranger if you’re getting married to my son, Are you?.” The king asked.

“I don’t know, I guess.” I sighed getting up, then continued “I just feel, I’m not supposed to be marrying the prince. I’m just a tourist who came to behold the beauty of Monaco. The kiss I had with your son was a mistake, I never meant it. If I had know he was the prince, I would never had kissed him.”

The queen got up, walked over to where I was then placed a hand on my shoulder, “and this is why I feel the both of you are meant to be. You could have kissed any guy out there but it was my son you kissed, this can’t just be a mistake.” She spoked softly, made me remember my mum.


“Enough, no more but. My son hates me, he hates me because I’m not his biological mother.” The queen says hoarsely placing both her hands on my shoulder. I stared at her in horror, George is not her son. Damn.

“My marriage with George’s mother was an arranged marriage, I never saw her until the day of our wedding. Our marriage was a loveless marriage. She didn’t love me, I didn’t love her.” The king made a pause getting up from his seat, his expression neutral, I couldn’t tell if he was in pain or….

“Two years into our marriage I met Ana, and we instantly connected, though I might have spend most of my time with Ana, I never cheated on my wife.” He paused again, I bit my lip wondering if I should ask the question in my mind. I guess the king noticed the inquisitive look on my face cause he then said, “The queen is Ann.” He clarified, I nod my head in understanding.

“Well my wife found out about Ann and how much I was in love with Ann. And of course you don’t expect her to believe I haven’t cheated on her. So, out of rage she left the palace and the next call I got was from the hospital.” He gave me a tight smile. Wow, this is so sad.

“George might have been a little boy when the accident haopened but he fully did understand what was going on between I and his mother. Until this day my son still blames me for the death of his mother.” The king walked over to the queen , wrapped his hands around her and gave her a peck on the cheek. A simple gesture like this should let anyone know they do really love each other.

“The king tried to stay away from me after the death of his wife and I also decided to let him go. We stayed apart for five years, five years of torture, it was pure hell. On one sunny day I found the king in front of my house kneeling down with a ring on his hand asking me to marry him, I said no at first, I didn’t want to disrespect the dead.” The queen paused staring at her husband with a look of adoration.

“But then again my wife is dead and never coming back. It was time to leave the past behind and move on, so my queen here finally did say yes to me.” They both share a big smile, and I smiled equally.

“Karina, please I need you to help my son become a better person.” The king pleads.

“But how are you so sure, our marriage won’t become a loveless marriage, just like the way yours was.” I asked.

“Because you are fire, and he is ice. The both of you compliment each other so well, I know you are the right one for him my dear, you can change him.” The queen says looking me straight in the eyes. Oh geez, I don’t think I can change him.




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