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To k!ssa prince Episode 33 & 34

🌠To k!ss
A Prince 💏
(Just one freaking mistake changed her life, FOREVER)
Written by Author Jedi
Chapter 33
Karina’s POV
“Whaaaat!!!..its not true!!” I screamed as I gradually got the message, this was actually the reason why everyone had been giving me a strange sneer..
“So plea-se explain this?” The king asked showing me his phone…
“Does this make any s-en-se??..there is no proof!” I bawled
“That was what I had first thought till I re-ad the content…there is even eyes witnesses and one of them is said to be your beat friend” The king said ma-king me sneer at him..
It was just like he is now mad!..what friend is he talking about?..
None of my friend was there in the restaurant??
“Hey king, you are talking in riddles, I have only two best friends and they are angel and Sylvia, they aren’t in this country can one of them be an eyewitness??” I gawped and he raised his brow..
“Sylvia is the eye witness” he said and I nearly laughed at his stupid talk…
“So the content of that news said Sylvia was an eye witness??” I asked and he nodded
“Sylvia is not in Monaco so that news is totally fake!!” I blurted
“Sylvia promised to tell everyone what she saw that day, she would be saying it tomorrow..right now, I need an explanation from you…why did you shoot at George?” He asked and I really felt like smashing his head.
“That question is silly Sir, I sh0t no one…” I retorted
“Then what was a pistol doing in your bag???” He questioned and my eyes popped out…
“A gun was found in my bag??” I [email protected]
“Yes, that’s the reason I couldn’t help believing the news was true, I just need you to give me the explanation of what happened!!..tell me all that happened before the people storms out for you” He seethed and I felt totally devastated…
Now I know that it was all set up, someone did this all…
“Do you ever believed that I Karina would ever shoot at George??” I asked with tears as I saw the baleful look in their eyes..
“I wouldn’t have believed if the evidence isn’t clear, how come the [email protected]£ras were even not functioning at that moment, Karina what is really your mission in here????” Anna added still sobbing..
“plea-se I am innocent…all this are set up, someone aimed at me but George took the bullet for me..” I tried explaining..
“This is really [email protected] to believe!!!” The king growled jo-lting up from his seat…
“Karina!!!!” He shouted my name giving me shrill..
“plea-se you all should just st©p all this!!!!..we can wait for George to wake up and see what he has to say!” I screamed in sadness..
My words seemed to t©uçh them as I could see the both took a de-ep breath as they tried having a rethink..
Just then, the kings phone beeped..
He took it out and looked into the screen..
King Anderson’s POV
I swallowed [email protected] as I saw the message was from that strange number that threatened me the other day…
I wonder what he has to say, I’m alre-ady pained now..pray he doesn’t add more to it…
📜Karina doesn’t know much about me her boss so she can’t tell you useful secret about me…she is just an agent..
I re-ad and my eyes popped out in shock…
Karina s working for this man to bring me down, then she must know who Xavier is..
“Karina who is Xavier????” I asked and she arched her brow
“I don’t know him…” She couldn’t even finish up before Anna gave her a [email protected]
“St©p those lie and tell us all he had planned for, who would have known that you aren’t here for good..” She sobbe-d
I handed my phone to Anna and she re-ad the message…
“What is all this???” She muffled
Karina’s POV
“Now I see why you k!$$£d the Prince..” He stated and my heart fli-pped..
“You k!$$£d him so you can get access in here, Karina why????” The queen added and words can’t explain how I feels…..
“You both can’t draw conclusion when we haven’t hear from the horse mouth…till George wakes up, we would known the truth..” I said sternly and turned to leave the stupid palace filled with s-en-seless people…
The king is even the most stupid creature ever seen, after all this months, he still believes I can shoot the prince, George…
I am very much disappointed in him..
“Karina where are to going??..guess you don’t know what awaits you outside??” I heard the king voice and that made me pause my pace…
“The people are in search of you, everyone had heard what you did..” He said
“I don’t get all this fuss, I did nothing wring except getting married to the son of two b****d!!” I cursed in exasperation..
“You’d be staying here till tomorrow when the eyes witness who speak to the people about what she actually saw…she is your best friend so I guess she won’t frame up a lie against you, she was in Monaco that day..” He stated and I scurried off to the room…
I quic-kly put a call to Sylvia but it never went throu-gh…
I took a de-ep breath and slumped on the be-d…
Sylvia may be my last hope of getting out of this mess, if she was really in that restaurant then I’m sure she saw what really happened..
Someone sh0t at me but George shield my b©dy with his b©dy…that’s the truth….
The next morning, I woke up very early and dressed up, you can’t tell how nervous I am, i can’t wit for Sylvia to say the truth so all this would st©p, the only explanation she would give me was why she [email protected]£ to Monaco without telling me…
I really thank god she was there…
In less than a hour, the palace was filled with different people who had power in the country, we all waited for Sylvia…
Not long after, the door of the room opened and Sylvia my best friend walked in slowly shuffling her legs on the floor…
I could see her eyes w€t as she moved to the elevated ground..
I was standing at a corner with two guards flanking me..
“Hey…” I called to wave at her but she never cared to look at me…
I couldn’t even see angel and I couldn’t help but s-en-sed something really fishy…
“Now without wasting time, tell us what you saw..the truth alone” the king said and for the first time, she raised her head and her eyes fell on me there were tears in there, herl-ips was even quivering as the tears rolled down…
What is happening?????
“Karina really sh0t at George and there wasn’t any [email protected], it seemed like she was ordered to do it, I saw it, she sh0t at him and dropped the gun into her bag before she began to [email protected] shocked….” Sylvia my best friend said out to everyone…
..🌠To k!ss
A Prince 💏
(Just one freaking mistake changed her life, FOREVER)
Written by Author Jedi
Chapter 34
Karina’s POV
“Sylvia!!!!!!” I screamed her name in utmost shock..
I couldn’t just believe it was seriously..she just testified against me???
She turned her gaze to me as I screamed her name, her eyes was w€t and filled with an emotion I couldn’t explain but there is one thing I observed, she was forcing out every single word out…
“So she really sh0t at the Prince???” The king breathed and she nodded..
“What do you have to say??” He asked me and I bend my head in pain…
Pain of betrayal, how possible is this?.. I tried walking to Sylvia to wake her up from her dream because I can’t believe she was saying it real…I wasn’t allowed, the guard held me…
“You don’t have anything to say right??..why did you accept to work for him and bring down this Royal family..what is my crime to you??” He asked with total disappointment in his voice..
“I did nothing, there may be many evidence against me but I know I did nothing bad, I’m innocent…you can do any thing to me..” I cried
There were murmuring from every angles, everyone stared at me with disgust and detest…
“You would be banished from this family, you have no right here or have any should never be seen around here!..the last verdict would be made when my son wakes up..if he testifies that all this is true then, be re-ady…you might not live to tell your story..all your movement would be watched.” He stated with finality and everyone jeered at me just as I was led out….
Words can’t just explain, I can’t even say anything here now, the lump in my throat won’t allow heart is just so heavy.
I never knew a day like this would come, even my best friend stood against me, she was even the main reason why all this looked true…
I glanced at her again and her eyes was s£nding a message to me, it was clouded with pain…I really want to know why she did this but I had no opportunity, someone is strongly behind this all..
Sylvia’s POV
With a heavy heart, I scurried out of the palace, just as I got out the gate, a car pu-ll-ed up…it was Xavier…
“Get in!” He ordered and quic-kly hopped in with tears rolling freely..
“Nice job!” He sm-irked and I really felt like strangling him, he had made me do the worst thing to my very beat friend..
I can’t tell how everything went, I was f0rç£d to say all that I said, it is so painful to see Karina in tears as I spited those lies…
If I hadn’t do that,my parent would be killed…yes..Xavier abducted them and threatened to take their life if I don’t do all he ask…that’s was what led to me speaking against my very good friend, I just pray she survives all this….
“So can I leave with my parent now??” I asked in tears
“Oh baby, not yet…” He grinned evily..
“You still have some more to do..” He patted my back leaving me raged…
“But why me??..why are you ma-king me [email protected] throu-gh all this???” I sobbe-d, he just shrugged and puffed his cigar
Xavier’s POV
“Wow!!..that was great!!!” Julia squeaked as I walked in the sitting room..
“I told you I’d make it happen” a wi-de grin escapes myl-ips…
“So what next??..I’m going in right???” She said with a crazy smile..
“The next person to put to shame is the Queen..” I said with a lopsided smile..
“I’ll frustrate the king, before he knows what is would be too late…when the Prince wakes up, you would then k!sshim and be his wife but right now, I have someone who would help me destroy that king…”i said nodding my head..
“Bring her in!!!” I commanded and Sylvia was brou-ght in….
“Why those tears?” I smiled drying her eyes with my napkin..
“plea-se let me be!!..why are you this cruel!!” She whimpered
“I need the king destroyed and you would help me do that!” I said and she sneered at me…
“I thought it was Karina??” She asked
“Oh no..I want the king cry like a baby.” I scoffed
“Why did you then do all that to Karina?” She asked
“For two reason, to make the king and queen gain trust in you and to make Julia get married to George…” I replied
“What do I need their trust for?” She asked
“That’s your second mission, you would become a maid in the palace and do all I say right in there…” I laughed as I thought of what is about to befall the king…..

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